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This article appears in the May 20, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

You’ve Got To Fill Mankind with Greatness

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May 10—The following are excerpts from an address to associates by Lyndon LaRouche today.

It is the ability to create a new future, to create a development of a future that you had never known before or since. That’s your obligation. Don’t be practical; don’t say, “I’m being practical.” Don’t use the word practical in any form of language. Don’t use it. It’s worse than a waste of time. You have to think about—do you want all babies to be born with the same characteristics from the date of birth to the end; do you want that? Are you content to seek that? Well, then you’re not human; and that is a common characteristic of the average citizen of the United States. They have no comprehension of what the meaning of humanity is. They want to be practical.

And our organization suffers deeply from a spread of leanings toward being practical. If you’re practical, you’re incompetent; because you cannot achieve what’s important, what has to be done right now, on the basis of being practical. You cannot say, “I’m being practical.” That means you’re an idiot; because if you have any talent, you’re suffocating it.

The idea that we have practical standards of behavior for our organization has always been a piece of nonsense; that never worked. And we do have people who are able to cope with that challenge to some degree or other, but the way we have tended to do it—When somebody starts to make a suggestion, I want to leave the room. When people start telling me that they’ve got this practical idea that’s got to be brought to the organization, I wish to leave the room. I don’t like that at all, because if you can’t create something which is useful and novel, you shouldn’t talk. Without creativity, there’s no manhood.

The organization has to bring itself up to a higher standard of performance and to the nature of the goals—what mankind is supposed to effect. And in general, in the organization, people cover over defects which should not be tolerated; it spoils the market.

Look, you have to realize how dangerous this is! This will be the summer months, and what have you got to deal with for those summer months? What skills do you have? What insight do you have? How are you going to make it work? Do you realize what’s going on in the world now? What the war is, the great war? China and Russia against the Nazis of the world? Because most of our representatives are part of the Nazis of the world; in the United States, the leaders of the United States are mostly assholes of the world, or something less dignified. And that’s what our problem is with our organization. We accept a standard of achievement which is below anything that will realize a truly necessary benefit for mankind.

The Purpose of Mankind

We do not have an approach presently, as an organization, the kind of approach which is necessary to make successful progress under these kinds of conditions. We do have available to us, if we think properly, we do have the ability to scratch into the things that we have to consider if we’re going to be successful in defeating this problem.

You have to realize, we’re on the edge of a virtual extinction of humanity in terms of the United States, in terms of Mexico; Mexico is really rotten as Hell. And we have no sign that there will be any improvement. Mexico once had a great mission; but then, the great mission was destroyed by the Wall Street crowd. So, there’s no more of that. In the nations of South America, you find a degeneration of those economies which I had lived through in terms of experience over long years. Mankind has not yet become a successful creature; because we don’t understand what the challenge of being a creature of that type means.

I could say many things about that, but that’s what bothers me; it bothers me that people are inured in the kinds of ideas that really don’t mean much of anything. And what I’m doing is spending most of what is left of my life to try to save the cause of creativity, and it’s a tough war to fight, because people don’t believe in the kind of warfare that is necessary to succeed.
President Vladimir Putin addressing attendees at the concert in liberated Palmyra, Syria, performed by the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra.

That is the situation. That is the ongoing situation, right now. Look at it. The most recent event, which is this music celebration [in Palmyra]. That was an example that Putin is in charge now; this is not unique. I was in the same game, the identical same game when I was recovering from a serious illness; so I went out and ran this program I did, which was done with Putin. Not directly with Putin, but in concert with Putin.

But Putin picked up with me on exactly what I was doing, and he’s done it ever since then. And therefore, when you’re trying to deal with this thing, this matter of how this thing is going to work, you’ve got to think about that and go back to that level. When Putin began organizing in a desolate area of work for him, I jumped in on it, too, on the Chechen issue, and we together were able to create an example; I did the demonstration of the thing, the Army moving up there—the Chechens. So, we have been doing that since then; the whole thing was what I was already doing—Helga [LaRouche] was in on it. What we did with the Russians was always on that basis, and that’s what I’m talking about.

If you look at most of the people in the nations of Europe today, of Western Europe and trans-Atlantic Europe, you will find out they’re idiots; they have no comprehension of what reality is. None. And that’s what we’ve got. And I’ve got that factor which I expressed way back then, with Putin; that factor is the factor that you’ve got to look at. That is the defining factor; no gimmicks.

You have seen it several times already in recent times, what Putin was doing. Putin is the world’s leading strategist in the world at this time. And if you don’t understand that, you don’t know what this is all about.

The first major problem Putin had to deal with after becoming Prime Minister in 1999, was the mercenary attack against Russia in Chechnya. Here, the Zhani-Vedeno ambush attack on Russian forces in March 2000.

Look at Putin’s strategy. Even in the recent period, Putin’s strategy is always to solve a problem, to solve a problem, and to stop action at that point, and wait for the next action which is due to proper effect. And that is what does not exist with Obama. And people who are tied to Obama are leading the citizens of the United States into mass killing, mass death. Anyone who votes to support Obama or to support the leading candidates now, including Hillary, is doomed to destruction. I think this clown, this goon [Trump], is only another case of the same thing.

See, the point is that mankind is not a bunch of objects that you can manipulate and make the toys dance for you. That does not work. You have to actually create a power in mankind which is improved over previously existing expressions of mankind. That’s the whole game. And you have to spread this kind of development, such that it sustains itself. Most people just don’t have any idea what truth is. Because they think, “Let’s be practical.” The typical stupid person in the United States says, “let’s be practical.” And they’re stupid. Whenever they take that attitude they are being stupid, ridiculous, disgusting.

Because the whole thing—the purpose of man is that mankind, in the process of developing the species, shall come to a capability to realize improvements, consistently building it up. You don’t go to war to win a war; you go to prevent, to destroy that which threatens mankind. But you have to get a net gain; you have to evoke a net gain.

Something Better than Ever Before

The ability of mankind to develop within the human individual the characteristics to be able to give a higher degree of power to mankind as a whole, through self-development of the human species—that’s the only thing that’s important.

The organization of the United States, it’s a farce. It has no comprehension, it has no desire to achieve comprehension, and that’s the most savage thing of it all! People wonder how to make something work that doesn’t work, and that’s where they failed. They say, “well, we’re better than they are,” or “we have failed on this,” and “they have failed on this, but we’re successful!” And think of what this has meant, ever since the FBI was brought into power in the United States.

Michael Evans
A succession of presidents who were not incompetent was disrupted by assassination or attempted assassination. left, President John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy; above, President Ronald Reagan.

The introduction of the FBI into the existence of the United States, was the death knell of the United States! And we had Presidents who were murdered on that basis. We have been unable to sustain any succession of Presidents who were not incompetent—or worse. Two brothers got killed. One was murdered in the South, and then the brother who was about to be named as nominee to become President, was killed on the evening before the nomination. And I’ve had serious involvement with this. What happened to Ronald Reagan? The Bushes tried to kill him! The Reagan administration, of which I was an integral part, was never able to be reconstructed.

And so you had garbage. I was the last key figure in this, when I was in a very particular training service for Ronald Reagan. But Ronald Reagan never had an opportunity to sustain what his policy was. What did you get? You got the Bushes and Obama. And Obama is worse than the Bushes.

White House Photo, Eric Draper
George W. Bush (left) was followed by Barrack Obama (right), who was even worse than Bush.

Look at this whole campaign, now, the two Presidential tickets. That’s why Putin’s likely to win the whole thing, with his friends. And if we want to have some part in that, we’ve got to look up and learn the lesson that this represents.

The key lies not in the personnel as such. It lies in the development of the personnel and development of the character of their behavior and their mission orientation. And that is the factor which wins the war! In other words, this is not a matter of a number of people who are fighting the war, not the ones who have gained this or gained that; that is not the issue. The issue is, can the human species produce from within its own ranks, a body of people who will meet the challenge of defeating the kind of evil we have to face now.

So when people say, “Well, he’s going to win this war. He’s going to win this war. He’s going to win that war. He’s going to win that war. He’s going to win that war!” He’s gonna lose that war! That’s what the game is, and they’re all playing that game! They don’t have the ability to win, because they have not been given the capability to win, inside themselves.

And that’s where the recent experience of Putin comes in. He has worked on a continuous drive to win the global war. And it’s not to win the war in the sense of killing people; that was not the way he has functioned in his recent activities. Not at all! It’s the development of the individual within the nation—that is the key to power. The ability to create something better than mankind has known and experienced beforehand.

So trying to win that and win that, and win this and win this,— it’s all nonsense, it’s for children, it’s for masturbators.

What Really Happened in Syria

The importance of creativity is located in the development of the power of the human mind, and without that development of the human mind as such, there is nothing. And when I ridicule what we do in this organization, that’s what I’m ridiculing. “You think you’re so damned smart, you think that you won something. You think that you are so successful. You think that you had a better opinion than the other guy.” That’s exactly what kills mankind. Because it turns culture into some kind of monster, of evil. And you’re so concerned to win a battle, to get ahead, to defeat people, to equip them, to promote them. Why? On the basis of their incompetence, which is the usual kind of thing that goes on in education, with respect to physical science and so forth. But what they promote is pretension, fatal pretension. They’re trying to denounce things that should have been developed.

And that’s what’s wrong with this organization: We have not grasped the urgent question of what wins. Do you win by beating the other guy? Or is there something else? Is it not the development of the human person, in the human personality, where the human personality grows into something better than an individual? It’s this pride about individualism,— that is the thing that causes the destruction of the members of our organization. They don’t think about what the whole thing is about. And we’re seeing it right now.

Question: Some of our best military contacts have given a much more in-depth picture of how Putin organized his Syria victory, which you know, is incomplete but really very advanced. It’s not just the air operations or the timing of the intervention. They completely reorganized a very demoralized Syrian military. They completely transformed it, down to the point that they assessed who were the most qualified Syrian commanders and put them in the most important front-line situations based on the strategy for victory. And it completely changed the character of the Syrian fighting force, in conjunction with what the Russians were doing. It was a concept of victory that had a lot of elements to it, that haven’t even been made public yet.

LaRouche: It didn’t work that way. It didn’t work like that. It seemed to work that way. See, you had a bunch of people who were patriots, in terms of that institution, and they wanted to win the war for that reason. But that was only the local reason. The reason was they wanted to win over that war, to beat that war, to reject that war. So Putin came in, and Putin made it an effort which gave them the option of being successful.

When they had reached a point of achievement, where they were more or less independent of their temporary dependency on Putin, Putin pulled back. He didn’t withdraw, but he pulled back and said, “You are going through your own self-development now. Go out there and do it.”

You’ve got to look at the question of where is the grace and glory of mankind to be located? In some person, in some trick? In some practice? No! It’s in something internal to the person!—who realizes living in a certain way is what is to be achieved. And that’s what the greatest commanders in military command have done—the same thing. MacArthur, for example, both he and his father—same thing. And that’s what you’ll find there.

National Archives
The greatness of the best military commanders, such as General Douglas MacArthur, is based on something internal to that person. Here, MacArthur wading ashore during initial landings at Leyte, Philippine Islands, in October 1944.

Then what happened then? Well, the FBI, which was given power, turned the power over to itself, and produced leaders, military and other leaders, economic leaders in the United States, who degenerated the quality of the life of the human individual in the United States. And you can’t tell me that I don’t know that; I do know that. I know it perfectly. And I know that what that means to me is the degeneracy of the typical American! And the only way you’re going to stop that is to tell the typical American, “Stop being the typical American!” And then go through a list of the kinds of things, the lies and the cheats that they do in the name of “success.”

You’ve got to create beauty. You’ve got to create what’s important. You’ve got to create mankind. You’ve got to fill mankind with greatness, so it is self-subjected to not doing anything that is not gracious. And that’s why I make this point of criticism against the audience and here.

You cannot create heroes out of harlots.

This has always been the understanding of people who understood things, that creativity lies within the person who has allowed himself to assimilate creativity; not elsewhere. The desire is not to win, the desire is to create. And to do nothing that does not allow you to create. No, if you cannot infuse in human beings something that makes more human beings creative, then you have accomplished nothing. And that’s the lesson. And I’ll have more to say at a later date on this matter.

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