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This article appears in the November 27, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Humiliate Him!
Denounce Anyone That Won’t!

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Nov. 25—A few hours after releasing the statement above, LaRouche told a meeting of associates that it was not adequate; he had more to say on the subject.

He said that anyone who supports or tolerates Obama in the Presidency is a traitor, unfit for human company. We must draw the line here! He is beyond redemption,—evil,—a Satanic force. Don’t pretend you can find some other interpretation. We are on the edge of thermonuclear war; our only hope is that a limited number of people can intervene from the inside against Obama. We must denounce anyone who won’t denounce him.

“Don’t imagine that I’m exaggerating,” LaRouche said. “I’m not and I don’t. We must shun and denounce anyone who won’t denounce Obama as evil.”

The fate of humanity now depends upon that. We must break Obama’s morale,—intimidate him. He must see the people immediately around him humiliating him in his presence. “Oh! President Shithead!” Why shithead? “You don’t have any brains!”

Don’t try to find some other explanation; This is real. If you don’t do this now, there is no other refuge for you.

We must demoralize him! Do it now, not in a couple of weeks. Each of you must learn that; that’s the message. There is no other way: it doesn’t exist,—only the immediate threat of thermonuclear war.

The time has come to humiliate the bastard; and if you find cowards who know better but won’t do that, humiliate them as cowards. This is a matter of warfare, not of opinion; It’s one of those times where you don’t fool around. “Shut him down, or you’re all dead. I haven’t said this recently, but I’m saying it tonight.” Focus on the Manhattan area, and go further. Europe won’t do it; China and Russia, by themselves, are not enough to do it alone. You have to do it.

Destroy his ego: that’s what we must do. No other option exists. Are you afraid of him? Look at the number of people he has killed!

This defines the future of our organization from this point on.

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