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This article appears in the March 20, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

On the Subject of Germany’s Role

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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March 15—The commendable contribution expressed in the speech by Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier delivered on March 12, 2015, nonetheless fails to meet the essential features of the actually required terms. I, therefore, present the case required, as follows henceforth.

In fact, the present conditions of the inhabited planet Earth, have reached the point at which the notion of the habitation of the planet, in its entirety, must be responsive to the principles of Johannes Kepler, which must be considered, actually universally, as the proper notion of design for the organization of the entirety of the planet.

On this presently real account, the old habits of the ostensibly traditional notions fail, even catastrophically. The presently nominal standards of European traditions no longer agree with the designs of either the ostensibly “traditional” or other media. What had been the lately traditional standards of political-economic expression, have the misfortunate effect of demanding that the terms of a modern system of practices be subjected to what are, in fact, stubbornly contemporary, but in fact, now worse than intrinsically archaic, modalities.

I explain as follows:

The Evils of Present Finance

Currently prevalent U.S.A. and European financial practices have lately relied, chiefly, on the standards of sheer usury which are illustrated by the effects of a general practice of mere finance as based on financial usury as such. Notably, merely speculative financial attributes per se, have overpowered what were in fact, the efficiently relatively physical values of upward movements within the domains of genuine productive output.

The practice of perpetually successively reduced scientific rates of per-capita human productivity, relative to nominal, chiefly speculative, costs of production, both respecting net output-per-capita, as in Europe and the U.S.A., typify the relevant, actually parallel decline of both the standards of family incomes and also net productivity per capita. The history of a general centennial trend, with respect to actual net physical productivity expressed since the beginning of depreciation of net productivity per capita, identifies the saddening truth of the general, relative decline of energy-flux density, in production, per capita, of the general population in the trans-Atlantic region, per capita, which has brought forth the passion of a combined thermonuclear global homicide.

Thus, the crashing rates of net production of truly physical values, in the trends of the United States and European economies, respectively, attest to the true relative values, in effect. In particular, it has been the decline of the per capita rates of net human productivity, which have been inflicted by the declines in physical productivity per capita, through accelerated cheapening of the needed provision of a general ratio of increased per-capita human productivity.

The example of the soaring progress of China today, and the related upward physical-economical elements of China’s relatively unique achievements, are now particularly pertinent.

The Challenge by China

China is presently unique for reason of its currently progressive achievements within the bounds of Solar Space. Its achievements on this account, both within the range of the role of the Moon and related concerns, are, also, implicitly, a crucial point of interest for its association with the unique, presently known, and prospective achievements of its discovery of the most essential features of the Solar System, itself. Thus, the present characteristic of mankind’s relationship between the development of society and of the Solar System’s relationship to the role of mankind’s own development, are to be regarded as being interlocked in a matter of future experience, not for the individual as such, but for the future needs of mankind. Thus does the mortal human individual share the mission into the future as did, for one, the mission of Jeanne d’Arc, and such of her successors as Nicholas of Cusa and Johannes Kepler, and their destinies for mankind’s now present future, which lies within not the human flesh, but mankind’s having had a necessary future existence. The essence of that matter is not what the individual has achieved, but in the beauty of what the human individual has fought to become. The future mission of each servant of the cause of their own existence, lies within the future which their experience expresses by and for the mission of mankind, as it had been the fruit of genius or martyr, alike, as for, incidentally, China today.

The present option for all deserving humanity, lies essentially, in creating a better future for all mankind, in the option for realizing the seemingly impossible necessity, which makes for the sweetest of the achieved dreams of mankind’s achievements: for the sake of realizing that the future of all mankind, is the seemingly impossible.

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