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This statement appears in the October 23, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

A Presidential Policy Statement
from Lyndon LaRouche

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Oct. 20—The overwhelming majority of sane Americans reacted with horror and anger at the clown show of a Democratic Party Presidential debate staged by CNN and Google on Tuesday, Oct. 13. The disrespect for the institution of the Presidency that was demonstrated by the manner in which the debate was engineered, came close to matching the obscenity that has characterized the several Republican Party debates so far.

In response to an outpouring of support that I have received, by merely speaking the truth about these abominations, I must issue the following brief statement on the nature of our current national crisis and the proper framework for approaching this vital Presidential election.

First, the defining issue for today is the fact that Wall Street is hopelessly, irreversibly bankrupt, and there can be no serious improvement in the conditions of life for the vast majority of Americans until Wall Street is shut down altogether. The first and most immediate remedy for the bankruptcy of Wall Street is the reinstating of Glass-Steagall.

The simple truth is that an honest appraisal of the disastrous collapse of real productivity in the U.S. economy, shows that a large and growing majority of our fellow citizens are facing job loss, starvation, collapse of genuine health care services, the destruction of the educational system, and an overall disintegration of basic infrastructure. This has accelerated under the Barack Obama presidency, but it began before that, particularly during the George W. Bush terms in office.

Any attempt to dodge this fundamental truth during the now-ongoing Presidential campaigns, by appealing to “issues” or populist slogans, dooms the United States to total destruction in the very short-term period ahead.

Wall Street must be shut down totally. The entire Wall Street system is bankrupt. It must be ended. Then, we must do what Franklin Roosevelt did to overcome the Great Depression. Today, we face an even greater challenge, due, in part, to the decades of collapse of the productive powers of labor in this nation. Shut down Wall Street now, reinstate Glass-Steagall as a means of reconstituting viable commercial banking, and then begin a program of Federal credit to revive the productive economy, through capital investment in infrastructure and other vital programs. We must begin to reverse the collapse of our industrial economy, and we must train a new generation of young people to develop the skills to function in a modern, technology-intensive growing economy.


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H.R. 381 is one of three bills ready for immediate restoration of Glass-Steagall in the Congress. It has 68 sponsors.

This is what the 2016 Presidential candidates must address. Any attempt to divert from this essential agenda is tantamount to surrendering to Wall Street and those who would see the United States disintegrate altogether.

A segment of the American people, horrified by the clown show of last week, is demanding nothing less. Any candidate who fails to meet this standard does not belong in the race. This is not a popularity contest, or a test of who can best pander to the worst pragmatic impulses of a beaten-down and terrified public. This is an election that will determine whether or not the United States still has the moral fitness to survive.

I hear the American people crying out for a future minus the scourge of Wall Street. They deserve nothing less.

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