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This transcript appears in the May 2, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Restore the American Principle:
Fusion Power for NAWAPA XXI

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Lyndon LaRouche gave this weekly webcast address on April 25, 2014 ( LaRouche PAC's Matthew Ogden hosted, joined by Dennis Mason.

Matthew Ogden: Good evening.... I'm just going to begin with our institutional question, and let you answer it as you may. It reads as follows:

"Mr. LaRouche, today it has been reported that European Union officials are preparing a stress test of European banks, designed to subject them to the toughest simulated recession that they have ever faced in such a stress test. This so-called 'adverse scenario' is premised on an assumption that the European Union's economy undershoots official EU growth forecasts by a far greater margin than in similar stress tests that were run in 2010 and 2011. Those previous tests have been widely criticized for failing to uncover the underlying weaknesses of several banks that later ended up failing.

"This time around, the so-called 'adverse scenario' is predicated on estimated economic output that falls below the European Commission's official growth forecasts by 2.2 percentage points in 2014, 3.4 points in 2015, and 1.4 points in 2016. One of the requirements to pass this test is that banks must be able to maintain a capital pass mark of 5.5% of risk-weighted assets.

"This stress test is being run on 128 different banks, including Deutsche Bank, which was featured in a front-page article in yesterday's Financial Times, which asked: 'Will Deutsche Bank be the next Lehmann Brothers?'

"With the ECB preparing to assume full oversight over all European banks this coming November, the overarching concern among European officials is to prevent a repeat of the financial crisis which threatened to splinter the currency bloc apart in recent years.

"In this context, our question for you, is how do you see the state of European banks at this time? Thank you."

Lyndon LaRouche: Well, the Russian banks are probably in the relatively best position, actually, because Russia has actually taken provisions to insulate itself significantly against the susceptibilities coming in from Western Europe.

Probably, in this whole area, there's a big coverup in general, but there are also certain general things we know are true. First of all, Europe is going bankrupt at an accelerating rate, and the bail-in process is going forward. So, whatever they're going to do, they're going to try to manipulate the story. They're not looking for truth under any condition. They don't care what the truth is; it's what they're going to try to sell people to believe in, which is going to be the matter.

So, there is an inherent accelerated rate of crisis throughout the trans-Atlantic region. In other words, that includes the United States as well as Europe, especially western Europe. So therefore, what we do know is, that there is a crisis point coming up fast, and what happened is the defeat of the British, but especially President Obama has taken a great defeat. All the strategic assumptions made about "handling Russia" are defeated, and Russia will now take actions again: They will take prudent actions, or what might be considered prudent actions; they will not trigger something unnecessarily. But there's a limit to what they can put up with.

Now, the most recent thing is, we have a crisis inside the Presidency, because the Secretary of State and the President are speaking with different voices—at least what's being said publicly. So, I would say that what's happening right now, is the big coverup is in process.

What we get on the Russian side, and the Russian precautions which are occurring: Remember, this is not a good situation for Russia; that's not the point, not some "who's succeeding." Russia is, however, in a better position to defend itself, than any part of western continental Europe. And the British system is not secure either. The New York City system is not safe either.

So again, we're on the tightening belt, shall we say. Things are getting worse all the time. Some people are doing less bad than other people, and I think at this point, the silence that's coming from these circles is, they themselves either don't know what's happening, or they don't want to tell anybody what's happening.

The Ukraine Crisis

Ogden: Let me give a little bit of context of the situation in both Ukraine, and also Obama's trip to Asia. He is currently in Asia as we speak. Earlier today—people may have heard this—the [Assistant Secretary of State] Victoria Nuland-installed Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, accused Russia of wanting to start World War III. I think he got it backwards, because meanwhile, it's the Obama Administration which is continuing to escalate the confrontation in Ukraine, as well as now heating up the situation with China, and who is actually to blame for intending to start World War III.

With Vice President Biden visiting Ukraine, and Obama now in Asia, the reality of what you've been warning about, with the British Empire's encirclement policy of all of Eurasia—not one nation or another—is now undeniable. Ukraine's fascist-dominated government, with the encouragement of Washington, of Obama, is continuing to escalate the violence in eastern Ukraine, breaking the Geneva agreements of last week, attacking checkpoints, attacking unarmed Ukrainians, killing several people over the course of this week, while the Right Sector, the Banderists, have announced that they are relocating their headquarters to eastern Ukraine, so they can be closer to the action.

Dmytro Yarosh, the fascist leader of Right Sector, issued an explicit statement yesterday, declaring that Right Sector coordinates all of their actions with the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ukrainian Security Service, confirming that the paramilitary fascist militias are being directly deployed top-down from the coup-installed government in Kiev.

And yesterday, in an interview with RT, Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of Russia, stated that Russia is reserving its right to respond, in the event that its legitimate interests are attacked directly—as they did in South Ossetia.

Now, meanwhile, Obama is in Asia, escalating his threats against China, explicitly. He delivered a press conference in Tokyo yesterday, with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and declared that the United States would invoke the U.S.-Japanese Mutual Defense Treaty in the event of a conflict between China and Japan over the disputed islands in the East China Sea [Diaoyu (China)/Senkaku (Japan)]. And this is a significant change from previous U.S. policy, which had been to stay out of the territorial dispute, and to offer American mediation to avoid conflict.

Now, Lyn, yesterday you put out a statement calling for Congress to immediately launch impeachment proceedings against Obama, and you said that these latest provocations should make it clear that Obama must be impeached immediately, that he's bringing the world closer to thermonuclear war, and that Russian President Putin has got this figured out—he's got Obama figured out—but that somebody in Washington had better get onto this, and get Obama out of office, before we have a war.

You also gave an interview this week with Iran's Press TV, and you stated that Putin's refusal to concede, and the relatively stronger position that Putin is holding, is now causing Obama to face serious credibility problems; and that his position inside the Presidency, inside the U.S. government, is very delicate, and by no means secure; that the crisis is, that with Obama being used up, the British Empire now is forced to come into this in an even more explicit way, to push the situation to the next step, to thermonuclear war, and that the British Empire would be perfectly willing to unleash this sort of warfare, since their stated policy is to reduce the population from 7 billion to less than 1. So, I'd like you to say more on this.

Russia Will Take Protective Measures

LaRouche: Well, the big question here goes with the United States. Obviously, the relevant military institutions of the United States are not going to condone the President's going to general warfare. That is not going to happen. And that is the key point at which Obama gets impeached. He's already highly impeachable, and these conditions on the Florida report [regarding Saudi involvement in 9/11—see below] also puts him in the scope of being impeached, because if he doesn't respond to this, that's another impeachable offense, and you're going to find the Democratic Party leadership is going to come in again on this issue. And so the 9/11 issue is about to break out, one way or the other. So, that's key here.

The other part is that, first of all, Russia has a capability which, in terms of the continent of Europe, is unmatchable. So, Russia will not take aggressive actions, but it will not tolerate what Mrs. Nuland is pushing—that fascist lady who's now put herself, in terms of a function, with the Ukrainian fascists; she's a fascist, and they're fascists. So, this is not a very good thing, and the best thing would be that somebody would go out and take these fascists and tell them to quit. Get their swastikas, and get out of the area, right? We don't want 'em around!

Russia will also take protective measures which will not help Europe at all. Russia has a very strong position in terms of its central security, economic security. And therefore, if somebody tries to blackmail them by a European operation, it'll be Europe that will go down, because the European system is much more fragile than the Russian economy.

So, you're dealing now in the realm of: Predictability is lessened by the fact that the people you have to consider are increasingly insane, and insane people are not very predictable, because they have no direction they're going in.

Look, this is intrinsic in the whole process. Remember, going back to the year 1900, when the change from science to mathematics occurred as a trend set forth in France, set forth in Britain. And this thing has been the trend. People no longer are competent. People who are in official positions in scientific work in the United States—and important ones—generally are not allowed to be functional. Therefore, you have mathematicians, who are using mathematical theories which have no relevance whatsoever to physical principles. That's the point.

In other words, we have thermonuclear fusion capabilities in the United States. That is, they're on the charts, so to speak; they're not being pushed. These capabilities could lead, within 15 years or so, 15 to 20 years, to a great breakthrough in the United States, in terms of economy. They're not so easy to start right now; there are things that we can do.

But the general picture is the trans-Atlantic area is in a desperate situation. It's ready to collapse. A chain-reaction collapse could be triggered at any time now. There's no time you will say, "Forecast the future." You're already in the future. You're in the collapse period, and you don't know which part of the collapse period you're exactly in, because the facts are not always given too well.

So, we're in a situation where Russia is going to be strengthened relatively speaking, by the very fact of the follies of what Obama has done in his foolishness, and this playing around with Nuland. And you see the difference between him and his Secretary of State. The Secretary of State made an agreement; Obama turned around and denied it.

So, you've got a real crisis, and coming up today, the 25th. The 25th is now a crisis time. I'm sure that everybody around the world who's watching, is going to be watching over this weekend, from today through Tuesday.

On the Verge of a Bail-In Crash

Ogden: Mr. LaRouche is referring to an injunction that was issued to the Florida FBI office, that they now have to release 36,000 pages of documents involved in the background to what really happened in Florida leading up to 9/11, which have heretofore been covered up.

Now, let me ask the next question, which comes from one of our viewers. This is a question from Tatyana Potarina, who is from Crimea, and she sent this question in to the website today.

"Hello, Mr. LaRouche. My name is Tatyana, and I am from Crimea. I now live in Los Angeles. Thank you for telling the truth to the American people. As I can see, the majority of newspapers and TV channels are telling lies, not only regarding the situation in Ukraine and Russia, but also Syria as well. The Wall Street Journal is the major provider of fake news. Also, I think it is unacceptable how the United States government treats Russia. And the fact that the United States government and the EU are so much involved in ruling Ukraine, and supporting the illegal junta government, and Nazis, is also unacceptable. So, I have a few questions for you.

"Number one: As you offer to impeach your President, who do you think would be the best candidate to replace Obama? I hope you have one, because it may bring to power an even worse person. And do you think that changing the President would change the whole system and the real masters?

"Number two: What is your plan for bringing the United States back to prosperity?

"Number three: What do you think the southeast of Ukraine must do to get what they demand?

"Number four: I can deliver your message to my people, if you have anything to say to them."

And then she also asks what can she do to be involved and be activated in the location where she is presently.

LaRouche: Okay, well we have to look at the situation. I'm not too concerned about the Russian problem now. I think that what Russia is doing under Putin's direction, and with his associates, who are playing a leading part in this, is that Russia has shown a strength, a will and capability, which was greatly underestimated by some wishful thinkers in the United States and Western Europe. One has to realize what Russia is, and Russia's territory and history, and you have to think of the duration of that.

You also have to think that Russia is a key ally of China, and that India is involved in this business, too. The Japanese games against the islands, the fishing islands, is Japanese insanity, which some people in Tokyo, in a certain political faction, push. And the United States is pushing Japan to support those actions.

So in one sense, calculations are clear.

You also have a lack of the ability to calculate. The present world monetary-financial system, especially in the trans-Atlantic region, is not capable of surviving. That presently includes the United States itself. The United States, at present, is crashing. Now, this crash has been brought on willfully, chiefly by the British Empire, but also by our political parties. The political parties themselves have brought this on.

Since the end of the last century, when we increasingly cancelled science, and replaced it by mathematics, we have not had functioning scientists in key policy-shaping positions. We do not have corporations, major corporations, that are competent in terms of producing things. We don't have it. It's been shut down. The green has taken over; and the green has turned brown.

We are now on the verge of a bail-in crash. All of Europe, western Europe, is in a bail-in crash. It's a question of just what moment it will happen, because when it starts, it'll go. We're on the edge of a bail-in crash. Under bail-in crash conditions, almost anything can happen, because panic is possible—all kinds of desperation moves are possible. So those are the conditions we live in.

A Fresh Start for the American System

The way I look at it, is from the positive things. I would partly key on China and Russia. These are absolutely key. Germany is playing a good role in large part as well, an exceptionally good role in terms of Western Europe. But all our hopes depend upon the Eurasian side of the operation, not the trans-Atlantic side. The trans-Atlantic side, as long as it continues under this policy, has a hopeless situation. You could have mass death-rates in the United States as a result of the current economic conditions, very readily.

So you can't forecast on the basis of policy formation. You must forecast on the basis of knowing that they're going to throw Obama out of office. Don't worry about who else might be President. Don't worry about that. Getting Obama out will change everything. If he's out as President, what you will have—remember, three-quarters of the U.S. citizenry is opposed to Obama. They hate his guts. They are afraid to take him on, but they hate his guts, and they hate his guts every day more, and more, and more. So therefore if Obama is thrown out, don't worry; don't worry. They may try a dictatorship, but it won't work. We've got a free choice here. If we get Obama out, we can get a change in government inside the United States. Don't worry about who's going to be the next President. Let's worry about getting rid of the present one. And you will find miraculous things will occur, because there will be a transition from the Obama Administration, a transition to chaos. And chaos will try to find a new government by cleaning out the old one.

Look, we've been under for two Presidencies now. And this time, we have an American people, a young generation, going into about 18 years of age, 18, 20 years of age, and so forth, and they're not fit for anything. Very few of them are fit for anything. They've been destroyed by what's happened to them since the election of Bush Jr. Look at the condition of life. Look at what their practices of life are. Look at their entertainment. Look at their recreations in general. Look at their modes of existence. Look at their drug habits. Look at their sex habits. This is 18 years, or 20 years, full of useless people. People are barely salvageable, and becoming less and less salvageable by the moment.

So it's the people who are of the older generations, which are in revolt against Obama and what he represents: That's your future. And you have a revolt in the Democratic Party; you'll have revolt among the Republican Party as well. Under these conditions, if we do our job, and particularly if I do my job inside the United States, if I do my job in respect to our relationships with countries outside the United States, I think we have reason for confidence. As long as I can keep myself on the job, do what I'm doing, and they don't shoot me, I will be here to take charge of my part of what I have to do, to defend this nation. That's where we stand.

We're on the verge—this thing is going. It's gone one way or the other. It's gone straight to Hell, or it's gone in its present form, it's a shambles. We're going to have to start a new system. And that's what I'm working on.

We have an economic policy in the United States which has been stinking ever since the George Washington Administration. It was that bad, because what happened was, on the question of states' rights, the states'-rights policy, which was dragged in, in violation of the Constitution, was the thing that destroyed the United States from the inside. It was the source of the corruption which the British have exploited against the United States, ever since.

And you have only a few, a handful of Presidents of the United States, who actually effectively fought against that. James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and so forth. You had a handful of Presidents who actually fought against treason. Because after George Washington, until Monroe, the Presidencies were all treasonous in their behavior on economic policy. And then you got the same thing again and again and again.

So therefore, from my standpoint, a crisis is a good thing. Not because it is a good thing to have a crisis, but the crisis may mean we have a chance to turn over the policies that are in place now. And that's the best thing. There are no simple choices of select solutions for these problems. What you have to do is, you have to get a fresh start for the American System! Which means dumping the garbage, dumping the rubbish. And it won't take much. You've got three-quarters of the population, of the citizens of the United States, who hate this President. That's a very good thing! Even though they haven't got the guts to do much about it, that's a very good thing. It means that there's an overpowering potential for the American people to demand a sweeping change. If Obama goes out, they'll probably sweep the Vice President out, too.

The Fracking Trains Are Running on Time

Dennis Mason: I have something on the economic question, particularly on fracking. We've issued a report this week, "Impeachable Offenses—Fracking Kills," which details the deadly economic consequences of the hydraulic fracking, and makes clear that if we don't change the policy soon, we are finished as a nation. The infrastructure which is required to carry out fracking, is the same infrastructure on which the nation's agriculture depends, namely water and rail. Now at this point, we are fracking at the expense of the current crop. A lot of it is literally rotting in silos and grain elevators because there are no freight cars available to move it. And at the same time, we're harming the future crops because the inputs—the nitrogen, the phosphates, other field preparations—are in the same situation, they can't be moved.

Now Burlington Northern Santa Fe, which is the main railway in the Midwest, is owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, and unless compelled by law, they're not all that concerned about meeting the needs of getting the current harvest off the farm, to say nothing about ensuring the materials for the next harvest. In fact, it took action by the Surface Transporation Board, which issued a directive to Burlington Northern, to arrange for special shipments of fertilizers, and to provide weekly status reports for six weeks, beginning today, on how that's going.

Now, Buffett, along with David Rockefeller and Bill Gates, had hosted a gathering of the world's richest people in 2009. This included George Soros, a big funder of Obama, Pete Peterson, Michael Bloomberg, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner—all told, the nominal worth of all of the people in the room was over $130 billion. Now, the purpose of that meeting was for the super-rich to rally their philanthropic resources behind a single cause. And according to news leaks from that meeting and subsequent meetings throughout the United States, that cause was, and is, the promotion of population reduction, as per Thomas Malthus. Ted Turner called for the imposition of a 100-year period of a global one-child policy, which would bring the population down to a billion people.

Now, if this sounds familiar, it should: I invite you to go back and review, among other things, the speech given by David Attenborough at the Royal Society of Arts, and the dialogue between him and Prince Philip. This was the RSA's President's Lecture in 2011; it's not too hard to find on the Internet [ rsa-presidents-lecture-2011]. There, he hails Malthus as a prophet. Later he makes an appeal for everyone in the room to break the taboo on population reduction, in whatever capacity you can, but especially if you're in the Catholic Church, because, in his words, "Its doctrine on contraception is a major factor in the problem." And he concluded his remarks there saying, "Every one of these global problems, environmental as well as social, becomes more difficult and ultimately impossible to solve with ever more people."

Getting back to Mr. Buffett. At the hearing on his Burlington Northern which led to the Transportation Board's directive to get the fertilizers moving, it was reported from the North Dakota Farmers Union, that 85% of the 2013 corn crop is still in on-farm or warehouse storage. There's a good chance that the crop won't be moved, before the next needs to be stored. And the Agriculture Secretary of South Dakota reported that at least 11,000 railcars had been delayed for grain shipments, that many grain elevators are full, and that some of the grain elevators are having problems with spoilage, that food is rotting in storage for want of the railcars to move it.

Meanwhile, the trains for fracking are running on schedule.

This fracking policy is having widespread policy consequences now and into the future, from taking the economically valuable water, shoving it into the earth at an economic loss, in the most parched region of the country, to tying up the rail grid with the inputs and the products of the fracking boom, at the cost of the logistics of the food supply, the reports of seismic activity, earthquakes in the Dakotas as a consequence of fracking; all of this, to extract an energy source which is far less energy-dense, than what we could be producing if we were to expand our resources on nuclear fusion instead. Everything about the policy is death.

So, I know that this was part of the discussion on the Wednesday New Paradigm for Mankind report, and we're producing the main presentation of that as a standalone on the website (see also, Economics this issue). But I would like it if you could address this question more directly here.

The Sun Has Intervened

LaRouche: We sort of have to change the subject, because the problems can be enumerated, but that won't do you any good. You have to get the remedies, and the remedies have nothing to do with any of these problems. None of these remedies can be remedied. You can't remedy the remedy.

The point is, we have the fact that the Sun has intervened. Now, we've said this on a number of occasions. The point is, that the United States west of the Mississippi is a basket case. And there's nothing you can do, west of the Mississippi, or in the United States today, under current U.S. policies, or current U.S. perspective policies. There's not a damned thing you can do, to help those parts of the United States!

There are some things that could be done, and we are involved in doing those. Now, first of all, Texas is going arid. Matter of fact, the whole Western part of the United States, except for the near-Canadian-border areas, is going to through a period of morbid decay, desiccation. This will go on for generations to come! Under present policies, the loss of life of the population of the United States will be monstrous, unless we change all of these policies. So fracking is an immediate problem, because the lives that are threatened are immediately threatened. That's it!

There is no long-term alternative by eliminating fracking. Because the problem is, that you don't have an alternative to the effect of fracking—it doesn't make any difference. You're going to die anyway if you continue under these policies!

Now, the one thing we can do, is what you have in that Wednesday program. The essential solution is there: We put it on the record.

We have a policy for the state of Texas, which depends upon Kesha Rogers being designated as the next Texas Senator [see National, this issue]. If she's not elected Senator, kiss Texas goodbye! And if she doesn't win, or is not allowed to have a victory in Texas in this term, then California will have no chance, either. And all of the western states will have no chance of survival.

So, in these terms, you have to change the subject. You have to go to the solution, because there are no options! Stop talking about options; idiots talk about "options." What happens when there are no options, except solutions? And solutions mean changing policy to go in a direction directly opposite to the way policy has been going, especially, since the young Bush Administration. And in fact, the United States itself has not showed a nickel's worth of progress, of actual net progress, since the beginning of the 1970s, end of the 1960s!

There has been no net progress in the United States economy, for the entire population since the end of the 1960s. The downturn came on with the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and was aggravated by the extended Vietnam War, so that by the beginning of the 1970s, with the 1971 crash, the U.S. economy has been on death row ever since.

Now, that period, the period when I led an effort, with the support of the [Reagan] administration at that time, a planning group of the incoming administration, I led the thing which was called the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). If the Strategic Defense Initiative, which had been supported publicly, by Ronald Reagan, if that had been done, we would not have a major problem today! But when my recommendation was turned down in the way it was done, then the United States was screwed, as a result.

So that the point is, in periods like this, there are no choices, there are no options. The option is to replace the stinking policy, not to take an optional alternative.

You must, for example, take the nature of the human species. The human species is something that nobody understands, really, to speak of. They don't know what the human species is. The human species is absolutely unique. The human species has the characteristic of reaching higher energy-flux density in its existence. No animal species can do that! No animal species ever did that. Only the human species does that.

So it's a voluntary process of creativity.

No Options; Only Solutions

What happened is, of course, with the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the energy-flux-density policy was crushed. So the United States has not been engaged in energy-flux-density net growth—that is, there has been some growth, but the growth has been matched by greater losses, greater deterioration. So therefore, there is no chance for the United States, now, unless we are going back to a higher energy-flux density per capita, which means, going into thermonuclear fusion as the leading driving point for the United States and others. If we do not go, and shift from this policy to a thermonuclear fusion orientation, the United States is not going to make it!

And the people of the United States are not going to make it. Because the water crisis we're facing, for probably several generations to come, under present conditions there is no way you can save the lives on the territory of most of the states of the western part of the United States. You can't save it. You're going to wipe out California, you're going to wipe out all the Prairie States, you're going to wipe out Texas—and these are the biggest food-growing areas—you're going to wipe them out! Where are you going to get your food?

Well, this goes with the 1 billion people policy, doesn't it?

In other words, intentional genocide is the policy of the United States government against the people of the United States! And fracking was introduced as a part of this operation. So these people are no fracking good.

So the problem does not lie in debating issues so-called. The problem now, the issue is to get the bums out. We don't want to give the power of options on issues, to these clowns, because they will still go with the zero-growth policy, the British zero-growth policy, the genocide policy! You have a President of the United States who's committed to genocide! He's practiced genocide, for one and a half terms of his Presidency, and [Bush Jr. for] the two terms before that. So you have three and half terms of the recent Presidency committing genocide against the American people! And you want to talk about options? The option is simple: Get rid of those Presidents. Get rid of the administration and the policies they represent.

Go back to the kind of policies that I had, when I was the pilot of the Strategic Defense Initiative, a project which would have saved humanity, which was supported by the President of the United States at that time. And by his key advisors, as well, all of them. And many of these had been key advisors of Presidents all the way since the Franklin Roosevelt Presidency! What I was backed by, in pushing SDI, was those forces, which were then rallied around the Reagan Administration itself, not the Bush component of it. And the SDI would have saved all this from happening!

So what they did is, they it shut down, they changed the policy to a Bush-league policy, they destroyed the United States, and set into motion a total destruction of the United States. That policy was treason, that policy was genocide. The policy was dictated by the British Empire.

So there are no options, there are only solutions, and the solutions are, throw this bum out of the Presidency, right now. You'll cause chaos in the administration, but they'll have to face the rage of three-quarters of the American citizens, who haven't got the guts right now to fight, but once this guy is thrown out of office, they will go for his hide politically! And under that kind of change, a sudden change the agenda—and of course, you've got to control the Republicans; they're crazy. But you have to tell them to feed on themselves; if they want to reduce things, they can eat their toes or whatever it is they like to eat!

But the point is, we are in a situation, where we have the political potential, if we throw this President out of office, we have the potential to get our nation back again! Now, the way we'll get that done is not by waiting for it, but by going out and creating the policy for it. Nothing else is worth talking about. - The Zeusian Principle -

Ogden: ...Now, Lyn, I just got to read the first few pages of the newest report that you're working on, called "The American Principle: Return to the Actual Constitution." And you're emphasizing here, that this was the original principle of the Hamiltonian constitutional system, but that we're lost this conception, under the influence of the corruption, of opening ourselves up to the European system, and this, you call it, "international valuation of the financial markets that are run by the British Empire."

I would like you to discuss more of what you call this "American principle," in your newest paper, from the standpoint of natural law, as opposed to what you call "the British system," which is identical to the Roman system, which has no body of law which corresponds to the Constitution of the United States.

LaRouche: Well, first of all, politicians today are useless. That's the fact of the matter! Because, what happened in France, in 1900, was the introduction of a policy to eliminate science, and replace it by arithmetic, mathematics! This was then followed through by Bertrand Russell, who was the virtual incarnate Satan of an entire century, of the 20th Century. And they set forth a process in education, in music, in terms of Classical music, and everything else on which civilization has depended.

So, the result of that, was that we now have a situation, we no longer have any highly productive industries in the United States. The auto industry's gone, all these industries are gone, the food industry is gone, food production is gone, the supporting system for the existence of the United States is gone!

It is gone, forever. For as long as the British Empire says so, because the intention is, to reduce the human population from 7 billion people to less than 1: That's the British Queen's policy. And everything that is being done, by Wall Street, under the influence of government under Wall Street influence, under the British Empire, all that is done, is, in name, genocide! This is called, the Zeusian principle. This is exactly what happened in the Roman Empire, the "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," was the same kind of process. We're going through a plan which was based on the Roman Empire, the decline and fall of the Roman Empire: Reduce the human population by gross amounts, for a period of two centuries; and then let the survivors start to reinhabit the planet!

That's the policy now! That is the policy of Obama. That's the policy of the Queen of England. That's the policy of the entire green movement, inside the United States. In other words, these are your enemies. These are not your rivals, these are your enemies, the enemies of civilization.

But what's the other side of the thing? The problem is, the scientific knowledge of most people, including scientists, is they don't have any such knowledge. That was killed, effectively, by what was done in France, with that policy of replacing science with mathematics. And you have people who are mathematicians, who are incompetent, intrinsically incompetent! No mathematician is capable of making competent discoveries. But the mathematicians are dominating our industries, they're dominating our entire cultural life! And you have this cult formation!

So therefore, we've come to a point where we can't do anything about this western lands area right now. You have to have something else there. You can't do it with NAWAPA, because NAWAPA needs power to drive it, and that power is thermonuclear power. Otherwise, you can't make this thing work. You can do some good things: You can build a structure, you can design the structure, which is going to cost a lot of money in terms of work, to build the components of what this NAWAPA system is. And we're going to have to extend it beyond what the original design is. Because if we don't, we won't be able to get enough power to maintain the population of the United States in its western territories—it won't exist. It won't exist.

On to Thermonuclear Power

So therefore, we have to go to thermonuclear power, and we have to take all the technologies that go as supporting to thermonuclear power as applications, we have to put them to work. We cannot sustain the western states without a program which starts with a NAWAPA effort, and other kinds of efforts together with it; and if we then put in, with the limited number of people who we have who are qualified, to build thermonuclear programs, high-technology programs, then we can begin to generate water resources, in a quantity and quality of effect, which will enable us to create a synthetic source of a water system of a type which was presented this past Wednesday, in the report then. So therefore, everything that was discussed on Wednesday in that report, including my own remarks, these are the methods which must be brought to bear, otherwise you have no solution! It doesn't exist: All you have is death!

And that's what happened to the Roman Empire, that's what happened to many other societies that died in a similar way, the oligarchical system. We're living under an oligarchical system. There is no way, under an oligarchical system, you can recover a society. In other words, a society which follows the policy of the recent Presidencies, for the last dozen years. For a dozen years, it has been absolutely impossible to do anything to help solve this problem, even ameliorate it.

We lost, essentially, when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and that was the reason he was assassinated. John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the British Empire, and he was assassinated by Americans whose known products in the postwar period, were British. By one of these guys who actually got rid of Mussolini: Mussolini was there, with his car, and he had a little tow vehicle behind it. He and his mistress were going up toward Switzerland, to meet with people at the Swiss border, to negotiate favorable terms for Mussolini, and Mussolini had brought with him a container on wheels with all this information about all the crimes he'd committed, scandals about everybody possible, to try to buy his way into good favor for survival.

And what happened? He disappeared that night. But then, in the morning, they found him, Mussolini and his girlfriend, were hanging upside down at a gasoline station near Milan.

And these were the people who did that job. They did it! He was going up there to meet them. They did it—Americans. Dulles, the Dulles boys. And these were the same people that really set up the killing of John F. Kennedy.

So these forces within our own midst, created this kind of thing, because they were agents of the British Empire! And the problem in our country is, that Wall Street, which is the agency of the British Empire, typifies this. So don't tell me about how we're going to reform something, when you have the people who are running the government, now, as Wall Street. As long as they're running the government, you're not going to do anything good for anybody. So don't come up with proposals.

Come up with a proposal that can be delivered. And the first thing to do, is throw Obama out of office. If he's out of office, then the anger of the American people, which runs to about three-quarters of them, can then be activated! Because they will get their guts back! What you're seeing in Texas, now, with Kesha's campaign: What is happening, the campaign was starting slowly, especially among the Hispanic population. But gradually, they began to see that this was real! That this was meant to work! This was not a propaganda thing, this was reality! And they began to respond, and they are responding.

Now, the danger there, of course, is that since crookery and thievery, and murder are the characteristics of the Republican Party and much of the Democratic Party as well, naturally, the problem she has is not winning votes. It's getting survivors from among the election rolls. But they just take all the votes, and they'll burn them. Destroy them! That's how they win an election in Texas. They steal the vote. They destroy it, they burn it. They just deny it existed.

And therefore you need a little more than just good measures and good votes. You need a political movement, which is against what Obama represents, and what all the Obama ass-kissers represent. You have to eliminate that—if you can eliminate that, then you get a new option, because you know, that three-quarters of the U.S. population's citizens hate Obama! Therefore, if you remove Obama, you have a new option, and you can get rid of the Vice President, too, because he's committed, himself, so many crimes, that he, too, is not credible.

And that's what the chance is. We have to define the program that is required: That's the first thing you have to do. Don't say, "What's going to be accepted?" If it's accepted, probably, you wouldn't want it anyway. Only by overturning the power of a corrupt government, are ever going to get the program of a good government.

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