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This transcript appears in the October 2, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

‘I Was Just Thinking ...’

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Excerpts from Lyndon LaRouche’s Dialogue with the Manhattan Project of September 26, 2105.

Q: Good afternoon, Lyn. This is B__ from New Jersey. We have now this ongoing process at the UN, which is, as many people have said (Helga particularly),—this is a turning point, or could easily be a turning point for the better. We’re now seeing coming in to it a lot of motion going on, particularly with Europe breaking from Obama. I watched a press conference at the White House, in which some of the reporters were calling for the evaluation of how the books had been cooked on the so-called strategy against ISIS and other terrorism. And I think it’s of particular importance that with the Syria thing, Obama’s clearly worked himself out on a limb on this, and a lot of people want to take advantage of this. And my thinking, I think we’re hearing a kind of sawing going on. And I’d like your thoughts on how we can coordinate that within the UN. What do we see going on, where we can get people joining in on a lot of that sawing?

EIRNS/Dana Carsrud
LaRouche PAC organizers at an intersection near the United Nations, Sept. 28, 2105

LaRouche: Well, there are a number of ways you can deal with that. Just take one example. There’s an institution called Wall Street. It’s rather infamous or famous, as you may choose, but it’s there. Now the fact about Wall Street is, Wall Street is dead; not dead in terms of moving, though there’s some moving going on among shuffling of feet and so forth in the Wall Street area. But Wall Street has come to the terminal end of its own existence. It has come to that now.

What it’s still pushing, trying to push some new imagination, some swindle,—they call it the “easing” policy. Wall Street says, “Easing, easing,” which means cheating and stealing; and they keep doing that. Now we’ve reached the point where Wall Street can no longer survive. And if we don’t do something about it, if we operate within the acceptance of Wall Street’s rule, then we’re not going to survive.

The time has come to get Obama out of the White House entirely, immediately, and expose the fact that there is an absolute collapse of the presently existing economic system within the United States. What we can do is take from a map of Franklin Roosevelt, President Franklin Roosevelt. And Franklin Roosevelt introduced an institution and reforms which brought mankind into a higher state of existence, and he also eliminated what had been the earlier Wall Street system. When Franklin Roosevelt died, the first attempt by Truman and company, was to go back to the pre-Franklin Roosevelt system and to try to destroy everything that Franklin Roosevelt had represented. And it was the people from the Wall Street committee who did that. Truman was a traitor to the United States, in fact. That was his role.

FDR Library Photo collection
In his October 31, 1936 campaign speech at Madison Square Garden in New York City, FDR (on the left) delivered his famous line to Wall Street: “Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred.”
1945: LaRouche’s Mission Begins

So therefore, these are the issues which we have to take into account. We have to take into account the fact that we have had as the United States, as a people, we have had the resources in our hands,—if we had the will to use it,—to have saved the United States from all the horrors that have occurred since World War II. And I’m one of the survivors of World War II, not in an important way, but in the experience that I had, in terms of this thing. And I know what I saw.

I had an occasion when I was coming into India, I was landing in India. It was on the occasion of Franklin Roosevelt’s death; and some fellow soldiers of mine came to me and said, “Can we talk to you in the evening?” And I understood what they were talking about. So we had a discussion, and I replied and said, “We’ve lived under a great President, Franklin Roosevelt. This is the thing for which we must fight. What he represented at the time of his death, is what he represented, and that’s what we must represent.” Now I tried a lot to get some of my fellow soldiers and others to mobilize on the basis of that position, that policy.

Many people, including great Presidents and great generals, agreed with what I was thinking, but they were defeated, often defeated. They became fewer and fewer, over the course of history. The number of people who were American officials, and so forth, talented people, who were actually competent has been reduced greatly.

If you want to find a good person to lead society in the United States, you have to find some of some very few people. Other people would like to do that, but they are denied the access to the means by which they could exert that kind of improvement. And therefore, from my standpoint, I say, “I am fighting, and others should be fighting to carry that position forth.” We have to get Obama out of office quick, for the sake of the United States, but that’s not where it starts. We have to continue that effort in order to make the United States real again, to itself.

Q: Hi, I’m E__ from Manhattan. I have a problem on deployment when I’m distributing literature, and informing people what we’re thinking and trying to say. My favorite thing is usually to say, “Let’s impeach Obama,” but anyway, they go by, they don’t stop, and they don’t show any interest in anything. It’s like they don’t want to know. So I get so frustrated. Sometimes I curse them, or say things behind their back as they pass by.

What is your advice on how to get through to these people, who just don’t seem to want to know anything?

LaRouche: Well, one thing I’ve been working on for some time is called Manhattan. It’s always been that my experience was largely in Manhattan. I was recruited at the time of World War II. I was soon dragged into that. My experience was largely located in Manhattan. I then moved back into Manhattan at a later point. I had an important position as a consultant and so forth; and that got bounced by the FBI. I had a leading position, and so the FBI said, “We’ll get you out of there. We want dumb people. We don’t want smart people in our institutions.”

So I’ve gone through that. And I understand these things fairly well, because I’ve had the opportunity to experience things in ways which are very useful to people, and which most people don’t get a chance at. And they threw me in jail, and they did other things to me, but they didn’t break me.

So the point is, we do have the ability now, because of the angry people in Manhattan. And also because of another factor. What do you think is going to happen to Wall Street? Wall Street is going to die! And all those buildings which are occupied by Wall Street and related interests, are going to suddenly go bankrupt. They’re about to become bankrupt. Now what can we do? We can go back to Franklin Roosevelt’s method, in dealing with a similar problem in the 1930s. And what he did, was shut down Wall Street.

Now what do you do when you shut down Wall Street? Well, Franklin Roosevelt knew what to do when you shut down Wall Street: You put in new institutions which are productive, instead of speculative. And he made a recovery of the United States, and made the United States again a great power under his prompting of influence. And people really swore by him, (not at him).

And therefore, we’ve come to a time where we have to recognize, that all right, we’ve got a lousy President; the worst, most lousy President we’ve probably ever had! The most evil one! I can tell you, he’s the most Satanic person ever in the government of the United States, the most Satanic.

Get Rid of Obama

And the only guy who compared was his stepfather, who was also purely evil. You have to know that Obama has a family record of being pure evil. He was less vigorous than his stepfather was, but he’s just as bad as his stepfather, right now. He was the Satan of the occasion. And therefore, when we recognize that that’s the thing that we have to get rid of: We have to get rid of Wall Street, which is another form of Satan’s manifestations,—I guess its hooves, or something like that. But we must get rid of that thing, Wall Street!

We create the idea of a system of credit, as Franklin Roosevelt used the idea of a system of credit to reconstruct the economy and welfare of the American people. We have to do the same thing, the same practice again. When all those Wall Street towers collapse out of bankruptcy, we’re going to have to have a Franklin Roosevelt or the likeness, take over those buildings, kick the scum out of the buildings, clean them up a little bit, and use them for more appropriate purposes.

Q: Good afternoon Mr. LaRouche, M__ from Queens. My question: We are the ordinary people, what can we expect from the UN General Assembly?

LaRouche: That’s a big question, isn’t it? Because we haven’t got the answer yet, about what the result is going to be. Now, I would presume that the intention of President Putin of Russia, would be to do everything possible to get Obama in a tizzy. That is, it already has happened to a certain degree. Putin suddenly made a change, or what appeared to be a change in his policy. And suddenly, Obama freaked out! Because he thought he’d been swindled. He’s enraged, absolutely enraged!

You have to know what Obama is: This man’s stepfather was one of the biggest mass murderers in the southern waters, internationally; and the stepson followed his stepfather’s training. The son was not quite as aggressive as the stepfather had been, but since recent times, Obama has become a true echo of his evil stepfather.

And therefore that’s where the problem lies. We’re going to have to get rid of what Obama represents. Now, it’s very easy to do, in law, because he deserves to be thrown out of office, and there are many reasons for throwing him out of office. There are more opportunities to throw him out of office than he has lives. So therefore, get rid of this guy, dump him!

UN/Amanda Voisard
After Putin took on Obama in his UN speech, he joined the U.S. President in Obama’s toast to the work of the United Nations, at a luncheon hosted by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

He was a British creation, anyway. Obama was part of this Asia operation; his stepfather was his master. He’s a true copy of his stepfather, who was an evil man, a mass murderer, and a very evil man, and he has the same characteristics, still today. Just think of the number of people that Obama has killed: People on the record, who were arbitrarily killed by the order of Obama. Not because they were guilty of anything, not because there were actual changes against them. But Obama wanted to kill them. He killed little boys; he killed young people generally. He kills, kills, kills, kills!

He terrifies the people inside his own administration; he’s a tyrant. He’s a man of intrinsic evil. If we can remove this President from his office, I guarantee you that the future of mankind will be greatly improved, relatively speaking.

Q: Hi, Lyn. My name is A__. I just had a general question on going into the next week, in organizing in the UN, because we are coming across a lot of diplomats, a lot of organizations affiliated with the UN, that are really interested in our initiative,—you know, the U.S. joining the BRICS, let alone their countries [joining BRICS]. And it’s interesting, just the previous question, it is the case a lot of these countries that do come over to our table, they’re not part of the BRICS; they’re Third World nations, but they’re very interested in our initiative. But, it’s like a general question: How can we escalate the next coming week, in organizing these people in the UN?

Terrified People

LaRouche: Well, you’re going to get an answer to that, in a sense, by the headlong conflict between Obama and Putin. And China is also involved in this already. Other people, other nations are also involved in this issue right now. So this is not an isolated case.

The point is, getting Obama thrown out of office, is the most essential thing that could be done, now, by anybody anywhere. Get rid of this guy. The next thing, we get rid of the Saudi empire. And once you’ve got Obama thrown out, then you go out and you close down that empire, the Saudi empire, which is one of the worst afflictions of the planet. But Obama is worse. So we get Obama out of the way first, and then we go and clean up Saudi Arabia. And then we can clean up some other things after that.

But the people of the United States and the world in general, are terrified people by and large. They are not warriors. They may have equipment of warfare, but they’re not warriors by instinct, and therefore you have to do some coaching, to muster people into doing what has to be done for mankind.

And what happens? Everybody looks right now at the world, for example, at Putin. “Ah! There’s Putin! Ah, he’s a courageous guy! He’s going to take this on, he’s going to take that on; he’s the guy to go to.” He’s the guy who went to some of the issues there, and so he’s considered the guy to go to. And other people say, “Oh, yes, we’re also involved in this, we’re very much supportive of this thing.” And so you have a great number of people and nations who are willing to stand by and say, “Oh yeah, I’m all for Putin.” [laughter] But, who’s going to support him? Who’s going to deliver the goods, shall we say? And that’s the problem.

But my view is, in my experience, if you—as we’re already doing—you have to look at the change that occurred within the nations of Europe, since recently. Everybody had been hating Putin, officially; nations across the trans-Atlantic region, had been hating Putin! Then, suddenly one day, the ruling forces in Germany said, “Oh, no! this guy is very useful. He’s saving people’s lives; he’s intervening to defend people’s lives. Oh, he’s a good guy!” And that’s the way it works!

So what happens is, somebody does something, an act of courage, and somebody else says, “Oh! Now I see what you meant!” And that’s the way you have to look at it. People are not intrinsically courageous; and they are hesitant. They don’t like to be courageous. But anyone who’s gone through war,—you know, actual war,—knows what this is like, what war is like. War is scary!

I was never in much danger in my military service; it was very limited. I was assigned to my duties and I performed my duties in various parts of the world. But most people don’t have the guts to win wars; and if they do it, they often do it with great stress on their nerves. So don’t demand too much of people. If you can push people into recognizing that perhaps they could survive, against something which they know to be evil, they may, with some hesitation, actually mobilize themselves to change the way things are going.

Q: Thank you for taking my question. My name is M__, and I’d like to ask you—you may have answered this already, about two people before; but eventually Russia seems destined to be the main link in Eurasia politically and economically. They’re already there geographically. But all the things that have happened in the past week, in Vladivostok, and the parade in China, and also Merkel agreeing to stop being an echo chamber for the West there about her agreement about Assad being put in. Do you see any other European power that might eventually leave the NATO pact, at least verbally and sort of come behind Putin, and any other shift that you see there?
Building bridges: Russian President Putin speaks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on May 10, at the conclusion of celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe.

LaRouche: Well, there are two things that can be said about that, on that subject. First of all, that Putin is a unique figure. Now I’ve had a lot of activity with people, in post-Soviet system operations with Russia. In other words, I was not part of the old system, the old Russian system; but I was part of the new system, what was left over from the older one. And I was associated with a group of people in Russia who came to me and asked for me to make my contributions to policymaking, for Russia to get out of the mess it had been dumped into. The whole Soviet system had collapsed, it disintegrated, gone! So there were some people who were trying to deal with that problem, that ménage.

And I was brought into this, to visit Russia; I was invited by some Russians to do that. I conducted a lot of interventions at various points in Russia, and the last contact I really had of any significance in causing Russian policy was when Putin, at the same time that I was operating on this thing, had started his big campaign to free Russia of the conditions of Russia at that time. And that has been a relatively long period of time.

Who is Vladimir Putin?

So there have been ups and downs. In the meantime, I’ve had very little contact with Russia in general, because of my own health conditions and so forth. But in terms of principle, Putin has recreated Russia. I don’t want to make that a statement of exaggeration; it’s simply that he was the guy, who as a leader within Russia under those conditions, dealing with a particular problem, has persisted in defending Russia, with increasing effectiveness over that period of time, and has also made contributions to other nations, cooperation with other nations, and the programs to try to defend nations against certain problems.

So that’s the way you have to look at it. This is not a streak of genius in itself: Putin has really worked over a period of his lifetime, since I knew what his operation was; since I began to know his operation. And now it’s at that stage where he’s now become that absolutely indispensable factor, in Europe and the trans-Atlantic region particularly, to get the world out of this mess. And you see that, you see what the operation is; you see the changes: Germany, France, for example; the importance of China, the importance of India. All these things are part of this great movement which is centered on Putin.

Now, he’s not just some great genius in the ordinary sense of that remarkable case. He’s a practical man, an impassioned man, and one who remembers deeply that many members of his family died in defending the very lives of their family in Leningrad, now called St. Petersburg, in the old Soviet Union. And that legacy has been picked up, finally, by Putin. And Putin has been the one person from Russia, who in the course of the development of his own career has built Russia into a force, tied to China, tied to India, tied to other parts of the planet, and they’re doing good. They’re doing Russian good; it’s Russian-style, Russian good. And that’s there!

Right now, Putin is the most important figure in ensuring the possibility that Obama will be thrown out of office. Because if Obama is not thrown out of office,—and you know his history and his stepfather’s history before then. What’s happened now, what Putin has done with these current events in Manhattan now, may have saved civilization. If Putin is successful against Obama, that may be the salvation of civilization; not because he’s a great warrior, but because his role, at a crucial point, is that important.

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