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This article appears in the April 18, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Build the Real American Party

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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April 2, 2014

As of right now, there is no actually optimistic prospect for the survival of either the U.S. Democratic, or Republican Parties at this time; but, if we might presume that President Barack Obama were to be summarily impeached very soon, there is hope.

My just stated remark is perfectly true, without any possible exceptions. The general impression, when carefully considered, is incontestible in fact; but, there are also many essential illustrations of why this is the case, as the case which must be made carefully by serious policy-shapers before rushing to quick responses to the facts reported as presented here. On this account, I have constructed a series of counterposed chapters whose intended, and also necessary effect, must be to restate the case, repeatedly, in a kaleidoscopic series of viewings of the subject as a whole in varying contexts.

The reason for my (admittedly) qualified optimism here, is that which the Obama-hating portion of the Democratic Party represents, for us: what must be the actually best potential for winning the apparent contest for the rescue of our republic, despite that party's own recent record of frequently terrible mistakes in economic policy-making and related affairs.[1] Good, long-suffering leadership avoids unnecessarily prolonged dissension within the ranks, but, that is to say: only sometimes, as might be, hopefully the case, now.

The simple fact to be considered under the condition of any continuation of the presently dominant section of the Republican Party leadership, is, that the United States itself, could not continue to exist much longer, if it remained under a continuation of its currently present trends in both leading parties. The chief difference is, that the case for the Republican leadership, like Obama's own prospects, is the absolute worst.

The time to make the urgently needed decision for U.S. survival, is, about no later than right now; but only, this time, for a Democratic Party which (hopefully) had soon ousted President Barack Obama from its back. For actually thinking citizens who care for our republic as a whole, that is the only fact to be considered. To succeed, we must just plain rid ourselves of what is the presently, inherently alien cult of the Wall Street tradition, and also, implicitly, both presently Democratic Party's and Republican Party's varieties of the continuation of the ultimately national-suicidal,"Bail-out—Bail-in," monetarist scheme, from, top to bottom.

If that cleansing action were once done, then, on the precondition that Obama is dumped by the Democratic Party, very, very, soon: the consequently howling defeat of the pitiably misguided, present Republican Party policies, would actually give our actual republic, as a whole, an excellent prospect for not only survival, but a serious progress for our nation: although that benefit would have then come, admittedly, long after an all-too long slide into that seemingly endless despair which has reigned over our United States' citizenry since the currently, now four successive elections of the worst Presidencies elected for four, two Republican terms as President, and, then, two, horrid, successive terms of nominal Democratic Party Presidents, of each of them, in office.[2]

Hamilton's Genius

The key to understanding the causes for the respective rises and declines of the U.S. economy, is to be considered from the time of the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, to the present date.

This outlook must be captured as a concept in the prevalent failure of most Presidents and certified scholars alike: their systemic ignorance of the crucial role of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton's creation of our crucial stipulations on which the survival of the initial U.S. Republic had depended from the start. There could be no actually competent insight into the successes and failures of our national economy, without noting the decisive influence of the frequent failure to understand the elementary principles, of Hamilton, without which every generation of the U.S. Presidency has failed, as we have failed miserably since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, and his brother Robert. This vision of an historic legacy will reappear over the course of this following representation throughout all actually modern history, since Filippo Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, and Johannes Kepler, and, later, from Carl F. Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, and then Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and V.I. Vernadsky, throughout the history of mankind's science and Classical arts, from then, to the present date.

The Relevant History

The actual foundations of our United States of America, are sometimes glibly traced, but, only thoughtlessly, to the famous voyages of Christopher Columbus.[3] The roots of the United States of America, came much earlier, in the so-called "Golden Renaissance." It had been that Renaissance, led by, early, Filippo Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, and, then, the great discovery of the principle of the Solar system, by Johannes Kepler, which had brought about the creation of the foundations of our United States.

It was, actually, the consequent shift of European colonists into the Americas, most notably, that the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Eighteenth-century, revolutionary developments of what would converge to become the United States of America: the American revolution which had forced the systemic creation of physical-economic progress echoed among even those remaining in Europe.[4]

The core truth is, that the actual foundation of our republic was actually laid down under, principally, the Massachusetts Bay Colony, done under the 17th-Century leaderships of the Winthrops and Mathers: although the design of our, later, United States of America (U.S.A.), was achieved as an echo of the Massachusetts colony, then under the leadership of Benjamin Franklin,[5] as has been done under the Federal Constitution established by, most notably, the command of President George Washington and President Washington's first Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, the extraordinary genius of economy, Alexander Hamilton.

Recently, our United States has indulged itself in great, potentially dooming follies, most recently, under actual "Unitary" Presidents (nominal Republican) Bush-Dick Cheney and the British Queen's[6] own (only nominally Democratic) choice of another pack of treasonous scoundrels, Barack Obama et al. That recent record has been to blame for the disastrous outcome on the loss of popularity by the defeated respectively, alternating, Republican, or Democratic national political party, each in turn in the role of the temporary "outsider."

The U.S. Republican Party's allegedly current, but utterly foolish prospect for winning a next Presidential election after the completion of President Obama's term, is being estimated, currently, in terms of the already overwhelming popular rage against the actually mounting evils actually committed against the people of the United States, by the increasingly hated World War III-maker, President Obama, just as two similar terms under Vice-President Cheney, had brought Democratic nominee Obama into office with drug-pushing Queen Elizabeth behind it all.

Nothing could be sillier than the prospect of present turnabout, back to the pathetically silly dream of a Republican success to be delivered, as if miraculously, at the close of Obama's already self-doomed term in office (or, more probably, global, thermonuclear warfare). The Republican Party's ill-fated delusion, has been one which depends, actually, on the typical citizen's clearly understandable, but not really excusable, and mounting, popular rage, a rage rooted in the voters' rising hatred against the leadership of President Barack Obama: something like trying to end a headache, by removing one's own head.

Hitherto, the actual source of the serious problems of our United States Republic, is a rage which has come from time to time, which had been, early on, essentially, the same anger brought on by the crushing of the original, Seventeenth Century Massachusetts Bay Colony, which had been done by those Dutch tyrants who had crushed that Colony with sheer military force: the same Dutch Predators which had, earlier, and later, too, invaded the British Isles to butcher the Irish, still over the course of the Eighteenth Century. These predators were the same Dutch tyrants who established what was actually curiously named, subsequently, as the British Empire: the which had been modeled, both wittingly and systemically, actually, on what had been known, earlier, as the original Roman Empire, as was defined by British historian Edward Gibbon's explicit design of the mapped principles for the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, as continued through the present date of British (almost planetary) imperialism, still presently.

That was the exact same British Empire which, together with the British side-show, called "Wall Street," presently, a "Wall Street" which is the leading foreign, British imperial enemy operating inside our United States, still today. It was a continuation of the same Zeus-ian tradition as the Roman Empire, as the so-called "Green" policy infestations currently destroying our United States.

From Seeming Side-Shows to Science

Our actually greatest founders of the United States, including the outstanding, actually scientific leaders of the republic, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, beside the sometimes doubting President George Washington; they had understood the crucial distinctions of excellent statecraft with an often scientific precision, as had our truly great model Presidents, such as, later, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy.

There had been other honorable Presidents, but, nonetheless, the majority of the actually elected Presidents of the United States, had ill-served both the United States and its population, that often brutally. A large number of Presidents had been actually treasonous, or, optionally, greatly to be regretted otherwise. In other words, while the design of the original United States had been superb in its time, the practice of our succession of governments, from time to time, had, also, often been even monstrous, and therefore, by no means an unblemished record of our republic's Presidencies and policy-makings. Great Presidents had been rare; wretched ones were, relatively, the most frequent: London-based bankers in Boston and Manhattan had been the notable agents of treason, as under British-owned skunks such as Aaron Burr's hired, treasonous stooges, Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren.

The immediate issue for us, here and now, is that, recently, the U.S. population generally, has suffered two great errors of its own practice:

Why the U.S.A. Has Failed

The first case, is that, since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, most of our Presidents, since,[7] have had, most of the time, virtually no comprehension of the necessary physical principles of economy; university Professors of economy, and their influence on Presidents, for example, are to be included generally, most notably, more for their follies, than their achievements. Consequently, second, there is, presently, virtually no actually scientific comprehension of the principles of our republic (as Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton had shown this to be fact), nor has there been a truly competent modern statecraft among us, a deficiency which has been general throughout most of the modern history of our planet, so far, but particularly shameful for what had been our better own United States itself.

The crucial consideration in seeking to understand the causes for the failure of the United States government since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, remains the elementary fact, that that had been the purpose of the assassinations of the two Kennedy brothers, in the first place. The attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan shows the role of the pattern set by the rabid Anglophile influence of, earlier, one-time Hitler backer Prescott Bush and also the Dulles brothers.

Secondly, recently, the current leadership of the Republican Party has represented a record of the virtually lowest quality of design of economic performance to date, and still plunging at accelerating rates: the present influence of Wall Street on the U.S. economy, is the most obscene, and most explicitly evil practice of economy in the entire history of our republic, to the present date so far.

In both cases, the result of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, created a condition under which there has been no actually net growth of the per-capita standards of production and living since the assassination of President John Kennedy, through to the present date. The growth of Wall Street and related nominal income-wealth has not been actually productive, but, rather, essentially parasitical. The collapse of the productive standard of living in the U.S.A., in physical-productive terms per capita and unit of energy-flux density, since the cancellation of the Glass-Steagall Law, has been the greatest rate of accelerating collapse of the per-capita welfare of the net physical product of the U.S.A. economy in our history (not counting the parasites of Wall Street and comparable mere parasites).

Yet the idiots (e.g., the pretended paragons of the most recent Republican doctrine) had been presently, either directly, or indirectly, the most incompetent and otherwise unpleasant creatures within our nation's recent economic system, since the span from the successful assassination of President William McKinley, until the successful election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.[8]

So, the great majority of our citizens and their dependents, are being presently looted to the virtual point of accelerated mass death-rates, presently: first, under the nominally Republican figure Dick Cheney, and the worse-than-Cheney, Democratic President Barack Obama, all in the tradition of treasonous creatures such as Presidents (and British sub-agents of Britain's agent, Aaron Burr) such as the disgusting Andrew Jackson and the swindling Martin Van Buren, or other outright scoundrels and virtual enemies of our republic, such as: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, and Wall Street's Herbert Hoover, Harry S Truman, and the Bushes from Prescott through to the Dick Cheney stooge, silly George W. Bush, Jr.

There has been, in fact, no net successful physical-economic performance by the U.S. economy as a whole, since the rapid transition from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to the beginning of the lunatic launching of an unnecessary U.S. war in Indo-China, as both President John F. Kennedy had demonstrated, and the greatest military commander in recent history, Douglas MacArthur as, in opposition to Truman's intention, at Inchon, and in his warning strenuously against the reckless absurdity of the U.S.A. being lured by the British empire, into an Indo-China war. President Ronald Reagan had heroic moments, despite the imposed Bush factor, and President Clinton had also had his noble moments; but, we have never had a truly successful Presidency of the United States since the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, and what his brother, Robert could have been, had he not been assassinated, too. The lurking enemy predators were always active in our ring.

Otherwise, since the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the United States' government has been, usually, still, a Dulles-witted trend in bureaucratic tyranny, that since the moment of FDR's death, to the nadirs of the Bushes and their like, and Obama now.

There has never been, in net physical effect, any actual increase in the physical per-capita productivity of the U.S. economy, since the assassination of President Kennedy, and the associated long and foolish war in Indo-China.[9] The rest of the counted money, has been merely useless gambling proceeds which contributed a far less-than-nothing benefit to the U.S. economy, but much to the gamblers and kindred wastrel, monetarist masturbators of mere money. Wall Street's income has always been a parasitical waste, with no net benefit ever contributed to the welfare of the nation. The net growth of income to the nation has always been, on balance, a net loss to the United States as such, since the worse than useless Indo-China war; the net productive powers of labor of the U.S. population have been halted in the aftermath of the administration of President John F. Kennedy; since then, the waste-makers, such as the Bushes, have been in control.

Yet, in Spite of All That ...

Nonetheless, throughout the history of our republic, there has been one tirelessly great principle of our political-economic system, that typified by the legacies of Benjamin Franklin, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy.[10]

The crucial fact to be considered most carefully, is, that, actually, Wall Street's doctrine is, from our patriotic standpoint, clinically insane. Remember, that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, and that despite a number of our political skunks, such as Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover. The greatest Presidents had tended to have been assassinated in the interest of the British empire, and the worst like skunks, such as Confederacy-bred Theodore Roosevelt, the Woodrow Wilson (who have rebuilt the Ku Klux Klan from within the White House), and, skunks such as, in fact, Wall Street and its like, have never contributed a net penny to improve the physical economy of our United States.

Benjamin Franklin had understood all sorts of problem clearly; Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, has remained, to the present time, the greatest economic genius, systemically, of his time, that for any nation of this planet, as virtually up through the present day: respecting current U.S. economic principles, physically, as for Wall Street; and Wall Street's very existence is a sheer fraud, as by true standards of net physical productivity. In brief, Wall Street actually earns nothing, and should, therefore, be simply written off the proverbial books, so that we of the United States might now go about our nation's business successfully.

Alexander Hamilton had already specified everything an honest accountant in the U.S.A. might need to know: but, which, in fact, only a very tiny minority of the present U.S. citizenry (or, even members of the U.S. Government) actually do know presently.

The crisis which very, very few members of the present members of the U.S. government actually know, is the truth about the subject of what is called "money." The central issue of the entire constitutional system of economy of the United States under its Constitution, was addressed by Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton under the topical heading of an "Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank," the same principle of economy which enabled President Abraham Lincoln to defeat the British Empire's launching of the British attempt to break up the United States on behalf of the British Empire. We must intend the directly opposite outcome of the moments at hand: I explain that, scientifically, as follows.

I. Money, Production & Trade

The economic principles supplied for the Constitutional system had been outlined by Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Alexander Hamilton under the first Administration of President George Washington. These principles are, still presently, those detailed in the other three of the total of the four categorical stipulations provided by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton: the same Hamilton who had been the leading scientific genius of the United States since Benjamin Franklin. All four of those stipulations made by Secretary Hamilton, in his report as Secretary, and as resident genius of the Treasury, comprise a particularly single universal principle of the economy for our national system of government, a principle which remains perfect in essential design by Hamilton, to the exact-same set of principles urgently required presently.

I direct the reader's intention to a most remarkable element of Secretary Hamilton's four papers on the subject of the implications of the original U.S. Federal Constitution, his Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank, the most essential and most penetrating among the considerations of the scope and depth of the implications of the actual composition of that Constitution when considered as, as Hamilton does: in its wholeness.[11]

To wit:

There was never a common practice of Wall Street banking and related practices, which was not, by design, a treasonous violation of our Constitutional System of Government. All four principles of law established by Hamilton's office, hang, still, commonly and interdependently, on the detailed elaboration of the argument at law presented in the "Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank." Every violation of that body of law presented by Hamilton's notion of a National Bank, has been the leading cause of those greatest follies of national economic and related social practice which have been self-inflicted upon or by the incumbent government of our United States.

The Hamiltonian notion of national banking, does, indeed, present a design for what may be fairly described as national economic accounting, as such; but, nevertheless, at that core, it were, essentially merely an accounting system conceived in the nonsensical dreams of such as the silly David Hilbert and the virtually Satanic Bertrand Russell; it is a reflection, expressed, symptomatically, by merely an accounting system; but, that folly must be rejected, as a matter of principle. Physical science, as Hamilton was opposed to the intrinsic silliness of mere financial accounting on this account, depends upon the most fundamental principles of physical-science practice as such. It is not a matter of the apparent, outward clothing, but of how, and by whom, and for what purpose, it is worn. The principle is human bio-physical in nature; it is not monetary, not financial per se.[12]

The Constitution versus the Parasites

Hamilton remains, still presently, very clear in respect to his scientific principles, and no contrary principles were ever actually competent ones, as experience has demonstrated this fact, repeatedly, and more than abundantly.[13] So, for example, since the outright lunacy, and near-treason of the Dodd-Frank pollution, which has absolutely ruined our U.S. economy since President Clinton had been virtually driven out of office in the end: as if hog-tied by British-intelligence-services-authored, but also Republican-delivered swindles, all that by aid of a pack of Republican hooligans of the breed of Bushes ranging from the Prescott who (successfully) saved Hitler's ambitions to be a fascist tyrant (and, also, sort of started World War II), through Wall Street's Prescott's personal and biologically kindred contributions to the rosters of our republic's governments. E.g., Dick Cheney, for example, or, looking back, the Dulles brothers' evil rampages at home and abroad.[14]

Put aside that political rubbish from our nation's past, but do it definitely, to remove the rubbish cluttering the highway to recovery.

Now, to the Matter of Economic Science

Every such violation of that law introduced to our Constitutional architecture, under our government, has been the fruit of an intentionally evil contamination of the actually constitutional law of our own republic, a contamination often perpetrated under the tainted rubric of a commercial corruption of international systems of the law consistent with our own U.S. Constitution, as, for example, in the evils done in favor of Wall Street speculation.

Hence, Wall Street's very existence, is to be shown here as a fundamental violation of actual U.S. constitutional law.

All specifically Wall Street values are, therefore, subject to being disowned, even as if peremptorily, or to be considered as polluting trash, on that specific account: as the cases of the practices of both "Bail Out" and "Bail In," illustrate, in the extreme, the inherently fraudulent characteristics of Wall Street's currently claimed "assets." However, the foundations for defining such determinations are not to be found in matters of monetary practices, but must be the productive powers of labor unique to the specific properties of the human species alone.[15]

The best up-to-date explanation of those principles of constitutional law, is best located in the systemic natural distinction of man from beast: a fundamental natural law: a law of nature. The essentially bestial law of economy among nations generally, as distinct from our own Constitutional law, is the scientifically absurd presumption, that economic value within and among nations might be permitted to be defined by a measure of money per se.

How shall we overcome those popular, but wholly mistaken beliefs concerning economic processes which befuddle the so-called experts in economy: even more than they fool the ordinary citizens themselves? The errors which underlie the causes for the collapse of the U.S.A. economy since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The error is not one of interpretation; it is ontological.

Two Cases of Criminal Fraud & Stupidity

For example:

The idiocies peculiar to the notion of money per se, are to be compared to the absurdities of what I have stated above as the merely mean and foolish David Hilbert, and the chronically evil, international war-maker, Bertrand Russell: both cases, together with their followers, have proposed to substitute merely minimalist symbols as proposed equations for living processes. These two idiocies have dominated the nominal practice of a merely alleged "mathematical science" over the entire span of the Twentieth Century, and still, more foolish expressions ever, into the presently new century, thus far.[16]

That Bertrand Russell was, and remains, in the extent of his influence, then, as now, among the most evil creatures recently known on this planet, has passed among even some otherwise intelligent observers, as to-be-taken-in the mere course of time. It is the truly mass-genocidal evil thoroughly permeating his underlying method which has been an actually Satanic intention, the which has been widely overlooked, as much as the identical, essentially Zeusian evil, which is embodied intrinsically, in the British imperial oligarchy as such as the current imperial Queen Elizabeth, a fact which has been stubbornly denied by the culpable, such as by the tradition of the British in India as already shown, already, centuries ago, as, once again, by Winston Churchill in India, more recently.

That evil monarchy's systemic features are, in historical fact, systemically and explicitly Satanic, as the case of Bertrand Russell merely reflects this. The threat of thermonuclear warfare from the British imperial puppet, U.S. puppet-President Barack Obama, is merely a display of the evil Queen which Obama actually serves as in matters of warfare, and to which he submits, presently.

This is the subject which must be more carefully examined, if we are to get at the proverbially systemic errors in popular opinion respecting the principles of successful economy, presently. We must, therefore, now plunge into the relatively little known, but, nonetheless, presently indispensable principles of physical science which lie, as if outside the domains of native sense-perception as such.

II. Actual Human Nature

As I have emphasized lately, the notion that "human nature" must be expressed in terms of reference to sense-perception as such, is the most significant factor of systemic intellectual incompetence suffered by such as the commonplace intelligentsia of, for example, our United States, and Europe, still presently. The most shameful case of that incompetence recently, came at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, first, as I have already noted here, earlier, in the 1900 nonsense of the hoaxster David Hilbert, and the more satanically inclined Bertrand Russell, shortly after that, and that perpetually. The hoax has been in the form of the silliness of mere arithmetic and similar pseudo-logic, rather than physical science: that, for both of those pioneering hoaxsters, Hilbert and Russell, and for those who practice what they have emulated.

Ask yourself, this: do you believe in principles of law, or, do you prefer what is commonly called: "popular opinion"? If you prefer "popular opinion," you are a sucker for the pitch of any swindler who comes walking down the block. Take, for example, the case of a newly-wed husband, who comes swindling down the block, showing off the (mechanized) shop-window dummy he had considered most attractive. "She may not be the brightest thinker in the neighborhood, but she does really look good: she meets my needs." That has often been exactly the way in which many voters have selected their preferred candidates (e.g.: "dates") for public office, as their slogans should have forewarned you.

It was in just this fashion, that even a majority of so-called scientists, beginning the 1920s, abandoned competent scientific practices for the swindles of Bertrand Russell, and why so many among you, or your forebears, had followed the leadership by President Franklin Roosevelt, soon, later, turned to swallow the pranks of a Wall Street "political hooker," Harry S Truman.

Science Versus Monetarism

Returning attention to that pair of evil clowns, David Hilbert and Bertrand Russell, and their spiritual likenesses, they have continued (for as long as they have lived) to declare war against all actually competent physical science since, that being since, in particular, the emerging of modern Europe and North America expressed by the Renaissance of Filippo Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, and Johannes Kepler. All successfully great scientists, such as those three, had always premised themselves on a proven demonstration, that the functions of the human mind's cognitive powers lay outside the domain of mere sense-perception as such. The same has been the characteristic, at a higher level, of the genius of Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and V.I. Vernadsky's conception of both life in general, and of the qualitatively higher form of human life.

For this purpose, I have placed emphasis, recently, as in still earlier modern locations, on two sets of systemic proofs of that notion from the work of the greatest scientists of modern society: the first, by the successive steps of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and Johannes Kepler, and the second, gradually emerging largely from the work of Carl F. Gauss and Bernhard Riemann, in particular, the discoveries of life introduced implicitly not only by Max Planck and Albert Einstein, but, by the inclusion of the work of V.I. Vernadsky—the latter benefits to be delivered are more than merely substantial, but are still very much in progress currently.

The general basis in proof for those two specific cases, is supplied by the record of evolutionary progress according to the inherently willful characteristics of the development of the human species, as in contrast to all other presently known, but absolutely inferior, other living species. In other words, we are addressing, here, the implications of the history of biochemistry as that continues to be developed voluntarily by mankind, through, essentially systemic expressions of progress of the physical principles of human life.

The failure to progress willfully from relatively lower, into higher powers of human self-productivity, per capita, and per unit of action, is the measure of proof of the failed self-development of that human progress which accepts the inherent absurdity of the systemically "green" disease of human willful self-degeneration. The characteristic of our human species as a successful one, is the increase of humanly efficient energy-flux-density per capita. All other human cultures which are not rising to continually higher intensities of energy-flux density, are to be considered as systemically physically and morally degenerate, and are, thus, intrinsically physically and morally depraved, per se.

This standard for progress is also the same as the standard of productivity which distinguishes failed human cultures, from successful ones. The failures have been, chiefly, those which have been chiefly effects imposed by what are generally classed as merely "oligarchical systems," as distinguished by the effects of outright slavery and serfdom, or, in other words, by the inherent degeneracy of a culture consistent with a so-called pollution known as a "green policy."

The ability of mankind to survive as a species, has always depended upon a willful commitment to an "anti-green" cultural policy.

End the 'Green' Pollution:

This has a certain parallel in the history of evolution of living species generally. Inferior species, die out, as it is said, "more or less naturally." This kind of failure has a comparable expression in "backward human cultures." The essential distinction of man from beast, and of human from bestial, is the increase of mankind's willful expression of relative potential population-density, as through the means of rising energy-flux densities of the productive powers of human labor, noëtically: such was V.I. Vernadsky's general principle of development through the self-improving action of life as such.

A crucial benchmark leading in the direction indicated by the achievements of Vernadsky, is notable in the achievements of the Classical scientific scholar, Eratosthenes, in his measurement of the Earth from two points on the surface of the Earth itself. All of the best accomplishments of Archimedes had depended upon the crucial success of Eratosthenes' mapping: a forerunner of the method of Johannes Kepler's later discovery of the proof of the existence of the Solar system. Eratosthenes' measurement of the Earth, is, thus, implicitly, an early intimation of that crucial, ontological principle discovered uniquely by Kepler, on which all competent physical science has depended ever since, pending the still higher discoveries which have appeared since then.

In other words, the human species neither actually know itself, and, therefore, nor can prove nothing in principle from mere sense-perception as such: until the human mind's progress has discovered systemic evidence, independent of mere sense-perception, that man knows anything other than the inherently dubious evidence which mere sense-perception might provide.

Human Knowledge

All competent citizenship depends upon recognizing the systemic distinction of the human individual from the beasts.

The earlier insight into the distinction of man from beast, corresponds to the fact, that the human mind cooks its food; the beasts do not do so willingly. From that primitive stage of matters, onward, the ability of the human species to continue to exist as a species, depends upon an increase of the relative energy-flux density expressed as human progress per capita: all of which means increases in the energy-flux density of human action taken for the purposes of human progress per capita.

The Massachusetts Bay Colony, under the leadership of such as the Winthrops and Mathers, expressed that intention, and, also, its successful practice with an ingenuity which was, in its own fashion, an emulation of the wonderful, earlier achievements effected under the leadership of the Golden Renaissance's Filippo Brunelleschi, and Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, and their true heir in physical science, Johannes Kepler: the Kepler who made the original discovery of the principle of the Solar system, from whom all later, legitimate achievements in modern science had ensued.

The consequence of that achievement, from the work of, most notably, Brunelleschi and Cusa, to Kepler's applied resolution of their own great discoveries, has been the basis for all European and trans-Atlantic progress (in particular) sense. This progress has been challenged by such relics of the ancient evil of Zeus, and its legacy of the Roman and presently British (virtually global) empires.

The particular achievement of the development of our United States, has been our trends of commitment to the legacy of the great, so-called "Golden" Renaissance of, most notably, Brunelleschi and Cusa, and the resolution of their combined achievement by the discovery of the Solar system by, uniquely, Johannes Kepler. All approaches which neglect the crucial significance of that legacy, whether in physical science, or otherwise, have been a source of error for mankind generally.

Against that background:

We must reconsider the evidence that the cases of Hilbert and Bertrand Russell, are still lasting models of a vicious fraud against mankind, a fraud which had been expressed by a British empire which expresses the inherent evil intrinsic to the Roman empire's Zeusian tradition, since. Thus, for the citizens of our United States presently, the legacy of physical-scientific and related progress under such as the Winthrops and Mathers, and under Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, embody, for us, today, an essential expression of the highest intentions of mankind this far in history. That has been the true essence of the achievement of our Federal Constitution.

It is the educational and related development of each and all among our citizens, which encompasses, more simply, and more efficiently than anything else, the essential root and mission of our United States of America. Our educational system, for physical science and for the Classical tradition of the greatest scientific discoverers, Classical poets and dramatists, and Classical musicians, had been, thus, the implied essence of the truly American human mind. The quality of mind of the citizen, such as the virtually martyred Secretary Alexander Hamilton—butchered on the orders, delivered via certain bankers of Manhattan, of our most natural adversary, the British empire's agent Aaron Burr, and by such wretched traitors against our Constitution, as Aaron Burr stooges Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren.

Our republic is fit only to serve the mission for all humanity which we, for our own part, must always represent throughout the planet as a whole, and beyond.

We must, therefore, resolve to recommit ourselves, without exception, to the great historical mission which gave birth to our appropriate intention on behalf of mankind, as here, on Earth, but, also, in space beyond. The Solar system is, ultimately, our proper frontier for as far distant as we have been enabled to foresee, this far.

III. Hamilton's Great Principle

Alexander Hamilton's principle of credit, on which the existence of the United States as such has always depended since, locates creation, as lying not in the product per se, but in the actually creative process of production and consumption, as such, an essential distinction of the behavior of mankind from mere beasts, and from slaveholders' systems, a distinction rejecting the British imperial system and its like, as was done, for example, by Presidents such as John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, President Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy.

In fact, every deviation from that policy, by our United States, so far, has been, more, or less, viciously tragic in its effects.

In mentioning Hamilton's policies, we must take into account the fact, that foreign powers had uttered credit to the United States, during the defense of our own republic. The international obligations which we had so defined, could not be directly incorporated into the domestic system of economy of the United States itself. Therefore, there were four, rather than merely three elements of the U.S.A.'s required system of national economy, as specified by Hamilton.

Whereas, the principle of the Hamiltonian solution, was that the productive powers of labor must be fostered to the effect of the benefits of scientific and technological progress in the system of production and trade. These considerations, as such, were amply presented in the three sections of the Report on Public Credit, The Report on a National Bank, and the Report on the Subject of Manufactures. The principle of the system of the U.S. economy, was, therefore, premised on the systemic increase of the productive powers of labor throughout the unfolding process of scientific-technological-human development processes. The implication is that profit can only exist, as a matter of intended principle internally, as an integral expression of the increase of the productive powers of labor, not merely financial profit as such: i.e., the policies of practice by President Franklin Roosevelt, as by Hamilton himself, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert, and the best aspects of the policies of Presidents Ronald Reagan and William Clinton.

Whereas, both all of the leading Bush candidates, have fought, as has Barack Obama, to impose virtual genocide on an increasing ration of the U.S. population itself: in other words the mimicking of the pure evil traditional to the legendary Zeus and those who emulate him, such as the Roman and British empires, and the extension of their influence. The human intention is to weed out such empires, intentionally shrinking their influence, and, ultimately, eliminating that influence for the sake of humanity itself.

The issue of progress is not one of money as such; it is the increase of the creative powers of human productivity, the policy of practice which distinguishes scientists from slaves, and human beings from cattle. This means, from the standpoint of practice, the increase of the energy-flux density of the power of human labor, and of the human from relatively lower, to ever-higher qualities of the existence of the realized productive powers of labor within our Solar system, and beyond.

Hamilton's Principle is, therefore, to be recognized as at the kernel of our Federal Constitution: the perfectly unifying principle of eternal human progress.

That was the principle of the great Renaissance on whose premises our United States had been built by its true founders. Those who oppose our policy, are either simply stupid, or, if they become too influential, are to be considered as being as inherently evil as slave-masters, drug-pushers, and pimps, are evil: in a word: criminally inclined.

Call it, then, "The Hamilton Principle," as a means for placing the needed remedial emphasis on the underlying most essential cure of our own republic's worst habitual evils. There is, in fact, no present hope for the resuscitation, or even the continued existence of our Constitutional United States, unless the Hamiltonian principle is restored and re-enforced immediately. The habits of rot have been continued too long, and have reached so deeply into the habits of our republic, that there is no chance for the continued existence of our republic, unless the Hamiltonian remedy were put into operation immediately. It is, after all, the foundation of our Federal Constitution's effectiveness.

On the Subject of Foreign Trade

However, the economy of our United States could never have been, only an internal system. From the beginning of our establishment of our republic, and even earlier, the economy of the United States was the subject of both a foreign trade, and obligations to creditors of our United States' economy.

Therefore, whereas the principle of the economy, as Hamilton had carefully elaborated its principles, must include both U.S. debts to foreign obligations to the United States, and the role of foreign trade, in general. These meant, at a minimum, three leading factors to be considered: (1) the physical productivity of labor's product; (2) the necessity of the increase of the per-capita productive powers of labor, over time; and, (3) the costs of foreign commerce incurred from outside internal national productivity.

When all three categories are taken into account, there is no monetary factor per se to be an addition to the needed accounts.

Such are the fruits of Hamilton's;

  1. A Report on National Credit;
  2. Report on a National Bank;
  3. Report on the Subject of Manufactures; and,
  4. Opinion on the Constitutionality of A National Bank: the latter defines the essential distinction of a national economy from a national collection of varied qualities of monetarist systems of debt gathered under a single flag.

In other words, an effectively national economy per se; money per se, otherwise, has no intrinsic value in a sane economy. That, and precisely that, is the underlying principle of The American System of political economy. Anyone of a different opinion has been terribly misled; however, most of our citizens today, have, indeed, been misled, exactly in that matter of fact.

This is not competently a debatable issue; it is a matter of a universal, physical principle, of natural science: as follows.

IV. When & Why Physical Science Died

Formally, strictly speaking, modern science began to be destroyed systemically, by the silly David Hilbert, in what I have already referenced here, severally, as a conference of mathematicians, in Paris 1900. A truly modern "numbers racket," as launched by Hilbert, was soon followed, essentially by Bertrand Russell, who had brazenly claimed to have killed the principle of any actually physical science, from that time, up to the present date. Under the global influence of the British empire of today's actually, globally imperial Queen Elizabeth, physics was thus already replaced by merely theories of numbers in one guise or another, but, most commonly, in the guise of the hoax known as monetarism. For such as the followers of Hilbert and Bertrand Russell, actual science did not exist.

In fact, the appearance of Hilbert on the stage in France, in A.D. 1900, signaled the beginning of a subsequently accelerating decline in the culture and economies of the trans-Atlantic regions, in particular. The Satanic figure of the British Empire's Bertrand Russell has been the archetype of all of the principal evil which mankind has suffered since the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

We, in the United States and Europe, are experiencing those effects presently, in the extreme. Typically there has been no sustained rise in the actually net standard of living of the populations of the trans-Atlantic sector, in particular, since that assassination of President John F. Kennedy which had unleashed a prolonged U.S. participation in a war in Indo-China itself (not including by-products). The standard of living of the United States and Europe has been shifting from stagnant to increasingly steep physical-economic declines ever since.

Thus, the great spirit of science, launched on a modern basis, which had been launched during the Golden Renaissance, under the great ecumenical modern science of such as Filippo Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, and, conclusively, by Johannes Kepler's unique discovery of the Solar system as such, was thus consigned to the status of a cargo of merely mathematical junk, all that done in the image of the infamously popular hoaxster of ancient geometry, Euclid, from which the presently virtual death-knell of real science had been resounded, once again, since 1900 in Paris, to the present trans-Atlantic domain, in particular, up through the wildly reductionist, "green" insanity at the present date.

This and Related Patterns

Unless that foolishness is stopped, now, there is no future for the United States, nor, most other places on this planet, most emphatically the trans-Atlantic regions.

Like Miniver Cheevy of Hilbert's and Bertrand Russell's times, they all had their alleged, but actually never existing, "reasons." The root of all such dogmas as those of the pitiable Hilbert and the satanic Bertrand Russell lies in the denial of the existence of actually universal physical principles: a notion which is notoriously that of the evil Zeus who is the actually best-known model for the establishment of the pure evil of the Roman and British empires. In fact, the net effect of the Zeusian cult of Hilbert-Russell cult's influence, has been expressed as a denial of the specifically noëtic nature which distinguishes the human species absolutely from all lower forms of life.

Of late, on this account, I have emphasized two episodes in modern physical science.

The first, that of the discoveries of Filippo Brunelleschi (the minimalist concept of nature in the very smallest) and the maximalist of Nicholas of Cusa; but, reaching an interim conclusion with the uniqueness of the discovery of the principle of physical space, by Johannes Kepler. All modern science since that time had been premised upon that triadic principle.

The second case, as I have identified it, emerged in the guise of a phase-upshift in scientific progress, with the new outlook inhering in the work of Carl F. Gauss, but as continued by the work of Bernhard Riemann since the presentation of his 1854 habilitation dissertation: all truly modern science has been borne out through the expressed principle of Riemann. The effect of the Riemann and related developments, emerged in the expression of a new triadic principle of physical science, that of Max Planck (a neo-Brunelleschian minimalist), Albert Einstein (a neo-Nicholas of Cusa in science, a maximalist), and an echo of the resolution of Kepler, in the treatment of the principle of life as in V.I. Vernadsky: the principle of the intrinsically noëtic human mind, an echo of the human mind's progress in the effort to achieve a discovery of the organization of space[17] beyond the realm of merely human sense-perception as such, the entry into true knowledge of true physical space, rather than merely sense-certainty space.

The political irony which these considerations present to us with a certain forcefulness, must be matched with the essentially systemic differences of mankind from merely animals, the difference of the true human mind, from the depravity inherent in the axiomatic presumptions of both David Hilbert and Satan's own Bertrand Russell. They are self-degraded to creatures of sense-perception, rather than the principle of mind. Indeed, the entirety of the Twentieth Century has been dominated, in schools, universities, and comparable institutions, by a reductionist pathology rooted in the systemic frauds of such as Hilbert and Russell. Secretary Alexander Hamilton, was an absolute scientific genius, when compared to the mere bookkeepers and kindred mere reductionists who have dominated and wrecked truly scientific endeavors, more and more, over the course of the Twentieth Century, as still now.

The mathematicians prattle, while the actual scientists remain, at their best presently available options, bystanders of the digitalist fray. In a word, most among the present crop of so-called "scientists" either lack knowledge of actually physical principles, or are usually prevented from practicing them; the meaning of their own very existence, is, therefore, essentially nothing much more than yet an another deduction, while the rare, nearby-standing actual scientist, sits as an idled spectator, while the fanatical fools on the computers, bankrupt the human species with their maniacally silly, and essentially unproductive play, like the chronic poker players which they are, essentially: like the worse than useless jerks of Wall Street: the models of activity without actual production.

Indeed, we could and should (indeed we must) simply cancel the false assets of Wall Street and kindred wastrels, as John Smith had warned the British wastrels inhabiting the coast of the America in his time. To eat, you must actually produce useful products for the benefit of society.

Diseases of idle play, such as the games of Wall Street, tend to kill human beings; reductionism is such a disease, in fact, one among the worst.

V. The Mind of Human Life

The human being is the only species which actually cooks its own food. The existence of that species (our own) depends upon the continuing increase of the relative energy-flux density of the self-development of the human species: rising, always, from relatively lower, to higher per-capita rates of manifest energy-flux density. We are the only, presently known species which is enabled to accomplish that seeming miracle of biology.

This human progress depends upon realizing the effect of increasing energy-flux densities in effect of work, from the level of the simple use of fire, to thermonuclear fusion presently. Those persons captured by devotion to the so-called "green" opinions, are essentially degenerate offspring of the human species, and, more than often, degenerates in every sense of the term.

Yet, the characteristics of the human mind are not simple; they are intrinsically noëtic, never deductive as such. That is expressed as a non-linear scale of increase of the effective energy-flux density of the activity of the human mind. For our uses here, the economic principles of Secretary Alexander Hamilton meet the requirement of a standard for measuring human progress per se. For this purpose, my own representation of the principles of physical science, as typified by me, here, first, as the Brunelleschi-Cusa-Kepler, and, then, the Planck-Einstein-Vernadsky sequence, typifies, in practice the nature of the human mind, as distinct from the mere reductionists.

Thus, it has been considered, seriously, that Hilbert was merely dumb, whereas Bertrand Russell had been malicious. Wrong, both were malicious; Hilbert was only dumber. The requirement for mankind, is that human progress proceeds in qualitative, not quantitative leaps, as the cases of both Brunelleschi-Cusa-Kepler and Planck-Einstein-Vernadsky, exemplify the nature of the human evolutionary process in terms of leaps in relative energy-flux-densities among species, and among the progressive states of the culture of mankind.

In brief, 1900-2014 has been, this far, the interval of a "new dark age" of trans-Atlantic mankind. That is the crisis. There is the remedy.

Hamilton Once More

The intervening considerations, which I have presented, from the beginning of this report, to its now approaching conclusion, lie not in mathematical measures as such, but in qualitative, rather than merely quantitative measures. The essential distinction by which this must be understood, is given in measures of progress ordered in a series of energy-flux densities in the relationship between the energetic and cognitive interdependency of the leaps upward in the ordering of living species generally, and in the weightier measure of leaps in the prowess of the development of the human mind. The relationship between increase of applied energy-flux-density and the leaps in the productive powers expressed as human productive progress, is crucial. The crucial feature, so identified is otherwise to be identified as the creative power of irony, as in progress in scientific principles for work, and in Classical musical rules of composition, as in Classical modes of poetry, drama, and song.

In his exceptional piece, on the subject of Opinion on The Constitutionality of a National Bank, he achieved a relatively highest point of insight into the nature of the human species: the essential wholeness of that species, a wholeness which is, in and of itself, the principle which regulates the process as a whole: the noëtic principle of the human mind.

This principle is located (for purposes of reference) in the nature of the actually noëtic characteristics shared by a congruence of both nature and the human mind. This pertains, specifically, to the essential feature of human creativity: the ability of the human species to order the leaps in power of the human species which we record, from experience, as the leaps in the mental-creative powers expressed as results of the progress of the human mind of both the individual, and the society of that individual: The implied, as much as the expressed powers of the human mind. Especially, the power to foresee the future in the manner in which history necessarily unfolds. Those who cannot foresee the future, at least some times, do not yet know the present.

[1] The irony is, that the early impeachment of President Barack Obama, would upgrade the Republican Party to become, quickly, the most hated one. It is Obama's own perverse opposition to re-enactment of Glass-Steagall which is the Republican Party's ultimate desire, while traditional Democrats' growing hatred of Obama is, presently, the Republican Party's presently strongest source of its own appea1 for its own support from what had been, recently, Democratic voters, otherwise.

[2] The Republican Party currently asserts, that it is waiting until the next Presidential election campaigning, to unleash its allegedly mighty triumph over the Democratic Party. Unfortunately for the Republicans, their own political existence, under their current "Bail-in" policies, will have been exterminated long before that election were to have occurred. "Bail-in" means a presently immediate threat of a total blow-out of the present, trans-Atlantic financial system. Hence, the immediacy of the present threat of an immediate threat of a general, planetary, thermonuclear war already being orchestrated by the Obama administration under British imperial guidance.

[3] Christopher Columbus's trans-Atlantic achievements had been an indispensable precondition for not only establishment of the Americas (the United States most emphatically); however, the rest of the subsequent achievements have been those, chiefly, developed within the Americas. Our U.S.A., established by those who established the political systems with the Americas, such as the Massachusetts Bay settlements, from which I, in part, had descended: the greatest factor of progress so far. However, Columbus had been inspired by the influence of Filippo Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa: who actually did inspire the trans-Atlantic American settlements, as in the case of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

[4] It was the science-driven passion of that Great Renaissance featuring the leadership of both Filippo Brunelleschi and his greater successor, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, who created the impetus which had, subsequently, explicitly prompted the inspiration for the escape from a hopelessly corrupted Europe, an escape, which had been promoted by the mission of Christopher Columbus. As the case of the founding of the Saugus Iron Works typifies the facts of the culture of that Massachusetts colony of the Winthrops and Mathers, which had founded such notable institutions, then, as Harvard college and the Saugus Iron works, all expressions of relatively advanced economic technologies, per capita, far beyond the skills of the Dutch-controlled creation of the British empire. Benjamin Franklin's creation of the coal-and-iron industries of England, is typical of the legacy of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was never out-classed, but only "Dutched." Wall Street today, is the child of the original "Dutch Treat" of swindles centered in the settlement on, and nearby Manhattan. The history of modern science, from its birth in the Renaissance of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and the founder of a competent astronomy, their heir, Johannes Kepler, and later founders such as Gottfried Leibniz, were the founders of all competent strains of development of modern science to the present date.

[5] See H. Graham Lowry, How The Nation Was Won, Vol I 630-1754, Executive Intelligence Review 1988. Graham had been among the very most accomplished historians for the account of the birth and roots of American Revolution, as far as he had been permitted in presenting the full account. Unfortunately, some scoundrels had intervened, behind my back, to prevent Graham's second volume from being produced: not a mere chronicle, but uniquely insightful living history throughout.

[6] The current Empress Elizabeth, was named, notably for the original Queen Elizabeth I of William Shakespeare's time.

[7] President Ronald Reagan had notable promise at the start, but the Bush family influence, and an assassination from which he had survived, had, nonetheless, impeded President Reagan's potential success at a crucial point, early in his two terms in office: the Bushes, not Reagan's preference, had arrived into the Vice-Presidency.

[8] Excepting Taft and Harding, Wall Street and the British empire had been in charge.

[9] Money per se has no intrinsic value under the principles of the original U.S. Federal Constitution.

[10] See also, publications such as Allen Salisbury, The Civil War and the American System: America's Battle With Britain, 1860-1876, Campaigner Publications, 1978. Most conveniently informative reading, available at

[11] It was the opportunist schemes on behalf of "States' rights" as an exceptional feature of the Republic's law, which had ruined the United States from the death of President George Washington until the elections of Presidents James Monroe and John Quincy Adams. The assassination of Alexander Hamilton had been an action on behalf of British and kindred banking interests centered in the vicinity of Manhattan and Boston (during those relevant times).

[12] The currently popular, but implicitly fraudulent views on this matter of law, have been, most notably, on, specifically, the frauds first presented, successively since David Hilbert's 1900 Paris hoax (International Mathematician's Congress), and the continuation of Hilbert's hoax in a more virulent expression by Bertrand Russell and Russell's followers. This hoax had replaced physical principles by mere numbers. Hilbert's crude hoax was soon superseded by the virtual destruction of actual modern principles of physical science, by the radically reductionist schemes of the inherently evil Bertrand Russell. Russell's own version of that hoax has been the principal source of the systemic destruction of the actual principles of physical science since that time.

[13] No deductive method has ever made a scientifically systemic physical-economic forecast. I have frequently challenged such would-be forecasters, and I have always been correct, whereas they had always secured a score of performance, as wrong, not only in fact, but in conception, as in my confrontation with Wall Street on that account during the course of Summer-Winter 1971. It is a matter of notable public record.

[14] How Mussolini and his girl-friend, went to Switzerland with a trailer of revealing documents, during the day, but came back, hanging upside-down, by the ankles, in a gas-station near Milan, to the astonishment of the surprised Italian observers that next morning.

[15] However, even such lawfully summary practices themselves, must not be applied capriciously, but only for reasonably good cause of necessity, as, for example, the generally catastrophical effects of "Bail Out"-"Bail In," or hyper-inflationary trends generally.

[16] E.g., Bertrand Russell's Russian pseudo-scientific dupe, A. Oparin, respecting the subject of life: vs. that still leading scientist of life of present centuries, V.I. Vernadsky. For all competent cases since the Golden Renaissance of Filippo Brunelleschi (the infinitesimal physically actual), Nicholas of Cusa (the maximal), and the ontological principle of Kepler's discovery of the existence of the Solar system, or, the minimal of Max Planck, the maximal of Albert Einstein, and the principle of life of V.I. Vernadsky, all competent science is based on comparable relations among absolutes, rather than variables as such. Cf. the implications (already) of Bernhard Riemann's habilitation dissertation, the bridging principle between the enigmas of Carl F. Gauss, and the maxima of Einstein.

[17] All physical scientists who reject Kepler's discovery of the principle of the physical organization of Solar space, are not necessarily incompetent as scientists generally, but their degree of incompetence is nonetheless, relatively, very large. Most of today's alleged scientists are not actually scientists; they are, often, mathematicians in the worst possible sense; the academic professors of such merely mathematical inclinations, as for the schools, are the most pernicious cases of them all.

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