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This article appears in the June 24, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche: The British System Is Doomed:
A Totally New System Is Now Urgent

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Lyndon LaRouche offered an assessment of the current global situation in dialogue with colleagues on June 17. A paraphrase of his remarks follows.

The present British Empire trans-Atlantic financial system is hopelessly bankrupt and doomed to crash. While the date-certain of such a crash cannot be forecast, the inevitability of the crash is undeniable. No measures of reform or modification can work. There is no way to “manage” this imminent collapse. We are on the edge of an unpredictable blowout.

A thoroughly new system must be established, and it is now a priority that rational forces in the West take up this immediate challenge. This requires a thoroughly new approach, based upon well established principles of physical economy. Intelligent people must realize that speculation will not work. All of the existing gambling debt must be cancelled immediately. We must start all over, with a completely new approach. It is time to bring the dominant, now bankrupt British System to an end. The French System,— basically everything that has happened since the fall of President Charles DeGaulle,— must also be cast aside as a doomed failure.

The trans-Atlantic region must be put through a top-to-bottom reconstruction. There can be no deals with existing powers, who have brought the region to the edge of the greatest blowout in modern history.

We need to concentrate on creating a new system of physical values, measured in qualitative increases in the productive powers of labor, driven by scientific discoveries that have not yet even been conceptualized. Price values must be repudiated. Hamiltonian principles of physical economy, reflecting the new challenges and new scientific frontiers to be conquered, must be adopted.

This requires an entirely new mode of thinking, a genuinely new paradigm, based on the commitment to future generations and to the pursuit of new scientific discoveries that demonstrate man’s unique capacity for creative discovery of the nature of the universe and man’s relations within it.

Everything associated with the British System, every policy associated with the United States under Barack Obama, must be scrapped.

Among all of the world’s leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin has the best grasp of this critical moment. His perspective, most recently reflected in his statements at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, are unmatched. He understands that the greatest risk to mankind comes from the British and from Obama, who are the biggest threats, because they are devoted to defending the present doomed system of speculation, and they will risk global war—even global thermonuclear war—to defend that dead system.

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