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This article appears in the November 12, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

May 8, 2014

Extended Remarks & Facts:

Economists Who Were Usually Stupid

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Notably, references made here, must begin with these following, necessarily, multiply extended, prefatory remarks. These are made respecting those matters, which will be shown, below, as having been lodged within what are now, in effect, matters subsumed under a necessarily, somewhat extended history of my own early, formal, education, as follows:

My Extended Education

I was born in Rochester, New Hampshire, on September 8, 1922. My own education since I had left a Rochester school at the age of ten, had moved me into a Lynn, Massachusetts grammar school in 1932. That had scarcely been much of a success, as ordinary matters go. Many among the teachings supplied by the Lynn, Massachusetts schools in my own time there, had often been filled out with the relegation of the subject of mathematics and its derivatives, to what is presently traceable to the then wicked influence of Bertrand Russell. That had been an influence which had been felt approximately world-wide, by the time of the end of World War I.

In my experience, there had been some exceptions to a more general incompetence of education in schools; but, those exceptions had been limited to a relatively few classes from among the total. I came to see this more clearly, in my concluding three years at Lynn English High School, which were, otherwise, virtually a total disaster, as, similarly, my later experience during the nominal university education administered to me in a university in Boston and its vicinity, before and after military service in the U.S.A. and, then, Asia after the close of World War II.

The best feature of any competent report on my educational experience, is, still, today, that it was, frankly, the more disgusting as several years had passed.

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EIRNS/Claudio Celani
“Watching the Teachers Enter.” Lyndon LaRouche writes about the failures of public education when he was a student, some 80 years ago, but since the death of President Kennedy, the quality of education has declined even more precipitously.

The Worst Characteristics

The worst characteristics which had been common to the classes in education, were those in Lynn, Massachusetts, first, and, later, Boston. In both of the two cases, the relevant worst effects were the most disgusting with respect to a practice of a body of teaching which had been based on the defense of Euclidean geometry, and its derived expressions, such as the depraved mathematics which had been premised on those fraudulently adopted presumptions which had taken control over trans-Atlantic education, at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, in place of actual science.

This fraudulent substitution is to be witnessed, still today, since the 1900-dated campaigns of David Hilbert, in France in 1900 A.D., and, slightly later, the outrightly Satanic influence of Britain’s Bertrand Russell world-wide: that consolidated the beginning of the early 1920s, ever since, up to the present time.

The relatively worst cases of the post-Nineteenth Century’s moral and intellectual degeneration in education, generally still worse presently, have been typical of the destructive force of moral disaster, which is quickly identifiable as “reductionism:” a worsening pathology, which had, then, already permeated the educational systems in both secondary and university-bases. This wicked change had been premised upon merely an essentially linear, actually anti-scientific hoax: virtually, an avowedly mandatory hoax, resting on the farcical teachings which were commonly based on the neo-archaic root of an a-priori, Euclidean geometry, and on the related offshoots of a mere arithmetic, not an actually physical science.

This was a mere arithmetic which had been installed as a proposed replacement for actual science, and which has remained as increasingly hegemonic throughout both the Twentieth Century, and also the early Twenty-First this far. Those trends of degeneration in educational and merely allegedly scientific practices, and their effects, have remained relatively hegemonic, although entirely fraudulent, and, also, as systemically opposed, fiercely, to any semblance of an actually physical, modern science.

By my time in life, that particular fraud, of Euclidean geometry, had generally saturated the pores of the system in that High School which I had attended in Lynn, Massachusetts, then, in particular, and continues in an actually worse form presently. That factor, was systemically destructive in its effects on most among the students there, and was, also, visibly damaging to potentially cognitive powers of the students, more generally.

At Lynn English High School

What had saved me from much of this corruption, in particular, went according to the proverbially Scottish references to the notion of “all that,” as having been the interventions, by competent leading elements of the Lynn, Massachusetts directors for the city’s educational system, notably senior official Stephens and the head of the Lynn English High School.

There, I was justly rescued, initially, by the results of my simply taking an “I.Q.” test, which proved to me (and relevant others), sufficiently then, to be startlingly clear evidence, initially, against the vicious abuses generally practiced, in particular, in the Eighth Grade of school in which I had been virtually pilloried at that time, by the abuse by some of the faculty of the relevant Junior High School, where I had been subjected to such treatment, prior to the taking of that standard “I.Q.” test of the time. It was the result of that test, which had prompted the higher ranks of the Lynn school system, to liberate me from the vicious abuse to which I had been subjected by that so-called Junior High School Eighth Grade.

The resulting evidence shown then, and later, was that I had been an exceptional talent. For that reason, I became, soon, a bit later, once more, the victim of a new source for a virtual intellectual “lynch mob” hostility against me personally, which had included a large ration among some of the faculty of the Lynn English High School at this time. The sponsors of that sort of “pogrom,” were those teachers of the type who had preferred that the students not actually think too carefully, but, rather, should simply attempt to repeat what they had been taught by the combined efforts of teachers and by the texts supplied.

Thus, what had happened in the 8th grade experience, appeared, afresh, as widely echoed among the faculty at the Lynn English High School. There were some exceptions to such “popular abuses,”[fn_1] particularly among the better scholars, but the ugliness remained the prevalent truth to be spoken respecting the prevalent practice throughout the general environment, there.

The “I.Q.” tests which I had experienced, both in the 8th grade case, and, freshly in the Lynn English High School, had each demonstrated a relatively exceptional, so-called “I.Q.,” rating, for which only a relatively very small minority of the students were qualified. Unfortunately, the connections to those abuses to which I had been subjected in the Eighth Grade, were not limited to that school; they had been, essentially, the same stupid abuse which would, and did cross-infect a relatively large ration of even the Lynn English High School faculty (with some notable exceptions), within the Lynn school system. The later, second, “I.Q. test,” showed evidence of suggested higher achievement levels, with respect to those which had been measured earlier, for the Eighth Grade affair.

There was, nonetheless, a continuing targeting of students who were, not only even merely, “quicker learners;” but, actually original thinkers, a type which were emphatically not wanted by certain, unfortunately prevalent, malicious clusters, assembled from among the faculties in both Lynn and, later, my experience with relevant Boston university educational programs. Some of the faculty are to be blamed in those cases; but, like, the administration of the Eighth Grade, and the later class-work at the High School levels, they were, generally, intellectual disasters in fact: both for the students, and the effects shown in the shaping of their judgments in later years.

Only in few cases, over the full course of that time, those who stood out as valuable exceptions, especially in the non-mathematical aspects of the education, showed their significant resistance to the more popular follies; but they were, nonetheless, only a relative minority. When the faculties were corrupted in that respect, they had been, for the most part, also, even vicious in protecting their often dubious expressions of appeals to an allegedly “popular opinion” of “those regular guys and girls” who were, generally, more concerned with being considered as “popular,” than seeking the merits of their future roles in society.

The results of what I have already referenced here, as the twice-repeated I.Q. testing of me, had seemed to have virtually saved my need to sort out good, or, at the least, merely decent, from the intellectual “lynch-mob” sort of bestiality preponderant in the general educational environment. My “I.Q.” testings by the educational departments, had occurred on two most notable, relatively successive occasions; these tests had shown me, as also the relevant officials, exceptionally high qualities of competence in my own performances, as shared among the relatively upper ranks of intellectual development within the student bodies during those times. The most notable effect of this testing, was, for me, the importance of seeking to re-enforce what had been tested as indications of my own, relatively superior notion of truth, generally; this would be continued by me, as a pattern, as from the close of my secondary education into some dismal university years.[fn_2]

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Capricho 37: “Might not the pupil know more?” Francisco de Goya (1797-98).

My personal experience on this account was never unique in and of itself. The technically identified practice of talking-down students in public schools into a state of moral confusion, and, similarly, also in universities, has been, now increasingly, a generally accelerated practice of presently current educational institutions, which was a cause for an increased moral and intellectual degeneracy-rate which has been increasingly acute since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, and since the parallel spread of drug-addiction among soldiers and others during the interval of the U.S. part in the worse than useless Indo-China war, as both President John F. Kennedy and General Douglas MacArthur had forewarned, prior to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and as during the closely following death of our republic’s then greatest living military strategist, Douglas MacArthur.

The alleged, chiefly fraudulent “Case of Lyndon LaRouche,” has thus continued to reflect what has recently been the usual quality and effect of what I experienced in the setting of the educational systems, of my own knowledge; but, at the same time, it expressed, more importantly, a characteristically declining intellectual quality of the educational, and functionally related institutions, over the course of the passage of recent decades, a moral and intellectual decline which I had already experienced, since my experience with what I have indicated as educational processes, up through the present time. It is, notably much worse, presently, especially among the adolescents, and younger, than ever before. However, the typical sophistry practiced publicly by typical members of the Congress, for example, shows too much of a similarly regrettable performance in respect to the need for truth expressed in the public interest. The decadence of the standards of judgment by the U.S. Congress, has been the fruit of two leading factors: the declining quality of intellectual competence in the U.S. government itself, especially since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert, coincided with the plunge into a British-directed, important increase of relative stupidity within nearly all categories of the general population since the assassinations of the two Kennedy brothers, and the rise of the politically induced, virtually decorticating “Green” intellectual pestilence, which has been increasingly prevalent throughout most of the dope-soaked ranks of such increasing rations of the mentally and morally incompetent of the increasing rations of the dope-soaked sector and related, “green” brain-drained, and the increasing ration of the often wobbly-headed sections of the U.S. population presently.

Into My University Years

My own university years, had been, essentially, a morally dismal aspect of public and related education. I have recalled it, as, being often begun on a much lower level of the intention of education, than had been the case in the Lynn, Massachusetts high school system. The education of the particular university life which I had experienced, was predominantly below the quality of the education which I had received, earlier, in the Lynn High School. The passage from the President Franklin Roosevelt/World War II generation, into the post-Roosevelt, relative moral and intellectual degeneracy of the Harry S Truman Administration, was directed, via Wall Street, by the Truman-Churchill-Bertrand Russell “Witch-hunt” trend, a trend which had produced an induced, long-ranging decline in the moral and intellectual qualities of performance of the U.S. population generally, even in virtually all relevant categories, moral categories, most emphatically.[fn_3]

My second experience with that same Boston-area University on which my father had repeatedly insisted, had credible exceptions such as an academic year’s study in “the German language for us seeking careers involving chemistry,” or a smattering of the principles of chemistry in some of the faculty, or, also the literary skills of a certain Dean of the university, and some intermittent, useful snatches of chemistry caught between-times. Otherwise, the experience there, was an exposure to a chronic sort of pedagogical disaster which had rather simply reflected the influence of the Twentieth Century’s fraudulent, but also decaying dogmas of relying on merely mathematics, rather than actually physical science, while tending, either to avoid all actual science, in favor of eliminating the influence of actual science, or, to craft a mere appearance of a glib showing of some of “the real stuff.”

Certainly, not all among the professors and instructors, were actually incompetent; but, from the moment of the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the culture of the United States, was already in precipitous decline under the freshly accelerated pressures from the British empire’s increasingly over-reaching control of the post-FDR United States, chiefly, then, under the dictatorship of Winston Churchill and, more importantly, the virtual Satan of almost the entirety of the Twentieth Century, Satan’s clearly own Bertrand Russell. Such were the exemplary effects which had fostered the predominant spirit of increasingly decadent sophistries permeating the atmosphere of the institution of education itself; this effect was both the principal source and medium of the practiced intellectual, and also moral corruption, if sometimes, even with a mere taint of competence to “so to speak,” lend a mere appearance of the poorly refined coating placed upon the correspondingly disgusting cake. The prevalent rule was, of the customarily and monotonously corrupt, “go along to get along” mentality: a spirit of “sham” which has permeated the life of our institutions, not excluding the U.S. Congress, generally up to about the present time.

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New York State/Library of Congress
LaRouche’s wartime service, like that of other veterans, meant that they “were no longer children to be taught; we preferred to be those who selected their destiny as a matter of a maturing personal judgment respecting the necessities for the future.” Here, returning troops express their jubilation at returning home, Aug. 6, 1945.

Somewhat Later:

During that same period, but following the close of World War II, I had returned to the university which I had suffered through earlier, but I had sometimes enjoyed encounters with some eminently important professional physical scientists, and the like, met from the context of such as the Harvard environment. At that time, I was one among those with whom I had recently returned from the concluding term of my military service in Asia; and, I had enjoyed the degree of confidence which I had brought back with me from the latter phase of that military experience abroad; but, I had also had more than enough of the university to which I had mistakenly returned, briefly, after military service. All-in-all, this was a tasteless experience which I briefly endured only for reason of the pressures from my father. However, his pressure on that subject had lost any further meaning for me as a dweller in the post-war world: I set forth, thence, to seek out, and make my own future, thenceforth. The pathway leading up, was chiefly rugged; but, it was not long before the appropriate remedy appeared; now, I had excelled within the scope of my professional assignments, until the FBI moved in to spoil matters for a time.

Many among us, notably from my own post-war generation, reacted similarly to my own reactions, in the respect, that being “away to war-time service,” had marked out an interval of lapsed time between entering and leaving military service. That circumstance, had, thus, tended to separate our pre-war outlook on society, from our post-war sense of personal morale, and morality, alike, from an experience of an adult identity under the resonant leadership of President Franklin Roosevelt.

For me, this resonance was potently emphatic. This effect included my often justly contemptuous attitudes toward the “kid stuff” aspects of university life: we, of many veterans among my generation, were no longer children to be taught; we preferred to be those who selected their destiny as a matter of a maturing personal judgment respecting the necessities for the future. We may have been denied that goal, from case to case at hand, but our intention was for scientific, economic, and cultural progress.[fn_4] In the meantime, under Truman and the continuing “witch-hunt” moods even under President Eisenhower’s Presidency, the pressures reflected the heavy hands of the notorious Dulles brothers, as we had known this fact during the course of World War II itself.

The single most notable implication of the aforesaid experience with both secondary, and higher education at the relevant institutions of learning, is that my intellectual achievements in later adult life, as in Lynn, Massachusetts’ I.Q. examinations, were, in performance, among those in range of the standard of the 125-148-score level denoted by the relatively different standards of the Academic and Military-service ratings: obviously, merely approaching the “genius” sectors, if not reaching it; but, nonetheless, thus approaching the relatively highest ranking professional competence attained during my many later decades of my profession as a physical economist in the domain of real life within our nation and abroad.[fn_5] The actual problem was to be located within the social system of so-called “Popular Opinion.”

The Standard for Meeting Achievement

The root of those defects has lain, clearly, within the characteristics of a relatively declining quality of so-called “public opinion,” an effect which tends to determine that the younger generations will be, since the end of the 1960s, less intelligent in actual practice, than those of the older. This, somehow, despite the true genius of the founders of modern European (and, hence, also American) intellectual achievements in modern science and Classical artistic performance, who are best gauged, practically, as by the standard of the leadership in the actual founding of all competent modern science, such as that under the leadership of such as the actual, trio of original founders of modern science, in order of sequence: (1) Filippo Brunelleschi; (2) Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa; and, (3) the unique achievement of Johannes Kepler of the original discovering of the existence of the Solar system.

Later, there were the foundations laid by the Winthrops and Mathers of Seventeenth Century Massachusetts, or their successors, such as Cotton Mather, in particular, who fostered the great genius and founder of the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin, and such singularly great geniuses as our General Alexander Hamilton (the true founder of the economic system of the original U.S. Federal Constitution).

The physical science founded by Brunelleschi, Cusa, and Kepler, situated the progress effected by such outstanding figures, such as the true giants of the Seventeenth and early Eighteenth centuries, as Carl F. Gauss had been followed by his most brilliant student, Bernhard Riemann. Riemann made the revolution in science which the great Max Planck and Albert Einstein had later defined, respectively: the new minimum (Max Planck), the new maximum for science (Albert Einstein); and then, as being the successor for Kepler’s earlier role in the Renaissance triad: the great Russian-Ukrainian, Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, whose work in the foundations of physical science, had achieved a higher meaning for insight into man’s relationship to the Solar system as such, than ever before: the unique, astrophysical efficient principle: the essential function of ontological advances in human life, as a basis for existence within the Solar system (and beyond) per se.

Education Since Franklin Roosevelt

Afterwards, the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, were combined with the effects of the wretchedly wicked venture into the graveyards of souls, which had even more than destroyed human bodies in the lunacy of the U.S. launching of its War in Indo-China, a war which was merely another holocaust of wasted lives set into motion by the influence of the British empire under the influence of the frankly Satanic Bertrand Russell.

The concomitants of all this, for me, had been, that since the testing which had led to my “double promotion” from the Eighth Grade, I had come to understand, increasingly, on successive points in what was for me, the history of my reflections: the specific failures of the educational processes to which I had been subjected, and which I had sometimes bitterly resisted, as in my public schools’ and in the aborted quality of most aspects of university education. This became more, and more clearly understandable as time had passed.

Post-World War II times and their developments since the time of the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, confronted me with the essential lesson-in-life: to become fully aware, in retrospect, of my own intellectual vindication on precisely that account: an achievement largely embodied in a deepening of a sense of a necessary distance from what had been, chiefly, a past into which I had come to know I had been dumped, in the main.

In fact, it had become, and remains the fact that my intellectual development in respect to these matters of education, had been far above the level of virtually all my known contemporaries, not only in both secondary schools and my later experience of then-customary university indoctrination. That has been the case ever since, as continued through the present time: but that also in the matter of the proper principles of statecraft.

My particular hatred, today, on this account, has been against the mis-teaching of science, a practice which has been premised on the basis of merely mathematics as such, as in the present tradition of David Hilbert and Bertrand Russell. This means that we must, urgently, end the fraud typified, by such cases as the stubborn hoax of Euclidean geometry, which persists, in the guise of Hilbert and Russell, as the most effective instrument of evil against humanity since Zeus and Satan themselves. My sharpest and most bitter insight into the root-cause for my own hatred of that wretched sort of education which I had, largely experienced: it presents a reflection of my confrontations with the post-World War II doctrines of the British Empire’s leading professional Satan of the Twentieth Century, the same Bertrand Russell, himself.

My Own Profession

Today, my initial, and still-current profession, has been that of employment as a specialist in economic forecasting, a role which had begun during the late 1940s, and, soon-thereafter, as a secondary executive in the same consulting firm. Those few years in practice in that position, were, first a consultant in the field, and, then, a secondary executive official of the same firm’s executive.[fn_6]

Nevertheless, during that lapse of time. I had already become among our nation’s leading economic forecasters, in the middle to late 1950s, and since, now, about now sixty years ago, and still presently. My rise to first-rate status in actual achievements in forecasting, had initially spanned an interval of time, from the time of my 1968-1971 forecast of the profound, coming crisis of the U.S. economy, whose result has been, since, a continuing, downward trend in the physical aspects of the U.S. economy, an economy which has continued to plummet since then, up through the present date at the brink of a general “bail-in” collapse of the trans-Atlantic region of the planet.

I attribute my success as traceable, originally, to the impact on me of such as, most notably, originally, that of such as the Gottfried Leibniz, who had been the inspiration for the Eighteenth-century American Revolution, especially under the role of Benjamin Franklin, and the founding of modern economic science as such, by the memory of the British-assassinated, Major-General Alexander Hamilton’s systemic perfection of his design for the four founding principles of the U.S. economy, principles which remain as the only actually competent founding principles of a science of physical economy throughout the entirety of the world of today.

The truth of that success of Hamilton’s special genius, has lain within the bounds of the actual distinction of the human species, its distinction as superior to all otherwise presently known expressions of life, as, also, not so incidentally, tied to the greatest chemist of modern life, Russia’s greatest modern scientist, Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky: the superb scientific genius who had actually discovered the distinctive principle of human life with such remarkable precision, and insight into the meaning of that life within, explicitly, the presently known bounds of the Solar system.[fn_7]

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EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
LaRouche attributes his success as an economic forecaster to the impact on him of, among others, Gottfried Leibniz, “the inspiration for the American Revolution, especially under the role of Benjamin Franklin,” and Alexander Hamilton’s American System economics. LaRouche is pictured here with his famous “Triple Curve Function,” 2003.

I. The Roots of Modern Science As Such

Presently, I continue to trace the actual foundations of modern science back to what is named as “The Golden Renaissance,” since no later than the Fourteenth Century. This had been a most profoundly revolutionary turn, upward, into all achievements of modern history, and has been the source of the actual quality of human mental modern progress typified, by that origin, as by the leading contributions, precisely, in turn, for principle, in the already cited threefold succession of Filippo Brunelleschi (the physical principle of the ontological minimum); Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (the physical principle of the ontological maximum); and, then, Johannes Kepler, the principal follower of Nicholas of Cusa, thereafter, and of the originally modern discovery of the categorical concept of the existence of the Solar system, as such, by Johannes Kepler.

The triad of the work of those three founders of the original modern European civilization, were coherently related, as founders of all competent modern science. They had lain the foundations for the subsequent genius of such later, exemplary modern geniuses, as Gottfried Leibniz, Carl F. Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein. However, from that point in time, on, as during the same time as the work of Planck and Einstein, and times beyond since today, the notion of the very meaning of even the mere name of science, had since been first polluted, and then virtually destroyed: that done, most notably, by those two figures who became prominent for their own specific crimes against science and humanity, alike, since the dates of the period beginning the year A.D. 1900: these were the dates of the foolish figure of David Hilbert in Paris, and, a short time later, Hilbert’s frankly Satanic follower, Bertrand Russell.

The common feature of the dogma of both of these latter two cases of Twentieth-century corruption, Hilbert and Russell, had produced a presently continued, generally accelerating, degeneration of the practices of both science and economy, a pollution with the after-effects reaching (formally) from the onset of the Twentieth Century, to the now increasingly threatened general cultural and economic collapse of trans-Atlantic social culture, presently. This has been, a decline which has strictly dominated the United States of America, in particular, since the deaths of, respectively, U.S. Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and President Roosevelt’s implicit echoes, President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert.[fn_8]

Since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert,[fn_9] the economy of the trans-Atlantic region of the planet, has been careening in an, overall, generally downward direction, a continuing process to be located, more narrowly, in the 1968-1971 turnabout into a generally downward, now continuing physical collapse of the immediately trans-Atlantic economies, per capita. All allegedly subsequent, actually net economic growth of the United States has fallen, in net effect, as a presently accelerating rate of downward-turning, and still accelerating downward, physical-economic trend, since that time, up to the present date, and, still being extended, prospectively, into the immediate future beyond. This has been, and presently remains a condition immediately threatening a prevalently accelerating collapse-rate of the U.S. economy, which has been accelerated, economically and morally, alike, at increasing speeds of collapse since the succession of the “Junior Bush”-Dick Cheney Administration, and Obama’s willful collapsing of the U.S. human economy, all done under an actually British imperial dictatorship over the United States, and our plunging Presidencies, our Congress in the main, all that plunging downward, at accelerating rates, most emphatically, since the close of the William Clinton Presidency, through to this present moment.

The Continuing Downward Trend in U.S. Society

How far beyond will this downward plunge now go?

That will depend upon the arrival of appropriate measures for any possible recovery of the trans-Atlantic economy. That means, in turn: that, at this moment, the probable survival of both peace and the U.S.A. alike, depends on the urgently required, immediate expulsion, for much urgently justified cause, of President Barack Obama. Although the U.S. Presidency, must, nonetheless keep Obama safely alive, even if in the prison which he deserves for his crimes, the security of the United States, and avoidance of thermonuclear war-fare, requires that he had been placed, safely, out of the harm’s way of both the U.S. Presidency, and that the U.S. citizens of the present and future, would never make the present kind of the same mistake, or its likeness, ever again.

I have recently set forth, in earlier publications, the most indispensable of those U.S. political-economic reforms, which, in particular, should be sufficient to bring about a sudden and intrinsically successful, reversal of the presently downward-plunging economies of both the Americas and of western and central Europe. These would be, specifically, the principles of economy of the great American geniuses in economics such as Benjamin Franklin, General Alexander Hamilton, and such specific followers of Hamilton as the Presidents Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy, but, also, including, actually useful, recent Presidents of good intentions and skills in their own persons, such as, recently, Republican Ronald Reagan and Democrat William Clinton (no Bushes included). Since then, there has been a worsening of the recently worse-than-useless Presidencies. The actual (i.e. net physical) economy of the United States, since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, has been driven in a net downward trend-line motion, in fact, since the beginning of the 1970s.[fn_10]

All of the habituated trends in U.S. policy-directions have been, overall, disasters not to be perpetuated; they have all been cardinal disasters for the United States, and, above all, for our population at large.

Our National Intellectual Sickness

The downward trend of the physical economy, per capita, is to be measured, essentially, not in money, but presently accelerating degrees of collapse in physical economy, together with the deterioration of intellectual capabilities, and of the physical conditions of life and culture of the population generally. These have been, generally, downwards intellectually, and with respect to public health, with each succeeding new generation of predominantly incompetent, addictions-ridden adolescents and younger ages, alike, presently.

For example, the promotion of the spread of a mind-busting national drug-recreation-habit and, unfortunately, correlated intrinsically fraudulent cures, alike, has driven the present youthful and middle-aged population, down from the quality of a leading skilled work-force of the world, as in the time of President John F. Kennedy and Kennedy’s most admirably productive contemporaries in our nation’s leadership, into a relatively tiny minority portion of the post-adolescent and older, potentially useful work-force; but, worse, to a relatively incompetent, and pitiable unstable, relatively tiny fraction of the adult population as a whole. The fostering of the use of narcotic and related substances, and personal social practices designed for comparable effects, has produced the effect of a labor-force, chiefly without actually productive skills, or even a meager level of economic and social competence. The abundantly worse-than-useless, vastly excessively influential, and abominably super-wealthy, seem to present us with a weak-brained, ill-fed, utterly confused so-called “labor force,” mainly without significant skills, and also rapidly vanishing options for continuing even mere subsistence, all the while the greatest Wall Street hyperinflation in all modern history, crushes the remaining mass of the population under the weight of the unpayable debt of those who are the merely financially rich, but worse than useless for the needs of mankind presently.

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The worse-than-useless, vastly influential, and abominably super-wealthy, coexist alongside a weak-brained, ill-fed, utterly confused so-called “labor force,” without significant skills, and rapidly vanishing options for continuing even mere subsistence.

A sweeping correction of those ills accumulated during and since the war which John F. Kennedy and General Douglas MacArthur had forbidden, is urgently needed, as an immediate reform, if our nation is to survive at all. In brief, Europe generally, and the Americas, too, have fallen into the same trap of evil, a cult of Zeus-Satan worship, exemplified presently by that quasi-global, British imperial monarchy, which has been modelled upon the proximate precedent of the, frankly, inherently Satanic Roman Empire.

The predators of the trans-Atlantic region, are worse than useless speculators, sucking, intellectually and financially, on the proceeds of Wall Street and those related monetarist speculations, which have dominated and looted the economies of the trans-Atlantic economy, that done ever-more vividly, as a presently downward-accelerating trend, since the onset of the term of office of President Richard Nixon: the falsely, merely apparent (if only to the duped), net gains have always been merely nominal; the far more important, physical trends, have always been downward, if in more or less degree, during the passage of lapsed time since the close of the U.S.A.’s 1960s.

Why the U.S. Economy Has Plunged Downward

All progress by living processes, has been, and remains, premised upon the intrinsically needed rise in the interrelated sets of productive capabilities of mixed groups of living species, the human species, far above all. Progress on this account, is always expressed as in net effect, an upwardly evolutionary process of human cultural development into higher relative levels of per-capita energy-flux densities (as measurable in terms of reference to human chemistries/energy-flux densities of per capita, productive practice), excepting for exceptional, planetary catastrophes. The only exception to that requirement, is the human species, which increases its role among living species only voluntarily, rather than by simply biological interactions among species of plant, animal, etc., or, as by interactions among the set.

Only the human will is an exception to the rule, that all animal species otherwise, each, animal or vegetable, progress merely as a species, and that, implicitly only temporarily, except by a humanly determined influence on them: as V.I. Vernadsky has produced the evidence for this view of the relations respectively distinguishing the human species’ upward self-evolution absolutely superior to both inferior living species, and to those human populations which resist their indispensably upward accelerating, physical-economical progress per-capita, upon which the continued existence of the human species itself, ultimately depends. This gain is a feature of the demonstration of the exceptional case of mankind: mankind as embodying the living processes of the uniquely human creative actions, which distinguish the human species, from all other living species otherwise known to us.

This power of the human will, depends upon a biologically evolutionary process, one which is integrally not only bio-chemical but willful. The specificity of the uniquely human property of the noëtic will is the ability and determination to continue to rise to ever higher developments achieved, in the fruitful realization of upward progress by means of ever-higher per-capita energy-flux densities of useful action, which is the most essential distinction of the human species’ successful abilities, against all supposed animal alternative forms of life. Precisely that, is the most essential expression of the human will, known, essentially, as expressed, historically by the voluntary employment of the necessary use of fire as the “fuel” of the human species’ willfully voluntary rise to ever higher orders of usefully expressed increases of the relative energy-flux density of the efficiently per-capita powers of the membership of the human species.

Man’s Enemies: Zeus, Satan & the British Empire

The measure of that humanly voluntary increase of the energy-flux density of the human will, per capita and per unit of energy-flux density, is expressed in the notion of the famous Promethean Principle, as opposed to the currently “Green,” Satanic-Zeusian principle embodied in both the myths of worship of the oligarchical pestilences known, interchangeably as the wicked systems of tyranny such as what has been known recently, as both the Roman and British empires.[fn_11]

The presently clearest, and, also, exemplary, scientific account of the distinctions to be considered on this account, is located for chemistry by the physical development of a rate of increase of power of the human biologically, done through rises which correspond, in fair description for our purposes here: to the process of man’s rising power of the role of chemistry, as measurable, in effect, in higher degrees of the power of the human species’ unique option for the practicing of successively higher ranges of living chemistry.

‘Original’ Periodic Table of Elements
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Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart
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For example: The Meaning of Modern Chemistry

Beginning in the Nineteenth-century, a process of discovery respecting the ordering of effects of physical chemistry, led to the famous Periodic Table of Elements. (See Figure 1.) In the course of the Twentieth Century, mankind-driven increases in the range of the so-called “elements” of the original conception of that Periodic Table, led into higher, synthetic powers of upward evolution, largely (for us presently) through elementarities beyond the original notions of radioactive chemistry. (See Figure 2.) The higher energy-flux densities of the new chemistries produced within the range of the Twentieth Century and beyond, have been, and will be even far more advanced in adducible energy-flux ranges in densities of energy-flux densities, implicitly, at least potentially, than the indicated point-by-point potential of our Sun itself.

On this account, truly competent modern science, contrary to the pro-Satanic, “Green” dogma, has provided those who care, with appropriate insights into the implications of the work of the greatest modern exponent of human life as such, in the implications of the achievements of the most important modern scientist of life this far, V.I. Vernadsky. Today, the fact is, that mankind has achieved the demonstrable design, as this had been done by mankind ourselves, which reaches beyond the range of the energy-flux density of the expressed power of energy-flux densities, if only in detail, higher than those of the Sun as a whole, presently. That signifies, that mankind’s present potential has reached, already, experimentally, inherently, energy-flux densities beyond any otherwise presently known means within the known bounds of Johannes Kepler’s uniquely effective discovery of the principled existence of the Solar system as such.

The consequent fact is, that the noëtic powers of the human mind will almost certainly come to exceed (implicitly) those known abilities of the Sun which are implicitly inferior to the implicitly promised, higher order of constructs and products of the practice of the human mind.

Mind: thus now signifies, that the powers of the human mind’s continued, upward development in power of practice, pertain to an inherent characteristic of the human mind, as such, rather than the mere functions of the human brain as such. This distinction, which lies beyond the reach of all presently known experiences of mere human sense-perception, reflects a kind of power which excludes any merely animal life per se. It is a power which reaches far beyond the powers of human sense-perception, such that only man’s progressively advancing process of creation of this effect, enables mankind to efficiently recognize those powers in the universe whose distinction is, that they exceed, implicitly, and also entirely, the bounds of relatively miserable, original human experiences of mere sense-perception.

On that just-stated account, the particular case of the work of Vladimir I. Vernadsky, time itself is inferior to the specific talent of human creativity. This was the emphasis which he had reached in the course of the evidence of his work: man, thus, must create himself, upwardly going, in a direction of developments intending to seek endlessly ultimate relative perfection in the goals of human creative progress itself within that Solar space originally discovered by Johannes Kepler, and beyond. Thus, merely biology, as it had been customarily defined even among most merely technical scientists of our present time, had been a power qualitatively inferior to the characteristics specific to the actual potentials of the human mind, as the great scientists arisen from the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries had done. Science in its right name and true nature, exists only beyond the wretched limits of merely human sense-perception: it lies in the effects which are to be recognized as beyond the reach of merely sense-perception as such, and beyond “whoever might have gone before us.”

So, in such a circumstance, Eratosthenes’ discovery of the magnitude of the Earth, was a relatively early kind of a masterful type of true knowledge, reaching beyond the meager means of mere human sense-perception, as a true science, gained from the observation of the true object of the image which the Sun of the Solar system casts upon Earth. It was an image, to be seen in the mirror defined for this purpose, as the footprint of the Sun which represents a truth beyond the pitiably silly presumptions of merely human sense-perception per se.

With that measure, which had reached to levels far superior to Archimedes’s merely reductionist’s abilities, mankind, is actually knowledgeable in a quality and degree, far beyond the reach of mere sense-perception: the principle of knowledge, had always departed the illusion of mere human sense-perception, into coming to actually know the Earth as far beyond the mere human personal sense-perception. Mankind continues to view the events on Earth as ontologically from far above mere sense-perception, as such. This must be done, now, from the minimax principle of Johannes Kepler’s discovery of the Solar system, into the Galaxy and states of entities far above that, wherein the ever new truths about man, are now waiting to be discovered.

Such is the basis for the continuing development of mankind’s knowledge of science into regions of knowledge far superior to mere human sense-perception as such: beyond all of the silly notions of mere sense-certainty per se.

Such, immediately above here, leads our attention into the more urgent considerations which I will now outline for you, below, as follows:

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“V.I. Vernadsky’s fundamental discoveries in physical science live in the very foundations of the actual meaning of the human mind.”

II. The Crucial Role of V.I. Vernadsky

In the meantime, during the still-living achievements of Russia’s Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky,[fn_12] the greatest scientific discoveries of universal principle have, so far, only been touched, while being, already, presently, the most crucial knowledge of physical science yet to be discovered: knowledge which relatively immediately, awaits us, but still unattended by most of even the seemingly best-informed human scientific minds.

In brief, V.I. Vernadsky was the original discoverer of the most important principle presently available to only the very best among modern physical science. There is no proper justification for tolerating the all-too prevalent, backward view of the current state of science-topical affairs. The subject which I now introduce immediately, does have, conveniently, certain characteristic appearances of a preliminary nature, which are qualified to prompt preliminary insights into the territory on which I am reporting here.

On this specific account, it would be incompetence, for me to neglect taking into account my own knowledge respecting the distinction between the Soviet Union as a reflection of the scientific and artistic culture of Russia prior to the Bolshevik Revolution, and the complexities inherent in the evolutionary social process of the Soviet Union’s infiltration by, chiefly elements recruited, such as the British dupe, A.I. Oparin, into the process, by the corruption of British intelligence operations linked to the inherently Satanic Bertrand Russell, as that is now to be considered with respect to the conditions since the influence of the initially British establishment of the installation of the Adolf Hitler regime. Consider this matter, in the following terms:

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Factor Cuts In

It is commonly said among decent people, that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a true genius, whose passion had done wonders, the like of which, no other person of the Twentieth Century had matched. Indeed, much of the “secret” of President Franklin Roosevelt’s works of true genius, was manifest only after his recovery-inspired inspiration, as expressed as his miraculous upward surge of his intellectual creativity had, itself, lived long enough to inspire, also, such as the John F. Kennedy inspired by widow Eleanor Roosevelt, and John’s own brother, Robert. V.I. Vernadsky would have implicitly agreed with such an outlook, and that is not merely as an adornment.

Such considerations engage a profound principle of our universe (at least for as much as scientists generally know as both the Solar system and defeating the hazards of the journeys through the tracks of the Galaxy which contains it). V.I. Vernadsky’s virtually miraculous mind, touches upon such higher ranges of matters located within particularly important celestial processes. Such is the human mind’s potential, which actually dwells within that domain, which we are, currently, usually left more to admire than to manage; but, notwithstanding all commonplaces, V.I. Vernadsky has been the greatest well-known scientist in respect to his actually accomplished and still living achievements, this far. If you think differently, it is clear than you must have missed the most important, presently knowable, scientific facts.

This is not merely justified praise of his accomplishments; there is a much more profound issue to be considered, and that very seriously, all for pressing practical reasons, on this account.

Against the background of the immediately preceding paragraphs, above, there is a second general observation, which complements a related, also crucially important, subject matter, a matter on which V.I. Vernadsky’s fundamental discoveries in physical science, live in the very foundations of the actual meaning of the human mind. I identify that point as a first consideration, as a key point for this part of the report.

Summarily: the central achievement of the great scientist called Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky’s principles of universal scientific practice, can be located in his demand for the discarding of the claims to the meager existence of the notion of an independent principle of time per se. The creative powers of mankind, rather than time as such, are the essential metric of mankind’s achievement of knowledge of the universe: the truly fundamental scientific principle of practice is that of the actual “clock to be kept,” the imagined clock of the ontologically willfully anti-entropic progress of the human species, as opposed to belief in objects floating within the opinions of those less articulate scientists who define themselves, foolishly, as being located within a merely imagined physical space and time. In fact, the most essential parameters, so employed, are, relatively speaking, one very big “boo-boo,” that of overlooking of essential and otherwise well known, factual evidence: there is much too much reliance on the intellectual quicksands of belief in mere sense-perception per se.

Consider the merely apparent controversy which my own immediate remarks here might, mistakenly, presume, as if, out of the scientific ignorance expressed as believing in a physical space-time premised upon a merely notional principle of the functions of merely space-time matter. They may admire the idea of science, as that may be properly said: but, actually, they have the principles of that which are only ostensibly scientific: which is to say belief in reality “bass-ackwards.” Rather, as V.I. Vernadsky stated his point with both the utmost clarity and scientific truth, as well: it is mankind’s own existence, as V.I. Vernadsky also argues, which actually measures the superior, if seemingly only some more powerful shadow-like attributes of mankind’s actually determining existence of a really living, uniquely human species: as a force within not only the future history of mankind, but a reflection of the true law of the universe, from the top, down, not the bottom-up.

Man may be imperfectly educated, if otherwise skilled; but, the imperfectly practicing professional scientists, tend toward what should be an obviously mistaken presumption of their belief in falsely premised, essentially crucial omissions of regard for the essentially inclusive, most crucial, actually experimental facts in available evidence. There are several crucial, higher categories involved: which we must take into account as interlocking categories of the systemically erroneous, but also commonplace, ontological presumptions.

The essential blunder, which even almost every scientifically respectable professional, usually, makes, up to recently known date, is the plausible, but, more correctly named also stupid presumption, that mankind’s existence is, a-priori: which is to claim that man is situated within the context of the mere reductionist’s silly notion of physical space-time. Admittedly, the false presumption, in other words, is the presumption that life, as such, is, itself, a product of the reductionist’s imagined notion of an axiomatically, mathematical-physical space-time: a belief, or merely a set of presumptions, which is to be counted, essentially, as just another kind of example of the malicious idiocies of the Twentieth Century’s foolish David Hilbert, and, of the relatively contemporary, and frankly Satanic, Bertrand Russell, and the latter’s like.[fn_13]

The origin of the commonplace fallacy which I treat here, is best attributed to the adoption of a certain blinded faith, to the effect, of an axiomatic presumption of the essentially mythical blind faith in a presumed functional quality of “elementarity” attributed to human sense-perception per se: a delusion which had been already discredited by the importantly discovered principle of Eratosthenes’ measurement of the Earth. It is the delusion of belief in a sense-perceptual phenomenon of human sense-perception, as lying within the domain of sense-perception of an object within the atmosphere of Earth, as compared to the transit of the cycle of the observation of the position of the Sun lying outside the imagined atmosphere of human sense-perception.

It is, as a matter of principle, that, the experience of the humanly attributed rotation and displacement of the relative position of the Sun, were an ironical matter, respecting an irony essentially unknown until the triad of the combined notions of the minimum principle of Filippo Brunelleschi, the maximum of Nicholas of Cusa (without elementary linear characteristics) and the third, essential part of the essential conception: the principle expressed in Johannes Kepler’s discovery of the inherent principle of motion within the identity of the Solar system, which exists only without, rather than merely within.

This is to be compared with the viciously reductionist error inherent in the presumptions of the otherwise very clever and energetic Archimedes. It is, ultimately, the universe itself, which is actually elementary as a process: just as life per se can not be the product of a reductionist phenomenon. In fact, it is a true universal principle of the universe, that the particular phenomenon can only be a fruit of the relatively encompassing universality, as Carl F. Gauss carefully avoided telling what he had known in the circumstances posed (indirectly to him) by young Bolyai, and the latter’s own father.[fn_14] The time was not ripe for him to say certain things he knew very well; he had wisely, and certainly implicitly, trusted the future accomplishments of his brilliant protégé, Bernhard Riemann, then, on the occasion, presenting a great work, Riemann’s historic Habilitation Dissertation, presented in the honoring of his great mentor, Carl F. Gauss.


What had struck my attention, on this account, had been, that since the British empire had used the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt as the opportunity to continue World War II under a commitment to a nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union, and a reign of terror inside the U.S.A. itself, all under the virtually terrorist reign of the foolish Harry S Truman: which had left the Soviet Union itself with an internal division of notability, between those who adhered to their connections with the British Empire, as Bertrand Russell’s worse-than-Nazi trained, intellectual dupe, the typical reductionist of Russell pedigree, such as A.I. Oparin, versus the actually scientific cultural outlook of V.I. Vernadsky, who has been, since his death in 1945, a crucial, available instrument of modern science for the fostering of the rescue of the world from the nightmares which the British Empire’s Bertrand Russell had foisted as an evil, upon a post-President Franklin Roosevelt’s heritage, up through the times of a number of the presently ongoing, Federal incumbencies since the administration of President Franklin Roosevelt, in particular.

The crucial fact, respecting U.S. laws’ insolent evasions of the U.S. Federal Constitution, has been the increasing rate of a general lack of actual principle, by the great majority of former Presidents of the United States: a majority which had made way for the production of particular laws which were, then, and are, now, inherently violations of the underlying intention of principle for the Federal Constitution. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton was assassinated, by the British Empire’s agent, Aaron Burr, to protect the corruption of the U.S. Constitution, in the name of “States Rights,” the “States Rights” fraud against the U.S. Constitution, supported by some Presidents such as, early on, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. U.S. Presidents Monroe and John Quincy Adams, had restored the United States to its Constitutional intention, in repudiating the errors of Adams, Jefferson, and Madison.

The professional British assassin, Aaron Burr had financed the British imposition of the introduction of the British interest against the United States, executed by the criminal figures of Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren; and, there was no effective President from that time, until the President Abraham Lincoln, whose leadership had saved the United States.

Naturally the British empire, personally, had organized, from operations launched in Canada, the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and other British targets in the U.S. during the same time.

These historical facts, respecting the United States’ government and its history, bear essentially on nations such as Russia today, still, because the United States, which had been created to serve as an instrument for spreading human freedom throughout the world, had been so often turned by the British empire and its Wall Street money-maker elements, into either a simply powerless U.S. national leadership, or an utterly corrupted one, by the influence of the British imperial interests globally. Vernadsky’s contributions to all humanity’s benefit, were in the process of being realized through the role of President Franklin Roosevelt, during the relevant moment of world history; the death of that President followed, who would have, otherwise, saved the planet from the prospect of new world wars, which has ensued since, through the British Empire’s control over the U.S. Government, through the accession of the inherently disgusting, puppet of Winston Churchill, and, more significantly, the truly Satanic figure of pure evil, world-war-maker and mass murderer otherwise, Bertrand Russell.

Consider thus, the submission of Presidents to the powers of the British agents known collectively as Wall Street; the root of these evils has been the lack of an actual notion of physical principle, a deficiency which was made way for, by the British-like substitution of merely current shifts in proximate opinion as an unprincipled notion of matters bearing on Constitutional law: beginning with the case of the intentional fraud against the Federal Constitution known as “States Rights,” and the international implications of using a “States Rights” basis, as was done in the State of Virginia, against the actual intention of the Federal Constitution, as was done by such Presidents as John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison: the “loophole in the Federal Constitution” through which herds of British elephants might have marched (and often did) without effective obstruction: a mere confederation of states, intentionally circumventing the Federal Constitution, as Adams, Jefferson, and Madison, had done, as had Jefferson in abandoning his office under President George Washington—while professional British assassins such as Aaron Burr could have created the evil, openly and explicitly, which would become the skunks Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. Profiting against the United States, is a practice which leans toward treason against the most precious principles of our Republic.[fn_15]

The very meaning of United States of America, under the design of its Federal Constitution, had been that the states are subjects of the Constitution of the United States, and are obliged to conduct their foreign trade accordingly. Hamilton, as the greatest economist of the original United States, since the death of Benjamin Franklin, has been, as Treasurer, and also a Major-General, the leading representative of the design for the U.S. economy, who had created the world’s greatest economic-policy design in world history so far, was assassinated by the British imperial interest. The great evil to be destroyed, on this account, still today, is the failure to recognize that the mere money of any actually sovereign nation has no intrinsic value, other than the trade in physical values within itself, or in uniquely physically actual traffic among others.[fn_16] Only such precautions can assure the actual sovereignty of any individual national republic, if it expresses, more or less perfectly, its truly efficient sovereignty, free from submission to foreign powers and their agencies. In short, Wall Street, and its like, must neatly and summarily, be put out of existence, for reason of the continuing, systemic existential fraud.[fn_17]

The relevant implication for that argument by me in this present report, is that the wisdom of nations, in practice, can only be expressed globally in one of two ways: either agreements in human economic policies echoing the original American settlements on behalf of freedom for all peoples, but, that including such essentially historical predecessors as the great Renaissance’s Brunelleschi, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, and their essential representative Johannes Kepler, with his unique discovery of the Solar system and its underlying scientific principle. However, the contemporary realization of that intention depends presently, upon a very specific role of the greatest scientist, in effect, who has been, so far, V.I. Vernadsky, who discovered the living meaning of the human species in both past, and present universal history.

The Very Crucial Implications: The Options

The crucial importance of Russia at this moment, lies in the implications of the continuation of the relatively unique scientific legacy of V.I. Vernadsky, for both Russians and large sectors from among the Ukrainians: the true, presently living spirit of national unity of elements of Russo-Ukrainian culture when considered in its history as representing a basis for a Eurasian unity in economic and related practice. The best hope for the planet as a whole, at this juncture, will be, virtually uniquely, a Eurasian alliance of its own, most able, and best with the United States itself. Only consider the implications of the wonderful potential of emphasis on leaps forward in thermonuclear fusion’s role in increasing the level of applied energy-flux density to a mankind, still on our planet, but reaching out from Earth to bring a needed, humanly directed development into, initially nearby regions of Solar space, through robotic systems controlled from Earth, but, nonetheless gaining a power within the Solar system itself, which are a source of the power needed to maintain the Sun as viable factor in the protection and development of the Solar system, and of the challenges which accelerated leaps higher, scientifically, within the Solar system, will make feasible for our humble living-space back here, on Earth. For example: NASA restored and amplified for its role as an increasingly potent and effective planetary factor within, and ultimately beyond the mere Solar system itself.

With the termination of institutions such as the pro-Satanic cases of the Roman Empire and the present British empire, the historically imperialist systems of ancient and present times, must vanish from the practices of the planet, immediately. The careers of the likes of Zeus and Satan, such as the Roman and British empires, must be brought to submission to a cooperative order among the sovereign republics, who must now triumph over the, actually pro-Satanic, oligarchicalist imperial tradition, such as the present British empire. Let the nations choose their independent identities, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt had intended for as long as he had remained alive: the means by which the progressive future of mankind, throughout, and beyond this planet, must now prosper.

However, there are certain particular considerations which must be actively brought into play, to enable the realization of such goals as I have specified, heretofore, in a competent vision of the present and future times, as now follows, here, immediately, next.

Vernadsky’s Unique Principle of Mankind

As I had indicated, in this present report, earlier, the realization of the goals which I have identified here, this far, depends upon an urgent need for systemic revision of the heretofore present notion of the specific practical role of mankind within the Solar system itself, as such. That is to emphasize, that the heretofore accepted notions of mankind’s efficient place within both the Solar systemic system, and beyond, must be radically rectified, and that strictly according to the particular standard stipulated by V.I. Vernadsky. Mankind must now be recognized as the supreme power operating within the process of development of mankind’s policies of practice respecting relations within and of the Solar system as a whole: that as Vernadsky had strictly emphasized while he had been still living.

We must now recognize, that space and time no longer exist of themselves as reliable notions, nor with actually practical efficiency for mankind; only the role assigned to mankind by our given nature, has useful merit, precisely as V.I. Vernadsky has made that point. Mankind itself, is the only proper determinant of the practical meaning of what is, mistakenly called a basis based upon a mistaken notion of an actual combination of time, space, and matter, presently popularly presumed to be available to humanity’s will. The actual basis is only the creative (i.e., noëtic) powers attributable to the individual human mind, expressed through increase of the power of the human species to change the course of development of the life of the human species within (immediately) the Solar system as such: Vernadsky’s most essential expression of the identifiably essential principle of the existence of our human species.

A Universal Principle:

The metric of evolution in the Solar system itself, is not merely life-forms-in-general; but, only, as known this far, the self-evolution of the human will unique to the human species’ own principle of a universal chemistry, the principled increase of the energy-flux density enabling the progressive evolution upward of mankind itself: the evolution of mankind which prompts the increased power expressed as higher characteristic evolutions upward by the societies of the human species, into constant rises in the power of mankind’s self-existence and effective revolutionary progresses in mankind’s appropriate authority for the evolution of the Solar systemic system as a whole, immediately. My words, in my time, but his (Vernadsky’s) explicitly stated intention.

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National Optical Astronomy Observatories
“The metric of evolution in the Solar System itself, is not merely life-forms, but, only, as known this far, the self-evolution of the human will unique to the human species’ own principle of a universal chemistry, the increase of the energy-flux density enabling the progressive evolution upward of mankind itself. . . .” Shown: the Milky Way Galaxy (Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, Chile).

By wielding the upward evolution of both the preconditions and evolutions of the effective power, per capita, in coordination with a rise in the living human progress to higher potencies of energy-flux densities through the means of what we name as upward-evolving chemistry as mankind’s characteristic abilities, mankind daily resets the clock of the Solar system’s future, as done through the means and requirements for great leaps in the applicable energy-flux density of each nation, each people, and each willing person, whose effective role must be leaps in the power of mankind within the universe, per capita. That is the expression of true human nature to be known: which reflects the leading revolutionary achievements of the magnificent poet of human reason, the late V.I. Vernadsky, and of principled scientific will.

[fn_1]. I must admit, that the almost regular, weekly beatings I enjoyed from my mercurially disposed, from “enraged to publicly charming” father, were an aggravating consideration in the process as a whole; but, the one factor only re-enforced the other. The only effective resolution, was to rely on my own stubborn commitment to the notion that only the truth of a matter was a satisfactory resolution. [back to text for fn_1]

[fn_2]. Although there had been a useful purpose in the “I.Q.” tests, their merit was, nonetheless, a matter of estimated relative accomplishments, according to roughly clear and distinct categories; but, they were otherwise matters of pragmatically useful assortments of relative categories, which served as meaningful notions of a series of categories, not an absolute measure. [back to text for fn_2]

[fn_3]. I treat this delicate subject, in appropriately selected, later chapters following. [back to text for fn_3]

[fn_4]. “Old dogs,” with whom I might be classed today, tend to have that spirit which I share presently on this account. Some among our generation’s sons and daughters are prone to respond to that spirit which resides as if within a resonance somewhere in our bones. The “I.Q.” issue associated with my undergraduate and later development, is highly relevant with respect to the two upper strata of the relatively senior generations, much more so than citizens now in their twenties, or their parent’s generation. The quality of both those latter, a generation later, have been, generally much poorer in education and in economic and cultural opportunities, than my own immediately junior generation of the approximately fifty-to-seventy-year-old batches, or those presently living still older, if they are still economically and culturally active. [back to text for fn_4]

[fn_5]. A “physical economist,” is efficiently defined as one devoted to those principles of physical chemistry chosen for purposes of economic practice, rather than the foolish babble of statistical mathematics. Science is a matter of achieving the future realities unknown to the mere past and present, as even the most modest appreciation of the principles of chemistry-as-a-science demands. I have been fairly regarded as, in fact, the most successful U.S. forecaster since the late 1950s. My successful debate against U.S.A. and leading British economics circles of the celebrated December 2, 1971 Queens College debate, has been a convenient marker of reference on this account. [back to text for fn_5]

[fn_6]. In fact, this experience had provided me with a solidly successful position in professional economic performance: which had been continued until I had inadvertently crossed swords with the FBI. As was more or less a custom for such encounters, the FBI’s wrath produced a divorce from my enraged first wife, a divorce, thus, arranged by an “old family friend,” who had assured her, most emphatically, that all of this had nothing to do with the FBI as such. Nevertheless, during the meantime, I had already become our nation’s most successful economic forecaster, that beginning the timely outcome of my widely publicized, timely forecast of the probable crisis of the U.S. financial system for within the interval of 1968-71: just in time for the major crisis of 1971-1972. My part in that forecast event had then been prominently featured internationally, in conjunction with a famous defeat of the British spokesman whom I had defeated in a celebrated international conference, held at Queens College, New York City. Nevertheless, during the meantime, I had already become, in fact, among our nation’s successful forecasters, from during the middle to late 1950s, already, now sixty years ago, and still presently. My rise to first-rate status on this account, now sixty years ago, had initially spanned an interval of lapsed time, from my 1968-71 forecast of the profound, coming crisis of the U.S. economy which since, then, has been a continuing, downward physical-economic trend in physical aspects of the U.S. economy, an economic trend which has been, since then, continued to the present date, where it hangs at the brink of a threatened “bail-in” collapse for the trans-Atlantic system. [back to text for fn_6]

[fn_7]. The case of the systemic achievements of V.I. Vernadsky is the subject of the concluding chapter of this report. [back to text for fn_7]

[fn_8]. The period of transition, into the modern crisis of the Twentieth though the Twenty-first centuries, so far, had actually occurred during the last decade of the Nineteenth Century. It had been the British Royal Family’s ouster of Germany’s Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, soon followed by the assassination of France’s President Carnot, which had been the opening of the transition to a permanent state of global warfare (with temporary vacations) from the ouster of Bismarck, through to the present state of thermonuclearly threatened world-wide thermonuclear warfare. [back to text for fn_8]

[fn_9]. And, also, implicitly, the related, attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. Most of the assassinations of U.S. Presidents, and similar notables, have been effectively identified as having been traced to British Empire operations. Not coincidentally, the victims were usually from among the best Presidents, or Presidential candidates, as I have pointed out crucially significant cases of such coincidences. I have compiled a relevant review of the entire roster of our Presidents, heretofore, with relevant evidence as to correlatives. [back to text for fn_9]

[fn_10]. The recently notable exceptions have been, most notably, President Ronald Reagan (of SDI fame) and peacemaker President William Clinton. [back to text for fn_10]

[fn_11]. I.e., the “oligarchical principle” of the Zeus-Satan cultural formations. Rather than, for example, the Christian Apostolic Principle, which was always intrinsically Promethean when properly informed as to effect and intention: a dedication to the future mission of mankind’s development through the uniquely noëtic powers specific to the human species, against the intrinsically Satanic, “green” ideologies. [back to text for fn_11]

[fn_12]. Aka: V.I. Vernadsky. [back to text for fn_12]

[fn_13]. This is, by no means, even a slight exaggeration. It is largely a folly to be blamed on the conditioning of students in their classrooms, or related circumstances, which prompts them to rely on taught-down teachings of the classrooms and related circumstances. Their teachers, textbooks, classrooms, popular opinions, and so on have taught them down into swallowing it, as prevalently acceptable presumptions in the mode of commonplace matters of mere opinion, whether gained from passing quips of the classroom, or similarly reckless modes of defining of so-called, merely popular opinion. [back to text for fn_13]

[fn_14]. See: C.F. Gauss to F. Bolyai, from Göttingen: June 3, 1832: the work of the great mind of Gauss himself, presented to ease the tension expressed by Farkas Bolyai, the father, respecting the subject presented by the son, Janos Bolyai. Carl Friedrich Gauss: “Der Fürst der Mathematikers” in Briefen und Gresprächen. Kurt R. Biermann, Verlag C.H. Beck, Munich, 1990. An interesting posture by Gauss, in dealing with the passions of the father and son respecting the inherent evil of Euclidean geometry. [back to text for fn_14]

[fn_15]. Notably, money as such has no honorable principle. It is merely a means of exchange, honorable only as a charge against the sovereign nation-state which has uttered its currency; that is key for understanding what has corrupted our United States’ Government increasingly, as with the inherent corruption of substituting money-as-such for the same physical principles of progress which inhere in the practices, respecting the use of money, by the four fundamental rules of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, on which the foundations of the economy of the republic of the United States had depended. Anything contrary to that principle, is and would be a fraud against the principle on which the United States was created. All true economic value is intrinsically physical, not monetary, as Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton had defined the relevant notion of national currency used as a means for exchange, within the nation, or, in other currencies, by other nations, for physical goods in fact. [back to text for fn_15]

[fn_16]. E.g., value under the standard of V.I. Vernadsky’s principle of intrinsically human value. [back to text for fn_16]

[fn_17]. This means, as I have stressed earlier, that there must be a transformation of the U.S. national banking system, conducted under the authority of the Secretary of the Treasury, which bans all banking, excepting national banking, by national executive authority of the Treasury per se. Federal decrees and related decisions under Federal regulation are to be applied accordingly. [back to text for fn_17]

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