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This transcript appears in the August 15, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Dispel the Nightmares—Join
China in Developing the Moon

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Aug. 9—Following a broad exposition by EIR's Dennis Small of the latest strategic developments, in which the British Empire's drive for war is rapidly leading toward thermonuclear confrontation, Lyndon LaRouche made the following remarks, at the Aug. 8 LaRouche PAC Webcast:

Well, now you've heard all the nightmares, let me tell you they don't exist; they're only nightmares. They have no reality to them whatsoever.

See, the problem here is, people are so sucked into believing what they're told, that they don't know what is going on in their own minds. What you're faced with, in effect, is a doom of the United States in its present economic form. You're threatened with threats to the existence of the European economies, again similarly.

Now, why do people believe these threats? Why do they believe these silly stories? Because they don't know any better. Because they don't know how the Solar System works. They're talking about itty-bitty things in itty-bitty corners in itty-bitty this and that. They're saying this is the system. It is not! Obama's a fool; he's the worst of all possible fools. He's doomed. He's not going to win anything; don't believe that.

Now, how do you understand all this? Well, the first thing is, you've got to know where you're living. You're living in the Solar System. The Solar System of relevance is what? It's the Moon; it's the Moon! The power is that of the Moon. The economic power of the planet Earth is of the Moon.

So what are you worried about? Yes, there are tactical questions you have to consider, but when you get worried that this crap that you've been dosed with is somehow reality that you have to fear, it's the fear itself that destroys you. Because you believe in that fear.

What's the basis for the existence of mankind as a human species within the Solar System? What is the basis for the existence of the Moon? What is the importance of the Moon?

Well, the Moon is the source of all the original powers which define the viability of the Solar System. It depends upon the Moon, and intelligent people depend upon understanding that. So, this piece of idiocy of this belief that this kind of thing [the British war drive] is going to work—it works only if you're stupid enough to believe in it.

What do you think is the most powerful force within the Solar System? It's the Moon, buddy! It's the power which reposes in the Moon; that is the thing.

China Defines the Challenge

For example, what mankind is going to have to do is simply go out there and do what the Chinese are doing. Now China is doing the job. We in the United States are not doing the job, but we are people who understand what China is doing. We understand what India is threatening to do; we understand other things of that nature. And therefore we say: All right, we are not the number one people. We in the United States did not make the discovery of the solution to the Moon problem; we didn't do that. But, what happened is, our friends, our neighbors, did. They have defined what the challenge of the Moon is.

For example, you want power. You want electric power; you want all kinds of power. Where are you going to get it? Well, you're going to go out to the Moon. You're going to tie yourself to the fact that our Moon is a factor which we can rely upon if we act intelligently. If we act upon those factors, those factors will work for mankind.

Now, we are not the best at it.... China is the leader of the world. Why? Because they took on the question of the Moon and how we can use the Moon. What are we dealing with? We're dealing with all these specific powers; we're looking at new kinds of power, which were never used before.

We know that we can dump this whole piece of crap, simply by pulling our heads together, and doing what we know we should do. So, all these fears—forget them! It is the fears themselves that are the threat! It is the belief in the fears, that is the threat.

Obama? You think Obama impresses me at all? Do you think Obama ever impressed me with anything? What was I calling him from the beginning from the first time I saw this piece of crap running loose in our country?

Why are we intimidated by Obama? Yes, well, a lot of Americans are intimidated by Obama. Why? Because they're dumb. They're dumb Americans! Well, we don't curse them as "dumb Americans," we just try to put it the other way around: We say, "Well, you don't have to be a dumb American. All you have to do is learn some high-technology processes, and you, too, can be a genius—maybe, maybe." But, that's where we are.

So, the basic problem, which we face right now at this point, is that.

Forget Your Fears

But, the point is, the idiots, the street idiot, the ignorant person, who never learned anything, who never learned any lessons, they all say, you have to fear this; you have to fear that. Yes, we can get shot. Many people like me have gotten shot before. But, that's not the point. The point is, the power to deal with the challenge of the Solar System, especially the Moon system as such, lies within the means of mankind.

China has been a leader, already, in its first venture, in defining the great power of the Solar System. We can tap that, and we must.

The problem here is the farce of believing in what people are told, because they say you have to fear. And I say you don't have to fear. Yes, you can get killed, but getting killed is not a good reason for fearing. The point is, if you can not stand up and reject frauds like this, if you give in to those frauds, you are your own worst enemy!

And those of us standing here, do not believe in that. We know that the greatest power in the Solar System, accessible to us, now, the greatest power available to mankind in the Solar System, now, is what? It's the Moon. It's the helium-3 on the Moon. That's the greatest power.

Now, what if we should decide to take this great power, which is there, the Moon power—it's more powerful than anything on Earth. The Moon is more powerful than anything on Earth! And, China's working with the Moon! What are these idiots working with? What's their story?

When I think about my old friends in Russia—yes, they are my old friends in Russia—I don't always agree with them; I didn't always agree with them—but when I look at this pack of fools in Western Europe, what I see coming out in Western Europe, I say these guys are geniuses, compared to that bunch of fools. The problem with our European friends is the fact that they're fools. They want to believe in submission to the British Empire. You know, I hate the British Empire. I despise the British Empire. It's one of my favorite pastimes.

That's what the issue is! The issue is to understand the fact that the power to develop mankind's power on Earth, depends upon mankind's devotion and power to utilize the power immediately above, in the Moon. This is the answer.

So, don't worry about all these foolish people. They are dangerous because you believe in them. If you didn't believe in them, they wouldn't be dangerous.

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