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This transcript appears in the May 29, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche Fireside Chat Discussion
with 500 Activists, May 21

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Below are LaRouche's brief opening statement, and the complete 21 questions put to him, and his replies, during the 1.75-hour call. The call had more than 500 participants. Names have been removed.

Lyndon LaRouche on the set of the New Paradigm show, May 2014

LaRouche: Tony Papert, whom I presume you all know and revere, has presented a document (See "Mission Statement" this issue) which identifies, officially, according to our program, and I think that that will probably serve well to locate exactly where I am, and also where our organization is at this time. There are some things which are breaking developments, like the attempt at mass murder of the citizens of California, which is coming from the governor of that state, who's out there to kill practically everybody in California—which is not a nice idea, but that's what's in process now.

So, that's where we are, and I'm in the middle of this stuff internationally. Helga's also, as you know, in this. We're a pair, as most people know; and we work together, and we work together with a lot of people in both the New York City area, and other areas adjacent to that, and down here in the dredges of this present location where I am today.

So, let's just go ahead with the thing.

The Presidential Campaign

First Question: This is J— from Michigan. I was wondering if you could give us any indication on Martin O'Malley's move toward throwing his hat in the ring for the Presidency, and if you and this organization have any direct contact with his movement.

LaRouche: You will notice that what we've gone through on the O'Malley case, and I've qualified this and it's also in print in circulation—in an inprint document, which Tony Papert collected and presented this evening, earlier—that part is absolutely clear. We have a policy. We have a global policy, features of which include that, such as: California, the people of California and beyond, are now in the process of being subjected to the mass murder methods of destroying the citizenry of California. And so therefore, if the policy of the present governor of California is allowed to continue, you'll have an increasing incidence of death, and torture, among the citizens of California.

So, we're at a point where we're in a fighting situation in California. But if you look at the "Mission Statement" now, you will find that this is actually a policy which is more or less nationwide. Therefore, we have a major fight, and a fight against a crook, who is called the governor of California, who has called for mass murder, in fact, of the citizens of California.

We don't like that, and we are going to do what we can to prevent such consequences from happening to people in California, or in the the United States in general.

Second Question: This is A— from California, and I've got several questions rolling through my head. One is about Democratic politics, namely, how does it look for Bill Clinton at this point? Is he going to be helping the progressive portion of the Democratic Party get someone like O'Malley, or is he backing Hillary Clinton at this point?

LaRouche: The problem is that Mrs. Clinton is probably a lost cause. She's made too many mistakes. She's made too many submissions to Obama. And she's not really qualified to come through the process of being nominated, or elected, as President of the United States. That's the situation now.

The reality on O'Malley's case: O'Malley was always, in his political career, and in intervening periods—what he's had, he's functioned as governor earlier. He functioned on the basis of going along with going along. And he adapted himself to winning elections.

Then the time came when he shifted his orientation. Now, that doesn't mean that his personal views about life in general, have been radically changed in a progressive way. What it means is that he has gone up to the times, when what he pursued as a candidate for election, in earlier periods, he finds no longer adequate. Because what's happened is, the situation now is, the President is an enemy of the United States—that's a fact. And the Republicans are generally, with some nice exceptions, pretty much bums.

And Obama is a menace. He's an evil figure, a very evil figure. And therefore, the problem with Hillary is, she's adapted too much, to become a subject of Obama. And that's what ruined her, when she went over and accepted a position under Obama—and Obama ate her up. She is no longer the same person she was when she left to join him.

Now, I had talks with her at the time that she had entered that position—the position she gave up. But since now, she is not anywhere near competent for running for the office of President. And obviously, in general, you don't have other people who you would recommend to become President, either because you don't know they have the qualifications, or because you know they don't have the qualifications—such as the Bushes, traditionally.

So, that's where we are, in truth. We're at a point where the O'Malley option is the only one which is significantly on the table right now, for realization in the interests of the citizens of the United States.

Third Question: This is D— from Wisconsin. I want to congratulate you. You were the first one to call Scott Walker up here in Wisconsin a fascist, when nobody had the guts to do so, and they still don't have them to do so. You kind of answered my question already about Hillary, but what about Bernie Sanders? What are his shortcomings that he doesn't qualify?

LaRouche: He's not really there. He doesn't represent an active presentation which at this time is necessary. At this point, anybody who is running to be a President should, in the normal course of events, have presented a program which meets the challenge of the reality that we in the United States, and in the world in general, face. And therefore, I don't think he's a viable candidate, at least not so far, and I've seen no signs that he is a viable candidate so far. Maybe he will change. But pending a change, I think he's not a very good candidate.

Fourth Question: This is G— from Washington state. We met in 2008. I've given some information to be given to you. It's about George Bush '41. And I'd like to make certain that you're receiving it. Because you and I think a lot alike about this character and the British monarchy. But anyway, he's the first illegal alien that sat in the White House, and I can prove that. I'd like to thank you for being a patriot.

LaRouche: I think we're in a good situation. You know, I've always had, especially normally and clearly, since the beginning of the 1970s, since that time, I've been a leading, prominent public figure, and candidate for the Presidency. That has never really changed. And I think that now, despite the fact that I'm a little more aged, and not frisky and running around the way I would if I were younger; but the fact is that I probably am one of the best political authorities operating in the United States today. But I have to operate from a more modest personal position, in terms of things, because I just have to do what I have to do, as a contribution to making sure that the policy of the United States does match the requirements of the United States under these conditions.

The British Empire Is the Problem

Fifth Question: This is L— from Washington state. What do we do about the Islamic Caliphate, or at least what they claim as a Caliphate over there in the Middle East?

LaRouche: I think I can answer that directly and explicitly.

First of all, the Islamic movement based in that area, center, is only a tool of the British monarchy. It's a mass murderously inclined instrument of mass murder. That's what the Saudi operation is.

U.S. State Department
Recently crowned Saudi King Salman bin Abdelaziz al Saud, holding court in May 2015, with Secretary of State John Kerry.

The Saudi operation is also the leading factor in genocide, throughout that entire region, that is, around the area of the Mediterranean Sea. And therefore, this is a thing which is controlled top down, and in great detail, by the British monarchy, the British Empire. So, it's merely a tool of the British terror system. And the sooner we get rid of that, the sooner people will get a chance to live.

We cannot tolerate the continuation of a British system which uses that system itself, as the means for running policy in the Mediterranean region.

Sixth Question: This is W— in Denver. I'm aware of a rumor that the U.S. is about to install some anti-missile defense system in Ukraine.

LaRouche: That's an attempt, and that is the intention of Obama. Obama is a British agent. He's got a very bad history, actually. He's a very evil person. He should never have been the President of the United States, and he should not continue to be the President of the United States at this point.

The danger to the United States and its people, and civilization generally, that Obama represents right now, is the greatest threat to the existence of human beings on this planet today.

Seventh Question: This is E— from the Bronx, New York City. I want to ask you about ISIS, or ISIL. How can we militarily defeat them now, because they're a real threat to the whole world, with their terrorist organization? How can the U.S. overthrow and militarily get rid of them right now?

LaRouche: The problem is that you've got a bunch of people in the Congress, and so forth, who really are not coming up to the standard of performance which the United States desperately needs at this time. Many members of the Congress are incompetent. There are members of the Congress who also are valid, very valid people, very serious people. But we have a lot of people who are not.

The only problem in general is that the tendency among the candidates often, is that they're opportunists, and they act on the basis of what they can get for themselves, in their prospective incomes, their promotions, what they can sell out to do, what they try to sell themselves out to do, that kind of stuff. And we have a very poor quality of moral performance among the members of the Congress; not because they are inherently bad, but because they tend to capitulate to what they feel the pressures are, which determine their opportunities for promotion.

Eighth Question: This is J— from Alaska. I have a question about priorities. I sensed that our number one priority now is, we've got to get a restoration of the Presidency of the United States, get Mr. Obama out. And it seems like there's a lot of things all stacking up that should make that easy, but I'm always amazed and surprised that he's still in there. I didn't think he'd last that long. The lies about Benghazi now, and the highlighting of the 28 pages, numerous impeachable offenses—the whole warfare. The terrible foreign policy—we've got to get him out of there.

But I see a very important flank here with this water crisis going on in California, and I sense—I'm in Alaska here, and I've been kind of hoping and organizing towards the development of NAWAPA. We'd love to develop the Arctic region and there's so much potential, looking forward to the first development of Alaska. But NAWAPA seems to be on the back burner, and I understand the crisis is now, and ionization, nuclear desalination, all of these things would be the very first steps. Anyway, I wondered if you could comment about the whole priorities.

LaRouche: The answer is really a little bit of a shift in the subject the way you presented it. First of all, you cannot take a deductive approach to solutions to the problems which face us now: That most of the important issues are not on the table, and they are deliberately kept off the table.

Take the case of the area which you're probably more close to—California, Northern California, in particular, because that part of California is actually the most viable right now in this time. But, what's the policy?

You have a corruption of the governorship in California, in which the heir of a qualified leader in California, is a piece of nuisance, and worse. Now what they're doing—and this has two aspects to it. One is what these guys are doing, the ones in power, the governor and so forth. He's a useless, and worse than useless creature. He's nothing like his father. He's a bum. He's an opportunist. He's a prostitute in the sense of political prostitute. And he comes from a certain circle of prostitution in California, which came after the period of the father of the current governor. Because the earlier figure was a commendable person, in general, and did useful things.

The son has been a tragedy, for both California, and for the United States in general, because of his role and influence—what's going on now.

The problem is this. The argument on water—and I'm sure you're aware of the whole water problem as it's being presented now. The intention is, the practical intention is, to reduce the population of the United States, as well as other nations—in other words, it's a plan of mass murder of people in various parts of the world. And it's not just some people being murdered; it's a great majority of the population of the trans-Atlantic region, and beyond—the intention, the policy in Europe, the government, the British Empire most specifically. The British Empire is a genocide case organization—it's a pro-genocide case, and always has been, under this reign.

So the issues you are confronted with are not the real issues. They are shadows of a really ugly set of issues.

Now, right now, the issue of the water question, and the water question in the United States, and across the trans-Atlantic region, is the functional issue right now. It's the issue of survival of human beings. The citizens of the United States and elsewhere.

The British Empire has long had a policy of genocide, and the current incumbency of the Queen and her consort, are advocates of a kind of genocide worse than that of Adolf Hitler. And they should be looked at as the successors, or continuation, of the principles of Adolf Hitler. Hitler was just unfortunate in being defeated, but the British are still there, and they were the same thing that Hitler represented, in terms of their policy. They're no different.

Saudi Arabia is the key instrument and tool of the British Empire, and that's the case. Europe is terrified, in general, terrified by a fear of the influence of the British Empire. That's a fact.

Look, the good side, which is there, is that we have a new potentiality in Eurasia. This means China is a leader of the world. China is the most powerful, biggest nation in the world, in terms of citizenship, and it's growing fast. India has come up rapidly, as the new administration is put in place. Similar kinds of views exist in various parts of the world. South America—there are certain nations in South America which are coming up again.

So, we're looking at a point where we can throw out, expel the evil, led by the British Empire, then and now. The British Empire under this monarchy, in particular, is the most evil thing that mankind has experienced in a very long time. That has to be defeated. It has to be defeated by nations. There are many other things about this, but the key thing that you have to recognize is this:

There is a change in the water supply, in the trans-Pacific region, and across in Europe. The water supplies needed by the population of North America, in particular, and streaming around that, is a crucial matter right now. The threat to human life in the United States on the water issue, is one of the leading issues. This is matched by the fact that the California governor and others, are actually advocates of genocide, just as much as Adolf Hitler was. A little different in approach, but the effect is pretty much the same.

So, the governor of California is a menace, and a lot of people in the Congress are also menaces on that same account. Their intention is to reduce the population of the United States greatly, at an accelerating rate, to kill off citizens of the United States in particular. Why? Over the water issue and the food issue, which are closely related.

So therefore, what we need to do is get rid of those skunks who are threatening the lives of most of you; most of the citizens of the United States are now under a very serious threat of death, coming from these sources. The water supply is being cut off. Now, the water supply being cut off in California and other locations, means early mass death within the population of California. And the present governor of California is a leader in implementing that policy.

So, the question is: are we going to fight against these forces, the so-called green forces, the green policy? And the green policy, which has been popularized in many places, is the keystone for mass murder of the population of the United States, and of other parts of the world, around the globe. And that's what we have to deal with.

The Manhattan Project

Ninth Question: Hello Lyn, this is A—, another Bronx chorus voice calling in on this Manhattan project. And I'm a part of the so-called Manhattan Project. And we've been trying to organize ourselves now around something new and exciting that we've missed in the past, I think. And that is, reaching out to the working class of the New York City area. And I wanted to ask for your guidance on this new potential for us. It seems that—yes, and I'm a product of it—that they're, in a lot of ways, in bad shape. Yet, there are some really good people, and they need to be truly organized. And these are the folks, I think, who can help us win the day on a local and national level and spread; but it is, of course, a real challenge, and requires a lot of patience. And I was wondering if you could help us here in New York as to how we can begin to rally these individuals to our cause.

EIRNS/Robert Baker
LaRouchePAC rallies on Wall Street, April 9, 2015.

LaRouche: Well, New York essentially gives the most opportune opening for success. As a matter of fact, since August-October of last year, I have shifted the policy of our organization nationally. I don't know if all people caught up with it, but that's what I've been doing. In order to build around New York City, that is, Alexander Hamilton's legacy, as opposed to those, from the Southern parts of the United States, who were Presidents who weren't worth much. And we have a lot of Presidents on the record who ain't worth much, and never were. Only a few of them. So, that's the general problem that we face, and that's the problem we have to look at and deal with.

So, what we're doing right now, and what I've been doing since my policy turn and, you know, is saying, "Here's the solution. Go back to Alexander Hamilton." The principle of economic development and policy of the United States is that which was formulated by Alexander Hamilton. The Alexander Hamilton policy which is the policy intrinsic to all competent people in the New York area. That's it. That's the center of the United States, New York City. And you have a spill-back from New England, for example, and some other locations.

But the basic thing here is a law, the conception of law, which was continued by Alexander Hamilton. And it is the Hamiltonian principle which we are applying to Manhattan. We're not fully on it, but we've picked out those kinds of people who represent the natural heirs of the policy typified by Alexander Hamilton—and the economic policy, and the social policy—because there were very few Presidents in the United States during that time, and even up into the present time, very few Presidents who really deserved to be Presidents. And the problem is, most of them have been weak, or just unable, or rather stupid.

And so therefore, the way we can organize and rebuild this nation is by understanding what forces in the course of the history of this nation, represent the policy-making, the policy-shaping of the United States Constitution. And the most reliable point for that single point, is probably a certain section of the Manhattan population and people around it. They are the actual implicit center of the organization needed around New York City despite all the other problems that exist. In New York City, there is a very powerful, large minority of citizens in the vicinity of Manhattan who represent the potential leadership en masse, of the recovery and rebuilding of the United States. And that's what I'm committed to. This means that we have to understand not only what that segment of the population means, we have to understand what the means are that we have to apply to make that thing work.

In other words, this is the point. When you look at the history of the United States and the Presidency, most of the Presidencies of the United States were tragedies, or worse. There've been a few great Presidents, exceptional Presidents, but in the majority, the Presidency is usually occupied by a skunk.

BRICS official photo
BRICS leaders at Fortaleza, Brazil on July 15, 2104.
We Must Return to America's Legacy

Tenth Question: I'd like to know, why we have an 1848 railroad system in the United States of America, with the same gauge track that they had when they first put the train across the United States. Countries, even like the Soviet Union, have wide-track railway that can carry much more cargo, many more passengers. Why don't we combine the interstate highway system right of way with a railroad system to connect, and possibly make our country much more economically sound? And also reduce auto traffic and the cost of moving food and passengers. I'm calling from New York, I'm calling from the Bronx....

LaRouche: Okay. I'm aware of these things, very acutely aware of these things, and painfully, acutely aware of these things. You have to look at the history of the United States. And there's a very specific characteristic which we should call to our attention. That is, that what has happened is that, except for a handful of Presidents of the United States, a handful, a relative handful, most of the Presidents were skunks. Why? Because the British Empire, directly and indirectly, as in the case of the Confederacy, which was a British instrument. Many of these states, from Virginia on down, have never had a record of patriotism toward the United States. They are still, in the main, Southerners, and they are corrupt in that way. Not that they intend to be corrupt, but they don't know any better.

And the problem has been, we've had only a few Presidents in the history of the United States Presidency who are fit to occupy the position of President. You just look at the record. Less than about a dozen, slightly more than a dozen Presidents were actually qualified to be Presidents. Most of them weren't. They were either incompetent, or they were maliciously incompetent. So, therefore we've come to a point where we have to recognize that the United States is not just the United States in name. The point is, we're at a point where a new development is occurring around the world. It's called the BRICS. It includes Russia, it includes China, it includes India, it includes the leading nations of South America, and so forth. These are the nations which have moral viability. They may not be perfect, but they have, on balance, a moral option.

Europe is a disaster. Not because Europe has to be a disaster, but because it is made to be a disaster, and we would like to correct that. So, these are the realities. So, we've come to a point where we need to provide a leadership, and it's not a matter of how many people are involved. There has to be a leadership inside the United States and beyond, which presents to the future of mankind, the options, available options, which can remedy the disaster which has been centered, globally, around the British Empire since as long as the United States has existed. Therefore, the destruction of the British Empire and what it represents—including the Saudis. The Saudis are nothing but mass murderers, who operate under the orders of the Queen. And most of the European nations have a streak of cowardice in them which is really awesome.

So, what is needed is what we can do in terms of what the legacy of the United States. And the legacy of the United States is a real one. It can be reactivated and brought forth as a force if we want to do it. And that role of the United States and the people of the United States who represent that role, have the means available to them.

Now let's be concrete; let's take the case of O'Malley. Right now, O'Malley was, in a sense, for some time, an ordinary Presidential candidate, unqualified to be a President. But, in the recent period, he changed his role, not his intentions, but his role, because when he was running for President before, he was operating on the basis of politically practical approach to politics. Hmmm. Now when the crisis has come in, the Obama case has come in, O'Malley has gone beyond that, and with some other leading figures in our system, has recognized that there has to be a change. And if you look at what O'Malley, what he has done recently, you see those changes, visibly. Therefore, we can say that O'Malley, right now, is the clearest case of a potentially qualified President right now. All of the others are either doubtful or known to be incompetent for this purpose. And that's the way we have to think.

Now what I have to do—because I have a special role, you know. I've been an international trouble-maker against the British Empire for most of my life, and proud of it. But what we have to do, is we have to make our people, in the United States and elsewhere, sensitive, and sensible of, what we can do by our legacy. What we have to do is understand what O'Malley represents at this point. O'Malley is the only prospective Presidential candidate, on the scene now, presently. You know, there can be changes, but right now he's the only person who's really qualified to become the President of the United States. And that's because of a combination of his virtues, and his expediencies, and all these kinds of things. But he's the only fit person, fit to be a presidential candidate right now. None of the others are qualified, either because of their weaknesses, or because of what the policies are that they adopt.

Eleventh Question: Hello, this is D— from Arizona, and I wanted to bring up—I've been listening to some YouTube videos, and it brought to mind what FDR said, that Presidents are not elected, they're selected. There's a cabal up there that controls the military-industrial complex, the press, the financial oligarchy, and with that, they seem to say that, here we're giving the Republicans and Democrats, they're all part of our deal—we have an A-team on one, and a B-team on the other, and the A-team may be a Republican one election cycle, and change for the next one.

How can we overcome that, because it seems like most of the people don't care? So we have this group that selects and they give you two choices, neither of which is worth anything.

LaRouche: My view on that is, that I continue to do what I do. Because I don't tolerate any of that crap. I recognize what the corruption is in the United States; I recognize the weak-kneed character of our leading politicians. That doesn't mean that they're bad people by intention. It means that they use the phrase, "You have to be practical." And when somebody says, as a candidate for something or other, or member of Congress, "You've got to be practical," I know they're not honest. They may wish to be honest; they may wish to do something good, but they tell you, that wouldn't be practical.

And therefore, the belief in practicality instead of truth is the problem, and we've gotten to a point now, where the people of the United States, right now, based on what we can stimulate around the idea of Manhattan, around New York City—New York City is absolutely crucial to save the United States, it always was! This was defined very clearly by Alexander Hamilton, and if you look at the Hamiltonian policy, as he laid it out, particularly his four principles of economy; the only thing that's ever done any good for the economy of the United States has been based on consistency with a Hamiltonian policy. And you can look that up in the four statements he made, and what he did.

That's why he was assassinated by the British Empire. Because he was a threat; he was a threat to the British Empire. And when he was murdered, we didn't have a decent President in the United States until President John Quincy Adams. So, that's been the history. Lincoln was another case. Franklin Roosevelt was a major case, who, mysteriously, those guys got pushed out of the way or assassinated, one way or the other.

And the problem has been that the people who have courage don't have enough courage in order to defend those Presidents or Presidential candidates who are qualified to lead the nation to its proper destiny. And it's the cowardice of the practical members of society who give in, and thus open the gates for the tyrannies of people like the Bushes.

I mean, the Bush family, that is the followers of Prescott Bush, the Hitler-backer! Prescott Bush. His family is the one that created the worst evil of the 20th Century, and yet people are still voting for Bushes. And I would say, Moses would say, "Burn the Bushes."

The Twentieth Century of Evil

Twelfth Question: Hi, this is J— from Minnesota. You touched on some of this—but more specifically, given the cohesion of the BRICS countries and their financial and economic development, including the banks, etc., are they as cohesive in their military backbone, as, say, Putin is, who is really getting the potshots aimed at him, given the ABM systems, and Poroshenko's threats. And just how close is Putin to telling these guys, "Enough is enough"?

President Theodore Roosevelt's elevation to the Presidency in 1901 coincided with the downslide of American morals and culture.

LaRouche: OK. I think it's time to give you some bad news. But it's not necessarily bad news in the long run, because, accepting the fact that it is bad news, may prompt more people in the United States in particular, to recognize that they have to do something to change things. And the problem in the United States often is, that because of the educational system—. Let me break off there and come back to that.

The problem has been, that there was a turn in the history of civilization, which came at the point of the beginning of the 20th century. The 20th Century was a period in which the moral and related qualities of the citizenry of the United States and in Europe generally, was degenerate, and has been increasingly degenerate ever since that time.

There have been fluctuations, like Franklin Roosevelt's Presidency, and a few other things, some of our other Presidents; a few other of our Presidents, who were good. I've worked with some Presidents who were good; they may not have been the best, but they were good. And I have worked with them. And I regret the fact that they were knocked out of control, and the Bushes were put in, instead. And mostly, the Bushes have been the problem. And I would say, that Moses would say, "Burn the Bushes." Get them out of the political system.

That's the problem. We are faced with the fact that the government of the United States is mismanaged. And it's mismanaged because of opportunism and cowardice. But the more particular thing is that the idea, the principle that was set into place, with the beginning of the 20th Century; in that time, the United States and its people, its education, and its system, has been in a progress of generally steady rottenness. That is, the incompetence of the minds of our citizens—and I mean all layers of citizens—they are incompetent! They don't know they're incompetent. But they say, they've got to do it because it's necessary for their benefit to, go along, to get along.

That is, go along, to get along is the essential Satanic principle. Go along, to get along. Instead of going along, you have to respond to what you can understand to be the necessary laws, the necessary policies of nations and of ourselves, in particular. The corruption of our nation is terrible. And it's been increasing ever since, recently. Since the first Bushes were brought into the Presidency: the children and grandchildren of Prescott Bush, the Hitler-backer, who was the grandfather, shall we say, of the Bush family, politically. And that's where the problem is.

And the need is to understand what we must eliminate from this legacy, because there have been very few Presidents who were qualified actually to be entrusted with the Presidency. Very few. And that's been the legacy.

And the British Empire has been, chiefly, the agency which has maintained that policy. The assassination of Reagan, for example. The assassination of Presidents, were always done by the British Empire. Every assassination of a U.S. President was done by the British Empire. And yet, people sit and they ignore that, or they pretend to ignore it.

The question is, we have to build ourselves intellectually, into a body of people who understands what it must do to save this nation, and to realize the intention built into that nation. Very few Americans have any understanding of how the system works. They believe that you've got to be practical. Be practical. Be practical.

Well, being practical is being stupid. Because what you are doing, is that you are compromising what you should know—heh—in order to be accepted by society otherwise. The [lack of] guts to see the truth of a situation is a great weakness. And the incompetence of our educational system—don't kid yourself—the educational system of the United States, since the beginning of the 20th Century, has been a rotten education. And it's destroyed the ability of most citizens of the United States to be able to think clearly.

And that's what you've got to really work on.

Thirteenth Question: C— in California. First, I've got to say, God bless you, Lyn, for everything that you're doing. I really appreciate it very much.

LaRouche: Thank you.

Q: I have a couple of concerns. Well, the other night, I didn't know whether or not we were going to be blown up, or whatever, because these Russian bombers were flying over the coast of California. And now, I understand that the Jade Helm is taking over Wal-Mart, and using the empty Wal-Marts to set up their FEMA camps and, they're looking to bring people like myself—and you know, I can't even leave the country, because I've got family over here. And they're looking to march us into these FEMA camps, and destroy us. And that was my major concern about that. Are they going to be able to do that now? Because they're setting up, right at this moment.

LaRouche: I know. They are. Exactly. The water issue is the key. And what Obama is doing, and what the governor of California is doing, unlike his father, who was a decent man, and a good man. He may have had faults, but he was a good man. The son is no damn good at all. And has a record of being no damn good. And that's an ugly fact.

And the weakness, you see, all of California has degenerated. And the water crisis in California, is an example of, a product of, the kind of administration which California in particular has undergone under recent heads of government in California. I mean, some of the people they have brought in as governors in California were the worst monsters on the planet! Some of them were actually Nazis, who became the governors of California! A real Nazi, who had all kinds of sexual peculiarities, and was also a movie star. And he did all kinds of evil things on the screen.

So we have this problem. Only you can deal with this problem: you've got to fight the evil. And that's what I do.

Now fighting the evil is not always a successful venture as such. But it's like putting out forest fires. You may not be successful in stopping the forest fire, but you've got to take everything you can do, and fight against the forest fire. And that's what we've got to do. You've got to have your courage. And you've got to have a sense of solidarity, with not only our own nation and people, but also with other nations, which have honest concerns. They may not always agree on what they think the solution is, but at least, they have the intention of solving the problem.

Press Information Bureau of India
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his May 15 visit to Beijing.

We have a situation now, which is very promising. China is the leading power in terms of economics and rates of progress in the entire world. China is presently, under this new regime in China—China always had some of these elements in it—but you also had bad administrations. But China now is the leading nation on the planet. That is, leading in terms of morally, in terms of rates of progress, and so forth. And all the problems they have, are simply things which can be easily understood.

India, which is practically following on the heels of what China is doing, typifies the process. Also, in certain parts of South America, you're finding optimistic trends in that part of the world, and options in that part of the world.

So, what we have to do, is that you have to work from a positive standpoint, of trying to get solidarity with forces in the world who represent the positive viewpoint, apart from what Europe—Europe in general—is a disaster. Why? Because it's just capitulated to the British Empire. The British Empire has poisoned, actually poisoned Europe.

In Russia, forces have come out of this same process, and Russia is now a power. A major power. And China is a major power of the planet. A leading nation of the planet. India—a major nation of the planet. Egypt has come to a revival, a very promising revival. And things like that.

So, we have to actually always go—it's like fighting a war. And, I've had some experience with that. I was not out there shooting people. I've also been involved in fighting wars; and I put a lot of risk to myself, in fighting wars.

We are fighters against this crap. And we're not enough of us. So I would hope to increase the number of people who are inclined under these present circumstances, to realize that we have to fight. You can't sit back and put the blame. You've got to find out some way—either you fight, or you find some friends of yours who'll come out and do the leading and the fighting. That's the secret of this whole thing. Inspire your neighbors.

What's Happened to the American People?

Fourteenth Question: Hello, Lyn. I'm from Seattle, and I'm starting a relationship with a young German woman—can you give me any advice? [laughter]

LaRouche: I would say you have to cultivate your insight into your options. I wouldn't want to make any blanket statement on that subject. I think some of the ladies of Germany also have worries, so we don't have to put it on the other side only. They also have worries.

What we have to do is, we have to make nations which are now frightened, or which feel that they have to follow a track of corruption, or opportunism, as it's called, and they don't have the guts to stand up before what they should know is right. They say, "Well, I know that some people think this is right, but look, I'm a poor person. You've got to give me some breaks here. I can't do good things. I have to somehow, if I have to cheat a little bit, I'm going to cheat. Because I have to take care of me!"

So, their sense of social outlook is rather impaired, and it's not really all their fault. You look at the conditions of life in most parts of Europe. Look at Spain. Look at Portugal. Look at Italy. Look at much of the conditions in France. Look at the conditions in many parts of Germany. Look at what's happening to the Greeks. Look at these issues—and obviously, these nations are terrified. They're crushed. And the opportunists are trying to parasitize their own neighbors and friends.

What we have to do is, we have to be a moral force, an influence, from among nations and groups of people who really understand that we have to fight, to get rid of the British Empire, to shut down the Saudi Empire—which is nothing but an extension of the British Empire—and other kinds of scoundrels. We have some of the most evil, most clear Satanic people on the planet, which are centered in whole areas of the world, which used to have people who were not necessarily in the best condition, but at least had some sense of moral quality, in their idea about the nature of mankind.

What you're seeing now, in the Middle East, you're seeing the most horrible kind of genocide; it's spreading throughout this whole region. What Obama did, in North Africa—Obama's one of the most Satanic, evil persons on this planet. That's a fact!

And so therefore, the poor guy out there, who's the ordinary citizen of some nation or another nation, what is this person able to do, to fight against the evil represented by Saudi Arabia—which is nothing but a tool of the British Empire? They're evil, absolutely evil.

And the President of the United States is absolutely evil—Obama. He's systemically evil. And he was put in power by the British Empire. And I could give you, if you wanted to go through it, the names of the people who did that.

So, the problem is, we need people with the guts, and also the mental temperament and knowledge, to lead our people, to resist this kind of corruption, which has brought us to the system we're in right today.
“What has happened to our people?”

Look at the condition of the American citizen! Look at our citizens! What's happened to them? What's happened to our citizens? What's their standard of living, the typical citizen? Where's the employment? Where's the education? How many are drug addicts? How many are destroyed in one way or another?

How about all the black citizens of the United States, in the southern region, who, like the case in the center of the area? They don't have a chance. They once had the area in which there was great production, great productive capabilities, economic progress—and it's all garbage now. It's destroyed. It's destroyed by the Bush family. The Bush family is the instrument which has led in destroying the economy of the United States. And Prescott Bush was never any damn good.

Fifteenth Question: Hi, I'm from Texas. The question I wanted to ask—this ionization, is it active? I mean, are they using this anywhere around Texas?... We're getting flooded out. I'm just wondering if they are tapping those rivers now. Texas is real big on privatization—and I know there are private companies that do that.

LaRouche: Well, it's going into effect, but this is a complicated problem. It's a scientific effect, and it depends upon the width and depth of the implementation of the policy. What Ben has done, so far, is a revolution. It's a revolution that is necessary; it's a revolution which could save many parts of the nation. It could save California, from the destruction which is hitting it now. It could be done.

But the present governor of California will not let that happen. The present governor of California is prepared to commit genocide against the people of California—and don't kid yourself about that. That's what he is doing. This man is a genocidalist. And he doesn't belong in office.

And these are the kinds of problems we have to deal with. We have to actually fight the forces of evil, and I'm afraid the current governor of California, has manifested himself explicitly, out of his own mouth, as an agent of evil, on the water question—and other things. And the plan to commit genocide against people! The California governor has now committed a policy which is actually genocide against the people.

And do you want to let that happen? Do you want to let that go? Do you want to allow that to continue? You want to support it? You want to say, oh, yes, oh yes? Or do you want to say, this guy has to be thrown out of office.

The Decline of U.S. Education

Sixteenth Question: I want to thank Mr. LaRouche for his presence on the call tonight, and I've been listening carefully to all of the answers, which are phenomenal, to the questions that are being asked. And, as a teacher, and a New Yorker, and part of the Manhattan Project, I have a question that deals with dealing with different organizations, and trying to organize the people within those organizations.

I'm a delegate to an organization that represents 3,000 other delegates, and then represents all of the teachers of New York City. The leadership of this organization, they steer clear of openly criticizing Obama. But then they introduce resolutions that they want teachers to support, that clearly show that they realize that their lives are going down the tubes.

So my question is, when they introduce these resolutions, like Workers' Rights, and single-payer health policies, and they want to defend Medicare and Social Security, and they want teachers to support the defense for the introduction of these things, what if they were questioned on not being sucked into these single issues, and showing the connection between all of these issues, and Glass-Steagall?

LaRouche: Okay, Glass-Steagall. Glass-Steagall is obviously a mandatory policy. Because the very idea of the education of the citizen to be functional, and to understand what the world is all about, at least to some degree, depends upon the Glass-Steagall principle. Which is the rights of the citizen to find out what the issue is.

Creative Commons/Brandon Spragin
“We're not backing up our competent teachers.”

Now, the educational process in the United States, since the Bush family moved into the presidency business, actively, has destroyed the ability of the citizenry. You can't teach it. You're not supposed to teach it. There are principles of education. We used to have them. They weren't perfect, but they represented that some people in the teaching business were able to actually be the exceptions, to be the leaders of the progress of the education of our citizens.

That has been crushed. It's not allowed any more. It's cut off. And therefore, it's a fighting issue.

Now, Obama has been really a very bad factor in this thing. It's not just a New York issue—he's generally a universal idiot. He's really not an intelligent person. But he's an instrument of the British Empire. And he's created great crimes against the citizens of the United States, by intimidation. They're afraid of him. He's a very vicious man. He's evil.

But that's not the problem. How did he get put into power? He did not honestly earn his election. He was run from the British Empire. And you look at the last phase—you know, Hillary was not the greatest candidate that ever walked down the line, but she was precious, compared to Obama. Obama is evil, purely evil. He's a force of evil. He has no real competence, no real scientific competence, nothing significant. He's a fraud.

But he has a backing, and the backing comes from the British Queen, from the British power. So, he's a British stooge.

And this has happened before. We do not provide, since the 20th Century, the beginning of the 20th Century, we no longer provide for the kind of educational program which is needed, and which was understood up to the beginning of the last century. We've been going down hill.

And, you know, I have a fight against what I ran into in education in the 1920s, when I was born, and was crawling up into things, and I had a good experience in education, because I knew what was wrong with it. I caught onto that pretty well. And we've done a lot of good work in that. But the point is, I understand the problem. We are not providing, to the teachers, who have competence, who had competence—we're not backing them up any more. We are actually pulling them down. We're suppressing them. We're telling them to do this, give in, give in, give in.

And in New York City? Look, in New York City, if we had our druthers—because I know New York City pretty well—if we had our druthers, and we had some of the kinds of leaders in New York that we had earlier, who had some power and influence in New York City—none of this would have been allowed. None of this would ever have happened. The Franklin Roosevelt tradition was still a very powerful influence.

And what we can say, honestly, we must, and can, restore the kind of development of educational programs, for our students, for our children, which will enable them, equip them, to cope with the challenge of understanding science and human culture generally. And we have to do it. And we're going to have to make a fight about it. We're going to have to do it.

We do have to be careful, because we don't want to create unnecessary victims, because people will take it out on citizens if they can. But, in principle, we have to understand among ourselves, that we have the devotion, we have a mission, and for the teachers, or other professions of relevance, we're going to have to work with them, assist them, to help defend them in their endeavors to do the job they want to do.

Seventeenth Question: I'm C— from Philadelphia. You spoke to the issue of water being the problem to do away with the people in California and elsewhere. There is another equally important issue that I think a lot of people may not be aware of, and we just have to look up. It's weather geo-engineering, or what some people call chem-trails. Can you address that, please?

LaRouche: What we have as the answer to that, is we have the galactic principle. Now, the galactic principle was not something which was discovered as such; it was not invented at some point. It was invented a very long time ago. But the galactic system is the system that enables us to develop the water system, which is necessary for human life, and for related things.

What has happened now, as in California, for example, their program is to prevent the development of the water program. We know, and we have experiments to show it, we have scientific principles which we know, galactic principles—and what the whole water system of the planet, planet Earth, is located in this location. And that's where the water comes from. It comes from the galaxy, not from Earth. Yes, there's water on earth. But the main stock of water for mankind, comes from the galaxy, from the context of the galaxy.

Now, this is well known among scientists, but it's denied by politicians, the current politicians. They're lying. There is no reason why we cannot introduce a water reform, which is based on galactic considerations, and to use the technologies which the study of the galactic process—Remember, the water system of Planet Earth is located in the galaxy, the dominant part of that. Located there. The question of managing life on Earth, often involves the management, the ability to manage, the galactic process.

Now that is manageable. There are ways you can get at the management. There are also policies by which we can improve water purification. Because it's not just the water; it has to be processed in a way in which it can do the job it has to do. So, there's no reason for allowing what is happening in California, in particular—and the adjacent areas—there is no reason for that to be allowed to continue. It only exists because of people like the governor of California, who is murdering the citizens of California.

Because the California crisis should not have developed, had the known science been applied to these questions. Now, the knowledge of these principles is limited. That's unfortunate. But the corrections could be made. The solutions can be found. The means exist, and close associates of mine are associated with this venture. So there's no excuse for accepting such a condition.

Destroy Wall Street

Eighteenth Question: I'm from New York City. It's a pleasure to finally speak with you, Lyn. My question, how can we the people convince our Assembly people to sign on the Glass-Steagall resolution, and how would that affect our fight?

LaRouche: My view is, you don't have to go out and use physical violence. But you do have to tell them—Well, take the Wall Street people: They're Wall Street people, generally—they're not really human. That is, they could be human. They have the biological potential of being human, but they have chosen to avoid that, the use of that mechanism. And they would like to have money instead.

The problem, of course, is, for Wall Street, the money of Wall Street is worthless, but people still worship it. Why do they worship it? Because it's something they don't know anything about. A typical kind of problem. I think we can try to educate some people on this.

But the real thing is, in New York City, in particular, which I know fairly well—I spent a lot of time in New York City in the course of my life, and after. In New York City, we have a rich lode of ordinary citizens, who are probably a little more old nowadays, teachers and so forth, who know about these things. We have a force in New York City areas, where we have some of the smartest people in the United States, in terms of ordinary citizens. You used to have that around Boston. Boston has lost some of its brains under recent management.

EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
Alexander Hamilton's statue in Manhattan.

But New York City is really still the center of thinking of the United States, because it's the Alexander Hamilton symptom. Now there were other people who made our nation as a nation, but Alexander Hamilton was the crucial figure, and he was assassinated by the British, for that reason. But Alexander Hamilton set forth a policy, an economic policy. That economic policy is the only policy which has ever been suitable to the requirements of the people of the United States.

That policy has been increasingly destroyed—by the Confederacy, for example. Most of the Presidents of the Twentieth Century of the United States were incompetents, or maliciously incompetent. We had a few presidents who were actually competent, and represented what the United States represents. We had a concentration in New York City, in particular, among young people who had a decent education in those times—they were not always the richest part of the population, but they were intelligent people, and they absorbed things. They had the ambition of being successful, in terms of family life, in terms of the outcome of family life within the family itself.

That was somewhat depressed. But it's still in effect. New York City is the intellectual center of the United States. And that's a fact. You have other parts of the United States which share the same talent that New York City represents at its best, but New York City itself—Boston used to be an important area: it's run down considerably since that time. But the point is, the situation in New York City is the intellectual center of the United States.

And we have to understand that those citizens, who may not been the richest citizens in the whole place, but who have a family tradition, a devotion to success. We have immigrants who come in from different parts of the world into the United States, or around it, and they share that. So, even though they're not the richest people in the world—which is not really, necessarily a necessity—but the fact is that we have citizens who have come to reside in New York City, the immigrants from various parts of the world, and they represent a family, a group of people... Probably—I don't know the exact percentage—but I would say a very large minority of the citizenry of New York City has this kind of special character, which is to be admired, as a model in the United States.

And I would to say that the best way to look at it, is to look at the achievements of Alexander Hamilton. He was the one who created the economic system of the United States. Made it work. Designed the principles.

Destroy Evil With Good

Nineteenth Question: This is A— from Columbia, Maryland. In view of the oil spill in California, what is your view of the environmental issues that we see in the United States?

LaRouche: It's terrible. The policy of the United States is awful. It's evil.

What they're doing, for example, in California—they're doing this mining operation, so-called. And what they're doing is they're destroying the ability to maintain progress, physical progress, in California. And this is done by the "crackers" who have these projects. And they are destroying the resources of California itself. They're ruining the nation, that region.

EIRNS/Sylvia Spaniolo
Kesha Rogers' Texas Senate campaign in the town of Harlingen, January 2014.

And the same thing is going on in Texas. Texas is being destroyed by the mining operations, reckless operations. What happened with the British operation [BP oil spill] in the Gulf area, which destroyed a whole part of this function some years ago. And it was a British operation.

So this kind of operation is, should be outlawed, immediately outlawed. Because when you do mining which destroys to maintain the productivity of a part of the territory of the United States, and that does it maliciously and unnecessarily, it's a crime. And the guys should be in the jug. They should be in prison for a while, and caused to reflect upon their errors and their ways.

Twentieth Question: I'd like to thank you for conceiving of this organization, several times, considering generations of it, and conceiving of the IDB, which is now being created, conceiving of the EIR, conceiving of the Beam Defense Weapon, and many other beautiful conceptions that you've given us, including the collaboration with people like Helga. And I'd like to ask you, how did you first find out about Vernadsky's works, since he's been suppressed—you can hardly find anything about it in our history, just as Leibniz was suppressed in his age. And finally, what's the best way to deal with somebody who says, don't use the word evil, you can't use that word.

LaRouche: [laughs] Hitler was evil, don't you know? The British monarchy is evil. You've got to talk about evil. That's the most important subject to discuss on any occasion. The force of evil. If you look at the history of the presidents of the United States, you find that, in the main, the history of the presidents of the United States are mostly evil, regrettable creatures who should not have been allowed to slither around the territory.

That's the point: you have to fight to maintain what is good. And what is good is not somebody's opinion: it's a question of—look, mankind is precious creature. There's nothing known in the universe which is a possible, plausible replacement for mankind. Mankind is God's own choice. That's the simple way to put it. And the powers that mankind has, the noetic powers, the ability to create new things, to create the existence of new forms of things in the universe—is specific to mankind. We don't know of any other source which can do that.

And therefore our main problem, and our main responsibility, is we, especially those of us who have the privilege of understanding science, and what science means in terms of practice, we have the responsibility, as leaders, in education, and related things—we have the responsibility of informing children growing up, adults, and so forth—and giving them the insight into what mankind really is. What mankind can be. And we have to know that, and that knowledge, and that outlook. We have to know what great art is, why the common art is such trash.

But the things that we could know, that we sometimes had known, as mankind—these things must be understood, located, and supported.

We need an educational program in that sense, which enables the average citizen to have access to the understanding of man's power to develop the universe, at least the nearby part, the galactic part.

Twenty-First Question: Hi, this is P— from Connecticut. Thank you, Mr. LaRouche, for being on the call. I recently had a great opportunity to unite the small and large businesses in Connecticut. The Governor of Connecticut proposed a $2 billion tax increase; they had public hearing on May 11th, in Hartford, and over 1,000 people showed up for it from all over the state. And after they testified, I spoke with them, and they were just livid, because this would put businesses out, small and large, and also jobs would be terminated.

So my plan is to unite the majority of the people to up-rise and join the LaRouche movement for peace, and give us the overwhelming unity for the American spirit.

LaRouche: Okay. There is a very simple response to that, simple in the sense, it's neat. Not simplistic, but neat.

The point is, we live in a system which is really dominated by the influence of the British system, the British Empire. And what we had as the American System, has been diluted. The Bushes, for example, the Bush family, starting with that old criminal, that pro-Nazi criminal, Prescott Bush! And the whole Bush family is a tribe of some kind of wild savages, which shouldn't be allowed into politics.

And so, this influence, and the influence of Wall Street, which is the same thing—what we have to do, is we have to shut down Wall Street! Look, Wall Street is totally useless, it's worse than useless, it's destroying the United States. It's destroying the citizens of the United States. It's destroying their families, destroying everything, destroying education, destroying science, everything!

So, what we have to do, is get rid of those kinds of people, in the sense of putting them out of business: we have to shut down Wall Street. Wall Street must be obliterated! We must go back to Glass-Steagall.

There's a very simple thing: If Glass-Steagall had not been repealed, we wouldn't have the mess we have today in the United States. So we've got to go back to Glass-Steagall; we've got to go back to that kind of condition. And that may not be an adequate measure, but it certainly is one of the measures which is essential to be contributing to the future of the United States.

The health care of the United States, the health care of our citizens! It's a crime! The way the health care is delivered is a crime! It's not done by the doctors, it's imposed upon the doctors. And the quality of medicine in terms of the standard of practice of medicine, is being destroyed! Or, it's so costly, most people can't get help.

The education system is so corrupt, so rotten, that the student in schools doesn't actually get any useful information. So we have come to the point, that we can even do these very simple things, on the scale of comparisons and say that we've been cheated, and we've been cheated, well, especially since about the 1980—since about that time. And we had Bill Clinton was actually a pretty good President; we may have criticized him on a number of things, but I know him, personally, well, and he's a pretty good guy. And he was one of the better Presidents we've had in the crop recently.

So, if we get back to some of those things which had been useful to the citizens of the United States, restore that, we would be moving on the way back up to what we had sought to do beforehand. And we can do it now.

But what we have to do, is mobilize our citizens who have the courage to recognize what their rights really are, what they have a right to demand, really should be. And we have to get rid of Wall Street, we have to get rid of what it represents; we have to get rid of the Bushes. As Moses would say, "Burn the Bushes," especially Prescott Bush. And all the crooks which have taken over the United States. And all the Presidents which should never have been elected. Because the best Presidents have always been assassinated—the usual routine of the British Empire.

So, that's what—we have the means, if we have the insight and the courage to see the insight that we should recognize, we can assemble ourselves around that cause, we can win. Doesn't mean it's guaranteed to us, but we have a chance of winning, and the chance of winning is the thing that's most worth doing.

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