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This article appears in the April 8, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Throw Obama Out of the Presidency!

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The following excerpts are taken from the March 31, 2016 Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, the April 2, 2016 Manhattan Project Dialogue, and an earlier, private discussion with Mr. LaRouche, also on April 2.

From the Fireside Chat

Lyndon LaRouche: I would say that right now we’re going into a more deeply rooted crisis situation throughout not only the United States, but throughout much of the planet. We’re on the edge of a threatened launching of war against China and implicitly also Putin, China in particular,— and the threats are becoming very serious. If these threats were to be carried out, the immediate effect would be a general thermonuclear war fought throughout the entire planet.

That is what the facts are, because if Putin were knocked out and if China was being hit directly, by Obama’s directions, you would have the worst general warfare on the planet Earth that has ever occurred, that we have ever experienced. That’s where we are.

The important thing is, I would say, is essentially to get the space program. What Kesha Rogers represents today, in terms of the Texas area, is a rebirth of the original space program. It’s a modest one so far. It’s not on as large a scale as it was then originally, but it is a fully qualified space program, and it’s situated in Texas right now. . . . I think that’s where we stand.

Question: This is R— from Brooklyn. Some of the media have been putting out such negative stuff on Putin, that it’s fantastic. What can we do to overcome some of this stuff, and get over to people the significance of not just Putin but the Chinese leadership and the other people that are involved, and the New Silk Road, and all this other related stuff that we want to get into our program?

LaRouche: The situation right now, is that Obama is actually in the process of pushing for a general war with China—now! This is what is happening now. There are other factors in this whole situation. It’s a more complicated thing. Everybody is involved in this in some way or the other, for good or bad. But that’s what the situation is.

White House
LaRouche: Obama has already set into motion a general thermonuclear war throughout the planet. Get him out of there right away. Right away! Leave him in there and he’s going to go for a thermonuclear war!

As presented by the statements of President Obama, Obama has himself posed a proposal for thermonuclear war, a global thermonuclear war. Because any attack on China, from the United States, would be, from the opening, a general, global thermonuclear war. And the best way to save the world from that is to throw Obama out of the Presidency.

General War Against the Planet

Question: My name is E— from Eritrea. I think the BRICS program is a program of peace, of development for all nations, and it is headed by China. But some of the concern that I have is about Brazil, South Africa, and India: Those governments have problems of realizing the BRICS in a long-term venture, because I think, internally, they are not as stable as China and Russia. Do you think Brazil, India and South Africa will stay as honest partners of the venture, of the BRICS?

LaRouche: I would say the point is any brink of a major war, which involves Obama in particular, as the President of the United States, any launching of any such war, will be an immediate global, general, all-out war; a war worse than anything that mankind has experienced heretofore

U.S. Air Force/Staff Sgt. Benjamin Sutton
A U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress based on Guam conducts a low-level flight in the vicinity of Osan Air Base, South Korea, on Jan. 10, in response to a North Korean nuclear test.

So there is no such thing as an option of taking some section of the world economy, some part of the economy of the world. It cannot be divided. If a war starts, Obama is ready to launch a general war against the planet! That’s what’s on the edge. So you have to stop Obama totally. If you don’t, or if he is not stopped by some other influence, then you are into a general, global war, a thermonuclear war, which will be throughout the planet. Don’t be fooled by the idea of partial solutions, or partial options; they don’t exist. If such a war occurs, and Obama is involved in that war, the war will be immediate, and obvious and total.

Question: Lyn, as you probably know, today Obama is involved in a summit meeting on nuclear security in Washington. There are fifty heads of state there, except that President Putin did not show up at the meeting. What would you say about the fact that President Putin did not come to Washington, in the face of Obama’s so-called Nuclear Summit Meeting today?

LaRouche: There is a certain condition involved in this process, how this war, this new world war, could come about. First of all, it’s highly likely that such a war will be launched. It is not certain that the full-scale war will be launched. The complication is that in the case of Putin, Putin would know, immediately, that if he supported China, where China has been subjected to a war launched by Obama, if Putin were to put a signal out that he is jumping in, to support China, from his, Putin’s, position, that would only assure, guarantee, a general thermonuclear war globally and almost immediately.

LaRouche PAC
LaRouche: We must think of the strategic ways to manage a general thermonuclear war. That’s what we are faced with.

Therefore, if he holds back on launching an initiative of this type, then the problem lies entirely with the responsibility of Obama. Now, if Obama goes alone in launching an attack on China, at least in the first phase, then there will be restraint, because there will be confusion. So what we want to do is think about the strategic ways in which to manage a general thermonuclear war. And that’s what we’re faced with.

If we were to have a general thermonuclear war breaking out, as from China, as well as Russia, and Russia as well as China, if that were to be just unleashed suddenly, you would have a terrible problem to deal with. So if Obama tries to push for launching his war against China, there are complications which would occur, which would tend to weaken the ability of Obama to launch a full-scale war. This is the only—I know it’s complicated — but that’s exactly what it is.

And the key thing is, if you want to do something about it,— well, the best thing you can do is for the United States to stop the war. If the officials of government in the United States were to say “no support for Obama,” that would work! That would really work. So that’s the other aspect of the problem.

Question: All of the world’s people need to work together to solve the problems we humans face together. If we continue to allow ourselves to be torn apart, with our resources plundered to support these endless wars, we face certain destruction. We must stand together against this danger. If we continue to allow ourselves to be divided by the psychopaths, we will die divided and alone. Unite to save our future!

Mr. LaRouche, who are the psychopaths trying to divide us, and how do we act to make sure we are united to save the future?

Putin Is No Dummy

LaRouche: That’s a complicated question to ask because there are elements in that which are not quite accurate. You cannot get people to work together and solve this problem. That you cannot do!—it will never succeed. There are things that you can do, which will succeed, but they have to be specific kinds of programs, assembled by a group of people who are supporting those programs.

You just cannot have a vote taken, “let’s all go together out there and win the party.” That does not work; it never did work, and it never will work.

You have to have to have an organization created, or developed, inside the United States and around it, which does represent a very specific kind of reform. In other words, you cannot just go out there and say, “Let’s agree to try to do everything for our common cause, despite whatever we have on our minds.” That does not work. You have to have a mission-orientation.

Now, there’s another aspect to this, which is even more profound. The question is, what makes mankind as a social process? What makes it worthwhile? It has to be something: How do you avoid a Roman Empire. How do we avoid something like that? Or a Satanic cult? How do you avoid that? You can’t just say, “we’ll all get together, we’re good ol’ fellows, we’re going to solve our problems.” That does not work.

You have to pick the right program. And you have to understand it. And when people get confused and allow themselves to be just swarmed by the common interest, that does not work. That results in the worst, it probably could lead to Satanic results, or other conditions.

You don’t win unless you know what you’re doing.

Question: This is T— from Lake Arrowhead, California. I just heard on the news that President Putin is not going to be attending Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit, and there’s going to be something like fifty world leaders there, including Xi Jinping. Do you have any thoughts as to why Vladimir Putin has decided to boycott this particular nuclear security conference?

LaRouche: He’s not doing any such thing. He’s not avoiding something. What he’s doing is stepping aside, to allow a larger process to go into work.

Putin is a very sharp person; he’s not a dummy! He’s probably one of the sharpest men on the planet. So be very careful about how you should criticize how he works.

Presidential Press and Information Office
LaRouche: Putin is drawing out opportunities to restrict the scope of the attempted launching of general thermonuclear war—by Obama. So Putin is a very smart gentleman. He knows that you don’t try to increase the span of a war you don’t want to spread. So, as long as Putin has a free hand, you have a way to break the immediacy of the general warfare.

You know I never spoke to him personally, but I know him very well. He and I were actually in a parallel operation for a period of time; he was doing some things at one time, in that place, and I was, at the same time, doing something similar in a different place! And that’s how we got to know each other without actually talking to each other directly.

This Putin is not any scamp of any kind! He’s real! And anyone who knows him, or knows the history of the recent period, would know that. Putin is not a joke! He is not an option. He is a master operator. I don’t know how smart he was before, but I know he’s very smart right now!

The point is, Putin’s position is, that he does not want to be an also-ran supporter of launching a war, to defend China, because. . . then you would have a guaranteed global thermonuclear war, and it would be very quickly settled. Most of the people on the planet would be dead in a very short period of time.

So what Putin is doing, he’s actually drawing out opportunities to restrict the scope of the attempt to launch a general thermonuclear war—by Obama. So Putin is a very smart gentleman and he knows the tricks. He knows that you don’t try to increase the span of a war you don’t want to spread. And that’s exactly what’s on his mind.

There are other factors in what is on his mind; there are different factors. But they all add up to the same general effect.

Question: This is E— in Los Angeles; I have two questions about Obama. My first question about Obama is, we know that he didn’t go to Argentina to sing and dance. I think he went there to do everything he could to try to destroy the BRICS concept, now that they have a different government there, unfortunately. The second question about Obama, is, I am hearing from several sources, and they said they confirmed it, now I don’t know if it’s real or not,— that Obama is actually not even officially running the country any more. That they’ve installed Paul Ryan and a military man from the Joint Chiefs of Staff as Vice President. Now, this is going around. Do you have any knowledge about this at all?

Obama a Mass Murderer

LaRouche: Well, this goes from the beginning. Obama did not become President in the usual way of becoming a President. He was stuck in there, and he was stuck in there by the Queen of England! He was a stooge for the Queen of England. And coming in as a stooge for the Queen of England, he would actually be on the pay and control of the British Queen at that time.

He’s also a murderer, a mass murderer, because every Tuesday,—or at least what I’ve got from my last reports on it,— every Tuesday Obama kills American citizens and others, murders them. He is a stooge of the worst kind, and he does what the stooge bosses want.

He should have been dumped a long time ago. The British system, in creating the Obama Administration, which is what was done, was done as a way to try to destroy the United States,— in other words, to get a nominal President, who is not really a President by intention, but is an agent of the British Queen. Now, that’s the case.

Now, of course there have been many cases in which agents of the British Queen have been controlling factors in the government of the United States. And he’s one of them. So Obama is not real, that is, not real in the sense of anything. But the British system put the thing up: It was the British Empire that put Obama into power, along with [Valerie] Jarett and so forth, who are part of the stooges involved in that.

So what’s happened is, the British Empire has managed to pull off a number of things, including the Saudi attack on the United States. In other words the Saudi government, under British direction, launched a war against the United States. Same thing.

So therefore, you’ve got to get the records clear, to realize what a complex kind of thing we’re dealing with in this. But in the important phase, you have to understand what these factors are, so you don’t get misled by your misinterpretation of these factors.

I could give you a lot more on this thing, but that’s essentially the hard case.

Question: This is E—. I’m a freelance national security reporter and former staff reporter. I’ve been following your work closely since the Benghazi attacks [Sept. 11, 2012], and I’m very interested in what you have to say.

My question is, if Obama were to be impeached or were to leave office before this year’s elections commence, what do you foresee happening? What would happen next, and what would be the implications for the United States and subsequently, the world?

LaRouche: If we were not to intervene, now, and Obama were to act as he intends to act right now—as a matter of fact Obama has already set into motion a general thermonuclear war throughout the planet. Now, the question whether he’ll succeed in doing that or not, is another question, but the fact is, he’s doing it, and he is putting military forces, a lot of them, into it. And that’s the intention.

In the meantime, you find that the entirety of the trans-Atlantic community is a disaster. Everything that we had beforehand has just crashed; we’re losing everything.

So we have two things: Get Obama out of there, right away. Right away! Leave him in there and he’s going to go for a thermonuclear war! So you’ve got to get him out of there. Once you do that, take that step, then you have to take reconstruction kinds of measures, and those measures are possible, they’re feasible. It’s going to take the willingness of the people, themselves, to decide to accept those revisions of the thing.

From the Manhattan Dialogue

Question: This is J—, from Brooklyn. What I wanted to ask about, today, while we were actually singing our concert, and praising God, and bringing people from the community into the church, to celebrate peace and prosperity, and send out the word about the Silk Road and the things we’re working on, it seems that there was an article that appeared in the London Economist—and I’ve also heard it was in the Washington Post—that actually threatened the life of the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, and his family. People are asking why didn’t Putin attend this so-called Nuclear Summit that Obama put together. I’d like you to address that situation, about Putin’s strategic “non-attendance.” And, the fact that, they’re saying that there’s a “defector” that wrote this article, or made sure this article got placed in these newspapers. And, this defector from China threatened the life of the leader of China, and his family.

My take on it is that it’s Obama, and since Obama is a stooge for the British Empire, it’s the British Empire that put this out. There is no “defector.” These are the kinds of things they do in order to get their nonsense out into the public, into the world. And, the strategic situation with Putin is very important, as to why he did not attend this summit. And if you comment on that?

Obama an Enemy of the United States

LaRouche: I just stated this past Thursday, what my policy was, that we did not want to get Putin to come in on that action. That is, we “duck it,” in a sense—because we know what it is. It’s a fraud. We don’t want him to respond.

Since Putin has a leading position in Europe in general, and the record he has of what he’s done, there’s no need for us to suggest his role in this thing. He will act in good time. He’s not a man who panics. He does what he has to do, when he has to do it. And, people can’t lock him into falling into some trap.

So, what happens is, the attack on the leadership of China is a very serious threat. It’s a threat by Obama. Now, any American citizen who hears this, should realize this guy is an enemy. If he’s trying to make an enemy of China, then he should be thrown out of office! Period.

Because nations have to cooperate. Whether they like each other or not, is not the question. Do they maintain the kind of relationship which is necessary for nations to work together?

Obama is an evil man. He is a Satanic figure, among a number of Satanic figures which we know in the world. He should have been thrown out of the Presidency. There’s no good reason he hasn’t been thrown out of the Presidency. And the Bushes are also in there.

But Obama is a Satanic creature, and should be treated as such. It’s the only way to do it. The people of the United States should reject Obama, throw him out, because he’s a Satanic figure, and that is not an exaggeration.

He has done more to destroy the welfare of the people of the United States than any other single case on record. Just think of the number of Americans that have been destroyed by Obama! Just think of the number of people who are dying, by the cause of Obama’s behavior. He’s the enemy of the United States! And anyone who doesn’t recognize that, is not a loyal citizen of the United States.

Question: Hello, Lyn, A— here, in New York. What J— began today’s meeting with, I was very struck by, when you raised it on the phone, on Thursday, because that type of analysis, or understanding, of what Putin was actually doing, through his absence, of avoiding war—what you say would otherwise trigger, in the insane mind of Obama, an immediate response to go after both China and Russia.

Now, China is being attacked on three fronts, and they’re all being highlighted in the work that we’re doing: politically, economically, and now, militarily. You mentioned one thing on the phone that did throw me, and I rewrote it, you said, “We have to think in terms of strategic ways to manage thermonuclear war.” And I said, so, what do you mean? I don’t understand that.

Dump Obama!

LaRouche: There’s a lot in warfare built up in the nations of the planet. And the question is, can you get them to control themselves and not to turn these potential wars, or warfare-like postures, into an actual war. That’s the point. How do you get a peace out of a rage-fit among nations? And that’s extremely important. Therefore, you have to get the lesson across, respecting policy: Nations must understand the interest of humanity first. If they can’t respond to the purposes of humanity, as such, you’ve got Hell!

And, therefore, you can go all the way up to the firing lines, but if you don’t go further, you will save civilization. And therefore, we do have to avoid conflict, we do have to avoid killing, but we do have to find a resolution no matter how hostile the issue is.

The British Empire, for example,— now I know all about the British empire, and the British empire is Satanic. Now just the fact that the Queen of England is a Satanic figure is not a reason to go killing her. It’s a reason to control her, to check her, and to prevent her from causing the kinds of things that will kill people and destroy their rights. Unless she commits a worse crime; in that case, she could be put in prison. No reason not to. Most of the Royal Family of Britain should be imprisoned; they should not be on the streets. They should be imprisoned, maybe up in that nest they have up there in the middle of nowhere.

U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ryan J. Batchelder
Obama is provoking China in the South China Sea, looking for a rumble, claiming that the United States must police these waters to preserve freedom of trade and travel. Here, the guided-missile cruiser USS Mobile Bay (foreground) in the South China Sea on March 4, 2016, replenishing fuel and stores of fast combat support ship USNS Rainier.

But no, killing people is not the way to solve the problems, or trying to kill people. The point is to try to create a process of constraint, which constrains people out of will, or out of other kinds of compulsion, to prevent them from doing the commission of crimes.

Question: Good afternoon, Lyn. Given that Obama wants thermonuclear war and will go through any means, now the focus will be North Korea and Ukraine: Neither country can stand on its own to launch a war without U.S. intervention. North Korea is on the verge of another famine and has alerted their populace to prepare to eat grass and roots. Ukraine’s economy has completely fallen apart. The IMF has broken its own rules of never lending money to a country that can’t pay its debts.

My question is, how far is the United States going to go to intervene in both North Korea and Ukraine, to start thermonuclear war? Because obviously it’s not going to be those two countries to do it, it’s going to be the United States?

LaRouche: The point is very simple: Dump Obama! There’s no reason for him to be there! He’s only a delusion, and a disease. Obama is something who should never have existed as a President. The crimes he’s committed, on Tuesdays, the number of innocent people he has killed, on his order! There’s no reason for his being anywhere in the political system of the United States.

But if it were not for the corrupt elements, the really corrupt elements of the United States, we would not have that kind of problem. There’s something wrong with the government of the United States, if it allows Obama to continue to exist.

Question: Good afternoon, R— here, from Brooklyn. With China’s participation in the New Silk Road, aiming to end poverty in China by the year 2020, and worldwide by 2025, we have real hope for the world. Obama’s anti-China rhetoric at the nuclear meeting this week is a clue as to where he is at. Are we making progress in getting rid of Obama?

LaRouche: Well, we should get rid of Obama, why didn’t we do it? We’ve come to almost the end of his second term in the Presidency, and he’s done more damage to the Presidency of the United States than any one individual in recent times. Why do you let this bum in there? Why did we let a man who on his Tuesday events, would actually celebrate the assassination of innocent members of our nation, kill them? On Tuesdays?

Question [follow-up]: I think a lot of Americans fell for the con job that he perpetrated.

LaRouche: It was worse. It was terror. It was not a con job, it was a terror job. It was a systemic terror! And other people in government watched this terror, and condoned it.

Obama could not have existed as he has, if the government of the United States, in the large part, did not defend and condone Obama for the crimes he committed! I mean, those of us who have been well-informed, know exactly what Obama did. We know who he was, we know what he did! We know it accurately, because we had access to the kind of information needed to know this.

So the problem is, the people of the United States have been terrified by the Obama Administration. The Bush family was an attempt at that kind of terror, but that didn’t work too well. Obama did: Obama is the Satan of the United States: Get rid of him!

From the April 2nd Private Discussion

LaRouche: I think that what I did Thursday evening [Fireside Chat] is probably one of the most important things to be re-examined and considered. Not because I did it, but because what I did actually went directly to the immediate issue throughout our entire nation. I mean, the entirety of it. These issues that I raised are probably the most crucial things that we can discuss, because everything is implicitly there in it. What I did Thursday night is the statement of what the issue is today. Just take that thing itself and examine it, reflect upon it, and you will find out that that one thing which I did is the most important thing I’ve done for a long time. Some people have recognized that, and some people will recognize it. That’s who we are, and that’s what the challenge is. Because it’s not our challenge, as such. It’s a general challenge—an existing challenge—which is not limited to what I said. What I said was simply something which fed into presenting the reality of the situation as it stood, and it will stay today.

U.S. Navy
A U.S. guided-missile destroyer in the Pacific uses its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) and Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) systems to defeat two nearly simultaneous practice targets.

We’re on the edge of the most dangerous period in history, right now. And what I laid out Thursday night is the most important thing laid out in a long time, because I got enough in there to present the case. All the other things that people say, “Well, yes, but. . . . Yes, but. . . . Yes, but. . . .,” you say, “Horns don’t work that well.”

I think it would be an open question of discussion, at least at this moment, to review that consideration. Because all these kinds of ifs, and buts, and so forth—forget it! It’s a done job. How the thing will work out is not known, but the intention is a done job. And Obama essentially has proposed a global thermonuclear war to occur now. That could be stopped, but there has to be a consciousness of the fact that this is something that has to be stopped. I think that’s the discussion point which is of importance. You know what my thoughts are on this subject, and I’ve stated them repeatedly, so I don’t need to keep repeating it indefinitely. All I have to do is re-warm your review of this reality.

We’re on the edge of a thermonuclear war, globally. Can we stop it? It could be stopped. But you’ve got to take into account the factors which could stop it. That’s what is the only important subject right now. That’s it! We’re on the edge of a general, global warfare. That is, the factor in there of Obama, and what Obama represents, together with the British empire, the British System, is exactly what the issue is. We’re on the edge of Hell.

The Edge of Thermonuclear War

LaRouche: It’s a simple question. Putin is allied with China—obviously. However, what if Putin and China go together to take an action, a common action? Well, that would probably be a mistake to do that, because if you create a situation where you have one enemy—that is, the British system—and that one enemy is focused on that subject, then it’s very difficult to avoid an early war. What you want to do, is you want to cause the war that they’re out to launch—which is a global war, a general warfare—and you’ve got something in the reverse, which is there, ready, to do something. Therefore, you hold that back up to an appropriate point. I think that is the best term, the appropriate point. In that way, you do not get the complete focus of a global warfare. If you take it and break it down into a different way, where the issue is China, and then what’s Putin going to do?

That’s the question. So, as long as Putin has a free hand in his own part, then you have a way to break the immediacy of the general warfare. That’s why I put that emphasis in there. You cannot play toy soldiers with this kind of stuff.

We’re on the edge of everything. That’s a fact. So, don’t think that there’s one thing that might tip things off. Everything could tip things off. It’s a question of how you try to avoid going into the wrong battlefield, or at least at the wrong time. The right battlefield at the wrong time is not good.

LaRouche: Well, we’re at the edge of a general thermonuclear war. That’s exactly what the situation is. It’s not established, but all the factors are there. . . . This is a doom of all war. There’s no limit on the war. There’s no parameters. This is a reckless war, absolutely reckless. The United States does not have the kind of organization which is suited to conducting a major war. So what is it? The only thing is desperation warfare.

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