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This dialogue appears in the January 22, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Overcome Your Fears; Our Enemy Is the British Empire—Period!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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Over a three-day period, from Jan. 14 to Jan. 16, Lyndon LaRouche engaged in a series of public and private discussions during which he directly addressed the actual nature of the current strategic crisis, as well as the fear which is preventing both elected officials and the citizenry from acting in a bold and appropriate fashion. We begin with quotations from Mr. LaRouche to a private assembly on Jan. 16:

Jan. 16 Private Meeting

LaRouche: People are trying to pick details. And trying to pick details does not show you what the real picture is. And that’s the point. But what’s happened is that the world at large is being fooled by details of this nature. What the reality is,—the whole thing is created on the basis of the continuity of the British Empire. So, the British Empire is the target you’ve got to pay attention to. You’ve got to understand the British Empire, and everything that’s happening is that.

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British imperial domination over the planet as of January 2015.

Look at what’s happening with this crazy pope! He’s a nut! He’s insane; he’s a killer, and his vows are those of a killer. And he’s a leading pope, nominally. Who runs it? The British Empire runs it! And all of this stuff is based on the problems defined by the British Empire. The whole thing is a British Empire scheme. It doesn’t mean it’s a “plan” that they have, as such, that’s going to win. But, they’ve decided to play that game. And everything is being done within the context of that game.

And I think our organization gets fooled into believing that these things are the keystones; they are not. What do you have to do? If you remove the British royal family, the problem’s over. Therefore don’t try to say, “this detail, this detail, this thing is the issue”; it is not! There’s only one issue: Eliminate the British Empire! Eliminate everything it stands for; shut it down.

Don’t worry about the details. The detail is: Are we going to end the existence of the British Empire, or not? That’s it! There is no other issue. All the other issues, are only superficial, in terms of their characterization. If you look at the history of mankind—Bertrand Russell! Bertrand Russell, remember him? This is how it was run. What happened? At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, Bertrand Russell came in, and everything that was happening was defined by Bertrand Russell! You had almost no one who was not a stooge for Bertrand Russell. We had a few people who were against him, but they were eliminated soon enough.

Only One Issue

You’ve got to understand there is not “this thing, and this thing, and then this thing, and then this thing.” No! It’s nonsense! Reality is: the British Empire has set the whole thing up. What do you think has happened in the United States? What do you think has happened with the people of the United States? It’s that! It’s the British Empire. But people in our organization are trying to adapt to this scenario, these kinds of scenarios, and they’re idiots. Most of our members, on this question, behave like idiots.

There’s one issue: the British Empire, period. That’s the only subject. What do we do about the British Empire? Everything else is just talk, just talk, a distraction. When people come in here, come to me and say, “Well, here’s the latest information,” I begin to groan. Because, when people come in with something “new”—“Oh, this is the big new issue”—bunk! It’s not the “new big issue.’

Look at the course of history. Don’t look at what you say “so-and-so does this, so-and-so says that, so-and-so talks about that, so-and-so believes that”—it’s all nonsense! We really should know what the story is, but we talk ourselves into these “this, that, and this thing, and that thing, and this thing”—it’s nonsense, it has no reality to it. The point is to get rid of that kind of “rut stuff” out of your mind!

National Foundations to End Senior Hunger
Genocide in America: A scene in McDowell County, West Virginia, scene of shut down mines, shut down schools, and the highest rate of heroin addiction in the country.

The British Empire dominates the planet! It’s still doing it! How do you think the Green policy is going through, and how far is the Green policy operating? How far is it operating, right now? Now, what’s the Green policy? It is entirely the British System! It is nothing but the British System. So, don’t go looking for explanations, per se. You have to sink the British Empire! The other stuff is simply a way of chattering, and the result is simply fantasies. Most of our people get stuck into pure fantasies, not reality. . . . What’s the reality? What is the real thing that’s going on? All around the world—the British Empire. . . .

The people who are brainwashed in the British System don’t like to say so; they don’t like to admit it, but it’s true. If you think carefully about people in the United States, they’re brainwashed. The typical American is a brainwashed victim of the British system. Think carefully. Think about Wall Street. What’s Wall Street? It dominates the country, the nation. Well, who does that? Ha, ha! Wall Street, what’s Wall Street? Wall Street is an expression of the British Empire. The culture, think about the culture, the kind of culture—the changes in culture—that have gone on inside the United States itself.

Members of the United States are a pack of idiots. Why are they a pack of idiots? Because they want to follow these ideas: “Oh, this is the thing that’s important!” Why is it important? Well, because they’re being told that it’s important. All these subjects, these fads, even the design of your costumes you wear, that’s all they are. It’s fake. It’s a game. The best thing to do, if we get desperate, we take all the British agents in one swoop. And then we will have a better kind of world.

But don’t get into this thing about “this guy, and this guy, and this guy has this, and this guy has this”—it’s chatter. There are a lot of facts that we can pick out, and we sometimes do pick out, but when you’re defining policy and strategy, that’s where most of our members, and most of the people of the world, get fooled. They’re suckers. They want to “explain,” they want to come up with a “story”: “Oh, we have the latest story; we have the latest evidence; we have the latest this; we got this information; we’re watching this guy very carefully.” Boom! Nothing! It doesn’t mean a damn thing! It’s a stunt.

I’ve seen this thing, and watched it—the typical American is an idiot. And that’s the good side!

Why Most People Are Idiots

Most of the Presidents of the United States were trash and worse. It’s a fact; so why are you listening, saying we’ve got to check on these guys? Why not just say, “Yes, we know about them. They’re trash?” That’s the end of the conversation. If it’s popular, it stinks. If it’s popular, it’s rotten. Rotten things are just like that. The education system—the people are rotten, that we get in the universities. What is going on in the West Coast in general, what’s the culture? What do they produce? It’s awful!

And therefore, the idea that you can somehow adapt to these kinds of recipes, these kind of perspectives . . . take culture, music. What culture? What culture? Dead. Rotten. Practical people are inherently stupid, so why are you listening to them? They’re inherently stupid. I’ve known that for a very long time, but some of you guys didn’t catch on to that. “I learned in school.” What do you get in schools? Crap! How do you get a degree in university? Crap!

Look at the record, and then think of the change that occurred at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, which is dominated by Bertrand Russell. That’s your culture, and you believe in it. Why do you believe in it? Because you want to be popular. What do you get by being popular? Well, various kinds of diseases. That’s what popularity is for, to be a vehicle of diseases.

We have to stand apart from that. We cannot say that we have gimmicks. “This is something that will work for us, this is something that will be useful to us.” Forget it! Popular opinion. And the problem with the American people is they talk too much. Why are they talking too much? Because they’re idiots! Why are they idiots? Because they believe in discussing things, and they all assemble to discuss things. And what are they discussing? Idiocy!

You have to learn that. Anyone who went to schools and universities and so forth, should have been warned that this thing is a fake. But they would say, “Yes, you have to take this into account, you’ve got to take this into account.” Sometimes, you have to terrify these bastards. They’re so stupid the only way you can get them to think is to terrify them. Otherwise, their brains don’t work. . . .

If you want to deal with the enemy, you’ve got to frighten the enemy with the effect of what the enemy intends to do. I’ve had a little fun with that. Most people are idiots. Why are they idiots? Because they want to be practical. The only way you can become an idiot is to be practical.

But this whole thing about being practical, it disgusts me inherently. I want to hit something when I hear about something practical. It’s corruption, actually. It’s absolutely corruption. It’s trying to adapt to something as showmanship; and it’s always a fraud. And you can’t blame the dogs for that. Sometimes, I think they should pee on something, because it’s better than the alternative.

We have to get rid of this shibboleth kind of stuff.

Jan. 14 Fireside Chat

The following remarks were delivered by Lyndon LaRouche during his Thursday, Jan. 14 Fireside Chat, the first response is to an individual who described the current hellish conditions in the State of West Virginia, and the second is a response to an individual who questioned both what is holding back the effort to remove Barack Obama from office, and what can be done about the corruption of elected officials:

LaRouche: OK, good. Let’s look at this thing in a practical way, because you’ve gone through a number of facts which are all true. But! we don’t have to have any of those problems! We don’t! if we change the Presidency now, and if we go back in the direction of what we have known how to do during the course of my lifetime. I was born in 1922, and I have a pretty good knowledge of what the history is. I wasn’t there in 1922, because I had just been born then, but I have pretty good knowledge about what this is all about.

Now, this is what happened. We start with Bertrand Russell, whose career began at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. And he was the most evil man that was ever born, up to this point at this time.

So the problem is, we are still—in the United States and beyond the United States, in general, the population of the United States, of South America, of Central America, of Europe today, Europe as such,—Putin is in better shape than the rest of Europe is, for example. China is in excellent condition, compared to what the United States is today.

Now if we were to say, we’re going to throw out what Bertrand Russell represents—and that was really evil stuff—and if we say we’re going to change that, now we’ve got a problem. You’ve got students, young students, middle school age students, all kinds of students; well, most of these students are pretty stupid. That is, most of the students today, in the United States in particular, who are being educated, or getting promotions and so forth on the basis of being educated, they’re pretty stupid. They’re almost hopelessly stupid.

Especially in California. California’s the area—they have a Governor over there in California, and he really is a mess, and he’s destroying California. We have to get rid of him! Because California is capable of reversing its direction. We have a number of people who I was closely associated with in California. They are very effective people, but unfortunately, we have a Governor in California at this time, who is really a Satanic force. If you remove him from his position as a Satanic force, things get better. If you go in cooperation with other nations which are trying to do the same thing as China, for example, you’ll find that there’ll be a sudden reversal of the kind of degeneracy which has hit the United States in particular over the entire period since the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

That will be changed. Remember what happened: Remember the space program, before Obama killed it, all these things; all these good things that we used to do can be brought back. But we have to have the determination to make sure they do come back. Because we cannot tolerate what is happening to the miners in West Virginia and so forth. You can’t accept that. We have to change it.

So, why don’t we just change it? How do we do that? Well, I’m willing to do my stint for that operation. Get rid of the bums. Get rid of the idiocy, get rid of the degeneracy which hits most of the members of our population. The biggest problem in the United States is the galloping degeneration of the living members of this nation. We have to change that. We can change it. We have to resolve to change it. And that’s the mission that we’ve just got to take on.

You will find that China will cooperate with us in this. Russia will cooperate. Certain other nations of the planet will cooperate. But the main thing we have to get rid of are two things: First, get rid of the British system, just eliminate it, absolutely! And then eliminate what’s rotten inside the United States.

And you will find that happened with Franklin Roosevelt in his administration. What he did is, he made works of genius in his term of office as President. All the great things that were built in that period tell us, all we have to do is get rid of the bums and give a chance to the people who need help and will take it; and we will rebuild the economy of the United States.

LaRouche: I would say this, I would say, well, here’s what the situation is: Wall Street is hopelessly bankrupt. Not only is Wall Street bankrupt, but the entire trans-Atlantic community is bankrupt, hopelessly bankrupt.

Now, that doesn’t mean that the nation’s territory has to also go down. It does not. All you have to do, is get rid of all the interests which are associated with Wall Street in the United States and throughout the world. Now, if you shut these guys down, fire them, tell them they have no rights, no privileges, they don’t deserve to eat, things like that, because poor people have to have something to eat for a change. And if we go at this thing right, we will find that the confidence that we can bestir, by challenging the evil which is represented by Obama; for example, if you get rid of Obama, and if you tell people Obama has actually been removed—well, see most of the parents of those who have been killed by Obama! That is, what has happened, there’s a mass of people who are regularly murdered by Obama personally, on Tuesdays.

What is holding everything back is, people are scared. They’re scared because Obama is killing people! He’s killing citizens of the United States. He terrifies people from the most powerful economic interests in the United States. They are terrified by Obama! Now, if you take Obama, and you put him in prison for the crimes he’s committed—and he has to stay in prison—he’s not going to have much influence on the life of humanity. So, the best thing to do, let’s shuffle this guy into a deep prison, and give him a chance to think about his sins, his evils. And let the sins take over.

You’ll find that once you close down Wall Street and close these racketeers and murders—and Obama is a murderer. He’s a criminal, he’s a murderer. Close him down, get rid of him. Let him go someplace else. He wants to travel, let him try Mars; it might be a good place for him. Of course, he won’t last too long, and therefore the pollution won’t persist too long.

But the point is that we have to do it. And we can do it, and we must do it. We can do it. Just stop being scared, or not that scared.

Jan. 16 New York City Meeting

Two days after the nationwide Fireside Chat, Lyndon LaRouche spoke on Jan. 16 before a Town Hall Meeting in New York City, where he further investigated the question of the fear and the cowardice that is holding back the citizenry. We present excerpts of this dialogue below:

LaRouche: It’s a good time to have this kind of thing, right today. As you probably some of us here are watching you, and watching me and so forth. And we’ve augmented some of our attendance here, and why don’t we just go ahead and do what we’re supposed to, and see what happens?. . .

Question: One of the things that I was thinking, there are many events coming up where Congress people will be speaking, or holding things on their own, and if we get to more of their constituents,—I plan to talk to some of the people who are with me, some who are in this room, actually, and go to an event that’s being held by Mr. Jeffries coming up soon.

So if we think in that way, to get to the constituents to make them force the Congress people to do the right thing also, and confront them on their territory and make the phones calls, do those kinds of things where people are actually helping us to make them do the right thing.

LaRouche: That’s what we’re trying to do. It’s what we have to do. And it’s a tough row to ride, because they are scared. They’re intimidated, they’re frightened, and they don’t have much courage. If you get a little bit out of them, it may be useful. But you have to recognize the fact that we have a very cowardly organization to deal with. They’re frightened.

But we have to understand that Obama is the problem, because Obama’s role has been that of a killer. Look, here’s a man, Obama, he kills people! He kills people; every Tuesday, he kills people. And that is not conducive to peaceful and productive discussion. And therefore, the problem is of that nature. And I think you have to take a little bit of his scalp—now, it doesn’t mean you have to take his scalp, because I don’t think you want greasy scalps. But in any case, that is where the problem lies.

In general, the citizens of the United States are very cowardly. They will not tell the truth; they will back off, they will duck, they will do all these kinds of tricks; and it’s very difficult to get them to be honest. And they usually are not very honest. They’ll say “Yes, but. . .” the old billy-goat song, “yes, but. . . yes, but. . . yes, but. . . .”

So it’s a difficult problem. But I think from an organization such as this one here, which is a little less than cowardly, we might get a little bit of more action here, from the people assembled here, than we did from the Congress by a long shot.

Question: Greetings, Lyndon. You mentioned the 28 pages previously, and the lack of courage in the Congress. And back during the Vietnam era, there was a Senator named Mike Gravel who brought the Pentagon Papers to the attention of a Congressional body. And although a lot of people wanted to punish him, they couldn’t, because he had immunity when he presented it to a Congressional body.

Now today, most of our Congressmen haven’t had the courage, yet, to even read the 28 pages. And those who have read them are more or less shocked. They can’t speak about the content of what they read, they can’t take notes, they can’t bring in cell phones, or cameras. They have to read it in front of a guard.

My question to you: Do we, or can we identify a man, or woman, in the Congress, either in the House or the Senate, who has the courage to stand up on the floor of Congress, and to basically recite what they remember of the 28 pages; to let the entire world know, who was at least in part responsible for the financing of 9/11, the terror that we’re still under, through ISIS—no doubt it’s still connected—to draw that line, at least to put that idea in the American public?

So I ask you again: can you, or can this group, identify an historical character, who now can step forward at this great time of crisis, and speak the truth as to what they’ve read in those pages, and identify the terrorists responsible, at least in part, for the 9/11 atrocities? Thank you.

The Problem is Gutlessness

LaRouche: Okay. Well, I know about this; other people know about this condition, and what is required. But amazingly, leading members of the Congress, haven’t got the guts to say so. It’s all true. It’s known. We have leading members of Congress, or those who have been leading members of Congress, they know this. I know this. Other people know this. And that’s the truth.

When Americans had courage: The signing of the Declaration of Independence, depicted here by artist John Trumbull, put the signers under potential sentence of death.

What’s the problem? The problem is the problem of Obama right now. It was the Bush family, now it’s Obama. And Obama uses threats of killing. Obama is a specialist in killing members of Congress and similar kinds of people. And they’re scared. Because they think that being killed by him has a factor of futility. They’re frightened.

And because of the press—the press is frightened. They are frightened. And that’s the problem. It’s not that simple. We have a population in the United States which is scared as Hell. And when it comes to this issue, only a few will speak. Only a few.

Question: My question, or my response, is that we only need actually one to speak, publicly. The international papers, I’m sure, the media would pick that up, and, the United States media would be forced to pick it up. The Internet media certainly would pick it up, at least to some extent.

So we only have to identify one brave person. I think that many people are frightened, but that’s not anything new. That’s been happening all through history. People eventually step up to bat. You’ve been doing it for many years, many years.

LaRouche: Yes, but they won’t do it; they are scared! And their fear is not unjustified. What happens is, every Tuesday, citizens of the United States are killed by order of the President. This President. And, it’s that kind of fear.

Now there are other conditions of cowardice in the population. In other words, we’re speaking of Manhattan. And people who are living in southern Manhattan, know all about this, understand it, but there are very few who find the ability to come up and speak it. That’s the problem.

Question: You know, I think of the Founding Fathers and the fifty-six people who signed the Declaration of Independence, and they knew when they signed that they were basically signing their death warrant if they didn’t succeed in the Revolution. And, I would think that, karmically, we have a tie into 1776, and that we must be able to identify at least one patriot amongst the Congressmen, and have that patriot stand forward, and we give him that support he needs.

LaRouche: The problem is, we have the gutlessness of most citizens of the United States, when it comes to their standing there. And the problem is, it’s not just simple gutlessness. They can be killed by the President of the United States, that is, Obama. Obama will kill people on a minute’s notice. And people don’t know how to get out of the threat of being killed for speaking out.

Then you get a problem in the population more generally. They become collectively terrified. And it’s very difficult to get members of Congress, or even ordinary citizens to tell the truth about tough matters. The United States is full of cowards. But they’re not cowards, per se; they know that Obama can kill them. The smartest ones know that he can kill them. Obama can do it, and has done it, repeatedly. Every Tuesday, citizens of the United States are being killed by the order of Obama. On Tuesday.

So, it’s going to take something a little tougher than we have, as an organizing process, to get this problem across. People know it! A good number of people know it. Very few people will speak it. Why? Because they think it’s futile. Because they think that even their sacrifice of their own life will not work. And, that’s the problem. So, the point is, you’ve got to throw Obama out of office. Throw him out of office!

Look what he’s doing now. He’s killing a whole bunch of citizens in various parts of the world, just killing them. And he’s doing it; he’s getting by with it. Germany won’t fight. Other nations won’t fight. Do you expect a citizen, who is not a potent citizen, to fight like that? They will talk about it in a certain way. They won’t speak out for it.

We have turned our nation into a batch of cowards. But the cowardice is not unwarranted. And it’s going to take some tough work to solve that problem. It has to be solved, but it’s not something that you can just do. You’ve got to make it happen, but you can’t just make it happen arbitrarily. You really have to pull it off. And, if you can build that up mentally, that is a step in the right direction. But it’s not something you can just pull off on the street. Unfortunately, that’s true.

Cowards and Liars in Congress

Question: What do you think would be an appropriate approach toward Martin Luther King’s birthday?

LaRouche: I think we have a chance of doing something about it. The opening is there. The question is how to get the mechanism to function because the thing is knowable. But what I’m impressed by is the fear of citizens.

Now, if you want to understand how serious that is, you have to take the name of Obama. Obama is actually the person who is chiefly responsible for the terror against the citizens of the United States themselves. Why? Because he kills. He kills on Tuesdays; he kills innocent citizens on Tuesdays. That’s been his profession. And nobody steps in there and says, “you’re not going to be killed.” What they get is that the order is given, to kill them! Obama does it on Tuesdays!

And therefore you have to get a force of influence which can muster people to stand up with courage enough to deal with this problem. That’s the problem. We have a nation of cowards, and that’s the problem. . . .

Question: Hi Lyn. I want to give a very brief report on what we did last week in Albany, where we’re now moving, and we will have the Glass-Steagall resolution re-introduced in Albany. And this will be the third year we’ve had the Glass-Steagall resolution introduced, and what happens is that we have a good number of people who are co-sponsors, but the resolution is never taken out of committee.

Now, in terms of what you’re talking about, about how to get people to deal with the fear, I think this is the critical question, and I want to tell you a short story.

We met with a State Senator during the Summer, who is from Harlem. And he wanted to introduce Glass-Steagall. He was going to put it in the Senate; he was going to write a letter, an op-ed in the Amsterdam News, and everything was moving, and he was going to read about Ferdinand Pecora, and get some guts on this thing. So then we didn’t hear anything.

So we went on Tuesday to his office and talked to his aide. His aide had told us during the Summer, well, there’s not enough people backing it, okay. It’s good, we’re for it. Well, this time we walked in and the aide was very happy. The Senator had endorsed Bernie Sanders, and Sanders was just in New York talking about Glass-Steagall. And so he was ready to re-write the resolution, and he was ready to move. And then the Senator came in.

Now just to put it in context: On the wall of the Senator’s office, there’s a poster. And on one side is Martin Luther King, and it says “The Dreamer,” and on the other side is Barack Obama, and it says, “The Dream.” [audience gasps]

And what happened in our discussion is, at first the Senator was talking about introducing Glass-Steagall, and how it would work, and how do you explain it. And then he became more and more and more enraged, and he was attacking the way we were talking about it, and he said, “People in my district can’t understand this. They can’t understand it; this is arrogant to talk about derivatives. People don’t know what derivatives are. You can’t talk about derivatives.”

And on the housing crisis—which in Harlem is off the charts, where people are being shoved out by gentrification—he said “I don’t see any connection between Glass-Steagall and housing,” and he said, “Look we’ve met for an hour, I’ve given you all this time.” And we fought it out.

But nonetheless, what we didn’t say, and I think it’s very important to what you are saying today; we didn’t say to him, “You are terrified! of what you’ve got up on your wall. That’s the problem!”

And instead we tended to argue it out, but I think the point you’re making, if people really think about it, and I’m thinking about it because I know we have to do this differently; we have to say what you’re saying, and which is actually true, that there is enormous fear. And there’s fear about Obama, there’s fear that you’re dealing with a killer, and there’s fear about the fact that you put him in office, and that you continue to try to support him. And I think perhaps if we’re going to move this thing in Albany, to actually get Glass-Steagall voted on, we have to bring this question up. And I wanted to both tell you that, and see if you have any comments.

LaRouche: I do have a comment. The point is that, yes, these conditions exist. No doubt about it. It happens.

Members of Congress are not only cowardly, they are liars. Look, if somebody comes into the office there of a member of Congress, or in another state, if they come there and they raise this question, the truth is, that question presents the truth. Everybody knows it. That is, if they wish to know it. And therefore, the people who say that are lying. The members of Congress and State Representatives who are taking that position are lying. They know they’re lying, fully. And they continue to lie. Because they say their interest requires them to lie. And the only way you can do it is, you’ve got to find the circumstance, under which you can just say that outright. “Well, we know you’re lying. We know you’re lying. But we’d just like to have you tell the truth a couple of times.”

And that’s the only way you can deal with it. Then they will get very upset, they’ll denounce you in all kinds of directions, and say this was insane, this was terrible, this was not decent, “I’m a respectable member of Congress, I have these rights, you can’t say these things about me!”

You say, “well, aren’t you lying?” [laughter] And they just walk out of the room and tear things up. They’re terrified.

The Citizens Have Lost Their Guts

Question: We’ve got a big week coming up in New York. And my question to you in terms of the drive—the removal of Obama—we’ve got the two main issues: Wall Street being crushed by Glass-Steagall, and taking the 28 pages to a much-needed higher level. How do you propose, how do you suggest, we move, now, and in the next few weeks?

LaRouche: You are faced with a threat which is a most credible threat, to destroy everything that you have! And it’s there right now! What Obama is doing, what the Wall Street crowd is doing, is they’re destroying the very life existence of the citizens of the United States, who are faced with actions which will kill them.

Now, right now, for example there are whole categories of people who are employed citizens of economic function. And they kill each other! They literally kill each other, or they kill themselves; because they’re terrified. And on that basis, very few people among them have the courage to live! People tend to die because they are afraid and they want to get rid of being afraid by dying. And that’s what’s come to the people of the United States.

And they can’t trust the Congress, they can’t trust the members of Congress, they can’t trust the society, and they’re being killed! And the rate of killing of citizens is rising. And it seems that virtually nothing is being done about that.

Now, we’re on the edge of the worst and most dangerous war that has ever been fought by mankind. We’re on the edge of Russia and China against the British Empire, what the British Empire represents, or what Obama represents as well. Those are the problems. And if the citizens have the guts, they’ll respond to that.

But the citizens have lost their guts. They’ve been taken away from them. The members of their families are terrified. They become cowards regularly. Now me, old man me, well I say these things. I have been in the practice of saying these kinds of things. But very few people—I’m not saying that I’m the greatest hero—that’s not the case. I understand, more deeply than most citizens of the United States do. And the only problem is the cowardice is of a very specific kind: “Look, it’s not that bad.”

“You’re saying it’s bad, it’s not that bad. It’s not that bad!” [pounds the table, laughter]

And that’s what the problem is. Cowardice! And we have to help people get back their courage.

Question: Mr. LaRouche, I had a discussion with a few friends of mine and I brought up the Hill-Burton system. And with the Glass-Steagall, how would rebuilding the Hill-Burton system work?

LaRouche: I can identify that very quickly. I’m very familiar with that. Look, the problem here is cowardice which is induced in the citizens. They don’t want to take on those issues. They don’t want to take on, also, the issues which involve themselves. They don’t want to take on the recognition of their own cowardice. Therefore, they don’t want to admit that they’re cowards.
Genocide in America: The poisonous water in Flint, Michigan—the result of Wall Street budget-cutting—brought these citizens into the streets on Jan. 18.

Look, you have people who are dying. They are killing themselves. In labor union activities they’re there, they know this. They’re being killed. They’re dying. The rate of death of people in these qualities of production, of manufacturing, and things like that—they’re dying, they’re collapsing. They wish to die. They do things that show that they wish to die, because they want to get this over with.

Iif you can induce people to become cowards, then you can make them to do whatever you want them do. And that’s what the problem is.

‘Practical Measures’ Don’t Work

Many of these people who were working people, who had professions as working people, they quit. They were cowards. And they actually acted in order to induce their own death! In order to end the noise of dying. And that’s what’s happening. And if you can’t solve that problem and end that problem, mankind becomes a collection of cowards, the worst kind of cowards. They won’t face the truth.

They take drugs. They take drugs in order to kill themselves. People who are working people kill themselves to get rid of life because of their cowardice. And this is the thing we face, and therefore the question is how do we change that kind of reaction? The number of people who are working people, who are trade unionists, for example, and similar categories—the death rate among them is increasing at an accelerating rate. And to a large degree it is voluntary. They are trying to escape from life, from a life which is no longer enjoyable.

Genocide in America: Drug-related death rates among “non-Hispanic” whites within the 25-34 age group, both men and women, have increased 500% since 1999, according to a recent New York Times analysis of Centers for Disease Control data.

And therefore we have to go to a higher level of action, not practical measures. Practical measures never worked. Practical measures under these kinds of conditions were always a failure! They were always a bluff. They never meant anything. And when you have people and members of families who commit suicide in one form or the other, that’s the most extreme kind of cowardice. Working people for whom the conditions of life are worsening, lose their guts. And my problem is, how do I do things which will help them get back their guts? Then they will do the best.

Question: I want to talk about this question of cowardice because it seems to me that since the death of FDR the American people have been terrorized under McCarthy, Truman’s bombing of Japan, the death of Kennedy, the assassination of Malcolm X, the assassination of King, the assassination Bobby Kennedy. And this being the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday, I think that it would be good if we use that,—when we’re talking to these Congressmen,—that they have to come up to that level, they have to come up and do the right thing.

The other thing I wanted to mention about FDR, is that in 1940 and 1944 when he gave his inaugural address, both times he referred to the fact that people make mistakes. And he said that he himself, as President had made mistakes. But he said, the scales of justice for mistakes are different, because if you have a good heart, a warm heart, that the scale of justice is on your side. But if you have a cold heart, that’s bad.

Anyways, I just wanted to bring that up, and see what you thought about the idea of making from now to President’s Day or earlier, the focus of getting these Congressmen to move?

LaRouche: Well, the problem was the FBI. The FBI was the thing that destroyed the United States. That’s exactly what happened. And Obama is carrion left over from that stuff.

No, this has been the case. And the members of Congress have become increasingly cowardly, succession after succession. The willful degeneration of the members of Congress is among the most appalling experiences that I’ve ever witnessed.

Now, how did that happen? As the soldiers returned at the end of World War II, at the time of the so-called preliminary peace agreement, that’s when the cowardice took over.

When I got back from doing service in Asia, I was promoted rapidly to a very lucrative position as a leader in economics in Manhattan. And then the FBI got rid of me. And what happened? A lot of people got the same treatment. And that’s how it happened.

You had people who were privileged, ostensibly, and you had people who were treated as lower-level people. One group would do almost anything to get something, to get rewards whether they deserved them or not, and there was another group of people who were always the underdogs. And that’s how the system worked.

The U.S.A. Has No Sovereignty

And that had happened already when I got back, out of military service. It already had happened! And the people I knew, in general, were sort of slaves. They were given the worst jobs, the worst employment opportunities, so forth, that’s what was happening! That was being done by the citizens of the United States against the citizens of the United States! Under the leadership of Wall Street! Under the leadership of what? Of the FBI.

The greatest agency of hate, against the people of the United States, was the FBI! The FBI was the most murderously inclined element of the U.S. government.

Now, we’re still fighting this! What do you think it is? What are the leading members of the Congress? They’re the enemies of the people! By their voting! Take the vote that just passed, at the end of last year, it was an act of treason against the American people! Who did it?

The Congress!

So, these are the things that have to be said, openly and directly. And it’s because people are afraid to talk about those things in those terms, that the very spoken words betray them.

Question: Good afternoon, Mr. LaRouche. I’m from the state of Connecticut. Meanwhile, on the battlefront last night, I went to see a movie, The Big Short. Just before it ended, I walked out and stood by the exit, and I had over 100 leaflets of our Glass-Steagall and Recovery, one of the older ones, and it was an opportunity of a lifetime, and it came to me in a dream. [applause]

My second thing—This is what I’m trying to do to help this fight: The economy of Connecticut has been destroyed by Wall Street, taxes without representation. I have set up meetings with the state representatives. . . . I will have meetings with them so we can push in what the constituents need, the Glass-Steagall. And they can write or call their elected officials. And this is my part. What is your . . .

LaRouche: OK, I will respond to that. The problem here is, that we are governed by the British Empire. The United States has no sovereignty! No efficient sovereignty. You have some things that are called “sovereignty” in the United States, but they ain’t real. And that has been the case ever since Franklin Roosevelt was being dumped before his death. In other words, once the election had occurred, the Republican Party had won; at that point, the United States’ honor had collapsed, and has been collapsed ever since.

So therefore, the problem is not how do we explain how it should have worked or what the principle is. There is no principle! There is no principle!

The United States has always been, since that time, suffering the wrongs of life. That’s been the course of life. Who ran it? The British Empire ran it! They ran it! And people of the United States did duty for the British. That’s how it worked. That’s always been the case since that time.

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was not only a key tool of the British Empire in horrors such as the Opium Wars against China, but is in the center of the murderous drug pandemic today.

Therefore, if you want to be honest, and also a little bit courageous, all you have to do, is say, “we’re going to shut this thing down.” For example, I make jokes about it, but it’s true, it’s a truthful joke, about Manhattan. Much of the stuff, the wealth of Manhattan is junk, it’s trash! It’s not worth anything to the human beings, to the people. People may like expensive buildings, they may like these kinds of things,—as long as they possess them! But they don’t do anything for the human beings in general.

The education system, throughout the United States, is degenerating, and it’s degenerating at an accelerating rate. The members of the Congress are degenerating at an accelerating rate.

China and Russia

So what is needed is an action on behalf of the United States and its people to bring an end to this crap! We are slaves of the British Empire, because the whole system is run from and by the British Empire. They run it! The Queen is still doing it. And the Queen has to be put in prison because she’s stupid and therefore we can’t have her running around in a condition like that, being a stupid person. This is not right.

So anyway, what runs our world? Does the United States run the world? No! The British Empire controls the world! It need not do so, however. If we in the United States say we’re not going to have that any more, we just simply cancel it and the Queen goes out! But the people don’t have the guts to do it—“Oh! The Queen! Oh!! The Queen!” Somebody comes up, and they faint, “Oh, the Queen is here, again!”

We fail to recognize the truth. And I’ve had some experience with the truth. As I said, I served in India, around India, as a GI. I got into trouble with the British, for which I’m very proud. I pulled something off and did some other things which got some people very excited, because I had the opportunity to say “this will work” and I would talk to the military people. We would discuss things. They said, “it’s a good idea” until they found out I was doing it, and then they tried to pull me off it!

So I had a good life and a good perspective, and I was not a slave. But I turned around, went back to the United States and I found that I was suddenly a slave. An ordinary citizen, better known as a slave. And that’s the problem.

The point is, we have the resources under our Constitution or the intention of our Constitution, which can meet the challenge of this problem. We have to do it. The only way it’s going to happen really is through the role of China and Russia and a few other places like that. Otherwise, you’ve got nothing coming. But if we can get the cooperation of China and Russia and a few other places which do have some independence, we could do just fine. [applause]

LaRouche’s Closing Remarks

LaRouche: OK. First thing, shut down Wall Street. Absolutely shut it down. Don’t bring it back. Don’t let the wind blow from that direction because it’s putrid. All we have to do is to understand these kinds of principles. We know them, I’ve known them, they’re there. But people feel they have to be obedient to government. The problem is the government is not the government. The government is not really the government. They have some fakers who are stand-ins in the name of being the government. But they don’t govern for the nation. They govern for the rich!

They steal!

If you want to speak honestly, the way they live is they steal. And the people concede to allow the stealing. And that’s all there is. There’s no productivity; if you look at the reality of the condition of the citizen in the United States, you have a falling rate of the conditions of existence of the citizens in the United States! They’re being raped! Everything is being stolen from them that’s worth anything.

And somebody comes out and says, “Oh, we’ve got this, we’ve got this option, we’ve got this option.” None of it is true.

All we have to do is turn the authority of the United States back to the people of the United States, but according to the kinds of principles which validated the development of the United States and of other nations as well. China and Russia are the leading nations of the world today. Understand that.

See it. Appreciate it. It’s the truth. And just understand that.

China has become again a very great nation. It has not reached the full maturity of which it is capable. But China is the first nation now to deal with nearby space. That’s where the space program develops. Now this is a modest venture in space but it’s going to grow.

Putin’s history was that he was a member of a family which died fighting to save Russia! So Putin is there, he’s real, he’s honest, he’s effective. China is tied closely to Putin now in collaboration and there’s something emerging: What is it? There’s a change.

Suddenly, the United States doesn’t mean much. Why doesn’t it mean much? It no longer does anything very useful. It’s a bunch of silly fools giving off bad odors. There’s nothing good there.

We have to realize we have to change that. We have to understand what the United States was supposed to mean, as Alexander Hamilton provided the guidance. And we have to get the people of the United States to revolt in a certain way, that is to say: We don’t take this crap no more.

That’s all you have to do. And get the people who are going to be running the institutions of government in the United States, let them operate as appropriate members of government. Shut down Wall Street, bring the British royal family down. And solve the problems! Stop giving way to slavery! Stop being a slave for the British Empire. Stop killing people around the world for the sake of the British Empire. It’s that simple. But it takes the guts required to recognize that that is your mission. And that’s the important thing, the recognition of one’s mission in life for mankind, the meaning of the mission of life for mankind.

Once you have that securely fixed, you should be able to do something better than we’ve been seeing recently.

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