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This transcript appears in the December 18, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Force of Unity Is
the Secret of Humanity

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Dec. 14—Directly after his Dec. 12 dialog with Manhattan activists reported above, Lyndon LaRouche began a 50-minute colloquy with a group in Alameda County in northern California, chaired by LaRouche PAC Policy Committee member Michael Steger. LaRouche’s talk was followed by presentations by former U.S. Senator from Alaska Mike Gravel, agriculturalist Eric Wilson, and LaRouche PAC Science Team leader Benjamin Deniston. Only LaRouche’s part of the meeting is reported here.

Michael Steger: So, Lyn, this is Michael. We’ve got an audience here for you gathered in Alameda, California, and we’re very excited to hear what you have to say, so, without further introduction, I think you should just go ahead and start the proceedings.

Lyndon LaRouche: Okay. Let’s do it. I’m ready whenever the closure is established. Why don’t you speak to me first, and then announce. . . .

Steger: Would you like to start with questions, or would you like to give a short introduction?

LaRouche: Let’s start questions and then we’ll go back into the discussion . . . get the questions lined in there so I get a feeling of what exactly you want. Sometimes it’s implicit to what should be wanted, and therefore if you start with an opening discussion, then you get into the meat of the substance.

Q: Mr. LaRouche, my name is K— from Sunnyvale, CA, and the question I have is, I know that there is a large move to impeach President Obama, and I just received a certified letter from, I believe, it’s the United States Justice Foundation, and they’re asking me to send money, of course, and also a petition. This is a group of what you’d call Republican, if you will, or right-wing folks who feel that President Obama should be impeached. My question to you is, how can we all join forces together to get this to happen?

Immediate Action to Save the Nation

LaRouche: First of all, we have two major parties, Democratic and Republican. Now some of the Republicans are no damn good, and some of the Democrats are no damn good, but, as I’ve laid it out earlier this week, the point is we have to bring together, urgently, the sane people—not Trump—but the sane people among the Republicans and Democrats who actually are sincerely dedicated, to grope quickly through what they have to do to bring about an immediate end to the Obama Administration.

creative commons/Gage Skidmore
The fact that we can all recognize that Trump is no damn good, is a great motive for bringing sane Republicans and Democrats together. Here, Trump at CPAC in 2013.

The extinction of the Obama Administration is the absolute requirement, prerequisite, for saving the United States. And the history of the United States is to take large bodies, political bodies, and people, and bring them together to get into a discussion. The discussion involves differences, it involves positives, it involves changes in behavior all the way through. We want to take, no matter what the meat is of the Republicans, if they’re honest and sincere about being Republicans, and being part of the Democratic-Republican organization, we want those people, because it is only when we begin to get that discussion, that we will find that we have the ability to get the mechanics of bringing people into actual cooperation.

Because they don’t know what they want. They think they know what they want, but they don’t know, because they have not tested the question, they have not tested the matter, and they have to do an exploratory process with the understanding that they are going to try to work on it. The sane Republicans and the sane Democrats will go to work and say “We’ve got to save this nation right now.” We’re not going to give it to Obama, we’re not going to give it to a foreign party, we will negotiate with foreign organizations which are relevant, but we are not,—we have got to make a probe, a seriously dedicated probe to bring together the right Republicans and the right Democrats, without much discretion. We just want sincerity.

We know that Trump is no damn good. So the reason that we all can recognize that Trump is no damn good, is the great motive for bringing the sane Democrats and the sane Republicans back together, to begin, urgently, a program to define how we are going to get out of this mess. And the mess right now is that we’re on the edge of general thermonuclear warfare. We’re on the edge of that right now. So if we sit there as Democrats and Republicans as separate groups, it’s not going to work, because you’re not going to be able to deliver the job on time.

So, therefore, we have to bring the Democrats and the Republicans who are sane, bring them quickly into negotiation, with the intent to create a solid basis for the United States policy. We have to go through that experience. We’re going to have to go with quick action and solid action, and with a process of patient discovery of things we have to quickly discover and settle. And once we get into this discussion, which I suppose we can have here now from my standpoint,—from what my thoughts are, what the contribution has to be,—we want to make this thing national and we want to make it in effect.

But we realize we need the urgent reform of both the Democratic and Republican Parties, and then we can bring broader areas among the citizens into play. Once we can make some sense of bringing the two, the Republican and Democratic Parties together, sane ones, then we can go to a further step quickly, and begin to get some broad terms. And there are senior people in both parties who can come quickly to bringing forth proposals for immediate action to save this nation from the threat of general thermonuclear war.

Q: Mr. LaRouche, this is B— from Fair Oaks, Sacramento County, and I was interested in the 25th Amendment and a rapid removal of President Obama, as President Nixon was removed, and I’ve seen it can happen in one day, coming from the top people from the Democratic Party in this case, as it was done in the case of President Nixon. How can this come about and the right people not make the excuses and denials as I come across?

Where we live, in our district, the 7th Congressional District, Congressman Dr. Ami Bera answers like a lawyer, just picks stuff apart and denies there ever was treason or any reason for Obama to be impeached or removed by the 25th Amendment,—that’s just a field caseworker for this guy. I’ve gone 23 times to that office, and they’re just liars, and deniers; it’s useless. So I’d like to know, how could it happen?

A Common Interest Faced with the Enemy

LaRouche: You can solve the problem by going on with the discussion of what should be. Because, right now, anybody who is sane in the Democratic and Republican Parties, given this proposal, will, if they are sane, accept it immediately.

Why? Because they don’t know what they are going to do, but what they do know is that if we can’t bring a Republican faction and Democratic faction into a common interest approach, we are not going to accomplish anything under these circumstances. So therefore, you are starting with a Republican and Democratic Party who have been normally at odds on principle. We know that that is no good. We just assume that members of the Congress are honest representatives of what we believe the interests of the United States are. They’re going to come to an agreement, an urgent agreement, an immediate urgent agreement to create the first step to create a formal meeting, an open continued meeting, between the relevant Republicans and the relevant Democrats.

Because if we are going to get into a fuss of trying to deal with our problems, which come from foreign sources, we have to have a unity among the leading forces of our government in the United States. And we have to get something which resembles a fair approximation of the people we want to initiate with, as the initiatives which are going to create this new arrangement in the Congress, a unity action by the Democrats and Republicans. Then we can come quickly to certain steps,—which will not be the completed steps, but initial steps which will bring the spirit and heart of the Democratic and Republican Party sections to a certain unity for action.

Now, we had the case, where you had a Presidential candidate, Alexander Hamilton, and Hamilton went through the process, in Pennsylvania, of creating, bringing together people in proper order, and as a result of that, we had the founding of the United States Constitution. We’re looking at something which is comparable to that in a certain manner of speaking, something that you can think about, what happened when he introduced the idea of creating the Government.

You’re in that kind of situation. We’re trying to re-establish the principle of the Constitution, but we haven’t got a Constitution yet, not really. We’re going to have to get one, we’re going to have to get one quickly, because we’ve got to get Obama out of this business quickly. If you can bring the Democratic and Republican leaderships together, even on this open option, you can win, you can get Obama out of office. Obama is a hateful creature inherently. And it’s only as long as the Democrats and Republicans can be at log?ggerheads with each other on these things that Obama can continue to exist.

The bringing together of the relevant leaders of the Democratic and Republican Parties will eliminate Obama. If we do that, you will have a chance of surviving. If you don’t do that, you probably—the United States—will not survive. And that’s what we’re playing at. We’re not talking about negotiating this or that and so forth. Bunk! No! I know about politicians, and politicians have screwball ideas from my standpoint, because they don’t come to an actual principle. They come to a negotiating argument. This is no time for negotiations, as such, except the idea of looking for a common interest in face of the enemy. And the enemy is, in particular, the British Empire, and Obama. And Obama is nothing but an agent of the British Empire.

And we’ve got to save the United States. If we save the United States in this fashion, we can save the world. If we don’t. . . . Because Russia will play the game, others will play the game, China will play the game, India will play the game, others, and we can bring about a new condition on the basis of what the original intention was on the formation of the United States under the leadership and prompting of Alexander Hamilton.

From that standpoint, we have an option. The world is, in large degree, ready for that option. We’ve got some evil forces running loose. We’ve got to shut them down. The way you do it, is you create a unity of the viable people as a force who understand they must solve the problems which are involved with this now. Do it promptly! Not a long-winded debate, but we’ve got to meet quickly and say, “What is our purpose?” and the one thing you have to say is, “it ain’t Obama!”

Q: Mr. LaRouche, it’s an honor to speak with you. When I see you, I’m reminded of Shakespeare’s sonnet, in which he says, “To me, fair friends, you never can be old.” And that’s true of you and of Helga, and just to be in this company, and it’s Mindy Pechenuk’s birthday today, it’s such a great day! And I love you so much, and I’m especially heartened to hear of all the choirs and choruses that are now being formed in Manhattan.

I would like to hear how the classical culture, and development of the literature and art and music, could you speak on the role of that in bringing,—because it is a common denominator of Republicans and Democrats, they love Classical music—how can Classical culture support this goal of getting the two parties together to have a common cause in defeating Obama and bringing in a renaissance? Thank you.

Not a Deal but a Passion

LaRouche: Well the key element of this process, what you referred to on this account, is music, Classical music. Because if you can take the spirit of Classical music as we are doing it in Manhattan,—what we’re doing, we are bringing together, according to, largely, principally, the Italian source, the original Italian source, and by doing that, and we still know some of the people who are alive in the time that I knew when the Italian musical program existed and I participated in that area. And we had some good times with it.

But once you get that idea, that you’re coming together on the basis of certain things that you really agree with, and are willing to agree with because you feel you’re safe with—Because the problem is, can you trust people? Can you trust a Democrat, can you trust a Republican? Offhand, no. As a matter of fact, a Democrat can’t consort with a Democrat or a Republican with a Republican, or almost anything like that.

You have to come to a point of affinity which is not merely an opinion as such, but to a definition of urgency; and we are in an extremely urgent situation, probably the most urgent situation to happen to all mankind so far. We’re on the edge of thermonuclear war, global thermonuclear war. Obama is the agent of the British and other interests for thermonuclear war. We’re on the edge of it, now!

Therefore, at this time, if we sit there with Democrats and Republicans separating, as they are,—not just getting angry with each other, but the way they are,—they cannot come to the kind of decision which has the authority, common authority, to move quickly, to necessary emergency actions to occur, on the presumption we are going to continue on that process to a more refined quality of development. We need that spirit, we need the confidence of the citizens of the United States to believe that the leadership of the Congress, of the best part of the leadership of the Congress, is prepared to act on that basis. And we have to ask, “Will you, the Presidency, will you come to that emergency agreement right now? Because if you won’t, we’re finished. If you do, we can probably win.”

I mean, this is not something like a deal, a trade-off deal. That’s not it; it’s something more. We’re going to a period now, where the very potential of the explosions happening throughout the planet, as now,—and if you don’t change this climate, political climate, globally, you’re not going to save it at all.

The time has come to get emergency leadership which becomes not only a kernel of the international leadership of the nations, and that beginning will turn, what? Away from Obama, who is an agency of the British monarchy, the British system. That’s all he is. He’s also Satanic, but that’s another aspect of him. And therefore, we have to create it in the United States, because we have to do it; if we don’t bring the Republicans and Democrats together in a certain way, in this way, of saying, “Drop this nonsense you’ve been playing. We’ve got a common interest which we must protect and support.”

White House/Pete Souza
Two evil British agents, Saudi King Salman and U.S. President Obama, meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Jan. 27, 2015.

You’ve got to get a sense of unity, a sense of passion for survival of our nation and this meaning, and the other nations which are also jeopardized, with China, with Japan. We’ve seen success in Japan, again. We see it in other parts. We see it in India, we see it in other locations. If we can do that in the United States now, by consolidating, as I have just indicated here, the unity of the Congress, as Alexander Hamilton did, to create the unity of the Congress, despite some evil members of the Congress itself. And we need that.

This is not a deal. This is a passion which is demanded by all leading minds. We must stop this nonsense! We can have a fresh shot at the United States being reconstructed. We want to stick to the original Hamiltonian view of the formation of the United States. We want to reach out to other nations and other parts of the world. We want to bring these nations together, and bring the United States together, to bring the United States together in cooperation with other nations, to create a unity of nations. Because we are not in the business of trade-offs.

The human species is unique. The human species is not a collection of animals. There’s a big difference, despite a lot of opinions to the contrary. And therefore, what we have to do is we have to bring together the leading features of the United States’ power, to bring together our citizens to a sense of unity, radiated around that. We have to do that on the basis of reaching out to China, to India, to other locations. We have to bring a kind of unity of the human spirit, because the human spirit right now is in pretty bad condition.

But if we start, as the United States started, under Hamilton’s leadership, we can save this nation, and by saving this nation, and working with it, we can save humanity from what Obama is trying to bring upon it.

Willing to Sacrifice Your Foolishness?

Q: Hello, Lyn; this is Pat Ruckert. Haven’t seen you for a while, but in the 45 years I’ve been associated with you, one of your constant reminders—to put it in mild terms—is to remind us again and again and again of the principles and the ideas that you’re trying to get across and accomplish. And what you’ve said so far I think is a good example of that; the unity of the sane Republicans and the sane Democrats towards saving the nation.

And I think yesterday or the day before, you actually put some real meat on that by saying that we have to repeat what happened in 1933, when Republicans and Democrats united around the leader, Franklin Roosevelt, and implemented the Glass-Steagall Act, which busted Wall Street. And I’d like you to actually just talk a little bit about that, because it really gives a sense of the difference between a Wall Street economy and a production economy.

LaRouche: A Wall Street economy, which is now operating in the United States as the ruling model, will destroy the entire United States and crush it, and lead to its extinction. Therefore, the main thing is, we have to shut down Wall Street with no compensation; because the compensation involves thievery, pure outright thievery. Cancel it! Take Glass-Steagall and use the Franklin Roosevelt Glass-Steagall approach; put that into effect, and you don’t pay off anybody in terms of Wall Street.

That’s our problem; Wall Street is what makes us prisoners. And the British give the orders, and Wall Street carries them out. What we have to do is, we have to bring back the idea of the unity of purpose of the United States. The unity of purpose—what’s that? Look at the condition of our citizens; look at them! Aren’t they being destroyed? Aren’t the farmers being destroyed? Aren’t people being murdered by drugs which are induced upon them, by the conditions of life under which they work? Are we not aware of the destruction of the forces of production which the United States used to represent, which have now been made into jelly?fish? Stinking jellyfish at that.

We have to create this unity of what the United States represented as Alexander Hamilton exemplified. And once you understand that, that you’ve got a bunch of people apart from certain Senators, certain members of the Congress, who are skunks; as a matter of fact, we had four skunks right after the first two Presidents. But we get rid of the skunks. But we know what the intention was, as Alexander Hamilton made it very clear; the four conditions of productivity. His four conditions of productivity; that’s a good beginning for any agreement. You get the Congress pulled together, the Senate, the House of Representatives; that’s your start automatically, one of your great starts.

Bipartisan collaboration for the nation: Republican Nebraska Sen. George Norris, a key promoter of the TVA, campaigns for FDR’s re-election campaign in 1936.

You want agriculture? We need agriculture; but who’s taking it away from us? It’s Wall Street; and what Wall Street represents—and Obama. So, if we can unify things around these kinds of elementary issues—I mean not elementary by being stupid, but elementary because you can’t succeed without them. Certain changes have to occur. You can say, “Wait for other things; wait for other things.”; but there are certain things that must be brought together now! Otherwise, you don’t win, you lose.

Every crisis in mankind that I’ve known of, has always come to the point where, “What are you willing to give up to gain what you must get?” What foolishness can man separate himself from, for the sake of gaining the most precious things for all humanity? Alexander Hamilton brought this on creating what became the United States.

Q: Good afternoon, sir. My name is D—; I’m from San Jose, California. My question right now is how do you propose—well, first, pulling together honest Democrat and Republican representatives, Congressmen; it depends on assuming that there are some. I’m not sure that’s really valid; but if there are, they’re all so used to, and so motivated by re-election that they’re slaves to Wall Street and big corporations on both sides. So, they need the money to finance their re-election campaigns.

So, all I’m saying is, the last time I know of when both sides of the country actually pulled together to defeat a common enemy was what I heard about happened in World War II. And I’m just saying, is there any way we can feed on that patriotism that there used to be; or there was some of that when John Kennedy was alive? Can we use that to avoid World War III? That’s my question.

Get Obama Out!

LaRouche: That’s my point. And that’s why I say, if you bring together a core of the Democrats and Republicans on the basis that I’ve laid out in the past days, you will solve the problem. Now the question is, what kind of solution are you getting? What you’re getting is the fact that the necessity of the Glass-Steagall policy is obvious; without Glass-Steagall, there is no solution. Because right now, the condition of the planet in terms of things like no Glass-Steagall in the United States and similar kinds of things in Europe and so forth; under those conditions, you haven’t got a chance. We haven’t got a chance.

So therefore, we have to go with the core question: How are we going to go back to the promise that was made by Alexander Hamilton, and simply get the job done? And if you look at Hamilton’s writings, all you have to do is take the published writings of Alexander Hamilton, especially the four principles that he raised on the economic question, and that is the solution. Now, you have to perfect the solution; you have to understand what the solution meant. You’ve got to understand what it means in practice.

We are now killing our citizens; this is already in process. The farmers are being killed, or being destroyed in terms of their claims. We’ve got to change that! You need to find a keystone which will actually present the mechanism which will bring it together. And my estimate is, if you could bring some of the Republicans and some of the Democrats, a very large number, to understand exactly what the issue is,—we can win. Because we will throw Obama out, automatically.

White House/Pete Souza
Obama at the desk where he decides on his “kill list” every Tuesday. This was taken on Thanksgiving Day, 2015.

The first thing that the Congress will do under those conditions, is throw Obama out of office immediately. The mood is already on the edge; because Obama is producing more and more evil. You’ve got to shut it down; and the way to do that is if the Republican and Democratic Parties are not played against each other; then, Obama is dumped. And if you don’t dump Obama, you’re going to have Obama-ism; and under Obama-ism, you don’t have a chance. Get him out of the street! He’s killing people every Tuesday; Obama is killing citizens of the United States every Tuesday. And you’re sitting back and not doing anything about it? You’re accepting that kind of goings-on? What do you expect?

I’m telling you, if you get the Republican and Democratic Parties hating some evil people, including that Republican who’s being dumped, and Hillary, who should be dumped. . . . Get those elements out; and get a negotiation between the relevant Republicans and Democrats. And out of the sense of desperation, they will say, “I don’t know about that; I guess we’ve got to do it.” And that’s what you want.

Q: Hello, Lyn. This is N— from Oakland. I’ve been listening to your encouragement, your demands, and I’m trying to not put your demands off on some other neighbor of mine; but to require your request, demand that I do something important. We have among us here in Alameda, a man who’s done that in the past—Senator Mike Gravel; he’ll be speaking with us soon.

I, through my life shortly past, meaning last July, ran across an article that’s come back to me frequently since then. It was an article introducing me to a man who was responsible for the exposure of Cointelpro, as I’m certain you’re familiar with, having been a victim of those operations. His name is John Raines, who came out recently and exposed that he was one of eight among those who broke into the Media [Pennsylvania] FBI offices. He’s quite active; he’s an octogenarian, like most actual living patriots. Meaning to say, if you’re an octogenarian, you have a more reasonable chance of being a patriot. I’m speaking to you today to, one, identify John Raines and his current work.

I’m speaking in part to push myself to confront him to join us; and to do something which not too many years ago, even while participating in your organization, I would not have thought that I would be willing to do: To confront that level of courage displayed by others in the past. I’ve been quite rowdy with my U.S. Representative Barbara Lee, but I have yet to get her to move and act consistent with what I believe her heartfelt intent is. So, in a public venue, I’m kicking myself in the ass, and saying, “Get going, Ned. You’ve got work to do.” And I thank you for that, and your leadership and your encouragement, and your direction of how to be effective in my function. Thank you.

LaRouche: Thank you as well.

The Idea is the Only Real Solution

Q: Mr. LaRouche, this is —. I’ve been in recent years echoing your sentiments to just about everybody I encounter; at Mucky’s [ph] standing in line, and among good friends I’ve known for years. And I’ve developed one follower for you and what we’re all about. Ninety-nine percent of my friends are “burn him off;” they don’t want to listen to me go on and on. They just don’t get it. And try as I might—which is all the time—I’m saddened by getting no place most of the time.

But anyway, today I hear what you have to share with us about accessing a nucleus of both major parties, and having grasped the gravity and reality of the situation and start doing something about it. The trick is, I’m a voice in the wilderness that has been ignored like howling at the moon a lot; but we have with us Mike Gravel, a Senator in Alaska some while ago. And he did some miraculous brave things that counted and had effect. We need people of that caliber to approach what can become the nucleus of this united team, I think.

For me to continue to howl at the moon at the level of involvement which is practically nil, on the part of people that don’t even vote, or don’t know anything about what’s going on—don’t care—again, howling at the moon. But if we can identify and access people—I had my picture taken several years ago at an event with former Secretary of Defense Perry. I could probably show him that picture, and he’d say, “Yeah, I kind of remember that.” But he doesn’t know me; I know him, he’s famous. “Yeah, I remember that picture being taken, but who are you?”

But we need people who are instrumental; I think he’s still very active behind the scenes. So, maybe those movers and shakers who are not currently in office, because the people now who are striving to get elected are busy striving to get elected. They’re preoccupied with trying to become the President. There are others, either on their team, or I don’t know. We need to get,—we, being you and your followers,—need to get to people who are influential to pull this nucleus together. I see it, I get it; but I’m just one guy. . . .

LaRouche: The point is that the idea is the only real solution; and the idea has to be the right idea. Because otherwise people find themselves inept; incapable of even the most precious dreams that they have. Because they say, “Yes, that’s sweet. It’s a sweet song, but who can sing it?” And that’s the point.

You have to concentrate, as I have done, because of my international activities and so forth at least in former times, and that’s how you do it. You take some basic ideas, the most fundamental ideas which mankind has said, “Well, no; that will never work. That will never work; that will never work.” And I’ve had a success in life on the basis that I’ve known what does work; as opposed to things that some people thought would never work.

Right now, we have a great crisis in the United States and throughout the planet. We have to bring a new state of affairs among nations and among people; because we cannot continue this way. And the real facts are, that we cannot live this way; that’s the force which impels people to seek the actual secret, which never was a secret except when people hid it from themselves.

Unity is the Secret of Humanity

Q: Mr. LaRouche, I have a quick follow-up question. A couple of years ago, I was at the Republican state convention in Sacramento. I attended a Tea Party caucus, and Congressman Tom McClintock was the speaker. And at the end of his talk, I arose and challenged him: where was that one person in our Congress who had the guts to impeach President Obama?

Now ironically, I just found out a couple of days ago, that House Resolution 198 was introduced in April by Congressman Yoho from Florida; and lo and behold, a co-sponsor of that bill, one of two, is Congressman McClintock.

So, my question is, it seems to me that this bill has no co-sponsors from the Democratic side; all Republicans. And there are people who are raving in the Tea Party group, just rambling to say they got to get rid of this guy; it just seems so inconceivable why we can’t join, as I said earlier in my question, why can’t we join together just as you are suggesting? And the real question I have is, who do you feel are those key people that we need to contact right now?

LaRouche: The short answer is, sometimes you should know that, but you didn’t see it. In other words, the point is now that the whole system is with absolute certainty on the rail of destruction. This lies not only in the Democratic and Republican Parties, it lies with the nation as a whole; and it lies in a certain way, with the planet as a whole—from the top down. And therefore, when you realize that you don’t have to bargain with somebody, when you know you have won the case. Now, if you didn’t know the case and couldn’t win it, that unity of purpose does not work.

Library of Congress
National Unity: A government poster from 1942, during the mobilization for World War II.

But if you proceed from the standpoint of knowing what the facts are, to understand people and to understand nations, as I have worked with it. . . . When you know those ideas, you’ve been through nations after nations, which I’ve worked with. And I find “Yes, yes, yes.”

I’ve also seen my dearest friends assassinated in various parts of the planet; and those assassinations tell me exactly what the problem is. Why were they killed? Like Indira Gandhi; why was she murdered by the British? Why? Because she was a genius; and genius is what these guys specify as a target for killing. Indira Gandhi; that’s not the only case. There are many cases of leading figures who were assassinated; again and again. De Gaulle was not assassinated; but he was virtually assassinated before he died. Because the fascist party, which is called the Socialist Party in France, is the force of evil. Obama is the force of evil.

And therefore, the question is, if you’ve got an option, you better do something about it quickly; because the forces of Satan will gather quickly, exterminate you, and then go back to business as they were doing it before. Unity; the force of unity, is the secret of humanity.

Steger: Lyn, you’ve been more than generous with your time today, so we very much appreciate it. And we wish you good will, and we’ll talk to you again soon.

LaRouche: Thank you.

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