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This article appears in the February 4, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


A U.S. National Strategy

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March 28, 2011

Editor’s Note: This article was first published in EIR, Vol. 38, No. 15, April 15, 2011, pp. 19-26.

With the close of the November 2, 2010 general elections among the states of our United States of America, the tactical political campaign of the National Caucus of Labor Committees has been shifted, by nothing more simple than the need for a qualitative shift from electoral tactics, to the urgency of redefining a national electoral strategy which expresses those new characteristics demanded by the present turn in the existential requirements of our republic’s established role respecting matters of national tactical and global strategic policies—and beyond!

Columbus’s 1492 trans-Atlantic voyage was inspired by Nicholas of Cusa’s warning of the degeneration of European civilization. Here, Columbus appears before the Habsburg Queen Isabella of Spain, making his case for his voyage to the new world. Painting by Vaclav Brozik (1884).

End the ‘Balance of Power’

It is still a rarely known fact, today, but, nonetheless, a true and crucially important fact, that our United States of America has owed its origins to that leading scientist of the 15th-Century Renaissance, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa. Cusa’s warning of the degeneration of European civilization, which he presented after the fall of Constantinople, inspired Christopher Columbus, by about A.D. 1480, to prepare to cross the Atlantic Ocean to develop a culture there, by which a corrupted Europe might be rescued. That mission was accomplished in a 1492 trans-Atlantic voyage, which was part of an endeavor to establish the future fruits of that which had been the intention of the great ecumenical Council of Florence.

The fact that the original Spanish settlements in the Americas were to be controlled by the extended form of the Habsburg dynasty, postponed the successful launching of Cusa’s intention until the fresh initiatives of the Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay settlements had established the heritage on which our still presently unique, if often tattered and battered, Constitutional United States came into being.

Nicholas of Cusa had reckoned correctly. He had foreseen, and understood, the significance of the oncoming crushing of the original intention of the A.D.1438-1440 great ecumenical Council of Florence in Europe itself. However, at the same time that Christopher Columbus had reached the Americas, the beginnings of the terrible religious warfare of 1492-1648 had begun. Thus, we report that Nicholas of Cusa had foreseen the danger to the European Renaissance correctly. The details of that future history remained to be experienced, and, hopefully, discovered.

It is not merely important, but indispensable, that we learn those past and present lessons under the circumstances of the present world crisis. That global crisis now descending upon us, demands that we come knowledgeably to our senses on account of these matters.

It is a strategically crucial, often overlooked fact, still today, that the role of the Habsburg dynasty in Spain and the Americas was aggravated, in an historically crucial degree, by the Venetian control over England’s lunatic, and, essentially, “brainwashed” King Henry VIII. The actually deeper relevance of this Venetian control over Henry VIII, is often, still today, the great missing link in nearly all accounts of modern history, up through the present day. Even in the decade of post-Soviet Russia, leading opinion remained stubbornly ignorant, very, very stubbornly, of the role of the Venetian monetarist interest in shaping all of European history, and a crucial aspect of the effects of that history, from the period of the decline of Byzantium and the Norman Conquest, to the present date.

When that period of religious warfare had been concluded with the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, it was not long before William of Orange’s New Venetian Party, and its wars on the continent of Europe and in the British Isles, had established the cornerstones for what would become that new Roman Empire which became known as that British monetarists’ empire, an empire which reigns and ruins in the trans-Atlantic world today.

Since that time, Europe as a whole has never effectively freed itself from that fatal legacy of the nations of Europe thus far, the fatal legacy which our American forebears sought to avoid in what became our United States. The hallmark, that poisonous imperial legacy, of that still continuing failure of Europe is what is called, in modern terms, “a balance of power.”

It is true, that our own United States has been betrayed, from without, as often from within, yet, as long as the legacy of a credit-system, which was built into the development of the original Massachusetts charter, has persisted as the principle of our Federal Constitution, still today, some among us still maintain their devotion to that tradition, as I do. The fact is, that we have been frequently corrupted by the influence of a form of foreign imperial power, especially the insolence of the British empire, but that American principle of a credit system, as opposed to all monetarist systems, which was launched in Massachusetts under the Winthrops and Mathers, is still alive in our Federal Constitution and its Preamble.

In the meantime, to the degree that peoples of the respective nationalities living outside our domain have regarded their imagined interest, as reposing in a false peace premised on a “balance of power,” the entirety of the trans-Atlantic system of nations has remained the victim of what has been most widely typical of the strategic folly into which European traditions have repeatedly fallen, and which continue to reign in those still broader regions of the world centered, presently, on the world-wide reach of London’s present monetarist form of empire.

I explain the latter point.

I. The Principle of the Credit System

In approaching the matters of what is in fact, not only, more immediately, a presently ongoing, trans-Atlantic, breakdown crisis, and more broadly, a threatened planet-wide one, we must not underestimate the crucial quality of the distinction between the credit-system defined by our Federal Constitution, and the implicitly failed monetarist systems reigning, in practice and by tradition, in other regions of the world. It has been the violation of that principle by the consent of elements of our own government, which has been the most essential cause of our undoing since Summer 1971.

On the surface, looking at the subject of money without regard to the deep-rooted, functional differences between the two kinds of systems of money, a solution to the presently accelerating, trans-Atlantic monetary breakdown-crisis would seem to be impossible. Looking at the matter from a standpoint inside the process of the history of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the later Federal Constitutional republic, the difference between our Constitutionally defined credit system and other nations’ monetarist systems, approaches the quality of being an absolute difference, a contradiction respecting fundamental principle of law.

Nonetheless, without a U.S. initiative in returning suddenly to the intention underlying the constitution of our Federal Republic, there is presently no decent prospect of hope for mankind generally, that most immediately for the nations of the trans-Atlantic community, but, ultimately, in the fairly short run, for the entirety of the planet.

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The American principle of a credit system, as opposed to all monetarist systems, was first introduced under the original Charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, under the Winthrops and Mathers.
Shown: John Winthrop (Anonymous); First King’s Chapel, Massachusetts Bay Colony; the Colony’s Pine Tree Shilling.

The fact that we have reached a point of breakdown-crisis associated with the effects of our own republic’s recent decades of capitulation to a British monetarist standard, defines the essential political and social, as also financial crisis of our republic at this juncture. Without a return to the principle of a credit-system, as first introduced under the original Charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and the systemic, “Hamiltonian” features of our Federal Constitution, there is, presently, no visible hope for our United States, or, other nations of the trans-Atlantic community.

Thus, for such reasons, the immediate re-enactment of the 1933 Glass-Steagall legislation, is the only presently existing prospect for bringing our own republic out of its part in detonating a global chain-reaction collapse. Whatever that impediment which might tend to prevent that action, must now be removed, including even the current President of the United States, should he resist this existentially indispensable reform and what it represents. Any debate which does not put that matter foremost, is a folly with ugly consequences virtually beyond belief, not only for our republic, but, implicitly, for all mankind.

The Question, Now, Is ‘Why?’

The relevant conflict which must be considered now, is between the intrinsically and originally imperialist principle of monetarism, and, in opposition, a principle of economy associated with the name of “a credit system.”

There are various forms of attempts to explain the meaning of “a credit system,” but the actual consequences of most of these attempts which are actually truthful in intention, are usually known, when, under relatively exceptional circumstances, they are actually known in fact, only as descriptions of an effect, rather than as the actual universal physical principle of the actual cause which underlies that stated intention of the Massachusetts Bay Colony which was developed as a conception of practice under the Colony’s original charter.

The latter, preferred definition (that of a universal physical principle), corresponds in effect to what I had lately emphasized as the use of the term “platform.” This notion of “platform” is to be stated in the form of a physical principle according to a notion of a universal physical principle of specifically anti-entropic progress. This needed notion of “platform” was developed by me as being in accord with the principles of physical science presented by Bernhard Riemann in his 1854 habilitation dissertation. Thus, the notion of the principles of a science of physical economy as outlined in that dissertation.

That is to emphasize, that the content of expressions of physical economy is an array of physical principles which, in aggregate, represent the subjects of a competently defined notion of physical science, as defined as the most essential of the relevant distinctions were denoted by Riemann in that dissertation.

The crucial experimental quality of experience with a science of physical economy, is premised, as a matter of principle, on the evidence of the advances in categories of living processes which have occurred, or are implied in the evolution of systems of living species on Earth, from one-celled organisms, to higher forms of life, and, thus, to those superior-level distinct, creative powers of the human species in its society which Academician V.I. Vernadsky defined as “the Noösphere.” The relevant evidence is, that the existence of life on Earth is characteristically anti-entropic in its ordering. The progress of human cultures, from the relatively inferior, to the superior, is ordered in a way coherent with the progress of living forms from the bottom of the Biosphere, to the heights of science-driven progress in V.I. Vernadsky’s Noösphere.

So, we have the proof of the thus demonstrated absurdity of the notion of “A Second Law of Thermodynamics.”

These considerations point our attention into the direction of the conception of what should become a normally ordered progress, from relatively lower, to higher values of anti-entropic states within a well-ordered Biosphere.

The related fact of this matter is, that the precondition for progress in society is the increase of the potential relative population-density relative to a previous state. This required progress can be measured against the conception of “fire,” that the equivalent of the net energy-flux density of power applied is effectively anti-entropic. In other words, failure to progress by the measure of that standard, is entropic decay of society. The direction of development toward reliance on higher forms of energy-flux-density of power, such as to nuclear-fission and thermonuclear fusion, is, in effect, a law of the universe which no society could violate, or ignore, except at its culture’s grave and worsening peril.

In physical-economic practice, this means both the indispensable increase of “energy-flux density” employed, and the increase of physical capital-intensity of modes of society’s continued existence and progress. Any competent science of physical economy were one crafted in submission to those considerations.

II. The Evil of the Balance of Power

The essence of that desire of today’s credulously deluded, apparently reigning powers for what is widely considered as a “balance of power,” has become, manifestly, what is fairly described as the confidence of a slave in the imagined “advantage” of the presumed protection afforded to him by his chains.

Indeed, the advantage of the London-centered imperium over its most immediate circles of victims, is nothing so much as desire for the imagined “protection” of what is, actually, the chains of its peculiar variety of slavery. That delusory belief among the victims of empire, is the virtual drug which makes even many among the relatively most brilliant among the leaders of even great nations the virtually puling slaves of their imperial master.

That folly is embedded in the origin of that form of the presently disintegrating phase of that legacy of the Roman imperial system known today as the British Empire. That is typified by what is currently represented, most typically, by that British Empire presently embodied, since 1971, in what Lord Jacob Rothschild launched as another imperial monetarist innovation, the Inter-Alpha Group.

Since, actually, the Autumn of 2007, and, visibly, the Autumn of 2008, the trans-Atlantic region of the world has been living under the increasing domination by the reign of a system of “bad banks.” During this period, to the present date, a London-centered monetarist system, has attempted to rescue some part of the London-centered system based on the core of the Inter-Alpha System of banking, by dumping increasingly worthless financial assets into a network of “bad bank” sectors, such as the sectors designated as the “Euro,” “The BRIC,” and the domestic U.S. Federal Reserve dollar under the influence of Chairman Alan Greenspan and his successor Ben Bernanke. The world-wide effect of the present “bad bank” policy of the trans-Atlantic region, has been led by the use of the U.S. Federal Reserve System, both as a victim of the British empire’s policy, and as a leading engine of the rising global hyperinflation called “bail-outs.”

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As our Solar System approaches the ominous implications for mankind presented by its position in the 62-million-year galactic cycle, the question is posed: Are we to become the next virtual “dinosaurs”?

Now, as our Solar System now also approaches far more ominous, globally perilous implications for all mankind, implications which are represented by the implications of the current, galactic form of 62-million- year Galactic cycle, we must be forewarned by hindsight into the manner in which, during certain relevant times past, a large percentile of the mass of living species, especially animal species then existing on this planet had then been wiped out, by sometimes as much as a margin of ninety percent or more, of the existing forms of animal life, as in the notable case of the sudden vanishing of the dinosaurs. Are we to become the next virtual “dinosaurs”?

That echo of the distant past, from a time prior to the evident existence of the human species on Earth, is typical of the challenge which confronts the existential destiny of mankind through galactic-defined Solar patterns which have included the massive earthquakes in the regions of Christchurch, New Zealand, and Japan more recently.

It is typical of this situation, that of mankind’s threatened vulnerability to cyclical developments in the galaxy, that our defense lies, to a large degree, in the promotion of measures of defense which depend upon the role of what will be, for us, relatively very high sources of man-made energy-flux density, including densities far beyond merely nuclear-fission power, densities such as those of thermonuclear fusion, and still higher. It also requires a massive build-up of an aggressive program of development of man’s operations beyond our immediate Earth environment, a development which would include a mighty surge of revival of the NASA mission immediately now, at a time when NASA-related technologies’ development is the immediate first line of strategic defense of the planet from the immediate threats of the present period of years ahead.

I am referring to what some might term “trigger effects,” under whose influence a relative small force, exerted appropriately, can exert control over a relatively very large force.

Under the spreading influence of such implicitly criminal follies as the irrationalist commitment to limiting man-made sources of power to sources of power of very low energy-flux density, the prospective hopes for mankind approach much less than zero. We are, therefore, as I have already indicated here, forewarned that we must be properly reminded of the sudden extinction of entire sets of species, including, perhaps, the “modern dinosaurs” of the variety associated with the British Empire of today.

Nations expressing the potential qualifications to survive, will be those which act in accord with the prospects for the realized fruits of fundamental scientific progress which are now indispensable for keeping a living human race within the future prospects of our native galaxy.

Under these circumstances, the welfare of our nation does not properly depend upon quaint varieties of local electoral tactics, but upon great principles which reach far beyond our Solar system itself.

III. The Power of Imperialism

In the history of European cultures, the method used, to establish and maintain the rule of an empire, such as the four, successive, principal stages of the Roman Empire’s legacy over the nations of Europe up to the present-day British empire,[fn_1] has been to play merely nominal interests, combined with traditions of local conflicts among the nations of Europe and beyond, a game which has been continued since no later than the time of the founding of the original incarnation of the Roman Empire up to the present day.

The principled character of this system of an imperialism premised on a maritime form of oligarchical culture, is otherwise known as the agency of the Olympian Zeus, as opposed to the Promethean conception of the essential nature of mankind. To translate that conflict between oligarchical evil and the common good, into the language of political-economy, the oligarchical principle is dedicated to preventing the human beings generally from rising. An oligarchical social cult defined as through opposition to the ascending role of mankind’s use of “fire,” to the level of capacity required to free mankind from the grip of a nominally Olympian, reigning tyranny of the type associated today with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of the British empire’s Prince Philip and his vampire bats, the so-called “environmentalist” cult with its deep roots in the same location as the Adolf Hitler Nazi cult.

That conflict is defined by the contrast between two, irreconcilable social impulses. The oligarchical impulse is the “same-old, same-same” lust to prevent the general population’s access to the creativity on which mankind depends for resisting a collapse into pro-genocidal depravity; the anti-oligarchical, republican impulse is the expression of anti-entropic increase of mankind’s power within the universe. The characteristic expression of that latter, anti-oligarchical, power, is an increase of the energy-flux density at the command of society, per capita and per square kilometer of surface area.

That conflict between those two forces, which is the characteristic within known stages of humanity thus far, is the key to understanding the origins of the terrible conditions which the London-centered monetarist interest is imposing on the world at large during the present time. Were that oligarchical impulse which is now expressed most typically by the present manifestations of the British empire, to be permitted to continue presently, the probable extinction of the human species were a likely, relatively early outcome. Either the present form of world empire, the British empire typified by the Inter-Alpha Group’s role since 1971, is eliminated, or the existence of the human species is threatened with the threatened probability of extinction. The oligarchy in the likeness of the reign of the Olympian Zeus, would prefer to be destroyed itself, rather than permit its natural enemy, humanity, to prevail. Such is the profound moral depravity of the consequent content and meaning of the implicitly Quixotic, so-called “environmentalist movement” of windmills and solar collectors today.

There is a specific doctrine from which such genocidal consequences spring. That is the doctrine known in ancient and modern times as “the oligarchical principle” typified by Aeschylus’ definition of the inherent evil of the cult of the Olympian Zeus.

The view which is directly contrary to the oligarchical principle, is marked by the first chapter of the Biblical book of Genesis, in which the division of labor between the Creator, on the one side, and man and woman on the other, is defined.

Man and woman are assigned the duty of promoting the intention of the Creator, as in the likeness of that Creator. This is the specific definition of the mission assigned to humanity, as Philo of Alexandria assaulted Aristotle as evil on account of Aristotle’s own version of the Nietzschean dogma of “God is dead.”

There can be no reasonable doubt that the first chapter of Genesis’s intention to “be fruitful and multiply,” contrary to both Aristotle and the followers of Paolo Sarpi, is the true image of the existence of mankind in the universe. The record of the succession of species of living creatures on Earth since the earliest known stage of a nature dominated by one-celled creatures, that of “be fruitful and multiply,” is fully in accord with the implications of the condemnation of the Aristotelean and Sarpian dogmas corresponding to the true followers of syphilitic Friedrich Nietzsche and his existentialist followers such as the so-called “economists” Werner Sombart and Joseph Schumpeter.

The alternative to “be fruitful and multiply” is the inherent bestiality of a murderous doctrine of “zero population growth.”

The Galactic View

The present evidence is, that the ebbs, flows, and qualitative progress of living species on Earth, has been regulated by the processes ruling the galaxy which mankind inhabits. The known succession of those developments according to such metrics as a 62-millions-years pattern of net rise of living species to higher forms of living existence, states a principle of mankind’s relationship to that galaxy which we inhabit. Recent evidence indicates that not only is the evolution of living species, including the emergence of mankind, anti-entropic; the behavior of the Crab Nebula as a feature of, rather than merely a phenomenon within the galaxy, has clearly profound, although presently undecided outcomes for mankind.

Nonetheless, so far, the results of the developments within the bounds of the galaxy show that the effect has been an anti-entropic one, leading from the simplest forms of life, to the evolution of the conditions of planet Earth which have brought forth the successively higher orders of not only life on our planet, but the progressively anti-entropic evolution of the Earthly conditions for life, most notably for human life. Such is mankind’s destiny, to whatever the outcome this means for our species as such. Such is the pre-destined fate which the human being must follow.

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The oligarchical principle is dedicated to preventing human beings becoming co- creators of the universe. Exemplary of this pathology, is the reigning tyranny of today’s World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of the British Empire’s Prince Philip.

The Destruction of Imperialism

When we consider the currently manifest trends for human life within this galaxy, it should become clear that the oligarchical principle symbolized by the reign of the Olympian Zeus is essentially contrary to the intended destiny inherent in mankind’s existence. If there is a chance for the continued existence of the human species, that chance depends upon the ultimate ridding of this planet of the reign of the oligarchical principle. The present indications are that such a calamitous end for mankind is not far distant from the effects of the current reign of the British empire, perhaps the last empire.

In that case, then the policies of suppression of such forms of technological progress as nuclear and thermonuclear power bespeaks a prospective condition of general actual, or virtual self-destruction of the human species.

For the present instant, it may appear to shallow-minded opinion, that the oligarchical party is currently at the apparent verge of a triumph over mankind in the trans-Atlantic region of the planet. That would mean the threatened extermination of mankind at some early time. However, we also know that the credibility of the present so-called “green” policy is about to be exterminated with a certain sense of suddenness, as one seismic and related calamity after the other causes the “green” ideology to become the most hated form of existence on this planet, that soon.

The particular most crucial sort of danger in the continuation of the so-called “green” delusion is that that “green” catastrophe might persist in power long enough, that even a general return to human sanity might come too late to rescue humanity from the threat of its most awful termination, thus presenting us with our species’ rejection of its fitness to survive.

[fn_1]. The original Roman Empire founded by agreements between Augustus Caesar and the priest of the cult of Mithra, executed on the Isle of Capri; the original Rome’s successor, Byzantium; the original Venetian system of the “Crusader age”; and, the New Venetian Party associated with William of Orange and his successors. [back to text for fn_1]

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