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This article appears in the April 29, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Looking for His Glasses,
Kicked in the Rear

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Extracts from Lyndon LaRouche’s Dialogue with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee of April 25:

Lyndon LaRouche: This is going to be a very interesting situation, for two reasons. One, is that the juveniles, so to speak, will assume that everything is easily laid down neatly for them, and the fact is that it is not. For example, there are radical changes going around, and it’s not going to be fixed. It’s going to be tough, and so forth. So that’s crucial. People will say, “oh, this is what’s going to happen. This is what’s going to happen. This is what’s going to happen.” And none of it is true. And we just went through this weekend, on this thing, going through this, and there is nothing there that is going to be the same as people thought would be the same.

And so therefore, I think, for that reason, I think it’s important that we put an emphasis of clarity on the fact that we cannot rely upon what the apparent conditions are like at any one time in this region. The thing is much too unstable. And therefore, when people would draw conclusions and say, “oh, so and so, now that’s where it’s going to be.” And that is not where it’s going to be.

And that’s the kind of problem we have to consider ourselves, here, of things that bear on that kind of problem. Don’t assume that there is something that you can draw a conclusion from. You can’t. But the point is, that there is no specific position of motion, which can be located exactly.

I went into this thing on Sunday. And I can tell you that what Obama thinks he’s got on his hands, is not what he has on his hands. That he is being moved into something by the British on the one hand, and by the others on the other hand. So this thing is not a fixed system. It’s going to jump. It’s going to be surprises. And you’re going to find the person is looking for his glasses, and finds himself being kicked in the rear end.

No Fixed Geographies

Host Matthew Ogden: It’s been a relentless two-week pile-on against Obama, in particular, around the cover-up of the 28 pages. And we could very well be seeing the fall of the House of Saud, if not the fall of the House of Windsor. And to the extent that Obama continues to declare his love for King Salman and Queen Elizabeth, you can see the fall of the House of Obama, as well, not to mention the fall of the House of Bush.

LaRouche: And it’s all British. The whole thing is completely the British Empire. So the question is, we’ve got to destroy the British Empire. That’s the first thing. So therefore, how do you do that? Well, that’s a multiple effort, which means that what we have to look for, is when people think that, “well, this is what’s going to happen,” they are probably wrong, and that they don’t understand how this thing works. They think in terms of fixed geographies, and they don’t exist, not in this operation. Because, people can move around rather rapidly these days, and they will do that. Just like he, our friend [Putin], will do. He does tend to jump into new territories very quickly.

So, no, but the point is, the idea that there is a fixed map, of any sense of map, in the terms of what is happening now, in terms of the trans-Atlantic period, alone, that thing was not going to be stable. We’ll know some specific things that could be available, or likely to be. So we have to have an open mind for understanding, and don’t assume that you found gold. You didn’t find the great gold mass. You just found something new. Or maybe it found you.

The point is, there’s a principle involved here, not just a thing, but a principle. And the principle is that all kinds of things can happen, and jump from one place to another, or jump to combinations of places and others, or to sudden changes in the thing. So there is not. World War II was for a bunch of pansies, compared to what we’re facing from this kind of situation presently.

Benjamin Deniston of the Science Team: I mean one aspect that’s hanging over the whole situation is the financial system. The whole trans-Atlantic financial system is bankrupt.

LaRouche: Yeah, the interesting thing though, that in all of this, there is nothing provided for progress in that kind of system. There is no progressive system [in those] games. And that’s what the interest is. And we can get more into that. But it’s really fun. It’s really fun, because we find, we’re going beyond Earth. That is, we’re going beyond Earth, as we’ve understood it. And what’s going to happen, the people who are playing things, smart people, are going to jump away from what they call the usual systems. Because they will react to the expansion, of play, which is provided in space. In space and the future of mankind will lie chiefly in what happens in space.

Part of the key problems is that the typical American, or the typical of most nations, has no understanding whatsoever, of how actually the human species is now in the process of moving toward changes in its characteristic behaviors, which they have never seen before. And it will happen inherently. Because you have a broader area in which to operate, and what Kesha’s doing in Texas, there, that operation, and what she’s got is a little nest building up there, for organization purposes; and this is going to change everything. And so all the fixed notions, the fixed positions, are going to vanish. Why will they vanish? Because we need more room for the real things.

Kesha Rogers of Houston: Yeah, it’s true, that the Chinese right now, they’re actually taking up the space program from this conception of what is the prerogative of mankind? What is the destiny of mankind? What should be the defining purpose of mankind in the Solar System? And I thought it was very exciting yesterday, that China announced for the first time, a National Space Day, which was yesterday, April 24th. They had educators, scientists, teachers teaching young people, students, and so-forth, about the mission of the Chinese space program, their commitment to landing on far side of the Moon, building a corridor of development to the Moon, and to the planets beyond, and so forth.

And you asked, what is the American intention to bring about such an initiative, such a national mission? And, it’s not there.

But we could actually be doing something to really not allow for these people’s work, and their contributions to be in vain. And the idea about that, is not just to recognize a certain day, or a person who went into space, and who contributed to the mission, but more so, to recognize that this is human destiny. This is our prerogative. And it’s a higher conception in terms of what we have to do to build peaceful relations among nations, and to break with this insane geopolitics.

No Fixed Positions

LaRouche: Oh, I got an experience of that during 1971, because we were going through all kinds of changes at that time. I got involved in kicking the British system out of existence for a while. And they said, “You got us this time, but we’re going to get you next time!” kind of thing, and so the operation I was running as the interim operation which I was assigned to, and this all worked. But what that means is, that what happens is, everything you think you have fixed, is probably not fixed. The lesson that people have to learn, very quickly.

Rachel Brinkley of Boston: What we have now, I think, which is fixed in a certain way, is the principle of New York as a quality of the future, and the modern city on the hill. It used to be Boston, and that didn’t work; now New York is really the city on the hill for the United States, the place that is calling for freedom, for true freedom for mankind. And I think what we’re seeing with this 9/11 quality is that: It’s a principle of justice, of ending the tyranny that has taken the lives of our citizens—both those who were murdered and those who were not murdered. So Manhattan can lead us to the future.

LaRouche: Yes!

Diane Sare of Manhattan: On that, I’ll just say, it is the case, there is a different kind of dynamic in New York, as this material begins to come out on the Saudi role, and it becomes public. Because people are angry. The population there was very profoundly affected by the events of 9/11, and the people you meet will tell you where they were, that day, when it happened; what happened to them. One woman we just met remembers trying to get on the subway out of lower Manhattan and what was going on there. And they are not backing off it.

And there was a run yesterday, a memorial for 9/11, I think organized by the museum. It was completely sold out in terms of the runners who were allowed, maybe 1,000 or so; and then a few thousand other family members came. We were there with our leaflets on the role of the Queen, the Saudis and Obama, and people were not flinching. People are furious at Obama. There was no defense of him; no defense of his role in this. This is a shift.

LaRouche: Yes. It’s a shift, it has implications which go way beyond what people would think is the consequence.

Ogden: I think what’s important to note on that, is people have referenced the role of Congressman Walter Jones as being one of the initial catalysts in this bill to declassify the 28 pages, H.Res.14, formerly H.Res.428. But why was he able to conceive of the fact, that there was a massive lie coming from the Bush administration, around the facts of the matter on 9/11? Because he was lied to directly by Dick Cheney, around the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq! He knew, personally, — sitting where we are, across the table —

LaRouche: When you look at the Bush family, look at its history. Remember there was a continuous degeneration by the Bush family, in moving from one war to another. And the other war was what we just recently experienced.

Therefore, the question is, we cannot operate on the basis of a fixed conception. We have to operate on the basis of what is not a fixed position, but rather something which is giving you a change. And this is something which most people in the United States, and Europe also, have no conception of what that kind of thing means. They have no understanding, they’re absolutely incompetent in this kind of matter, because they don’t realize that the most important developments in history have been actions which started as one thing, and then turned out to be something quite different, as a decisive action. And that is what most people in the United States today have no comprehension of this at all. And this is why people kill themselves, by poisoning themselves, and so forth.

Because they’ve lost all connection to the future. And they’re frightened. They’re afraid that some mysterious force is going to grab them, and kill them. But these are the kinds of conditions we’re facing, is new ones, because the idea that babies were born, and they grew up, and people became new babies, like the old, or something like the old. And people say, “well, that’s the way it is, we’re stuck!” We’re fixed in a situation, where we have to conform to a kind of behavior, just like Bush, young Bush. The same kind of thing. And therefore, you get a period of a sense of destitution entirely, because they don’t know what the next step is. They don’t know that a new step is coming. And they’re surprised.

This is exactly what happened, with the SDI operation, that we with. It was that, we changed everything. We had a good team, and we did it. But then, what happened, once the Bush family got its claws into this thing, and Reagan was neutralized, that that’s how the whole process that has happened, did happen.

A Much Bigger Question

Bill Roberts of Detroit: I saw something recently where there’s a problem with a lot of the people who survived 9/11 that they’ve lived with what’s called “survivors’ guilt,” and it has gripped them, this entire time of the last 10, 15 years, that “why did I survive, and these other people died?” as if the only way to resolve this, is, “how do I dedicate myself to actually making these people’s lives being lost, where there’s something that’s resolved about this?” And I think that this question has to actually be brought up, to change the entire international situation. Because I think that is what looms over this entire thing: It’s a much bigger question than just the Saudis and 9/11. The United States has been used as part of a function of an empire, and people have to actually face that, to actually resolve this issue of what 9/11 was.

LaRouche: Well, your argument really has probably more importance than you yourself might suspect.

The point is, if mankind is able to step out of a role, which is like some practical way of working, or things like that, and if mankind can do that, then mankind is actually becoming a superior development with respect to human beings generally. In other words, if you can take a human being, or a group of human beings, or category of human beings, and you find that these people will develop as something which they had not developed originally; and therefore, they will go in a new direction and develop a new theory and a new intention, and this is what will move them in that new direction.

And therefore, the obvious thing is if you want to educate the population of the planet, that’s the way you have to look at it. You have to say, “You cannot tell these kiddos that they’re going to do this for the rest of their life. You cannot do that!” I don’t care how smart you are, you cannot be allowed to do that! Therefore, you have to realize you have to search, always, for opportunities which exist beyond, what you have known heretofore. Once you grab onto that, then you’ll find kiddies will start grabbing around each other, and saying “let’s play with these toys.” And they should come up with new discoveries — and that’s what did happen, in the new discoveries, that’s exactly what happened.

So actually, it was not something that the child had built into them, but it’s something where the child was changed from what they had been! Changed because of the necessity for going to a higher level of achievement, in order to escape the limitations of the past.

Deniston: You’re talking about the very essence that defines mankind as something different that other forms of life we see. The characteristic of mankind in the most basic sense, is that we can fundamentally, willfully intervene, to self-change our relationship to the Universe. We can create a new state of existence for our species, in a way that’s unique, completely unique. And there’s something unique about the human mind and human culture that enables mankind uniquely to do that.

LaRouche: That was exactly what my intention was when I did this thing on going to the Moon. Because that’s exactly it: You have to find — it’s absolutely necessary, you can’t escape it; you cannot live within some kind of an object that you hold in your hands like a toy, to play with. What you have to do is find something which is important, which has a clear importance built into it, and you have the ability to understand, to create something new, which goes beyond the bounds of what people had heretofore believed were the limits for their existence.

Can you create in yourself, something which you had never been able to do, independently. And you find that you grab on something like that, and say ”This is the thing that’s going to make the next step for mankind better!”

Deniston: But I think your opening point about not assuming anything, at this point I think is a very wise and appropriate message to put up front.

LaRouche: It’s something that has to happen, because if you can’t do that, you lose the ability to create.

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