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This article appears in the March 18, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

October 28, 2011


Threat of World War III

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Editor’s Note: This article was first published in EIR, Vol. 38, No. 43, November 4, 2011, pp. 4-12

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U.S. Navy/Jesse B. Awalt
The killing of Muammar Qaddafi is a signal of the potential for an early outbreak of general warfare, even World War III, writes LaRouche.

In the opinion of certain relevant, higher placed circles in the trans-Atlantic region, the extraordinary mass-execution of the former Libyan principal Muammar al-Qaddafi and his companions, in their attempted flight from Libya, signals a potential for an early outbreak of more general warfare within Europe, the Mediterranean region, and beyond: potentially a new general state of warfare throughout much of this planet. This were probably the included outcome, unless a radical correction in trans-Atlantic financial and related policies were made more or less immediately.

The object is to prevent that general warfare from occurring.

Most notably, this immediate threat has now developed in the setting of the fact, that the present patterns of warfare within southwest Asia, have created a new type of cancerous development, a development which has now replaced the former role which the Balkans once played in the patterns of “world wars” of the Twentieth Century, for the prospective new “world war” of the Twenty-first Century. Like the role of the Balkans in the period of two preceding “World Wars” since the British alliance with Japan in launching those two “World Wars” of the past century, the chronic, and spreading warfare within the chronic cockpit of Southwest Asia, has now reached the condition that, during many recent decades, that region of Asia has superseded the old role of “Balkan Wars” as the now present style of catalyst for a now threatened “Third World War.”

The manner in which British-directed interests, acting in concert with the British puppet known as U.S. President Barack Obama, have created and manipulated the recent warfare within Libya, has now created a serious, more or less immediate threat-potential of a “Third World War.” This is a threat potential which is coincident with the immediately threatened, general breakdown-crisis of the already hyper-bankrupt, trans-Atlantic monetarist system. That is to emphasize, that the manner in which the British-directed alliance in the Libya affair has concluded the Libya crisis, has turned the Libya affair itself into the threatened role of a detonator of the potential world-warfare which has been accumulated in the Southwest Asian “cockpit.” British-centered imperialist interests, as typified by the role of former Prime Minister Tony Blair as a featured instrument, using U.S. President Barack Obama as their puppet, have now created a pregnant state of world affairs akin to that portrayed in a virtual new H.G. Wells fantasy under the theme of “world warfare”—a quivering potential of a “third world war.” The Anglo-Saudi orchestration of the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States, has been a crucial element in preparing the way for the threat which came to the surface of current strategic developments with the manner of the murder of the Qaddafi party.

It is the accumulated potential triggered by the Libya affair, which has now cocked the potential for a sudden eruption of a pattern of active general warfare.

Long nurtured potentials for the greatest of wars, explode into great wars which have been prepared, in fact, over long periods when the victims were sleeping.

The Threatened World War

There are chiefly two categories of the present world crisis which must be considered as leading strategic features of this present situation.

First, the world in general, but, most emphatically, the trans-Atlantic region, is presently gripped by a general, combined set of disastrous economic processes. These are processes whose nature has brought that Southwest Asian region onto the verge of the kind of warfare which leads into “a new dark age” throughout a very large region of the planet, and, thence, into the threat of a general calamity spreading throughout the planet as a whole.

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Truman Library
Since the agreement between Harry Truman, a “witting Wall Street-linked, British stooge,” and Winston Churchill (shown here in the Oval Office, 1952), following the death of FDR, the trans-Atlantic region has been under the grip of the London-centered imperial financial empire.

To achieve competent insight into this presently perilous situation, it is essential to recognize the history at the center of this present crisis. This crisis reflects the deepening, global, economic and social crisis which began, in fact, with the death of President Franklin Roosevelt. It is now essential to consider the fact, that with the advent of a witting (“Wall Street-linked”) British stooge, President Harry S Truman, and as a result of which a British imperial yoke of Anglo-American financial control which was expressed by the Truman Administration, there was a form of control centered in financier-imperial London, which has gripped the trans-Atlantic region itself since that time.

The trend which was set into motion by the agreement of Truman and Churchill, immediately following the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, had been a trend which rose to its present kind of powerful influence over the United States and its political-parties system, a trend which developed, step by step, during the course of the lapse of time over decades:

1. With the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the grip of British imperial power became strategically critical in its grip on the destiny of the U.S.A., and, also, that of the world at large, as also, somewhat similarly, that under Bertrand Russell associate Nikita Krushchov.[fn_1] The Indo-China war, was a war which was conducted for the purpose of overcoming President Kennedy’s and General Douglas MacArthur’s shared intention in Kennedy’s policy of forbidding any pending actions and blocking any U.S. participation in an unnecessary, British-demanded war in Southeast Asia.

2. That decade of warfare by U.S.A. in Southeast Asia, as followed by the “long wars” of the luring of Soviet forces into a similarly foolish war in Southwest Asia, and by, more recently, the luring of a foolish U.S.A. Presidency into exemplary long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan under George W. Bush and Barack Obama: wars which have largely wrecked the morals and the economy of both the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union, and others.[fn_2]

3. The outbreak of what became known as “World War I,” actually began with that agreement between the British Prince of Wales Albert Edward, and Japan’s Mikado of the 1890s, to go to war against China, immediately, and continued with a war against Russia in its far East: the decision which had led into the Pacific-centered British imperial warfare of 1895-1905 and beyond.

4. These developments were pre-signaled by the ouster of Bismarck from the post of Chancellor and the assassination of France’s President Sadi Carnot. As of 1905, the German Kaiser and Russia’s Czar, meeting on a yacht cruising in the Baltic Sea, suggested to one another, “Do you think that our uncle (then the former British Prince of Wales, now Edward VII) intends to drive us into war against one another?”

5. Historians and scientists, and actually serious strategists and historians, especially those who are responsible for vital strategic assessments by governments, must never permit themselves to be deceived by the very same diplomatic shams which might be concocted for the sake of some appearance of diplomatic courtesies. (Diplomacy is more or less urgent while a prospect of peaceful relations, especially cooperative ones, exists in process; beyond that time, times have changed.) At this present moment, the immediately pending developments include the risk of early outbreak of a spreading state of warfare which had been placed on the springboard of the politically motivated assassination of Qaddafi: the springboard of a now Mideast form of replacement for a Balkan war, has been sprung into action.

6. All this, and more, is presently of primary concern for those nations of Europe and beyond which are presently seized by the grip of the general economic/monetary breakdown-collapse crisis centered in the trans-Atlantic region of this planet. The present situation is, thus, broadly comparable, in this way, to the potential for the outbreak of the European wars of 1905-1917 and 1939-1945. This ripe situation now exists, and will continue its course toward general warfare for at least as long as the present British puppet, and U.S. President, Barack Obama, remains seated.

Therefore, that much said here and now; I continue.

In this presently global strategic crisis-situation, it is urgent that I take advantage of my position as a private authority in economic and related strategic scientific matters, to place those essential truths of this aspect of the strategic matter on the table, such that concerned private circles in our respective nations might be enabled to examine some of the crucial features of the threat of general warfare, and worse, which is now hanging above us all.

We must now consider the economic factors in this present strategic crisis. That means that we emphasize the crucial factor, that my particular advantage in presenting that case, is derived from the methods which have made me a uniquely successful general economic forecaster over the interval from my initial publicized forecast of 1956 [that of the 1957 U.S. deep recession] through that of July-August 2007 and beyond. Those customary general forecasts which are in wide circulation among relevant, qualified professionals now, have been based on deep insight into the nature of the intrinsically incompetent practice of monetarist statistical forecasting methods among most current economists, whereas my own successful methods have been premised on physical principles, rather than statistical ones. That difference is to be restated, otherwise, just as the celebrated Bernhard Riemann said, in effect, in the closing sentence of his 1854 habilitation dissertation: “On the Hypotheses which Underlie the Principles of Geometry.”[fn_3]

That is to emphasize the specific methods of Riemann, Vernadsky and their followers, which are the properly mandatory basis for general references in scientific work today.

Thus: while there is no ultimate division between Russia’s and China’s policy-trends respecting the trans-Asian domain and the trans-Atlantic now, the general trend of interactions, between, on the one side, the trans-Atlantic regions (generally) and the trans-Pacific-centered regions, represents a crucial, planet-wide consideration in and of itself. The “new Balkan configuration” represents the new strategic pivot on which the motion toward a new “World Warfare” now pivots. The result is that the set of relations expressed by the conditions in every part of the planet, are not mechanical in nature, as “parts,” but, rather, are systemic, as are all aspects of the galaxy within which we live, as the patterns of radical changes in patterns of interplanetary weather-systems extant throughout our Solar System and immediate galaxy should be reminding us all presently.

At the present time of soaring world economic-breakdown-crisis centered in the trans-Atlantic regions, the “new Balkan hot-spot,” the Southwest region of Asia, serves as the pivotal feature of the generation of an actual new world-wide system of warfare—unless we come to our sudden senses, and bring this great folly abruptly to its end.

The continued existence of human life on Earth is dependent upon the rapid development of nuclear and thermonuclear capabilities, lest the “green” cultists bring on the otherwise inevitiable new dark age. Shown, a component, manufactured in Naka, Japan by Toshiba for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) in France.

The Present Strategic Crisis

The time has come, thus, once again, when our minds must be uplifted from viewing global processes as a system of mechanical-like interactions, as some ordinary diplomats and their clients (and most contemporary heads of state, or government) have often tended to do. The entry into the strategic domain of nuclear and thermonuclear capabilities, had been the proper time for an unavoidable change which must be made, as by emphasis on nuclear fission and thermonuclear fusion, for the reasonably assured existence of human life on Earth; otherwise, ultimately, there is the prospect of the human extinction which the cultists of the present day “green faction” would bring upon the world, were their influence to be continued on any significant scale.

It should be noted, that the “history” of our own galaxy over the course of a recent half-billion years, marks a rising trend of required energy-flux density, a trend conducted through species with formerly inferior relative qualifications which would have otherwise tended to become extinct (like many species before them), while the species and systems with the expressed potentials for significantly rising energy-flux densities, tend to emerge and survive. For the case of humanity, it is the uniquely creative powers of a human species whose activities are expressed in rising energy-flux density, per capita and per square kilometer of action, which are the probable survivors.

This is to be translated by history in such as the following examples.

On this specific account, we should recall, that President Franklin Roosevelt, for as long as he had lived, had crafted agreements, which had reflected his appropriate understanding of these matters in respect to the post-war role he had granted to the Soviet Union and China. One does not demand the fulfilment of “preconditions” which could come only through the experience of preceding collaboration. At that time, these were precisely the conditions of mutual need which would have been sufficient force of circumstances to create the needed cooperation.

On the Matter of al-Qaddafi’s Murder

Now, the precondition for the possibility of avoiding that threat of warfare which the war-criminal action against the defeated Qaddafi and his companions now presents, has been removed for only a moment in history. Nothing has been actually set to rest; the virtual bomb is ticking as never before in recent times, as in the case of two comparable earlier times during the 1890-1945 interval, and, later, during the threat of general nuclear warfare launched by Bertrand Russell in 1946. The insurgent crisis among the members of the current European Union and others, has now become an immediate source of conflict which could lead, during the early future, to terrible conflicts and other homicidal factors of actions among some or more of those nations.

Some of these conditions are in the nature of being considered as no more than significant possibilities; others converge upon virtual certainties, as the standards for such estimates flow from the actual conditions which had arisen during the 1890-1989 interval.

This has a presently relevant history; I explain.

We must take into account the conditions which require a presently closing count-down of the present potential for what might be termed by some as nuclear-weapons-armed, British-created “World War III.” Russia’s proposal for a space-oriented application of such technologies of types essential for mankind’s relationship to nearby Solar space, and, implicitly, even far beyond, is highly relevant.[fn_4]

The necessity for such reforms of global policy is manifold. The elemental source of the relevant threat to mankind, is to be located, scientifically, in the pre-history of the Roman Empire and such of its capital successors as the present, virtually global British empire.

Now, first, I shall summarily address the matter of the current British Empire, and how it became the successor of three preceding incarnations of the ancient Roman Empire. Then, I shall turn our attention back to the matter of the relevant principle of evil which the incarnation of the present British empire, and its current strategic policy, has inherited.

The Enemy, the British Empire

First and foremost of the actions to establish the original British empire, was the making of British King William of Orange, a leader of what was defined as the New Venetian Party composed of the followers of that notorious Paolo Sarpi who had been a key figure in the pre-orchestration of the launching of modern Europe’s Thirty Years’ and its strategically most relevant sequel, the Seven Years’ War, the sequel which pre-established the existence of the British Empire. However, the precedent for the British Empire as such, takes our attention to the deeper origins from which that present British Empire has sprung, into the matter of that ancient model of empire, that ancient Roman Empire which had been brought into pre-existence on the Isle of Capri, that according to the same oligarchical principle associated with the virtually mystical saga of the Olympian Zeus and that latter’s likeness.

The name of that ancient system is, appropriately, “the oligarchical principle.”

The principle of that “oligarchical system,” is premised on the notion of the supremacy of a special sort of social class over virtual captives, who are held in virtual bondage by a class of persons regarded as virtually “gods,” “gods” akin to such as the esteemed rulers of Wall Street and London presently. The remainder of the populations are treated, under the oligarchical principle, as, implicitly, merely cattle cast in a physically human form, but are, ultimately, reared, harvested, or simply killed in manner like that of cattle, all done in the oligarchical exercise of management of the herds of human cattle, as the British monarchy has recently prescribed the urgent motivation of the reduction of the planet’s human population from the vicinity of seven billions persons, to merely one or less, as through aid of sundry economic and “environmentalist” methods exceeding even the proposed reduction of the human species by Prince Philip’s World Wildlife Fund to two billions, earlier.

All four successive expressions of the original Roman Empire (original Roman, Byzantine, Old-Venetian/Crusader, New Venetian Party—“Sarpian”/British), are expressions of the same principle of population control associated with ancient Greek history and legendry. We shall deal with this in the concluding elements of this present report.

This system, which is known to the cultures of Mediterranean-centered societies as a system of (actually) oligarchical law, limits the authority to define the meaning of “law” to what is, ultimately, a single human-like figure, or some other image, such as an insane U.S. President Barack Obama, who insists after the same fashion as that of the ancient Roman Emperor Nero, the latter being of the same psychological characteristics as the current, British monarchy-created, U.S. President Barack Obama. That fact, respecting “the Obama-Nero type” of psychopathological personality of a single, common archetype, is the present key to understanding the present and immediately prospective roles of British royal puppet Barack Obama.

The fact that Obama’s pathological characteristics are tolerated this far, reflects the characteristics of the British imperial system in the form that empire still exists today. As I have reflected, in comparing the President Obama of today with the Obama of April 2009, that there has been no essential change in his personality greater than that witnessed in the maturation of some species in its passage from the “egg,” through the larval, into a maturer, adult form of mass-killer in the Adolf Hitler tradition, and also the Emperor Nero’s ultimate outcome. His personal traits, as exhibited publicly today, are the same as those of an Emperor Nero, as the scholarly studies of the character of Nero accurately attest for the case of Obama presently.

Hence: “Mankind beware.”

The oligarchical principle is premised on the supremacy of a class of persons regarded as virtual “gods,” “akin to such as the esteemed rulers of Wall Street and London presently.” The rest of us are treated as mere cattle, to be reared, harvested, or simply killed. Shown: Zeus, ruler of the Olympian “gods” (Roman, mid-Second Century A.D.; restored, 1686).

The Oligarchical Principle & War

The essential character of the oligarchical system, and the characteristics of the oligarchs as individual personalities, lies not in the personality of any particular oligarch, but, rather in the principle of the oligarchy as such. In that sense, the mean-spirited but weak-minded President George W. Bush, Jr., his father George H.W. Bush, and the latter’s father, in turn, Prescott Bush of the British branch-bank Brown Brothers Harriman (the backer of Adolf Hitler’s rise to personal power), have each and all been highly similar types, types in the likeness of their essential personal traits to those of former U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney. All of these cases echo the set of traits which mimic typical British imperial-monarchical figures. Among such, the Emperor Nero has a specially memorable quality of case, a case of the same principle as the others, but in its relatively far more extreme expression as being of that type.

The distinction of the oligarchical premiers from “ordinary mortals,” lies, systemically, in the proper use of the present and future tenses, of the past and present, as distinct from the future, that in respect to all matters of adopted law. The rule of merely ordinary kings, or customary law of governments, for example, lies within the bounds of what has been recognized as previously established forms of reigning law; only emperors or like types of reigning oligarchs, such as the monster known as England’s Henry VIII, are permitted to create a principle of law which is truly de novo.

With the immediately stated points of the preceding paragraph, our report has come to the central issue of all human history heretofore: the crucial issue represented by the oligarchical principle.

What is generally known to the history-books of today, as the anciently ruling constitutional feature of law imposed upon any organized society generally, is, in fact of practice, an expression of what is defined in record and practice as “the oligarchical principle.” In other words, this distinction is identified as the qualitative difference between “the gods” and “the mere mortals.” The best illustration of that distinction made in the practice of law, is that distinction of the powers of mere kings, from the powers of an emperor.

This distinction of emperor from mere king is so deeply embedded into historical practices, such that the effect of that distinction has been bludgeoned almost entirely out of even most official memory. What is concealed in effect by such means, is that the notions of law are limited, in general effect, to deductions from the precedents of the past, rather than the implicitly foreseeable requirements of the future. For example, under the rule of the notion of an emperor, as under Roman law, the nation-state’s chief officer, such as “a king,” may rule: but, only the strictly defined emperor, as under Roman law, can create law de novo. In other words. the dictator is an official who creates law out of his, or her own will. The king (e.g., the nation-state) can not create actual law, but only administer on the basis of the equivalent of experienced practice (e.g., legal “precedent” in past and present practice). Thus, for example, President Barack Obama has adopted the powers of an emperor, free from the constraints of existing law of the U.S.A.

An excellent illustration of a notion of true general law, does not exclude what is heretofore experienced as deduced law, but must not evade the need to extend the notion of true law of nations and among nations to what is properly adduced as a scientific discovery of a newly discovered true physical, or comparable principle. This is not necessarily a troublesome connection to be made; the part of the body of truly universal law includes principled insights into proper law made to be extended to the domain of scientifically (hence lawful) foreseeable future states of nature, that with a merely included emphasis on such notions of law as from law of popular and related ordinary experience.

In fact, scientific foresight as illustrated by the discoveries of Bernhard Riemann and V.I. Vernadsky, is at least equal as determinants of mankind’s practice of law for mankind, as the negotiation of any law of a nation in a proper court of law, such as in matters of legislation. Indeed, the competent definition of a law of nature which is rooted in scientific rigor, is more reliable, and, thus, more lawful, and properly more binding than much customary law-making and law-enforcement.

For example, the physical-scientific evidence is, that the universe undergoes a process of development which is exactly contrary to that fraudulent notion of a “Second Law of Thermodynamics” introduced to Nineteenth-century practice by Rudolf Clausius; the evidence pertaining to the “history” of living processes during as much as a recent half-billion years of living processes, demonstrates that the evolution of species proceeds by a pathway of increasing energy-flux density. Clausius is not a particularly honorable figure of Nineteenth-century science; but, the so-called “Second Law” is, indeed, considered “traditional,” but only arbitrarily, from the vantage-point of the oligarchical principle of relevant branches in statecraft.

This fraud expressed as the Nineteenth-century concoction of a so-called “Second Law Thermodynamics” into which even otherwise competent scientists have been bludgeoned, academically or otherwise, is nonetheless consistent with models such as ancient Roman Law precedents. That is, indeed, “The Oligarchical Principle.”

For a richer understanding of this matter, consider those specific interactions between European and U.S.A. law which can be traced, directly, from the work of such as Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, and the practiced difference between English law and the law established by the pre-William of Orange, Massachusetts Bay Colony under the Winthrops and Mathers. Since the leaps in technology which occurred under the pre-William of Orange Massachusetts Bay Colony, there was a phenomenon associated with the historical role of Benjamin Franklin, both as a leading statesman and scientist.

This historical phenomenon originated as a feature of post-“dark age,” Fifteenth-century European culture from the most prominent and consequently influential influences represented by the scientific discoveries in the work of Filippo Brunelleschi and Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa’s De Docta Ignorantia. Since that historic point of departure in modern science, the emergence of the original development of Massachusetts under the Winthrops and Mathers, became, through the continued special role of such as Benjamin Franklin, a part of an active resonance within the progress of European science and related matters, within which advances in science on one side of the Atlantic reflected and stimulated kindred revolutionary steps of progress on the other shore.

The 15th-Century works of Nicholas of Cusa and his follower Filippo Brunelleschi profoundly influenced the founders of the American Republic, notably its scientific genius Benjamin Franklin. Shown: Brunelleschi, holding a model of his creation, the Dome of Florence Cathedral (by Giuseppe Bezzuoli, early 19th Century).

The essential fact respecting that trans-Atlantic interaction in scientific and related cultural progress, has persisted, at least in the larger perspective, even under conditions where such progress was being brutishly suppressed. It is naught but human nature which demands such a direction, even against the most bitter, repressive threats from the oligarchical interests.

For understanding these issues of universal law, “the oligarchical system” is to be recognized as dividing mankind into two contrasted species, “gods (oligarchs),” and “mortals” (considered relatively as “cattle”) or other qualities of slaves. Although oligarchical factions do wage war on each other, out of their nature as oligarchies, the essential concern of the oligarchical system is to secure the dictatorial authorities of the oligarchical “species” against the natural potentials of the regular human “species.”

On that account, the oligarchy will employ instruments based on actually scientific knowledge, as weapons for keeping the numbers of the population down, especially of the non-oligarchical classes. The oligarch will use scientific knowledge gained, to beat a rival oligarch, but, will recurrently act to “dumb down” the general population, and to sharply reduce that latter population, even frequently, to prevent the general population “from becoming too numerous.”

Hence the habitual tendency of the oligarchy has been to suppress the general population’s access to serious forms of progress in competent advances in scientific knowledge, such as the conduct of the cult of the “environmentalists” acts to prevent both the development and spread of competent access to scientific knowledge. This has been an anti-scientific impulse of tyranny which is supplemented, from time to time by measures of explicit genocide, typified by the Hitler regime, or the Emperor Nero earlier, and by the impulses of President Barack Obama, as also typified by the British monarchy’s association with “Malthusianism” and Prince Philip’s shamelessly mass-murderous promotion of the World Wildlife Fund. Since that offshoot of the Confederacy which was Theodore Roosevelt brought the mental sickness of “environmentalism” into the practice of U.S. national law, especially since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, the Anglo-American oligarchies have played an increasing role in destroying the conditions of scientific progress, which does conform to British imperial fancies, but not to the body of law on which the existence of our United States was premised.

This planet is presently gripped, in natural respects, by the urgency of ventures into exploration of nearby Solar and also galactic space, which are required as both the protection of the role of the human species within our Solar system, and, our ability to reach into needed effects affecting the functions and evolution of our galaxy. Already, at this time, the Solar system itself is approaching a place-and-time within the presently evolving galaxy which tends to place the human species in a more deadly part of the orbit of the galaxy which the human species has never experienced earlier.

Under such conditions as those, mankind’s scientific progress into increasing powers to master the changing conditions of nearby Solar space, and beyond, is a certifiably essential pre-condition for securing the existence of our human species. Clearly, that mandatory, and therefore obligatory mission of the nations of humanity, is to fulfill missions which are, at a minimum, essential for the continued existence of our species. That presently urgent mission for the future could not be fulfilled without the liberation of the minds of human beings generally for their becoming truly creative human minds whose work in a revolutionary process of scientific advances is indispensable policy of practice for our species as a whole.

The national cultures of humanity must be rallied to the common purpose of our species’ proper destiny, as in the image The Creator Himself. Thus, the law in the future, must become the law of creating a newer future. Only in this manner can the fires of a new holocaust of general warfare on this planet be averted. The Roman-like oligarchical tradition must be conclusively uprooted, and a policy of mankind’s devotion to creating the law of the future, established as the common destiny of the peoples’ sovereign nations.

[fn_1]. Through Krushchov channels with Bertrand Russell’s World Parliamentarians for World Government, as also the Bertrand Russell circles associated with both the notorious Russell followers’ Cambridge School for Applied Systems Analysis, as related to the Laxenberg-based International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). The latter subject is also known as the scheme for “world governance.” U.S. based, but also international military operations of that breed, are located in an attachment to the college there. Former U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney is notably associated with that link. [back to text for fn_1]

[fn_2]. To understand those implications of the mass-murder of Mr. Qaddafi and numerous among his traveling companions, it were most useful to adopt a perspective from the history of two sets of so-called “World Wars” which a British-ousted advocate of peace, retired Chancellor Bismarck, had characterized as a coming re-enactment of the likeness of a “Seven Years War.” [back to text for fn_2]

[fn_3]. Über die Hypothesen, welche der Geometrie zu Grunde liegen (Göttingen, 1854). [back to text for fn_3]

More from Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. in December 2011
After the Murder of Muammar al-Qaddafi

What is intended is a confrontation with Russia, the principal nuclear power on this planet.”

“Most of this bailout debt, the Wall Street debt, the London debt, the other bailout debt, is absolutely worthless! It can never be repaid! It never could be repaid: And the only solution, of course, for this thing, was to have this war. And if the British Empire came out as the victor in such a war, with the support of the United States, then they would cancel their debts, and they would go about their business. But, the population of the world would be reduced, greatly, through hunger, starvation, and so forth.”

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