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This article appears in the April 11, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Perennial Whores
of Yellow Journalism

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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April 1—Some years back, former President Bill Clinton had urged me to assist John F. Kerry's effort to win the U.S. Presidency; but, by October of that election year, I had begun to deeply regret that venture. Actually, war-hero Kerry had changed his profession, to political opportunist: just another former war-hero who had turned to a different profession. My aversion to Mr. Kerry's vacillations had turned to disgust over the years; I had my increasingly abundant reasons.

With Mr. Kerry's rise to his role as Secretary of State, under Obama, my aversion to Kerry's opportunism verged on the emetic: until I, recently, met the production of a really depraved journalist, The Washington Post's Jackson Diehl, in the Post's March 30, 2014 editorial pages, in an item headlined "John Kerry's departure from reality." Then, it was time to vomit!

Never, in the history of the United States, has our republic been as foully betrayed and disgraced as under the influences associated with the Bush-Cheney and Obama Presidencies. Under the conditions of the induced repeal of that Glass-Steagall Law which had saved the United States under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and had, in effect, won the war against the Hitler evil, has the United States itself been so foully polluted with implicit treason against our Federal Constitution as under those two Presidencies: Bush-Cheney and Obama. With that comes the sheer infamy of a public press which is not only shameless, but implicitly treasonous, and also increasingly, implicitly mass-murderous against our own population, all that with respect to the law of our Republic's population and its Constitution, as under those two most recent Presidencies.

Admittedly, on the record, John F. Kerry's pursuit of a political career verges on a certain different profession, but, while sometimes shameless in that respect, even sometimes disgusting, he does not begin to reach the depth of self-degradation shown by a mere Jackson Diehl in Diehl's referenced item in the March 30, Washington Post.

I am not pursuing a campaign against "press whore" Diehl; it is the Washington Post, which employs and directs him, which is my particular target in this communication. The charges against the role of the Washington Post for today, is the notable subject.

The Crime Against Our Republic

Under extraordinary threats and related pressures, President Clinton had signed onto support for an unconstitutionally, implicitly treasonous law, a law concocted under the nominal direction of three Congressional malefactors, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, cancelling the Glass-Steagall Law. The result has been the greatest swindle of the people and nation of our United States in the entire history of our republic, now. Few members of the U.S. Congress have, so far, shown the guts to turn back that monstrous fraud against both our citizens, and our republic as such.

For example: the Republican Party has adopted the recent posture, that its ambitions are aimed at winning a new general election for President, and others, at the close of the present term. However, in the immediately present time, the United States economy, as a whole, has just recently fallen into the trap of what is called a "bail-in" monetarist policy, one based on the supervising influence of the British Empire's direction: a truly patriotic sentiment, of course.

It happens that the same "bail-in" doctrine of London and Wall Street, is having a current effect which may be fairly likened to cutting the cable of an elevator at the seventieth floor of a skyscraper, for resulting effects. This economic catastrophe for our entire U.S. economy will (according to the Republican Party's currently suggested schedules) have occurred long before the Republican Party were to launch its promised-as-forthcoming next Presidential campaign. How should the citizens of the United States, therefore, estimate their fair chances for economic survival under the influence of the present Republican Party?

In the meantime, back at the current Presidential "raunch," the President himself is pursuing an intention which could have no other likely consequence other than general thermonuclear, global warfare throughout the planet as a whole: putting the trans-Atlantic region, generally, against the Eurasian region of the planet, excepting the meantime role of the Islamic terrorist forces rampant currently throughout Asia and Africa, such as those who had conducted "9-11" against our United States under Vice-President Cheney's watchful eyes. Whereas, the current trend in the U.S. Congress, is not to defy the whims of the President in those and related matters: penalties from Wall Street funders might be affected.

The President curses out Russia's President Putin, for not agreeing to conducting what must lead into a thermonuclear war. Secretary Kerry seeks to moderate in-between, for which Jackson Diehl denounces Kerry.

There is, meanwhile, a strong basis in suspicion that Secretary John Kerry seeks to soften the bad temper of a plausibly insane (or, worse) President Obama in these matters at issue. For which, a certifiable "press whore," dutifully libels the admittedly flexible diplomat, Kerry. What kind of a fruitcake is Jackson Diehl, anyway?

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