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This transcript appears in the October 2, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

This Is a Revolution

by Lyndon LaRouche, Jr.

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From some remarks by LaRouche to the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee on Sept. 28, 2015.

Sept. 28—I can say that the developments of this past week, and coming on still, are really exemplary of something. We’re not quite sure what they’re exemplary of, but we do know that it involves Putin. And Putin is actually the keystone, right now,—he’s the keystone of the future of mankind, and in his operation, the future’s going to be there. China, of course, is a big factor in this, and some other people, known to me personally, are also key people in this operation. And that will be a little bit of a surprise to most people, because we’ll hold that back for a couple of weeks, or a week or so.

UN/Cia Pak
Russian President Putin at the UN Sept. 28: “We can no longer tolerate the current state of affairs in the world.”

So, therefore, we are actually in a unique situation. We are placed in the right place. Our numerically small organization has suddenly become very large, in many implications, including the fun department, the musical fun department, and things like that,—which is what has to go with a thing like this. And we have a lot of fun with Manhattan, and Manhattan, of course, is the place where the creation of our organization started.

I think there will be some more eventful developments coming out very soon. Of course, the destiny of Obama is also among the mysteries which have to be resolved now, because this is a change. It’s a fundamental change in policy. And, actually, we as ourselves (because most people don’t know what has happened here); we, a smaller group of people, know internationally, as well as in the United States,—this group that we represent, has a lot of knowledge about these matters, and I can assure you that there will be much more attention to those relationships very soon.

We have some responsibilities now in this matter. There are some things I won’t mention, which are important things, but they’re not ready to be mentioned, shall we say. But more is going to be brought forth more clearly when I present that,—which will be later. This is a revolution. There’s a matter of risk in it; there are elements of risk in it. But! If you look at the thing the way I see it, from my personal viewpoint, we’re on the edge of something very, very big, and very, very important for all of mankind. This is an opening, the like of which has never occurred before. So begin to enjoy it.

The U.S.A. Is Not Just a Nation

Well, the one thing you want to put together because of the nature of these events in the United States right now, is that the United States is not just a nation. There is something inside the United States which is much more than merely a nation, and very few Americans so far have actually understood that. First of all the creation of the United States had its roots in the Renaissance, and you’ve got to go back to the Renaissance in order to locate the origins of the United States. Nicholas of Cusa was merely,—to say the word ”merely,”—was actually a part of a process which developed, and which Nicholas of Cusa actually began to express in his own way, and reinforce this achievement. But the concept had already existed!

And it was from the genesis of that origin that the birth of the United States as a possibility came into existence. But you have to go through the history of these people, like Kepler and others, who played a key role in this process. This focussed on the need for a new kind of society against the European system, against other parts of the world system, and said, “This instrument of a government is necessary for all mankind.” And there is a quality inside the United States, built into it, often not recognized or identified by the average American, for example,—but it exists. And if you understand the history, as I’ve had a passionate insight into what history really means,—No, this is real history.

And therefore, what follows from that is not the effects of what Americans have done, as such; it’s the question of what has been done on their behalf, by what would be for most people, a mysterious source. Because that’s what the United States really must represent, even though the behavior of Americans is not really very intelligent for most of the time. But inside the creation of the United States,—as from Kepler, for example, what’s Kepler? Kepler’s just a scientist? No! He’s not! He’s one of the persons who defined what the Solar System means! He defined the meaning of the Solar System; he defined the meaning of the relationship of mankind to other parts of the universe.

And it was this kind of thing, the roots of this, which made the existence of the United States possible. It would not have meant anything otherwise, except in that way. And we have to understand that.

And therefore, we’re assembling in Manhattan and around there. What does that mean? Well, most people don’t know anything about it. They feel the presence of it, but they don’t know the meaning of it. And what I’ve been seeing in this period is this sense of the justification of the existence of the United States, which most Americans don’t understand. But I think the time has come, that we ought to give them a little more information about this great mystery of the creation of the United States.

UN/Cia Pak
Chinese President Xi Jinping, in his toast at his State Dinner with President Obama Sept. 26, said: “As an ancient Chinese saying goes: ‘Only those who take actions can achieve their goal. Only those who strive forward can reach their destination.’ President Abraham Lincoln once said: ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’ ” Xi is shown here at the UN summit on development Sept. 26, 2015.
What’s the Meaning of Mankind?

I say this repeatedly, but the question is: what’s the meaning of mankind? And the meaning of mankind is the creative powers of mankind. And it’s unique, because mankind is the only living species we know of who has this ability, who has this quality,—the creative powers of the human mind. But the important thing which is often lost, is what’s the mystery? Well, the mystery is that people die, yes. But that’s not the point. They also have progeny, or they develop progeny, and the progeny improve,—or the intention is that the progeny must improve,—as the United States in its own funny way progressed, and brought an effect on the planet as a whole, which improved the planet as a whole, or created the roots for that.

People lose that because they don’t identify it; and I’ve been emphasizing repeatedly that you’ve got to look at that point. If you want to understand this, you’ve got to say, “What is the meaning of human life, as opposed to anything except human life?” And that is that mankind is a creative force. A creative force which changes the universe, and will change the universe; and therefore, we in the United States have captured an aspect of that destiny of man, as a creative force within the Solar System, and more.

And that’s what we should be celebrating. We should be bringing our own people more and more into an understanding of the meaning of life. Because you have to take the meaning of life and say, “It’s not the meaning of death.” It’s something that goes with death, but also it means the progress of mankind in the process of death; death grows. But in the right process, mankind is developing. Because in each generation that is progressive, relative to the older generations, there’s a process that’s going on. And the process is what we call “human creativity.”

And this is the time,—in the circumstances of these days, presently,—this is the time to think in those terms.

Mankind’s Mission

The only thing that’s important about mankind, is what mankind is uniquely capable of doing in terms of our knowledge of the Solar System and beyond. That’s the mission. It’s not some ambition or something, but the idea is that each generation of mankind should, if at all possible, progress to a higher level of productivity, of intellectual productivity, creativity,—and that’s the purpose of mankind.

Gregory F. Maxwell
The immortal Abraham Lincoln, as depicted in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

And what we see as evil, is nothing but just that: Wall Street, for example, is evil; it’s intrinsically evil. It always was intrinsically evil. Why? Because it’s a completely destructive force. It’s chewing up things, destroying things, eating things, destroying planets, destroying people!

And we’ve now come to a very interesting period of life, and of our history: We have a global development which is gripping us now. We have not caught up with it, but it will grip us, as it’s gripping us now.

Obama and his Stepfather

I think there’s one thing that we do have a record of as an organization: We do know what the relationship is of Obama, President Obama, and his stepfather. The history is well-known, including the history of the mother’s role in this operation. The sobriquets and so forth of the experience of the father, and the son and mother; the mother was of the least importance there; the father was an ogre, a real ogre, a man-eater, a destroyer, a killer. And Obama was trained by his stepfather. And the stepfather produced a monster, a criminal in the extreme, a man whose very existence is criminality, is the expression of criminality and nothing else. He is pure evil and nothing else!

And because of his influence, he’s a big evil which must be removed from society. Remove him from power; put him into obloquy. Just get rid of him, put him out of the way. Put him in a corner some place, let him rot in his own way.

And the problem is that the people of the United States, too many of them, have capitulated to losing their own soul by supporting Obama. Any American who supports Obama has lost his soul, guaranteed!

And this is the issue: that we have a Satanic force, which has a very important role in terms of the planet as a whole,—it’s called “Obama.” Obama is really nothing except a force of evil. He was trained in evil by his stepfather, and that’s the history of the thing! And if you don’t see Obama in that, if you see Obama as containing something different than that, then you’re a fool! Because this man is Satanic. And he’s expressed this in every possible way, a Satanic force. And that’s what we’re up against.

But the planet somehow, the world in general, seems to be in a mood to get rid of this force of evil. We’re going to see what happens this week. The thing is live now,—this man is going to show his Satanic characteristics very soon this week.

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