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This article appears in the November 18, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

November 28, 2009


The Copenhagen Horror!

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Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in EIR Vol. 36, No. 47, Dec. 4, 2009, pp 4-13.

It was Thanksgiving Day 2009, which caught the U.S.A. sleeping: the day western Europe threatened to be overtaken by an echo of Autumn 1923 Germany—from Dubai! Only that relative handful of competent economists who have mastered the lesson of my “Triple Curve” function, could really understand both the causes for, or real alternatives for, and the panic presently associated with, that fantasy-world known as Euro-land. Nonetheless, the least that even the usually ill-advised, rather pompous sort of both economists and statesmen of western and central Europe should have recognized, is that they can not continue down the road to the Copenhagen Summit, and, also, expect to avoid an early appointment in a virtual economic and demographic, planetary Hell.

The present international monetary crisis signaled by Europe’s recent Dubai-Afghanistan crisis typifies this situation.

I explain, summarily.

On the subject of Dubai: the typical best way to educate the world’s leading statesmen and economists in the matter of the causes and remedies for the present day’s on-rushing, planet-wide echo of Autumn 1923 Weimar Germany, is to emphasize the following:

The only competent way, scientifically, to classify and understand the economic theory appropriate for study of the presently onrushing, global physical-economic and financial-monetary crisis of the planet as a whole, is to recognize it as an echo, on a global scale, of the specific type of breakdown-crisis which the Versailles treaty conditions imposed upon Germany into the course of 1923.

This is a study which can not be competently concluded without reliance on my 1996-2009 treatment of what I have named as “The Triple Curve” method, the method required for understanding the way in which the great global monetary crisis of the post-World War II period to date, actually developed. The special case of 1923 Weimar Germany, is the model case to be studied in preparing specialists for the way in which the post-April 1945 pattern of post-World War II developments has come to the present point of a global breakdown-crisis of the world’s presently, hopelessly bankrupt, world monetary system.

This is not to say that a general breakdown of the world’s economy is now inevitable. It is to emphasize that, without a seemingly radical change from the present world monetary system, to the contrary American System of economy, that of a credit system, as prescribed by the U.S. Federal Constitution, there is no present possibility of avoiding a relatively immediate plunge of the planet into a prolonged new dark age in which the world’s population must be expected to fall from about 6.7 billions persons, to two, or even much less. As much as is presently certain about the exact timing of these developments, is, that, without an early change from a monetarist system to a U.S. Constitutional style of credit-system, what would have been recently considered as civilization, would be gone from the planet for some generations yet to come.

The interspersing of odds and ends of decorative and also diversionary chatter about this or that feature of the present world economic crisis, will only divert attention from the crucial fact of the matter of the Dubai case. What is crucial, is the fact that this week’s developments have only one essential relevance: the British avowedly imperial monarchy’s reaction to this new development within the presently accelerated world, economic-breakdown crisis.

The essential fact of this development is, that the British monarchy is reacting hysterically, and foolishly, if also maliciously, to the essential fact of the Dubai crisis. Essentially, the present world monetary system is in the process of not a mere recession, nor a mere depression, but, a general breakdown-crisis of a type whose nearest likeness in precedents from European history, is Europe’s Fourteenth-century, Venice-orchestrated “New Dark Age.”

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EIRNS/Michelle Erin
LaRouche’s “Triple Curve” schematic provides the methodology to understand what underlies the Thanksgiving Day Panic emanating from the threatened bankruptcy of Dubai World. Shown: Dubai Maritime City and LaRouche’s original, 1996 version of the Triple Curve.

The essential difference between the trans-Atlantic crisis of this present moment, and that of the Fourteenth-century “New Dark Age,” is that the presently on-rushing economic landslide is already far worse, in its characteristics, than that of Europe’s Fourteenth Century.

The political effect of what has become best known, if only momentarily, as western Europe’s “The Dubai Crisis,” came to prominence in Europe in its connection with a related political crisis in Germany. Second thoughts showed that not only all western Europe was hit immediately, and with hard blows, by the threatened bankruptcy of leading, drug-infested, financial interests of Dubai and Afghanistan. Germany’s role as a third-ranking party within the Anglo-American warfare in Afghanistan, gave the forewarning of what was about to break out politically as also economically; the British Queen was, after a fashion, prepared in advance.

Now. take a glance under the bed-sheets and burkhas of the drug-trafficking-centered Dubai crisis itself. The present day’s development, points to what must be now considered seriously as a potential trigger for a monetary chain-reaction collapse, not only of western Europe, but a crisis with powerful, crushing repercussions among both Wall Street financier interests and even the U.S. Obama Administration itself.

The developments in Dubai are an expression, like the lit fuse on a bomb, of the explosive potential of virtually the entirety of the present world monetary-financial system, a crisis of a magnitude potentially comparable to, but potentially much greater, more disastrous than Europe’s Fourteenth-century “New Dark Age,” this time on a global scale.

For the moment, the best place to focus an economist’s investigation of the Dubai-triggered phase of this present European crisis, is in the effort to understand this present day’s global parallel to 1923 Germany, which means to focus on the so-called “bail-out” crisis centered in both the United Kingdom, and in the U.S.A., a crisis now continuing from September 2007 onward to the present point of a threatened, Obama-fed general breakdown of the U.S. monetary-financial system itself.

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An image of the horror of an earlier Dark Age: detail from “Hell” in the “Garden of Earthly Delights” triptych (1503-04) by Hieronymous Bosch.

But, we must look deeper than that, and that over a much longer span of nearly three generations, to understand what the Dubai crisis has triggered for the present moment of crisis.

The key for understanding the origin of this presently accelerating breakdown-crisis of the present world monetarist system, is to be seen in a long history of the period of conflict between the United States and the British Empire since that empire was created by actions at the February 1763 Peace of Paris. This is to be traced, most emphatically now, since the April 13, 1945 inauguration of the scoundrel President Harry Truman, which led into the presently onrushing general breakdown-crisis of the London-dominated trans-Atlantic political-economic system.

Therefore, to understand the essential truth behind the present Dubai crisis, we must not fail to take into account a crucial additional factor, which did not exist in the span of the period from the 1933 inauguration of President Franklin Roosevelt, until the aftermath of the cover-up of the true origins of that hoax which was executed by the actions of the Warren Commission: the crucial part played in history since 1963-64 by the combined effects of both the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the hoax of the Warren Commission.

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Lyndon B. Johnson Library/Cecil Stoughton
The Warren Commission presents its fraudulent report to President Johnson, Sept. 24, 1964. Left to right: John J. McCloy, J. Lee Rankin (general counsel), Sen. Richard Russell, Rep. Gerald Ford, Chief Justice Earl Warren, President Johnson, former CIA director Allen Dulles, Sen. John Sherman Cooper, and Rep. Hale Boggs.

I. The Warren Commission Hoax

Some secrets just seem never to be successfully and finally hidden.

The decline of the U.S. economy, which began with the Warren Commission’s hoax respecting the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, is the advent of the steep decline of the U.S.’s economy and influence in world affairs, since that time.

That is to say, that, despite all else, the U.S. economy was, then, still on the way up; until the Kennedy assassination, until the effects of the Warren Commission were to be taken into account. The Warren Commission’s role was the beginning of the way down, for the U.S. economy, and Europe’s, too. The world-wide breakdown-crisis of the existing, global monetary system right now, is essentially an outcome of the turn which occurred with the Kennedy assassination, the turn of 1963-1964.

It turns out, now, that the “lone assassin” swindle concocted by the Warren Commission, was later discredited by U.S. President Gerald Ford’s promotion of a novel hoax which became known as the “magic bullet” fantasy. However, to understand the Warren Commission swindle, and also President Ford’s novelty, today, we must go back nearly three generations, since the close of “World War II.” Real history, when competently told, is often tricky, just like the history of the assassination of President Kennedy. It is a horror which can never been forgotten, because, like the officially concocted, mythical aspects of “9-11,” the effect of its occurrence is embedded, as if permanently, in the causes of ever fresh developments in still ongoing history, as in such places as Dubai and nearby Saudi Arabia still today.

Near the beginning of these decades of developments in a post-President Franklin Roosevelt world, there was a radical shift in the trans-Atlantic Americas and in western and central Europe, a shift to guidance by a certain lying doctrine. This was a doctrine associated with the outright “brainwashing” expressed by a piece of widely published, existentialist perversion, in a book titled The Authoritarian Personality, a book whose burden was echoed in post-World War II Europe by the establishment of the post-World War II Congress for Cultural Freedom.

The most essential characteristic of that inherently depraved post-World War II, “western” Anglo-American system, has been the commitment by the ruling, post-World War II monetarist interest, to either suppress the commitment, as under U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, to scientific and technological progress in the standards of production and consumption, or to limit relevant investments in science and technology to military capabilities. Indeed, it has been chiefly through the combination of the promotion of the wasting effect of long wars, and of preparation for such wars, or for nuclear warfare, that the economies of North America and Europe have been worn down to the effect that, since a post-Kennedy Administration turning-point under the conditions of the 1964-1975 Indo-China warfare, there has been a negative trend in net supply of basic economic infrastructure since 1965-66 in the
U.S.A., with similar effects throughout the Americas generally, and in western and central Europe since that time.

This post-FDR ideological assault against reason itself, changed the dynamic of trans-Atlantic, and, thus, world history, as Percy Bysshe Shelley defined history, in his A Defence of Poetry, up to the present day. It was those two latter, post-war fascist types of cultural frauds, concocted by the opponents of the tradition of Shelley’s work, combined with the fact of what those opponents of Shelley represented more broadly, which were largely responsible for crafting the susceptibility of citizens to the virtual, systemic brain-damage which allowed many terrified Americans to wish to believe the hoax known as the Warren Commission “finding” of John J. McCloy, et al.

So, when the death of a great public hero, such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, or, the somewhat comparable case of the assassination of John F. Kennedy occurs, a people without an adequate replacement for the role of those special kinds of national and world leaders, tends to push societies to lose confidence in the powers of reason. Then, in such a setting, there came a time, repeatedly, when the rules on which they had come to depend, seemed to have failed them, as the spread of the combined legalization and quasi-legalization of the British-directed, “recreational drug” traffic has ruined morality throughout western and central Europe and the Americas today.

So, similarly, the Versailles crimes against German humanity, cleared the way for the British promotion, through channels such as the Bank of England, of the Autumn 1923 rise of the Adolf Hitler phenomenon, a phenomenon created by the British monarchy which created the Hitler pest it later came to regret, a British imperial system which has, more recently, renewed the launching of those pro-genocidal policies revived by the British government of former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Blair’s virtual mere puppet, U.S. President Barack Obama, today.[fn_1]

The cases to which I have referred summarily in the preceding paragraphs, have been addressed, both by me and others, in many locations, that over the course of the decades since the death of President Franklin Roosevelt. The task which falls to me in the present setting of the social-psychological effects of a generally accepted, but inherently fraudulent notion of the meaning of “money,” is to point out the way in which that pathological trait known as the existentialist form of belief in money, ruins the otherwise natural capacity for rational behavior among human beings affected by such beliefs.

Consider the technically insane elements of those “health care” elements of the Obama Administration’s moral perversity which are called “behaviorists, ” presently acting in the Adolf Hitler “Tiergarten Vier” tradition, as in the tradition expressed as the Hitler-copied IMAC (Independent Medicare Advisory Council) policy of such as President Barack Obama’s Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel. These elements are key for identifying those toxic elements of belief which have led President Barack Obama to adopt such Hitler-like (e.g. IMAC) behaviorist policies of economy and health-care which are in the process of destroying both the morals and welfare of the people of the United States and western and central Europe today.

Amid these trends of moral and economic decadence associated with the role of the so-called middle-class “Baby Boomer” stratum, the case of the Warren Commission’s hoax is all too typical of the repeated efforts to bring the United States under the control of a certain pro-imperialist, monetarist faction, a faction whose origins within North America are to be traced to the crushing of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, by both England’s James II and William of Orange, and to the establishment of the British East India Company as an imperial power by the 1763 treaty known as The Peace of Paris. It was the attempted imposition of the Company’s efforts to crush the American states that same year, which launched the struggle for independence which was to become the U.S. Federal republic.

From 1763 on, it was the division between the patriots and the agents of the British East India Company under those circumstances which divided the population of the U.S.A. between the patriots and what is often referred to as that same “Wall Street” pestilence whose actions, since September 2007, have projected the monetarist aspects of the present U.S. economic system into the presently accelerated state of a general breakdown-crisis of the national economy, through “bail outs” in the order of tens of trillions of wildly inflated nominal U.S. dollars.

Since that same time, in early 1763, the existence of the United States has been the principal continuously recurring threat to the global imperial power of the Venetian-style monetarist oligarchy which controls the presently reigning world’s monetary system. Since the failure of the British Foreign Office’s failed 1861-1867 attempt, under Lord Palmerston, to crush both the United States and Mexico, the notable assassinations of U.S. Presidents Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy, are notable as assassinations steered by British assets for the purpose of effecting a radical shift in U.S. policy done for the advantage of the British empire. The assassination of former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, by the treasonous British Foreign Office agent Aaron Burr, should be placed as comparable in its political effect to the killing of each of the three noted sitting Presidents.

The current financial-economic crisis is a global echo of the breakdown-crisis which the Versailles Treaty imposed upon Germany. The Treaty’s demands for draconian reparations erupted into the hyperinflation of 1923, creating the conditions for Hitler’s rise to power.
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A German magazine (1918) denounces the British: “The English Dentist and the Dutchman,” with the caption: “I need your teeth to make myself new dentures.”
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French troops occupied Germany’s Ruhr region in January 1923, when Germany was unable to meet reparations payments. Headline: “Black Banners of Mourning in the Ruhr”; caption: “All for nothing. French capital prevailed.”
This 1932 election poster reads: “Enough Is Enough! Vote for Hitler.” The Nazis, infused with cash from London and Wall Street, won a plurality, and Hitler was appointed Chancellor on Jan. 30, 1933.

The True Nature of The Empire

As I have emphasized repeatedly, on relevant occasions, the popular use of the term “empire,” is largely nonsense. In speaking of the existence of the British Empire, there are several crucial qualifications in that use of the term “empire.”

Firstly, it must be acknowledged, that the British empire was originally established as an empire of a private enterprise known as the British East India Company. This is, the same Company, actually headed, then, by the Lord Shelburne who launched the British Foreign Office, in 1782, as, then, a political-intelligence instrument of the British East India Company. Later, with the bankruptcy of that East India Company, which occurred as a consequence of the defeat, by President Abraham Lincoln, of Britain’s puppet, the Confederacy, the Company slid into bankruptcy and Queen Victoria’s inauguration as Empress of India in 1877, and the resulting beginning of what became the two “world wars,” the so-called “Cold War,” and more, of the Twentieth Century.

Secondly, the United Kingdom of, essentially, England, Wales, and Scotland, and appendages, is a nation-state, rather than an empire in itself, and would remain a nation-state by right were the trappings of empire to be nullified. The British empire was never really the people and territory of Great Britain, but has been always, since 1763, and remains, what it became under the auspices of the British East India Company, in February 1763. In fact, the British empire which is led by Queen Elizabeth II today, is to be properly recognized as a continuation of the system of maritime imperialism which was set into motion, under various managements, initially by the Grecian defeat of the Persian Empire’s efforts to grab reign over the Mediterranean. Essentially, the death, probably by assassination, of Alexander the Great led to a system of rivalries collectively centered upon the Mediterranean which was first consolidated as a single maritime form of imperial power with the agreement struck, on the Isle of Capri, between Augustus Caesar and the priests of the cult of Mithra.

Thirdly, since that time, all European-centered empires have been maritime powers defined by a system of what is to be recognized as monetarism, a system under which an international monetarist arrangement of the type sometimes identified as “free trade,” is that through which nations and their colonies have been subjected to a system of usury controlled by monetarist tyrannies such as ancient Rome, Byzantium, Venice, and the Venetian offspring, Henry VIII’s England, taken over by Venice-based monetarist interests through the aid of Venetian spy, Francesco Zorzi, turned marriage-councillor to the English king.

In the Eighteenth Century, Venetian agents such as the master-spy Antonio S. Conti, presided over the process of locating the nominal headquarters of the Venetian monetarist-imperial system in the maritime centers of London and the Netherlands, including Paolo Sarpi’s offshoot Conti’s virtual creation of the principal fraudulent claims for discoveries by Isaac Newton, and for the role of Conti’s puppet Voltaire in the Eighteenth-century history of Europe, even after Conti’s death in 1749. The roles of John Locke, the Physiocrats’ François Quesnay, and the behaviorist variety of moral degenerates such as Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham, et al.

My proposed great economic reform, for example, is to eliminate monetary systems from the planet, to supersede the present monetarist systems by a fixed-exchange network of credit-systems whose principled feature is the principles famously supplied by Alexander Hamilton to the design of the U.S. Federal Constitution. This means a change to a fixed-exchange rate credit-system among respectively sovereign, cooperating nation-states.

Fourth, the global system of “bail out,” originally infamous for the wicked pranks of U.S. Senator Dodd and Representative Barney Frank, has now created such a hopeless likeness to the monetarist-financial crisis of the Fourteenth-century “New Dark Age,” that there is no remedy for the now onrushing breakdown-crisis of the entire world system except the wiping out of the fraudulent monetarist assets of the world through a “Glass-Steagall”-like reorganization of those accounts which correspond to the likeness of commercial banking assets under a Glass-Steagall proceeding in bankruptcy. This reform, away from a global monetarist system, to a fixed-exchange-rate, global credit-system of the form consistent with the U.S. Federal Constitution, would write off most of the reckless monetarist debt-accumulations which are now crushing the world’s real economy, and provide, thus, the means for large-scale, long-term credit used for high rates of gains in productivity and relative energy-flux-density of modes of production and formation of basic economic infrastructure, thus unleashing a high rate of acceleration of physical productivity, per capita, and per square kilometer, world-wide.

This means, that, either: the trillions of dollar-denominated, nominal assets of “Wall Street” speculators, and kindred economic filth, are simply wiped off the books of nations, world-wide, or: the entire planet is plunged into a genocidal form of planetary “new dark age” of several generations’ duration.

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White House Photo/Pete Souza
The present monetarist system “is doomed to extinction during the very near future,” LaRouche writes, “at about as rapid a rate of development, as you could recite the name of the extremely unpleasant Rahm Emanuel.” Here, President Obama with Chief of Staff Emanuel, February 2009.

One way or the other, the present world monetarist system, or so-called “free trade” system, is doomed to extinction during the very near future, that at about as rapid a rate of development, as you could recite the name of the extremely unpleasant Rahm Emanuel.

II. What Went Wrong, Actually?

The great fallacy in the majority of what passes for a notion of modern economic practice, is the presumption that money-systems are a true standard of measure for economic progress. Yet, in fact, as my own experience has demonstrated for any would-be economist who is thinking clearly, relative economic value does not lie within relations of exchange associated with the notion of a “market.” Consider the relevant argument from the standpoint of Academician V.I. Vernadsky’s conception of the interrelations among a Lithosphere, Biosphere, and Noösphere.

The principle which distinguishes mankind and human society from lower forms of life, is most quickly identified by pointing to the initially curious fact that the distinction between man and beast lies in the creative powers of the human, conscious, willful creative powers of that specific quality which exists only in the human individual personality. All forms of existence in the known universe express the specifically anti-entropic principle of creativity; but, only mankind deploys that power willfully.

The distinction of man from beast, is most simply illustrated by the fact that only mankind uses fire as an instrument of the creative powers specific to the human individual in society. In the earliest known instances of relevant archaeological relics, the very existence of mankind, as distinct from the beasts, is evidence of man’s use of fire, from shrubbery to nuclear fission and thermonuclear fusion.

Man’s relationship to nature generally, is typified by mankind’s reliance on fossil products of the Biosphere which have a relatively high residual composition of elements essential to mankind’s living existence and further development. As our ancestors, remote or near, have sought those concentrations of such elements which are relatively the richest, we have tended to depend increasingly on deposits which are relatively marginal. To overcome such relative depletion, we are obliged to discover and deploy means for extraction from fossil resources which require higher relative energy flux-densities, up into the higher levels of “fire” (energy flux-density) associated with fission and fusion processes.

There is, in short, no fixed level of population which can be considered a “natural” level, just as there is no fixed level of energy-flux density which provides an “equilibrium level” for society. For mankind, the rule is, increase the relative energy-flux-density of technologies and of sources of power, or be doomed.

So, for the generations immediately ahead during the remainder of this present, young century, the mission for mankind is the prospect of relativistic travel, using modes such as helium-3-fired fusion power, to reach the lunar orbit of Mars, and to descend to Mars below—and to return, safely, by such means. To undertake that mission, we must, first, develop the largely automated industry on the Moon needed for constructing the systems for Earth-Mars transport and colonization, and for adjusting the conditions of human life in a manner suited to the lower gravity of Mars.

The only opposition to such a commitment of man to reliance on fire, is expressed by the image of the evil Olympian Zeus of Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound. The policy which Aeschylus exposes as evil, in his Prometheus trilogy, is what was known in those ancient times as the oligarchical principle—of technological “zero growth”—the same “zero-growth” cult which was set into motion during the post-Franklin Roosevelt world by forces of evil typified by Bertrand Russell, Margaret Mead, the existentialists, and the European Congress for Cultural Freedom (from sanity!).

Contrary to the recruits to the anti-nuclear, existentialist cult of so-called “anti-nuclear environmentalism,” the possibility of a civilized human population of somewhere around 10 billions living human beings, demands the immediate banning of the gigantic, lying fraud, pushed by hoaxsters such as Britain’s Prince Philip and his family’s lackey, former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore, of the lunatic cult-belief of so-called “Global Warming.” These are the true mass-murderers of our planet today, mass-murderers whose policies, if adopted, will produce genocidal effects even far worse than those of the London-launched Adolf Hitler regime of yore.

In the alternative, the continuation and improvement of the well-being of the human race demands not only an increase in the standard level of energy-flux-density in technologies employed, but also new forms of applied technologies which more than offset the depletion of the planet which might occur without emphasis on a driving force of scientific-technological progress.

Despite the fact that the British Empire declared, during the past week’s Commonwealth events, that the British Empire, otherwise known as the Commonwealth, presently dominates the majority of the planet—still the world’s nastiest world empire, indeed! The impending Copenhagen congress, is currently, the leading mobilization for mass-murder throughout the planet, through the proposed, utterly fraudulent pretext of so-called “carbon reduction,” of the World Wildlife Fund hoax of England’s Prince Philip. So, the U.S. Obama Administration has followed the British Empire’s scheme for reducing the world’s population by methods, such as IMAC, copied from Adolf Hitler’s “Tiergarten 4” scheme of 1939.

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Creative Commons
“The British monarchy’s Copenhagen scheme is not only evil; it is stupid, even for the short term.” Shown, a stupid demonstration against global warming at London’s Heathrow Airport, 2007.

The Present Breakdown Crisis

The British monarchy’s Copenhagen scheme is not only evil; it is stupid, even for the short term. Not only is the Copenhagen conference’s proposed scheme inherently as evil as Adolf Hitler’s earlier, but the effects of its attempted implementation mean the doom of Prince Philip’s Brutish Empire itself.

The British Empire’s obscene passion for promoting global genocide through aid of such means as “environmentalism,” has already succeeded in creating the global preconditions for the greatest and fastest rate of mass death throughout the planet as a whole.

What is currently in progress in the world’s physical economy, is a general collapse of the potential relative population-density of the planet which has been ongoing since the combined aftermath of the 1964-1975 Indo-China War, and the frankly fascist economic “reforms” typified by the U.S. Nixon and Carter administrations of the 1970s. The rate of collapse of productive potential caused by policies such as those of the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission, and the far worse effects, during the 1987-2009 interval by the practices of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, have already depleted the potential relative population-density of the planet, to such a degree, that without a virtual crash-program form of science-driver recovery in vast and deep infrastructural development, the rate of mass-death thrughout the planet which is already built into policies such as those of the U.S. Obama Administration would be a planetary holocaust far worse than that of Europe’s Fourteenth Century.

Unless the Obama Administration’s current policies are immediately reversed on all accounts of that President’s own personal policies, there will be, very soon, a chain-reaction-like collapse of the U.S. economy over the Winter months whose effects will be a chain-reaction disintegration of the economy of the world as a whole.

During the recent decades, since the onset of the Nixon and Trilateral Commission administrations in the U.S.A., there has been a process of “globalization,” which has become a virtual, global new “Tower of Babel,” which has already almost eradicated the existence of a system of sovereign nation-states throughout this planet. Virtually no nation has control of its essential food supplies, or much of anything else, either. A monstrous evil, cast in the image of the utopian fantasies of the depraved H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell grips the planet now. If mankind is to survive, that utopian fantasy, together with its “enviromentalist” depravities, must be eradicated, that for the sake of a recovering planet composed of cooperating, but respectively perfectly sovereign nation-state republics, a planet freed, as President Franklin Roosevelt had intended, had he lived, a planet freed of the pollution known as the British Empire of Queen Elizabeth II’s Commonwealth today.

There is no chance, in fact, that the intentions expressed by Queen Elizabeth II might succeed. Her empire, too, is doomed, as if by her own hand, if in no other way. The horror proposed for Copenhagen must be destroyed, for the included benefit of the Britain of England, Scotland, and Wales, as much as any other part of this planet.

[fn_1]. Without two terms under U.S. President George W. Bush, Jr., a President Barack Obama, with his “moustache,” would not have been possible. [back to text for fn_1]

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