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This article appears in the March 8, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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VIDEO EXCERPT (concluding remarks)

The Woman on Mars

Concluding remarks from Lyndon LaRouche, taken from his 1988, Woman on Mars nationally televised broadcast.

It means a much better way to live, than the drab misery, illiteracy and decay, into which our nation has drifted in the past 20 years.

Then, 39 years from now, we shall hear the broadcast from Mars, announcing that the first permanent colony there is operational. Among those colonists will be some of the children and grandchildren of you watching this broadcast tonight. Many of you will be watching that first television broadcast from that new colony. Already, the woman who will speak to you then, from Mars, has just recently been born somewhere in the United States.

We shall give our nation once again that great future which our children and grandchildren deserve.

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