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This article appears in the May 9, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Return to the Actual U.S. Constitution

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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April 24, 2014

A Foreword:

Warren Buffett et alia, traveled to, and from Britain, to concoct a great swindle inside the United States. That was done, by Buffett's own methods of rail-roading, which he performed in the name of fraudulently concocted laws. It was done in the clear intent to cheat the most of citizens and dependents of the United States, all of this for the cause of actually "no fracking good." The effect of this particular, still-on-going swindle, is now delivering death at increasing rates, against our legitimate citizens and their dependents, alike.

So, the intention of the U.S. Federal Constitution had been, once more, foully betrayed, that done by the aid of a morally corrupt doctrine of "States' Rights," the most infamous of the loopholes which are most often the pretext for actually circumventing the originally actual Federal Constitution: using, a loophole which most frequently serves to destroy the very essence of the Federal Principle of our Constitution. Already, since that time, the "states' rights" pretext had already been the tunnel of lies adopted by Presidents from John Adams through James Madison, and, repeatedly thereafter: a wicked means through which the British empire had already, so often cheated and, often, even caused mass-death-rates among our own population: as it had done, so, as the example of the actually murderous practice of "fracking" illustrates the point most simple and directly at this time.

The Matter of History

The original system of the United States Constitution, had actually relied on the principle of physical, rather than monetarist standards of valuation, as Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton had specified in his four-point standard for the United States: that respecting his January 9, 1790 Report on Public Credit: his December 13, 1790 Report on A National Bank; his February 23, 1791, Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank; and, his, relevantly concluding, December 5, 1791 Report on The Subject of Manufactures.

Nonetheless: all four of those prescriptions by him, as combined to a singleness of effect, have been, both explicitly and implicitly violated, repeatedly, with some relatively rare exceptions, as violated, repeatedly, by most among the elected National Presidencies of the United States—this far. In virtually all cases, the violations of those principles which had been set forth by Alexander Hamilton, have been, in effect, as, both, combined, must be considered as having been violations of the U.S. Federal Constitution, and, also, as a practice of incompetence which has been, in each instance, a de facto practice of treason against the sovereign intention of the United States Constitution's principle of a perfect union.

The essential faults in all the cases of violations, have been the fruit of delusions which are, implicitly, monetarist in nature, and, which, also, locate economic value wrongly, that done according to matters of monetary price, rather than a true physical principle of valuation. That truly physical principle of economy, is, itself, located, and that precisely, so, in the systemically characteristic distinction of the human species from both the beasts and from other representatives of still lower forms of life: that is to say, a uniquely human principle which distinguishes the entirety of the human species from all lower forms of life.

The point which I am presenting here, is the fact, that the economic value in all matters which is properly to be measured by mankind, here and now, is to be measured by neither any other, nor lesser means of authority than that: as being in accord to the physical-scientific principle of the relative powers of both production, and of reproductive progress of the human species in its essential characteristics as a species. It must be, so, as this effect is measurable in terms of the optimally beneficial, relatively, ever higher energy-flux-density of the intended systemic effects of human practice, and as no other living species known, has ever actually been known to have replicated that same distinctive ordering principle of uniquely human, voluntary achievement in the relevant ordering of human economic values.

In fact, it is only the most worse-then-useless parasites in the world, who customarily enjoy the relatively largest monetary incomes. This perversion includes the characteristic practices by Wall Street and London, for example, both of whom should be, therefore, paid the relatively least, if at all.

Money may be, and often has been used as a useful convenience, or not; but, as a matter of physical scientific practice, money, as such, money has no inherent value for sane members of the human species, but merely a pragmatic potential, when properly used. In fact, the notion of money, in each and all of its manifestations, has no truly inherent intrinsic value per se in the healthy functions of the human species.

It was Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, who gave our republic its relatively unique, scientifically precise notion of the human economic values of physical-economic practice, as he had done that within the implicitly sufficient terms of a principle of (implicitly) rising energy-flux density, as Secretary Hamilton had done, in effect, under the rule of relative energy-flux-density in the productive process.

The Lesson To Be Taught Here

I shall demonstrate, with successive examples, in the course of this present report, here, that that implicit intention for the benefit of all mankind was already implicit in the U.S. economic practice as typified by the principles of Hamilton; any contrary view of a standard of practice, has been, in fact, the promise of a relative disaster for our republic, and for those of many other nations, by comparison.

The essential fraud: the hokum widely practiced by the half-witting, or less, is the prevalent practice of confusion used to confuse current custom with the present lack of proper conception of a principle of a coherent body of both formal and scientific universal law. That folly is located, in either simply mental incompetence, or, by the division of law, into categories: categories which divide notions of law into a collection of effectively incoherent sets of impulsively set, law-making practices: which share no actually, inherently systemic coherence with one another.

In the case of our United States, in particular, that quality of general irrationalisms in the practice of law, has been notably a particular foolishness in our nation's practice of law, a foolishness which was set into motion, early on, by the fraudulent, and also widespread corruption of the reading of the intention of our actual Federal Constitution, as has been done by the subversion of the Federal Constitution, as done through the specific agency of corruption expressed by the agency of the moral corruption known as "states' rights."

From the close of the second Presidency of George Washington, until the corrections introduced by Presidents James Monroe and John Quincy Adams, against "States Rights," the British empire and its international banking system, had, with relatively rare exceptions, usually dominated the fate of the citizenry of our United States. Otherwise, exceptionally good Presidents, such as Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy, have been outstanding as notably successful exceptions to the general trend of moral decadence which has dominated our U.S. economy and the opinion of our schools, universities, and related institutions, otherwise. The inherently corrupting force of international monetarism, has been the chief mechanism by means of which this virtual cancerous presumption is spread internationally, as among us here, too.

The notion which must be placed foremost on this account, instead, is one aptly defined as the relative productive powers of labor of the human species' performance, when these are measured in terms of, effectively relative rate of productivity per-capita, and when relative value is measured in no other choice of terms than as actualized and realized energy-flux density, all in the nature of relative historical action.[1]

On this account, the assassination of U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, was, in fact, not only an expression of efforts to destroy the sovereignty of the United States, that for the alleged benefit of "States Rights," or the like. It was, actually, more to the point, in defense of the alleged rights of foreign powers, chiefly those of the British Empire, to corrupt the United States. The assassination of the former Treasury Secretary of the United States, Alexander Hamilton, had been such a specific and direct attack against any threat to British interests, upon the United States; it was, therefore, no coincidence, that the British professional assassin and spy who had assassinated Hamilton, Aaron Burr, was acting on behalf of the "States Rights" hoax, a hoax by means of which the economy and citizens of our United States have been implicitly robbed, as they are being robbed by Wall Street, still today.

That is the particular grievance to be considered still today.

For Example: How the Law Is Often Violated

The root of that corruption was expressed in the form of the fraudulent presumption of a "States Rights system," which has been directly in opposition, as an exception to U.S. Federal Constitution. This has meant, in effect, a U.S. economy already dominated by the then, British-imperial system's accumulated control within, and over international markets, including those of our own United States. This alien, British imperial influence, was a means of a control exerted in usually effective defiance of the sovereignty of our United States itself through the mechanism of combining "States Rights" within the United States, with the Wall Street system which has since dominated the effects of the international implications of the Wall Street system: the latter a system which has been the chief British-imperial agency used to promote and maintain the corruption of the law of our United States.

The rabid spread of "fracking" recently, has been a leading expression of the crushing of the interests of the United States, for the advantage of both destruction of the U.S. economy, and placing the United States under the domination of foreign forces which presently ruin our economy, and starve, even kill our citizenry, increasingly, and that, more and more openly, of late.

The Principle of Human Life

For example: consider the principle of human life.

The human species has no principle in common with plant or animal life, nor with infectious diseases. The human species is a unique one. All that is actually human life, expresses an intended purpose unlike that of all other categories of life.

So, for the same reason, the British System, like its most notable immediate precedent, the Roman imperial system, contains no body of law which actually corresponds to the actual Constitution of the United States; but, it is in intentionally murderous defiance of the founding principles of U.S.A. law. Morally, the immorality of that British species is, provably, far worse than merely morally inferior to the quality of the American patriotic species; the most notable and necessary distinction to be made on that account, has been typified, still presently, by aid of principled American considerations, such as the original Massachusetts colony, as that on universally principled grounds (before it was crushed by the morally bestial Dutch mass murderers)[2].

The Principles To Be Chiefly Considered

The principles which I am emphasizing, and shall emphasize in this present report and its following content, are to be traced historically for human beings, in their unique expression for all modern European culture, by the leadership of what was called the "Golden Renaissance" of (1) Filippo Brunelleschi (the principle of the physically efficient minimum); (2) Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (the physically efficient maximum) and their follower, (3) Johannes Kepler, the unique discoverer of the existence of a specifically defined Solar system.

All competent physical science since that Renaissance has taken its modern origins,[3] has been a science based, in the genius of the leading roles of Filippo Brunelleschi, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, and Johannes Kepler. These were the actual foundations which had composed the basis for the development of the foundations of a truly modern European science, such as those had been developed, most notably, thereafter, as by Gottfried Leibniz (most notably), and, thereafter, led by means of the apparent enigma of the general physical principle of the work of Carl F. Gauss, and Gauss' truest "prophet," Bernhard Riemann.

Riemann's work had led across a veritable bridge of the human mind, into and, also, beyond Leibniz's achievements, and into the discovery of a new set of a higher-order physical principled category: (1) a new minimum principle (Max Planck), and, new maximum principle (2) Albert Einstein; and (3) by the uniquely original treatment of the principle of life (thus, complementing the earlier discovery by Kepler), of V.I. Vernadsky.

The Presently New Dark Age

However, since 1900, science per se has been in a process, still presently, of being taken over by a process through which it was virtually cancelled, as was done according to the doctrine of the pathetically foolish David Hilbert, and what had been done by Hilbert's successor, the utterly satanic, modern "British Satan," Bertrand Russell.

With advent of the Twentieth-century Hilbert and Russell, physical science, as a practice, has been, then, and since, suppressed in schools and universities. That has been done, increasingly, as successive degeneracies expressed through the practice of decadent substitutions for actually scientific methods. These methods have been progenitors of worsening degeneracies, which have taken over, successively, the forcing of a process of degeneration in the work of schools, universities, and, also, culture generally: especially since the indicative assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, and his brother, Robert.

Since that time, the trans-Atlantic World has been, chiefly, skidding into a virtual ride into a Hellish sort of genocidal, British imperial, truly "Zeusian" trap, within a recently avowed, truly Satanic intention of sheer "genocide:" avowedly reducing that present Queen's permission for the global human population from the vicinity of seven billions souls, toward less than one: a truly Satanic (e.g., Zeusian) Hell from which mankind must be always promptly freed, from which it must be rid.

I explain:

That much said now: what is the matter of principle to be considered on this account?

The essential distinction of the human species from all other, is fairly identified as the "voluntary principle," a principle which is unique to mentally healthy members of the human species.[4] All lawful human behavior, is a reflection of the discovery of a universal physical principle; the standard to be used for such descriptions, is best described as the creative practice of (literally) chemistry per se: a notion of chemistry which does not exist efficiently among either lower forms of life, nor, also among underdeveloped human individual types of even alleged scientists today.

What had happened in the trans-Atlantic world, and beyond, since, nominally 1900 A.D., with the initial foolishness of David Hilbert and the consequent, clearly Satanic influence of Bertrand Russell, has been a systemic expulsion of the notion of actually physical principles, for their replacement by the insanity of mere arithmetic misconceived in the sheer idiocy of the tradition of schoolbook Euclidean virtual masturbation. Thus, in the United States, today, the prevalently stated policy of the U.S. Government, is the genocidal reduction of the human population of the United States, in particular. That is what is otherwise known as the so-called "Green Policy," which, for example, is plain and simple genocide against the U.S. population itself, as throughout the British Empire.

To wit: with the advent of the brilliantly and successfully great dogma corresponding to the perniciously silly practices of David Hilbert and Bertrand Russell, the intellectual development of human beings' ability to think, had been diminished at an accelerating rate throughout, as in, predominantly, the trans-Atlantic regions, and the British empire more generally: all this has occurred, chiefly, over the course of the Twentieth Century, especially since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert. The characteristic of the declining and actually decaying intellectual capabilities of the U.S. population (in particular), has accelerated downward, since that time, toward a moral and intellectual degeneration which was greatly accelerated into cultural degeneracies, as shown by the cases of the politics of U.S. Presidencies since the George W. Bush, Jr. and Obama administrations, in particular.

Indeed, since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the U.S. economy has continued to be gripped by a net physical-economic decline in physical terms of productivity, per capita: some productivities have increased, but with a net decline for the economy as a whole. Since the close of the Presidency of William Clinton, the economy as a whole has been in a state of highly accelerated physical economic collapse, when matters are measured per capita, and per unit of net productivities of land area.

History Since Bismarck's Ouster

In effect, the entire span since the combined effect of the ouster of both Germany's Chancellor Bismarck and the subsequent assassination of President Carnot of France, has been a nightmare of accelerating intellectual decadence for the majority of the people of the United States and Europe, alike. Such has been the case, since the immediate aftermath of what has been dubbed "World War II." At the present rate, since about eight years from now, civilization in the trans-Atlantic sector will have fallen into a deep "new dark age," when I shall almost certainly have been deceased, and there will be little that remains of actually civilized life, given a continuation of the present trends accelerating downward now.

Thus, the intellectual decline and fall of the trans-Atlantic world's culture must be dated, pragmatically, with the British Empire's intervention to be brought about by the ouster of Chancellor Bismarck: as follows.

World history throughout the course of the Nineteenth Century, had been centered in the pulsations of the occasional rise and frequent failures of the Presidencies of the United States.

The defeat of the British Empire, by the actions taken by President Abraham Lincoln, had prompted the perennially vengeful "Evil-One," the British Empire, explicitly, to direct such cases as the assassination of President Lincoln, and, for the same motives, the later assassination of President William McKinley, all according to the same British-directed source. The same is true of the evil wrought by evil Presidents Theodore Roosevelt; Ku Klux Klan fanatic Woodrow Wilson; Calvin Coolidge; and, Herbert Hoover. Similarly, since the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, we have had the disastrous Presidencies of Harry S Truman; and, after President John F. Kennedy's assassination, the U.S.A.'s moral and economic culture has been plunged, in net effect, ever deeper into the present moral and economic morass. In fact, the assassinations of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, despite resistance against treason in the Ronald Reagan and William Clinton Presidencies as such, represent a present strategic situation tending toward the genocidal breach of the gates by the Horse of Troy: the Bush-Cheney and Obama Presidencies.

The History of Cultures, Not Regimes

The actual history of our human species, is defined, not by events and dynasties as such, but by historical processes spanning the order of virtually centuries of rises and falls which are comparable to those of the rise and fall of the Golden Renaissance and the colonization in the Americas, versus, the New Dark Ages of the following centuries. The commonly designated political, cultural, and other social events within history, are merely twitches and turns governed by far more powerful, and longer-reaching, good versus evil, trends.

The human individual sometimes exerts a sudden spurt of progress in the skein of history over the course of centuries; but, the determination of the outcome of these more or less global processes, lies with the exceptional cases of the human will, not with so-called "historical trends" which the sillier would-be historians cite in their babbled mere opinions.

For example:

Flatly: there has been no net physical-economical form of cultural progress in the United States since, generally, the 1970s and, similarly, since the early 1980s: none since the attempt to save civilization by the international forces allied in support of President Ronald Reagan's valiant defense of my prospect for a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Nonetheless, when I and others were mobilized for both the causes of thermonuclear fusion and the SDI, we had been the only real hope for the trans-Atlantic sector then.[5]

The only real hope for a better turnabout now, lies in two factors, chiefly. First, in the tragedy of the trans-Atlantic region: the conditions of life in 2014 are vastly worse than during the late 1980s; but, the pending threat of a British-Empire-led global thermonuclear war has given us a warning almost impossible to ignore. Mankind hovers presently, thus, at the very precipice of potential human, thermonuclear extinction: throughout the trans-Atlantic region, and much of Islam presently, this represents sheer, truly Satanic evil, with the British empire under the nominal reign of the Empress Elizabeth in the role of service to a Satanic (i.e., Roman or British imperial) model expression of a contemporary, truly Zeusian-bestial cause.

In brief, let it be said, the hopeful prospect for civilization, comes at virtually the last available moment. Those who deny that fact, are awful fools.

How the United States Itself Had Failed

For the needed answers to such questions, go back to the Golden Renaissance science of the time of the true saintly heroine against the Norman beasts, Jeanne d'Arc and that of a great king from that same century, the great King of France, Louis XI (King from 1461-83), who held off the greatest evils by outflanking them, during that time.

However, again: the crucial development, to be taken from what I have already emphasized here: the already referenced, true founders of modern physical science: (1) Filippo Brunelleschi (the minimum); (2) Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (the maximum); and, (3) Johannes Kepler (the unique discovery of the Solar system). All competent modern physical science is expressed most clearly by the model of those three initiators of all competent modern science.

Physical science's progresses were succeeded, since the discovery of the Solar system by Johannes Kepler, as a matter of extended progress, chiefly, by Gottfried Leibniz, and after his singular leadership in principle, most notably, those, since Leibniz, such as those turning toward the direction of Carl F. Gauss and his successor, Bernhard Riemann. Riemann was crucial in preparing the way for a new ontological minimalist, (1) Max Planck; (2) a new ontological maximalist, Albert Einstein; and, then, an echo of the role of a virtual Kepler in his own time, (3) V.I. Vernadsky, the actual discoverer of the actual principle of the physics of human life.[6]

However, what I have just stated in the preceding paragraph, had already depended upon an implicit recognition of the intrinsic error of reliance upon mere sense-perception as such, the intrinsically physical power expressed efficiently in the notion of human life per se. The relevant argument runs as follows.

The Contemporary Reductionist School

The contemporary reductionist school, treats the social and related phenomena of human behavior as combining sense-perception and experience of life-forms as such, as it were, into a single package of sense-perception, so composed as being a single experience of knowable reality, physical and allegedly spiritual-emotional, alike. Hence, A.I. Oparin's pathetically fraudulent efforts to define a principle for life.

In contrast to Oparin's nonsense, human reality lies not in a reductionist's sense-perception as such, but, instead, in a principle of life as such: a function of the human individual will's power to affect the universe which we inhabit: hence, a principle of action per se, a principle of human action on the universe which mankind inhabits. E.g., man on Earth, acting willfully to protect life on Earth from being obliterated by a satellite: a deed in God's world, not by the forces of mere Earth as such.

I. The Principle of the Human Mind

The most common fraud concerning the meaning of science, is met in a virtual lunatic's belief, that the actual ideas of the human mind are definable in terms of the experience of human sense-perception as such. This error was addressed in a relatively most notable scientific discovery made by Eratosthenes, who had corrected the earlier errors of presumption by Archimedes' and others measurement of the Earth.[7] Once mankind escapes the presumption, that Earthly sense-perception is a reality only within the larger scheme of our Solar system, and beyond, which we have entered, as the great Johannes Kepler had discovered the Solar system per se, into a reality beyond, and superior to mere human sense-perception as such: We are thus freed from mere sense-perception, to discover the higher realities for which Earthly sense-perception is merely a shadow, rather than an essential substance.

All competently physical science, must be now considered as intrinsically galactic, rather than merely terrestrial. Therefore, the notion of the scientific mind, must be located beyond the popular presumptions of mere human sense-perception, to be discovered, afresh, within the domains defined by both the very large and very smallest, as Bernhard Riemann had already threatened the silliness of the reductionists of his own time. Thus, as V.I. Vernadsky freed us, most considerably, from the British and like reductionists of mere sense-perceptional delusions, so, the shift from reductionist mechanism in the tradition of moral and intellectual degenerate, Euclid, and his like, places the reality referenced by the human mind's experience, as now, as with the work of Vernadsky, in a cosmic experience of the universe, within which we are inhabitants, and the other merely objects and domains, alike. There lies the rigorously defined distinction between mind and mere matter, as Kepler's unique discovery of the Solar system has implicitly indicated.

The crucial point for consideration, on that specific account, is the essential distinction of the principle of the human mind from the far more lowly human brain. To wit: the distinction of mind, from merely brain whose death terminates the life of each among us, as in a human social process of creative experiences passed down into the memories of the future populations of society; but, the principles discovered by the mind, remain within the customary memory of the life which had been formerly lived. The distinction of mind is most directly expressed in the proof of the discovery of universal physical principles, as distinct from mere sense-perceptions and mere deductions: the discovery of universal principles, such as, for example, Johannes Kepler's unique discovery of the Solar system. This means, in general, truly universal principles of knowledge which transcend objects as such, otherwise considered.

It has been to that purpose, that the notion of the human mind as such, pertains, as in contrast to all mere sense-perceptions.

This view from the vantage-point of a truly modern physical science for the present time, is one which I had come to adopt, initially, from my encounter with the work of Gottfried Leibniz, an adoption which I had later relocated in the unique discovery of the Solar system by Kepler, but, then, more deeply into the implicitly triadic coherence of the work of Filippo Brunelleschi (the discovery of the physical principle of the minimum), and, thence, the discovery of the maximum (Nicholas of Cusa), and the conjunction of the two in Kepler's discovery of the reconciliation, in his uniquely original, discovered notion of the Solar system. A comparable discovery was made later, as through the developments by Carl F. Gauss and his follower, Bernhard Riemann, leading into the discovery of a new "triadic" model: Max Planck (the new minimum); Albert Einstein (the new maximum), and the achievements of V.I. Vernadsky in the implicit development of the superior mental-biological principle of the human mind as such, the principle of human life per se.

The common feature of the triad of the Brunelleschi-Cusa-Kepler triad, and, of the Planck-Einstein-Vernadsky triad, alike, is that these each represent, respectively, a truly universal state of the expression of human mind, as such, rather than crude sense-perception as such. Or, in other words, approximations of a true science of the Solar system and beyond: approximations of ideas on such a basis, rather than the moral and sensory bestiality inherent in mere human sense-perception as such: the truly proper meaning of the human mind in the development of its proper maturity within the Solar system, and beyond.

All contrary views respecting human opinion respecting sense-perception and its implications, are more or less either bestial or simply pragmatic (or, worse: Zeus-like), such as the cases of the Roman Empire and its notable mimic, the British (e.g., Satanic world) Empire presently.

To state the case otherwise: it is necessary to follow the trail left by Johannes Kepler's process of the discovery of the ontological actuality of the Solar system, that far, and into spaces beyond, such as the galaxy and its subject, the Solar system, as mankind's necessary duty of discovery for practice of the meaning of the universe on and into the broader scale, and ever-deeper meaning, just, for example, as mankind has already entered, the presently indispensable scale of the thermonuclear and beyond, presently.[8]

The American Mind (and in other places) of the present, must adopt that perspective for our patriotism in practice. The practical man or woman is a silly fool, often with purpose, but, usually, without a competent sense for choice of direction. Merely abstracted notions of a Creator, must be superseded with duties required implicitly by the Creator as His reality is in the process of being discovered: by the application of thermonuclear fusion technologies, for example, presently.[9]

The Principle of the Human Species

The crucial consideration in matters bearing on the form of life, is the distinction of the human species, itself, from all lower forms of plant and animal life. The precise standard for this categorical choice of distinction, lies within the bounds of the human species itself. All truly natural law on the surface of this planet, and beyond, lies within the parameters of specifically, humanly upward progress of the effective energy-flux density achieved by a human culture's evolutionary progress toward well-defined orders of increases of energy-flux density per capita for the human individuality as such, exactly as the United States' greatest original political thinker, Alexander Hamilton, defined the uniquely underlying principles of human economy, as in, for example, the four physical-economic principles of national economy: Report on Public Credit,[10] Report on A National Bank,[11] Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank,[12] and Report on the Subject of Manufactures.[13] Each stage of production and circulation of produced product was reported in sequence of accomplishment in terms of production and trade; the correlated realization of values of circulated product were treated accordingly: according to historical sequences and relative performance as to quality and effect of circulation of accomplished intended improvements.

The specifically scientific meaning of Hamilton's approach, as in the four reports taken into account, was intended to reflect the intended and actual net increase of the physically manifest relative productive powers of human labor. This scheme for accounting, as by Hamilton, corresponds, relatively more or less, to a table of energy-flux densities for the productive powers of accomplished labor, per capita, along the course of the relative physical-productive powers of labor of the human population taken in the order of occurrence: a measure of the rise or decline of the productive powers of labor for entire societies, and for the estimation of the efficient effect of the social-productive standards for human productivity as a species.

In other words, the "Greenies" of the United States today, are increasingly worthless when measured in terms of the mean value of their net productivity and existence for society generally. This presents us, here, with cause for recognition of the moral and physical decline of the net powers of labor in the United States since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy. This trend, since that time, corresponds, as a trend, to the appropriate meaning for sense of direction, up or down, in fluctuations for the productive powers of relative compositions of the ebbs or flows of such productive powers, per capita and by composition of the labor-force estimated for its net physical productivity of per-capita advances in intellectual and related capabilities, such as increases of the energy-flux density of scientific progress.

In summary of this particular point: there has been a moral and intellectual decline of the U.S. labor-force since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and a general erosion in the productive and mental powers of labor in the general U.S. population. This downward trend, since the assassination of the two Kennedy brothers, has been reflected in the history of the Twentieth Century of Europe and the United States since the decline and warfare in Europe and elsewhere since the ouster of Chancellor Bismarck in Germany, as that trend was emphasized in a signal way by the 1890s warfare spreading in Europe since Bismarck's ouster, which was in a general state of continued increase up to and following the official outbreak of World Wars I and II, and an accelerated decline in the trans-Atlantic region since the launching of the foolish U.S.A. war in Indo-China following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

This pattern of U.S.A. moral and scientific decline into the state of the present U.S. economic breakdown-crisis of the successive Bush and Obama Presidencies, which had occurred since the close of the U.S. William Clinton Administration, and, most emphatically, the termination of the Glass-Steagall law, is now being expressed in the form of a general genocidalists' trend within the intellectual and physical life of the U.S. population, as in respect to per capita physical productivity, decline of morals, and of sanity.

There has been nothing surprising in these trends of decline in Europe and the Americas since the several downturns in relatively positive productivity since the close of World War II, and the actual collapse of productivity; these have each come about with a certain finality, since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

In effect, what this evidence of trends demonstrates, presents us with a general, presently accelerating physical-economic decline of the viability of the human species, per capita, generally, but most emphatically in the trans-Atlantic regions.

In effect, what has happened to produce such patterns, has been the effect of an induced decline in the standard of physical-economic life and productivity in the United States and Europe (most emphatically), since the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, but, also the deeper decline of European civilization.

This decline has reflected the effects of the systemic corruption of the United States since the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and the earlier follies of all U.S. Presidential terms in office, since President George Washington's and Alexander Hamilton's shared incumbencies, until the advent of the Presidencies of James Monroe and of John Quincy Adams. The fraudulent election of Andrew Jackson and his Wall Street swindler Martin Van Buren, and virtually every non-assassinated U.S. President, after then, until the British-assassinated President Abraham Lincoln, had been followed by set-backs to some more promising elected Presidents (occasionally assassinated) until the assassinated President William McKinley replaced by (a Confederacy-trained agent and British admirer) Theodore Roosevelt, and, with two exceptions (one assassinated in office) from McKinley's assassination to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Truman was a Wall Street, British-loving louse. From there on, the best we had were the often harassed victim of an intended assassination, President Ronald Reagan, and, later, William Clinton: the remainder have been either political trash, or even worse.

In short, the British war of repeatedly attempted re-colonization of our United States has never actually ceased. What we have lacked, chiefly, is Presidents who were not virtually (or, actually) stooges for the British Empire and Wall Street, in large degree, for one sort of mental or moral deficiency or another, with all too few meeting the properly mandatory standard for Head of State or members of the U.S. Congress. If you, for example, wish to really know who is betraying you, that includes a substantial number of cases in which prudence might prompt you to consider: who did you put into the Presidency or the Congress on your own latest occasion. The fact that you knew no better, is a very shabby, and very foolish excuse.

II. The Twentieth Century Follies

Once elected, when other governmental officialdoms are taken into account, the education system comes next, as the worst offender against the tender minds of students and most constituents. Increasingly, the contemporary educational systems of the United States, have often echoed Europe in their corruption of the minds and morals of our students, and university graduates alike.

Take the case, for example, of the teaching of the inherently fraudulent Euclidean geometry as a largely dominant standard for secondary education, and, more generally, the standard of teaching-down to students in classrooms, as done in competitions for grading, rather than actually for thinking. There, in such schools, history, as taught, is, chiefly, more and more a farce, all of which tends more to shackle young minds by "behavioral methods," rather than promote the stimulated generation of actual knowledge. Thus, public and university education in public schools and universities, is often a moral obscenity in practice, with relatively rare exceptions, and which is, presently, becoming worse all of the time, that with increasingly outright scientific lying, as under the "evilly green" pollution of the minds of our population and, also, in terms of currently prevalent legal standards generally.

In its more far-reaching implications, this disgusting trend, had taken on a more outrightly evil twist both in general and in physical science, beginning the very opening of the Twentieth Century by the fool of the year in Paris, the pretentious fool who was then teaching arithmetic in Paris, Professor David Hilbert. That silly Hilbert was soon followed with a certain Satanic fanaticism, by the virtual Satan of the Twentieth Century in the large, Bertrand Russell. Between the two, together with their numerous sycophants of radically reductionist, pseudo-science of that same century and beyond, real science has been driven increasingly out of currency in our universities, and most notably, during the course of the Twentieth Century, and beyond, up through the present date.

The latter change for the worse, came from practice of an actual science driven toward inherent silliness, and, worse, of mere mathematics. By the beginning of the 1960s, the practice of actual science had already tended to be obliterated, that with a combination of the inherent idiocy of mere mathematics, and, more and more, a medley of the virtually and explicitly Satanic, all, increasingly, through the substitution of mathematics for physical science.

The practical difference between mere mathematics and actual physical science, is, that between mere numbers (as in the mere arithmetic of the new dogma of Hilbert, Bertrand Russell, and their followers), in opposition to all of what had been, earlier, modern, actually physical-science drivers, such as those including the span of time from the Golden Renaissance, through to such as Carl F. Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein, among others notable of those times, in particular, who were being suppressed. Thence, today, as in the United States' institutions and most of Europe today, the standard has become the merely-mathematical methods of description, for and by mere numbers.

There are, notably, important actual scientists, still living on the record presently; but, the currently practiced side of merely so-called "science" has been dominated, increasingly, with respect to the increasingly flagrant imbecility of the use of mere numbers, a cult worshipped on Wall Street, in particular. That imbecility is being treated, more and more, as statistical trends have shown: as a substitute for a more and more banished actually physical science (and, similarly, typical human behavior, generally, all that done in the place of actually physical-scientific principles). That degeneration is the key to the intrinsic, net decline, and even the increasing spread of virtual insanity, of the U.S. physical economy and educational systems, as since the aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the similar assassination of his brother Robert.

The source of that moral and spiritual decline of populations in many parts of the world, is, what is properly to be identified, as the Satanic Principle: the tradition of the ancient Zeus, and the legacies of such actually satanic practices of the Roman and currently British empires.

The Satanic Factor

For the sake of modern times, it is to be said that the mental disorder which I have, in a certain way, lambasted, immediately above, is usefully compared to the early errors of the government of the United States' decline from its victory in the war for U.S. independence, into the Twentieth Century's decline into the lower level of a plunge into the substitution of mere symbols for science, mere numbers, rather than the physical-science tradition, as, for example, mere money, rather than actually principled human physical achievement. The virtue actually intrinsic to mankind, lies in the physically revolutionary advances in the human condition which the peculiar noëtic powers of the uniquely individual human design proffer as a unique talent employed for the improvement of society, a design which should be assigned to work for the purpose of the advancement of the power expressed for the human cause and its mission.

To illustrate that point, I have employed, as in an earlier report, reference to two sets of cases of the advancement of modern science, beginning with the achievements of the modern renaissance's trio of Filippo Brunelleschi, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, and Johannes Kepler. I have also presented a parallel case, the later revolution expressed by the combined efforts of Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and V.I. Vernadsky. Between those two sets of cases, I have emphasized the genius of Gottfried Leibniz, Carl. F. Gauss, and Bernard Riemann, as typical of the activity linking modern scientific progress to such as the Renaissance's geniuses and that of the fruits of the work of such signal creative scientists as Planck, Einstein, and Vernadsky's development of the science of life per se.

Those sets are to be associated when properly defined as principles, including the principle of human life as such, which exists only "outside" the realm of deduction as such. The meaning of the categories which I have chosen to illustrate this point, is that they represent truly universal principles of the known universe, rather than being merely quantifiable measures of experienced sense-perception per se.

These true notions of a knowable physical science, reside, actually, beyond mere human sense-perception as such, a difference in quality which partakes of the meaning of life per se, most notably, human life rather than matters of mere sense-perception as such.

To illustrate the relevant points of distinction, take the case of the discovery of the measurement of Earth by Eratosthenes, which Archimedes had failed to comprehend earlier.[14]

The particular significance of the point from history, is that what Eratosthenes accomplished in the measurement of Earth from the observation of the Sun, was a pathway of escape from the mere reductionist's prison of merely human sense-perceptual powers as such. The general principle was clearly established by the combined efforts of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and Kepler; it was Kepler's unique solution, in his discovery of the actual principle of the Solar system, which established modern physical science, that done by freeing mankind, truly, from the prison of mere, blinded faith in sense-perception: That discovery of the identity of the existing Solar system as an ontological actuality, which freed the modern mind, explicitly, ontologically, from the prisons of mere sense-perception. Thus, the combination of the achievements of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and Kepler, established the actuality of a basis for modern physical science. It was precisely that achievement, which the modern worshippers of Zeus had worked to deny and destroy by the effort to replace physical science with the contemporary sheer lunacy of a tyranny of merely mathematics, as by such means as the Satanic follies of Hilbert and the actualized Twentieth Century, truly modern Satan, incarnate, Bertrand Russell.

God & Mankind: The True Principle of Fire!

All beasts fear fire, but with little reason, but only fear; only the true human mind conquers such a fear, by mastering the use, and efficient control over fire. Man is, indeed, the only fire-bringer, in his own true nature: the universal principle of the human species' true nature, as contrasted to the mere worshippers of Zeus, and other beasts, such as Satan. The universal principle of "energy-flux density," and the universal power of the articulated Will which it expresses: energy-flux density: man as the fire-bringer.

The truly bestial creatures are worshippers of the likenesses of the truly Satanic Zeus, such as the late Bertrand Russell and those who are still his admirers. The only truly moral human beings are what are fairly identified as the Prometheans, who are disposed to create more than they have consumed, as measured in the increase of the power of mankind, per capita, for the benefit of a future society.

As I have emphasized, repeatedly, the still merely popular explanation for the meaning of human life, is an intrinsically depraved one: the notion that success is essentially the possession carried into mouldering in the grave. The truth is, that the increase must come from those gains in the power of mankind's productive powers which are expressed in the increase of the power of the human species (human reason) to exist in the universe, and are thus to produce the seeds of a greater future harvested by the soul of the deceased. The natural increase, for humanity itself, is expressed in the terms of the advancement of mankind's creative increase of the productive powers of human labor, each over the course of, implicitly, successive generations.

President Obama as a True Emblem of Evil

The characteristic emblem of human qualities in the work of mankind, has always been the notion of a fiery quality of perpetual progress of the particular society, but, better, humanity in its entirety.

This notion of progress, when properly considered, is the enemy of those virtual Satans, which reign as a Zeus, a Roman Empire, or a British one presently. Against those virtually mortal Satans, the time had come when a new era of mankind, had sprung from the ashes of a martyred Jeanne D'Arc, in the concurring launching of what was to become known as "The Golden Renaissance," a Renaissance of such as Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, and Johannes Kepler, which was destined to give birth to a resurrection of the human intention which was to become known as the trans-Atlantic revival of a truly human civilization across the Atlantic, where the seeds of Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, and their heir, Johannes Kepler, were planted for the harvest there. Theirs had been a harvest planted to the purpose of eradicating the intrinsic, truly Zeusian evil of ancient empires of slavery and the like, as in Eurasia, Africa, and beyond.

Thus, in fact, the birth of the U.S.A. as a new republic, had been the signal of this new and higher intention which had been born in the Golden Renaissance. Yet, even in the Americas, the hooves and claws of European and like oligarchical traditions, soon crossed the waters to attack our United States, and infected our nation, so, most foully, as from the Island of Manhattan, among other places, infecting us, so, with the same old diseases which had infected the British Empire created to be a rebirth of the old Roman evil, and a renewal of the origins of that evil cast in the model of the old Satanic Zeus.

So, accordingly, the evil Zeus and his tradition lived, stubbornly, on, to the point that Satan himself often seemed ever triumphant. With the advent of President Barack Obama, Satan and his own self-infected evil threatened to be the last note to ring over the concluding corpses over a barren global field of some rotting corpses of some new Hamlet's own brutish, imperial Armageddon.[15]

The truth of the matter, has been that mankind is properly Promethean in our true nature as a living species. Each among us will die, that sooner or later; but, the intention of the actually intended design is that we must each create the harvest from our coming and going. Like even the crudest form of the seeds of future harvest of the corn, we must each be obliged to reappear in a fresh surrogate's form as richer and better than that which preceded the better which we shall have done. There's the immorality for our species!

This is no mere guess, no mere supposition. So, mankind has risen from its past, to achieve powers within the Solar system ever higher than before; our comprehension of what we call " Our Heavens" presently envelopes the actuality of places within our Solar system which we have never actually reached, but which we must become determined that we shall reach. It is that expression of a vision of the never known future before, which is the substance of our existence as a species within the universe. We may name it as ever-increasing energy-flux-density of human achievement, a pilgrimage, or mission, if you please.

This is no mere fantasy: it is the apprehension of the superiority of the future of the proper choice of the future, in authority, over the past. We are, what we, in fact, either apprehend as our future's mission; or, if we are stupid, or corrupted, we never see, nor achieve what had been forgotten, in our rotted graves.

This is no mere speculation. The characteristic which distinguishes the human failure from the achievement of a future meaning for one's life, is presently planned in a pre-experienced evidence of the future, in the future of the uniqueness of human evolutionary progress in making what is precisely the actually necessary future, either in our own lives, or, at the least, in the foresight which is a fruit of what we have designed to make come true. The already dead men and women were those who had failed to comprehend an efficient apprehension of a living future dwelling among generations to come.

I, for one, live in such an actual apprehension of our present future. Everything notable which I have accomplished in life, has always come into being through my foreknowledge of the future to be made real. All the failures which I have actually known, or merely known implicitly, have been human failures in their lives, on that specific account, alone.

The proper name for this optimism, is the principle of the future. Life exists only in its own future. I explain, as follows.

The Living Fire of Human Progress

The essential quality which distinguishes human successes from failures, is located, uniquely, in our accomplishments of what we had only dreamed before. Not merely, what we have imagined could be, but by locating in oneself the willfully brought into being for a good cause to occur during the foreseen course of the future before us: a sort of motto for my life ever since some most faintly remembered thought-experience from the past, perhaps somewhere from deep into my childhood, for example (it sometimes just seems to "pop up" in exactly that way from deep in my memories of a now distant past).

The notion of an apprehension of a truth yet to be discovered, is the essence of all true human achievement. We should recognize the ironic significance of mankind's notion of "fire." It is often quite literally so.

Mankind is the only form of life known to us, which practices the use of fire as the essential root of the species' achievements. The name for such "fire" is often, properly, called "chemistry." Mankind's power to continue to exist, as a species, depends upon precisely that achievement, as Eratosthenes' discovery of the measure of Earth, from study of the Sun, neatly makes the point. Mankind can not prosper as a species, without the increasing power of the chemistry to which we give the alternate name of "fire" as such. It is essential, however, to foresee, rather than merely recognize. The human being who lacks insight into his or her own foreseen future, is scarcely human at all; and, there is the common tragedy which we must all, seek, most zealously, to prevent, lest we be something like mere beasts in life, ourselves, lest we have nothing as much as merely pain, in the end of it all.

[1] In brief: "John Smith's law: to eat, you must, first, work, or, some generous person (or, scapegoat) must do it for you; otherwise, you shall, in the end, all starve."

[2] By aid of such miscreants as the Salem "witchcraft trial" abominations.

[3] I.e., since the Florentine Renaissance.

[4] Animal species, when cultivated by actively human influence, as distinct from the "wild," can be induced ("trained") by persons to approximate human, or human-like behavior; but, beasts lack access to knowledge of the actual future which they have not been trained to perform. In other words, they can not know the actual principles pertaining in an uniquely specific way, to a future quality of experience.

[5] Originally, I had been the author of the original Strategic Defense Initiative; that done in the context of my collaborations with not only leading institutions of the United States, but also Italy, France, Germany, the Soviet Union, and others. I, for example, had personally opened the (temporarily) settled collaboration with the Soviet Union on this prospect, that done in cooperation with the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. President Ronald Reagan, with whose official circles I had dealt with these matters, was a leading sponsor of the project. A change in regime within the Soviet system, thus led into the collapse of the Soviet Union, as I had warned, publicly, about five yours later, a collapse resulting, within the five years later which I had forecast, from the errant policies of the Soviet Union.

[6] The enemy of V.I. Vernadsky, is therefore to be recognized as having been echoed in the person of a pseudo-scientist from the radically reductionist school of the Satanically evil Bertrand Russell: i.e., the Soviet reductionist of pseudo-life, A.I. Oparin.

[7] The sundry shifts, back and forth. from the respectively contrary standpoints of Prometheus and Zeus, had been aggravated by the implicitly pro-Zeusian standpoint of conventional Roman and modern British imperialist expression of the Zeusian cult. The case of Eratosthenes and Archimedes, as relatively contemporary, is, therefore, a convenient "landing-area," betwixt the minimum and the maximum, where, in between, there is a reality which, in this matter, is neither; it is the universal, the Creator's domain.

[8] For example: the present portent of the accumulations of Helium's potential for us on the surface of the Moon presently. Mankind's power within the Solar system and beyond that, corresponds to the development of the progressive power of the human mind in terms of ever-broader, and ever-deeper meaning of the universe as it becomes known to us. The bounds of sense-perception are thus breached for a belief in eternity, rather than the foolishness of mere sense-certainty.

[9] During the recent years, the watersheds west of the U.S.A.'s Mississippi River, have undergone a level of collapse in rainfalls which is already disastrous, and threatens a virtual exit of the U.S. economy and population from the relevant, large and wide areas of the United States. The situation is already such, that without a combined resuscitation of full-scale nuclear power and high-priority re-establishment of major nuclear power facilities, there is no significant hope for a recovery of the United States in the major portion of its present territory.

[10] January 9, 1790.

[11] Dec. 13, 1790.

[12] February 23, 1791.

[13] Dec. 5, 1791.

[14] Although Archimedes had later shared the benefits of Eratosthenes' principle for other measurements.

[15] "Take up the bodies—Such a sight as this, Becomes the field. but there shows much amiss. Go bid the soldiers shoot." Hamlet (William Shakespeare).

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