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This article appears in the October 21, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Choose Principle

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Lyndon LaRouche spoke to the following effect to the LaRouche Political Action Committee’s Policy Committee on Oct. 17.

Don’t just give the name; find what the cause is, and in this case, the cause is these principles.

What you have to do, is you have to use the principle as such, and this is often not done, or it’s done badly, in election campaigns. The point here is to get the election of the principle. The election of the principle, and let the principle define what the action is. Alexander Hamilton, for example: that’s perfect. He’s dead, right? But you can still use him as a leader, by saying, he did this, and now, I’ve done a supporting effort on the same issue with my “Four Laws.” But the point is, you’ve got to get the principle in there. It’s not the person; it’s the principle. And the principle is carried by the person. If the thing is done competently, that is what works.

The point is, Hamilton’s tradition and his policies, are policies that should be the Presidential policies of the United States.

And the point is what we’re proposing on the use of my name, is a feasible idea. I’m just qualifying what makes it a feasible idea.

What you have is a policy: Alexander Hamilton’s policy, as expressed now, in current times; that’s what you want. Use my name, to emphasize Alexander Hamilton’s name as being the figure which should be the guiding figure for the entire nation. I can make it clear; I can do it. That I know how to do. Most people don’t; they get jammed up on interpretation.

He was the leading figure in American history, in the earliest part. And during the Twentieth Century, I have been a leading figure in the United States. I am now saying that the Alexander Hamilton law, as expressed in the following terms, in my Four Laws, is what has to be done for the nation.

And we’ve already got the policy on the books, because we’ve got the law that was presented in my name, more than two years ago. And that law is the law that should be the guiding law for the defining of the law of the United States as such.

Say Alexander Hamilton, and Hamilton’s law and accomplishments are the things we point to,— then we use what I have done, which was done just a little over two years ago. I defined that afresh, which nobody else has done, except in my name. That’s the way to look at it.

What I said is very simple. I, in 2014, presented a case, a policy case, for the people of the United States. That’s what I did. No one else has done exactly what I did. However, I’m not assured to be running around indefinitely. The point is simply to get a policy, a policy which in this case has existed, and this is to be presented as the policy. It’s not a matter of personality as such; it’s a matter of identifying the policy. And what I did over two years ago, is exactly what the policy should be. Nothing less, nor anything more.

I was the one who defined the “Four Laws.” And I’m presenting these laws as a correction, to correct and eliminate the mistakes which have been sustained or introduced. Which are mistakes. In other words, the policy is what is considered. And the policy has a supporter. And I’m the only one who did the statement on Alexander Hamilton’s laws, as defined over two years ago. And this process defies all of the kinds of mish-mash which have been in the electoral process recently. Period.

I have presented here, a statement. That statement has an unique characteristic of its own. It is that approach which could win the case. The main thing is, the United States was founded on laws which were created by Alexander Hamilton. In my recent lifetime, I have been a leading figure in exposition of this principle. You want to put it very plain. The laws that we should want to have, are those of the reform which I introduced on behalf of Alexander Hamilton. That’s the way to do it. And this could be a law for all nations to pick up and use.

The idea was that Alexander Hamilton was the one who defined the principle on which the laws of the United States ought to rely. And that was provided by me, by name, in the law which I introduced to practice as such.

I have instructed the candidacies in the argument that Alexander Hamilton’s program, as defined, in refreshed form,— that that is what must be introduced. It’s that simple. The planet needs some direction on law. And the law must be considered as the pilot law, which is Alexander Hamilton’s policy, as I advised the nation to do. And it’s a solution that would work.

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