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This article appears in the May 19, 2023 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

May 9, 2014


History Is Closing In on Obama

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Editor’s Note: This essay by Lyndon LaRouche first appeared in EIR, Vol. 41, No. 20, May 16, 2014, pp. 4-20.

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White House/Pete Souza
The decline and fall of Empire: President Barack Obama at the Colosseum in Rome, March 27, 2014. With him is Barbara Nazzaro, Technical Director and Architect for the Colosseum.

The most foolish, and ultimately most dangerous, of all popular opinions, is the witless presumption, that history flows, simply, from past into future. Contrary to that admittedly popular nonsense, it has often been the case, that history assumes its characteristic form in a notable similarity to that uniquely original discovery of the Solar system, which as such, itself first occurred, also uniquely, in the work of Johannes Kepler.

Thus also, the indication of threat to a present civilization, often re-emerges in the form of something like a very small blob within some historical space-time. The blob grows, becomes more impressive, varies, back and forth, a bit, acquires more and more characteristics, and, after some time, contracts, contracting in a way something akin to the way in which the present, trans-Atlantic civilization has been already long falling, formally, into a moral and physical collapse, since about 1900.

This change for the worse, even the worst, once it had given a turn-about direction of modern European history, had come about the same time, c. 1900, of European civilization’s scientific-intellectual collapse under the twin influences operating from the beginning of the collapse of modern civilization. The trigger for that presently onrushing collapse of the culture of trans-Atlantic society, was actually touched off with the combined effect of, first, the ouster of Bismarck, and by the subsequent, silly David Hilbert’s attempted replacement of physical science by merely mathematics, a travesty which had occurred in the French farce which Hilbert had launched in 1900.

Since that time, up to the present moment, the trans-Atlantic society, has fallen often into long waves of moral and intellectual decay, all done under the influence of (chiefly) the contemporary British world Empire: ranging from the ouster of Bismarck, to the currently pending breakdown-crisis of that British Empire now ripening as if to soon implode, in a trans-Atlantic game of “Bail-In.” The issue war of today lies not in the concocted, diversionary outcry of Ukraine vs. Russia; it lies in the global thermo-nuclear warfare intentions of the virtually global British Empire of Queen Elizabeth and her son and putative heir, Charles, versus civilization; it is “the Green versus the Human;” that presently actual world war now a-building, is the product of a rapidly decaying super-imperium which also rules Wall Street, as Wall Street’s master: it is the British Empire versus civilization as a whole today, and as the modern echo of the Roman Empire, and of its ancient tradition, that of the evil Zeus.

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Deutsches Historisches Museum Bildarchiv
The British-backed ouster of German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in 1890 set the stage for World War I. Here, Bismarck addresses the Reichstag, 1888.

For Example:

The actual trigger which had prompted the follies of Hilbert’s rabidly anti-scientific idiocies of 1900, had left an effect which had been occasioned by the British empire’s successful ouster of Germany’s Chancellor Bismarck from his post. This British imperialist attack on Bismarck, had come after the effect of the official British assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and from the attacks on Bismarck’s economic and related policies, policies which had featured Bismarck’s own systemic adoption of President Lincoln’s own strategic economic policies for the U.S.A. Civil War. The British purpose in the successive and combined actions against President Abraham Lincoln, and, then, also, Bismarck, expressed the explicit intention to set off what was to become the series of wars and related series of mass homicides setting off World War I under the simple-minded heading of “The Guns of August.”

The ouster of Bismarck, had been followed by the also British Empire-led assassination of President Carnot of France at that time. In turn, that assassination of Carnot had been used to set off a series of regional wars within Europe and elsewhere, that over the course of the time leading into what became, next, on the official record as the launching of World War I, to be followed by what was, simply said, a return from a temporary, merely nominal peace, into an actual World War II.

That warfare was not some warfare by a cluster of actually sovereign nations; that now recurring war was launched, not by some subordinate set of particular nations; it was launched under the direction of the empire, the British Empire, which was the master of that Empire’s set of the mockery of “subjected, human national forces.” Just as the de facto British puppet of today, U.S. President Barack Obama, has been merely the assigned, merely nominal protagonist representing the British imperial intention in the attempts to launch a provocation for a thermonuclear world system of warfare at this present time. Such was the likeness of the Zeus tradition, and of the imperial roles of the Roman empire, then, and the actually British empire’s zest for its own world tyranny (as over our United States, too), now.

Therefore, the British imperial policy of warfare during World War II, had become, in the end, intended to delay the attack on the Italian-French fronts of Nazi Germany, as the British intended, to postpone the invasion into continental western Europe, until the waning President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was “safely dead,” after which point, the British empire, as the empire which it is still today, would, and did gain increasingly political control over both the foreign and domestic policies of our United States. The role of the British imperial stooge, President Barack Obama, is modeled on the British war against China and the opium war against China.

Consider the model of Bertrand Russell, who had been the virtual Satan incarnate of the 20th Century, and had also been the dominant figure in controlling both British Imperial and U.S.A. domestic and foreign policies. President Eisenhower had been enabled to temper the continued threat organized by the British Empire and its U.S.A. running dogs, at that time; but, the strategically intended assassinations of both the truly Presidential John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert, essentially ended the efficient control of the U.S. Presidency over U.S. policy-shaping, up through Presidents Reagan’s and “Bill” Clinton’s domestic and foreign policies of the United States.


To illustrate the characteristics of the formation of a series of specific periods of histories, such was the span of modern European history from a time early in the modern Classical Renaissance, until the presently precipitous collapse now in the progress of the present, modern era.

Take, a relevant other model case: the case of its associated impact upon the founding of modern science, at large, stretched from the founding of the Golden Renaissance of such as Filippo Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, and, thence, the echoes expressed by Johannes Kepler’s unique discovery of the existence of the Solar system, as a thence-ongoing history continued through the rise of the Dutch-British empire versus its North America opposition, thence, into the presently steepening decline of modern trans-Atlantic civilization, since the British Empire’s launching of a series of steps leading to the rise and the presently objective decline and fall, internally, as an imperial global-like system.[fn_1]

This pattern in actual history is contrary to the intention of the Twentieth- and, also, the Twenty-First Century reductionists’ linearized systems, as those are presently still rooted in the anti-scientific, neo-Euclidean school of mere Hilbert and Bertrand Russell.

In this perspective, our perverted contemporary U.S. President, Barack Obama and his associated virtual (but, not virtuous) harem of raving (and usually lying) political furies, is merely other passing phenomena, when they are considered against the larger scale of most recent modern centuries, otherwise. The currently attempted British-imperial taunting of Russia by use of the traditional Hitler Nazi organization, the which had already been planted by Adolf Hitler himself into the Ukraine, has been only a pre-world-war taunt set into motion by the mere British stooge, and miserable wretch, the mere stooge, U.S. President Barack Obama, to pre-stage a new version of those preliminary wars, including the so-called “Balkan Wars” used to set up so-called “World War I.” The British Empire is simply using its stooge, Obama, to assemble the forces for planet-wide World War III.

Fortunately, there are those inside the United States, and elsewhere, who reject the British Empire’s thermonuclear option,—even some in the United Kingdom, too.

I. On the Preceding Remarks

The purpose of this heretofore present and following report, together with its immediately preceding remarks, above, has been to challenge the most profoundly incompetent and, therefore, strategically most dangerous of the erroneously foolish forms of corruption prevalent in the currently general standards of general belief, as these standards are now prevalent cases of scientific incompetence among the generality of most citizens of the world, especially in the trans-Atlantic region. The result is, such that even most of the otherwise exceptional qualities of the relatively few leading statesmen and actual competent scientists of these current times, have often been duly duped and generally confused: because, what they have been conditioned to believe on that account, even in schools, universities, and professions otherwise, was never really true.

The principal such, approximately, essentially arithmetic, blunder of commonly induced self-deceptions, is to be associated with the popular, and systemically foolish notion of a notion of merely the passage of “time as such.” This, has been an admittedly prevalent, but nonetheless effectively pathological blunder, that of currently prevalent opinion, since, emphatically, the close of the Nineteenth Century. This is to be correlated, immediately, and that most directly, with the influence of the destruction of the principles of physical science, which had occurred under the influence of the sheer foolishness and associated, malicious frauds of David Hilbert and his frankly Satanic successor, the British Empire’s Bertrand Russell. This occurred, in both of these pathetic cases, as a matter of the substitution of “merely arithmetic” for what had been, earlier, the essentially human principles of an actually physical science.[fn_2] That deliberate, Hilbert-Russell hoax against modern science, has been a crucial component of the British empire’s present preparations for the presently simmering threat of a thermonuclear “World War III.”

The scheme of “booby” Hilbert and frankly Satanic Russell, which have been used in this turn to “merely arithmetic,” by such as Hilbert and British imperialism’s Bertrand Russell, which had been, since, a proposed replacement for actually physical science, had been, as clearly in Russell’s own part. This has been the principal, consequent, essentially British, imperial instrument for the scientific and moral degeneration of the world of the Twentieth Century, and, now, beyond. Destroying physical science was the most essential of the strategic devices which have been used by the British Empire, for its purpose of making sovereign nations vulnerable to destruction, which has been accomplished by undermining the essential principles of the practice of an actually competent physical science.

The resulting loss of competent standards of judgment which this turn introduced, has been caused by the emphasis on mere arithmetic, that used in place of the only competent modern science: the Classical physical science of Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, Carl F. Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and the Classical musical tradition from J.S. Bach through such performances as those of Johannes Brahms and Wilhelm Furtwängler’s concluding direction of the Schubert Ninth Symphony’s performance, a performance whose relevant suppression in respect to intended principle, in respect to principles of the role of competent musical standards of performance and composition, has been part of the kernel of both the moral and intellectual rot polluting the intellectual life of the trans-Atlantic culture since the close of the Nineteenth Century. That has been the key to the strategic moral rot which has been chiefly responsible, systemically, for the catastrophic failure of trans-Atlantic European culture generally, and beyond, since the close of the Nineteenth Century in Europe and trans-Atlantic cultures generally.[fn_3]

Respecting the Notion of Physical Principle

The relevant root-notion of a true universal principle in the experience of mankind’s nature, can be traced in many aspects of known history, such as the truly Platonic notion of what is, actually, Promethean creativity. The conflict between actual science and merely reductionists’ obscenities, is as old as Zeus and also almost as old as the kindred, pro-Satanic manifestations, such as the ancient Roman and modern British empires. The notion of the practice of monetarism as such, has been a most typical correlative of this degenerate state of both the early and also recent among human cultural formations.

I speak here frankly, as the reality of the present global, and also Solar systemic considerations commonly require.

The Renaissance supplied the foundations of the leading elements of American culture, since the discovery of the Americas by the followers of the Fourteenth-century Golden Renaissance, and, notably, by the appearance of Christopher Columbus’ successful reach across the Atlantic. This was the same Columbus who had then, already become a faithful convert to the principles of that Renaissance, as that had been reflected most efficiently in the Seventeenth Century rise of the New England culture which emerged under the leadership of the Winthrops and Mathers, and in the continuation of their mission, during the Eighteenth Century, under the rising leadership of Benjamin Franklin, without whose role as statesman and scientist, there could not have been a United States, and little hope for progress of mankind during the immediate future of world affairs.

For example, what had virtually, often subverted, even frequently virtually crushed the principle of the original, Federal Constitution of the United States of America, as under such early Presidencies as those of such inherently corrupted Presidencies as those of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, is to be contrasted with the contrary trend of excellence in the developments under Presidents James Monroe, and, most emphatically, under the true genius of John Quincy Adams (Benjamin Franklin’s own true heir). The cause of the failures to adhere to the actual intent of the U.S. Federal Constitution, as today, has been, repeatedly, the rejection of that same principle set forth for the reading of the U.S. Federal Constitution, a rejection typified by the opportunistic, intrinsic corruptions brought upon the United States by U.S. political parties’ adaptation to the British and French-revolutionary follies of that time.

The Errors of the Congress & the Courts

Contrary to the corruption of the original Constitution by means of doctrines of such as those of John Adams, Jefferson, and Madison, the actual Federal Constitution of the United States, under its first Presidency, had been that of Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. That set of principles, which I am obliged to state again, in this new location, had featured four essential elements:[fn_4] “Report on Public Credit (Jan. 9, 1790);” “Report on A National Bank (Dec. 13, 1790);” “Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank (Feb. 23, 1791);” and, “Report on the Subject of Manufactures (Dec. 5, 1791).” Contrary opinions were actually a capitulation to local, states-rights’ sabotage of the original Federal Constitution’s most characteristic intention, as set by the precedent of scientist and statesman, Benjamin Franklin, the principal author of the reality of our Federal Constitution: chiefly by the foreign influences acting upon sections of the localities of the regions of the Constitutional order as a whole.

Most notably, as from the vantage-point of the principles of actual physical science, still presently, there is the actually proven, scientific authority in the design of Hamilton’s ordering of the notions of value of produced and sold products. Hamilton’s own systemically scientific argument on this account, featured: that from production to sale, to production and purchases, the increase of the value of products in their series of production is the guide to estimates of the effect of production on trade and ultimate sales. This notion, corresponds to a fundamental principle of physical economy; it is, therefore, directly opposed to the unfortunately popular notions and lunatic credulities of monetarism, and degradation of passions to concern for merely local sovereignties as such: sectionalism. Great, universal physical principles, underlying the distinction of mankind from the characteristics of all of the mere beasts, are the only, truly human standards for the self-government of human beings.

What Hamilton’s argument prescribes on this account, corresponds uniquely, and exceptionally, to the contrasts of the characteristics of the human species, to those of all merely forms of animal life. The physical principle so invoked is expressed in actually human practice, in the principle of energy-flux-density: the principle which separates successful human productivity, absolutely, from that of all lower forms of life.

However, under certain conditions of human practice, conditions which are consistent with what is known to natural science as the oligarchical principle of institutions such as the Roman Empire and British Empire, the actually contrary, creative principle of scientific and comparable progress required for human society which we sometimes recognize as human individual sovereignty, is either prohibited (e.g., slave systems) or greatly repressed (the British “Green policy” as applied, increasingly to the policies of the United States since the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, and his brother, Robert). In physical terms, those of relative energy flux-density, the decline of the U.S. economy since the murders of those two Kennedy brothers, has prompted even putative leaders of our republic to tend to be caught up in a continued, physical decline in productivity per capita, that, explicitly, since the assassination of Robert Kennedy, and since the election of wretched, right-wing opportunist, President Richard Nixon, instead.

In all human existence, the characteristic of human progress in development, is the required increase of the incorporated energy-flux-density of the participating membership of a society of intrinsically sovereign persons. In modern terms, we refer, on this account, to the progress of physical chemistry, as this is to be measured in units of increased energy-flux-density incorporated. All net increases of the productive powers of labor, are implicitly measurable in the living, physical biochemistry, of the naturally human, evolutionary increase of mankind’s productive capabilities as being the appropriately measurable ones, both in general effect, and, implicitly and actually, respecting rates of per-capita increase of energy-flux density of net output per capita. Merely monetary gains in economy are a kind of inherently odorous flatulence which tends to give the aromas of Boston baked beans a bad name. [Box: Alexander Hamilton on Distribution of Powers]

The distinction of a successful, from a failed, human society, is that the opposing, successful one’s performances are expressed in increased useful output of energy-flux density applied, per capita and per unit of action. The chemistry of living human processes per se, productive human life most emphatically, is the truly best measure of successfully productive performances of each and any economy.[fn_5] Hamilton’s principle of measuring productivity and price, congruently, is the only valid measure of human productivity, per capita.

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Creative Commons/ThunderKiss Photography
An abandoned Fisher Body Works factory in Detroit, April 28, 2019. How was the heart of the world’s most powerful industrial economy destroyed in just two generations?

What Went Wrong?

The answer to the immediate issues of life here on Earth, must be to show:

How the economy of the United States has been destroyed during certain periods, such as the case since the assassination of the two Kennedy brothers. The required response to that challenge, is to be located most precisely in two channels: first: the difference between human outlooks on life, as (secondly) against monetarism as such, in general, and expressed specifically in financial speculation. In other words: the demanded performance is an increase in physical productivity per capita, which is the only competent measure for a gain in the effected physical benefit for society’s labor-force. This must be approached, on the general precondition, that the relative benefit is shared through the interactions among the composition of the productive process as such. All competent physical science practices are coherent in their correlations and effects with precisely those standards, most emphatically.

Today, many people have strong personal opinions, but little competent regard for the consequences of those choices of their mere opinions.

In other words, the increase of the productive human powers of human labor, is inseparable from physical-scientific/technological-productive progress. In other words, again: this means rates of gains in effectively applied energy-flux densities. This same standard of principle applies to the labor of the behavior of the individual human mind itself, in general, and in each individual case. Ignorant people are not generally useful people in judging human affairs, but more often destructively foolish in their behavior and, worse, in regard for the matter of effects both on others, and upon the effects of society as a whole; it is the development of the specifically creative mental powers of the members of the human species which must be cultivated. Opinion is not the proper standard for democracy; effective results for society as a whole, are of overriding importance: hence, the importance of competent processes of general education for all of the young, in particular, on this account. The lack of the relevant development (enculturation) of the human individuality, on this specific account, points intelligent intention to that which is required to produce the improvement known as a practically valid form of human personality within society (i.e., truly civilized).[fn_6] Incompetent education of our young citizens is among the worst crimes a society could perpetrate upon those who had trusted them to teach them competently.

Indeed, the principal, and principled causes for the accelerated decline of the rate of failure of progress in net productivity in U.S. society, presently, must be recognized, most emphatically, as being the result of the cultivation of ignorance in both education and production as such, and, therefore, also the urgent need for society as a whole, for the increase of something like a rise in the effect of human scientific and related progress of the life-expectancy and progress of powers of increased powers of physically productive labor in effect, all coordinated with mandatorily accelerating rates of energy-flux-density, per capita, of the individual members of the human species. In other words: the necessity for the progressive increase of the Promethean factor in human society, as in opposition to the evil worship of Zeus promoted by such examples as the Roman and current British world empires.

The “bestially evil traditions of cannibalism of the legendary Zeus, the Roman Empire, and the present British empire and its influence on other nations” are the most deadly threat to humanity, LaRouche writes. This image of Zeus (Jupiter) is by Polidoro Caldara da Caravaggio (1495- 1543).

For Examples:

Therefore, we must consider the standard energy-flux density levels of labor, in sundry societies and under sundry circumstances, as being the subject of the principal motivation in any society which has a viable prospect for its own successful perpetuation.

The True Principle of Humanism

Mankind is the only species which cooks its own food, whereas, all other species generally, are absolutely terrified by fire in even the simplest way. Only mankind uses and develops the use of fire: i.e., the increase of the human power of willful self-development into a higher quality of human species. The so-called “Green principle” is one best suited to the reign of the existence of rotting human corpses, as such dismal results have been prescribed according to the Zeusian principle shared by such as the Ancient Roman and Modern British empires. That distinction is not merely a distinction from animals of the human species; it is, rather, the absolute distinction of the human species from all presently known others. Only mankind willfully breeds itself to become a species of a higher physical and moral capability.

That distinction is, conveniently and properly identified as the noëtic principle. The root of that distinction of mankind from all other known living species, lies within the bounds of the true principle of the human practice of what is defined as progress dependent intrinsically upon progress in the true practice of increased rates of applied energy-flux-density in the increased powers of chemistry, otherwise known popularly as the principle of man’s willfully applied use of fire per se. This human knowledge of fire, is the practical basis for all of the human species’ progress in its development, as opposed to the inherently degrading tradition of Zeus, and of such Zeusian tyrannies as the Roman and, then, the British empires. The so-called “Green” cult of the U.S.A. and other dupes of today, has been the basis for all degradations of the populations of the peoples of nations and so-called races still today; the imperial cult of the British monarchy and of its satrapies, is such a perversion.

The general experience of evidence respecting the quasi-history and actual history of mankind, tends to show that nearly all varieties of human population have been more or less richly cross-bred, such that any significant reversion of some original “pure type” has been a cultural disadvantage. Take the case of the wide spread of the cross-breeding influence of the earlier stocks on any region of the world. At some point of the inter-breeding of “original varieties,” a manifoldly cross-bred biological result, and its cultural expressions, tend to converge on an optimal outcome of breeding as a result, which must be promoted with respect to the potential of circumstances of the production and development of the powers acquired since the birth of the new-born child. Thence, the convergence on an enhanced optimum of breeding potential, with respect to intellectually noëtic fertility, becomes much more significantly culturally, than biologically.

In those societies which tend toward the fostering of progress in the creative productive powers of the members of the society, we have often experienced, that as sections of human society generally, we have tended to enjoy great progress in the promoting of what we might describe as the productive powers of human creativity in society. The most deadly threat to humanity, has been the self-inflicted effects of domination of any culture by the oligarchical traditions associated, typically with a persistence of a relatively primitive society, such as the bestially evil traditions of cannibalism of the legendary Zeus, the Roman Empire, and the present British empire and its influence on other nations: hence, the excellent, exemplary principle of our American Revolution, which erupted as the fruit for the world as a whole, from that fruit of the Golden Renaissance, from which the colonization of the Americas gave birth to a new freedom: escape from the inherent evils of the old Eurasian and certain other social systems: most emphatically, freedom from the specific Anglo-Dutch imperial tyrannies which arose during the course of the Eighteenth Century. The case of the British in India, and the British imposition of African slavery practiced in the southern region of our United States, is the most efficient example to be considered on this account.[fn_7] A physically, mentally, and humanly moral society, has always been, implicitly, a Promethean one, that of the original intention of our United States.

In short, the crucial factor of human development, past any original points, is to be reduced to human individuals being what the relevant cultural history of habits, such as religions, has made them. The oppositions of the creative personality, the Prometheans, to the brutish cultural types, the Zeusians, the Roman Empire culture, and the present British imperial culture, are exemplary of the conflict between pro-noëtic and Zeusian cultures. In general, there is no margin for toleration of racism among human cultures, although, there are some very bad religions, as the relevant behavioral-cultural characteristics show the differences between relatively depraved and desirable cultures with respect to the interests of the human family as whole.

For example: consider the relative depravity of the performance of the respective U.S.A. and European labor-forces since the “bench-mark” interval since 1890 (the actual beginning of the 1900 turn for the replacement of science by the incompetent, anti-scientific ideologies of the pathetic Hilbert and the worse, pro-Satanic Bertrand Russell, all of which has increasingly polluted the culture of the trans-Atlantic regions and beyond), since that point of depravation of relative cultural trends moving in the direction, into a Zeusian quality of mass-murderous depravity, such as the British monarchy of the present time.

II. The Human Species as Such

Once we had actually taken into account, the fact that the human species, is a scientifically conscious species in its decision making, rather than an animal type, it is the evolutionary development of the abilities of the species, not the biological heredity per se, which is supremely reigning in human social behavior as such. It is the relative competence, or incompetence (e.g., appropriateness) of the human social behavior as the subject, which is properly determining for the purposes of the education of the new-born young, in bringing the new-born human infant into a resulting, relative maturity of increasingly creative (noëtic) potential within the society of relevance.

Thus, although the social history of the existence of the maturing infant and his consequences, as existing, are crucial, yet if the society itself were morally-intellectually defective, as in the case of the radical Saudi types, for example, then, that population itself would be inhumanly contaminated. Thus, the character of the person in society lies with the society itself, primarily, meaning, to a very large degree, that the virtual soul of the individual lies with the soul’s human experience in the processes of maturation, rather than biologically pre-determined except as the stock of the population had been biologically contaminated or underdeveloped culturally.

The actual subject of the notion of the human soul as such, is what is fairly denoted as the moral character of the maturing individual, as defined with respect to the effect caused by the practical cultivation of specific cultural-intellectual-emotional traits: in practical effects, “the individual human soul,” as specific chiefly to the individual per se, rather than collectively: for example, the individual human soul, despite any characteristics partially shared with others. The general term for noting the distinction to be made, is “relative human creativity” of the individuals participating within the society, when considered against the background of the society, or influencing societies.[fn_8]

The principal factors affecting cultures throughout the planet since that time (in particular), were set into motion by the central effect of the Great Fourteenth-century Renaissance, as exemplified by (what I have already denoted above) Brunelleschi, Cusa, and, later, their consequence, Johannes Kepler, that in spite of the oligarchical efforts to crush the Renaissance itself, as the work of Gottfried Leibniz best typifies the relevant elements of outcome of that work.

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EIRNS/Susan Welsh
The creative impulse of the individual human soul: During a solar eclipse in 1994, a child makes his own eclipse with a ball on a stick. (Note the Sun’s image, partially eclipsed, projected onto the table.)

In those meantimes, overall, it is the culture, not the biology, which predetermines and predominates in the successfully upwards evolution of the existence of our human species. The influence and relevant merits of the human individual, are chiefly limited to the bounds of the cultural influence effected by the progress of the human individual member of society on practices which sustain and promote advances to higher practical levels of the individual and general practice of energy-flux density.

Therefore, the most crucial such influence, throughout all known history, is predominantly that of the truly creative human individual. Thus, the reign of “popular opinion,” is, typically, the most evil general influence on the continued progress of human society.

The ability of the individual mind to create the discovery of a valid universal physical, or related principle, is the most precious gift to the society of all human cultures, jointly. The alternative, which is the enemy of every good society, is the tendency for the popularist destruction of the noëtic influence of truly human, truly creative novelties corresponding to discoveries of universal physical principles in the processes of the known universe. In brief, truly human artistic and scientific cultural progress. Progress, such as that of modern Classical artists and scientists, such as William Shakespeare, Gottfried Leibniz, and the leaders of the formation and development of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, as associated with the Winthrops and Mathers, Friedrich Schiller, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton. Progress such as that of the greatest truly Classical artists and scientists, as continued through the span of subsequent history, into influence of such truly great and richly creative scientists as Carl Gauss’s truest offshoot, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein. With the advent of the Twentieth Century we have gone, generally into the direction of post-Nineteenth-century political and moral Hell throughout the trans-Atlantic culture, and into regions beyond that.

The Crucial Point of this Present Chapter

The advent of the Twentieth Century, and, thus, implicitly, also so the last decade of the Nineteenth Century, since the ouster of Bismarck and the assassination of President William McKinley, and later the Anglo-American conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy done for the sake of the British imperial interests centered in Wall Street and London, has had the intended effect of destroying the system represented by, in particular, the intention of the original Federal Constitution of our United States (minus the intentions among many of our recent political leaders). The pack of whores otherwise to be named, collectively, as “Wall Street,” has now almost obliterated the actual existence of our United States’ actually constitutional system, all done under the increasing weight of commands uttered from London and its agents operating inside our United States: operating, always, to seek the “fracking-like”destruction of the roots, and seeds and water resources for our national Constitution of our Republic, and for the people of the United States both each and as a whole.

We, as true Americans, from our origins within the Fourteenth-century Golden Renaissance, have been the heirs of the great principle which had risen, for a time, to dominate the influences within that century, and had even persisted against that vengeful, essentially Zeusian evil of contemporary European oligarchism, or sometimes worse, which sought to eradicate the influence of the true universal physical principles of such models as Brunelleschi, Cusa, and also Kepler. The achievement of those models had been done in resistence against the influence of the earlier, long-standing imperialist intention to launch horrible warfare throughout Europe and beyond, all to serve an intent to return to, and to resume the legacy of the Zeusian system of evil which had been expressed by the inherently Zeusian bestiality of the Roman Empire’s own systemically Zeusian choice of self-destruction.

Our Presently Urgent Mission

We, therefore, must now, re-discover the great legacy which had been passed down from the achievements of the great Golden Renaissance, through the track which Christopher Columbus had followed in his recognition of the mission-orientation which the founders of the Golden Renaissance had transmitted to the creation of the civilization of the Americas, a tradition which all of the greatest minds of Europe itself sought to realize in their support for our war against the Satanic evil embodied in the Dutch tradition from the Seventeenth Century, which had crushed the American settlement, in pursuit of the destruction of our rightly chosen American destiny, as the alternative to the evils of the ancient and medieval oligarchical traditions of the principal, virtually world-wide enemy of all humanity, the British empire of the present time, most emphatically.

If you do not seek the cessation of the intrinsically evil British Empire as it is what it is at this immediate moment, now, you must face the truth, that our own population is not yet truly prepared to act as patriots for the true cause of actual human reason among peoples, including those of the citizens of our own republic. Many among you, must be, therefore, prepared to correct the currently prevalent errors abundant in commonplace opinions. Many among you, have been following down the dirty road to global Hell, and, therefore, need to consider changing course, seriously, if you are to be enabled, now, to actually survive.

A return to our actually founding constitutional principles, minus the elected opportunists’ errors respecting the follies of so-called “popular opinions,” were urgently needed, right now. Otherwise survival, if still possible, were nonetheless in doubt presently.

III. The Human Mind as Such

Actually, contrary to a sickly confused identity of the human mind, which is not located in sense-perception, as such, I repeat, and add essential elements to, what I had written for publication just a short time ago:[fn_9]

The Modern Principle of Human Life

Truth about human life is to be located, essentially, in the existence of physical principles of a nature whose authority transcends sense-perception as such. The relevant cases of the principled discoveries by Filippo Brunelleschi (the principle of the minimum), as combined with the principled discoveries of the maximum, by Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (the maximum), and the resolution achieved by Johannes Kepler’s discovery of the identity of the Solar system, exemplify the modern standard for conception of truly universal physical principle. These truths of modern physical principle, are expressions of the physically crucial distinction of truly universally, physically-efficient principles, from the folly of mere sense-perception.

The methods of Gottfried Leibniz, the actual, quasi-hidden methods of Carl F. Gauss, and the frank expressions by the true prophet of Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, bring us into the ante-rooms of such among our immediate predecessors as Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and (implicitly) V.I. Vernadsky’s treatment of the ontological principle of life per se. It is the uniqueness of the efficiency of the physical principle of actually human life, which is, exclusively, presently to be discovered more adequately: as being the conclusively fundamental, physical principle for all competent physical science presently.

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Sculpture by O.P. Skoblykov
“In general practice prior to the work of Vernadsky, the metrics of the study of physical space, were delimited to a basis in arithmetic forms of estimations, such as a geometry, according to linear and related scales for purposes of constructions.” Monument to Academician Vladimir I. Vernadsky, in Kiev, Ukraine.

The ability to recognize that truth of competent physical science, and, also, its practice, rests, practically, upon those considerations which distinguish truly universal physical principles, from mere sense-perceptions. As I have noted, and emphasized in earlier published remarks, the distinction of science from mere sense-perception, is one made, for example, by Eratosthenes’ measurement of the Solar system, that made, in contrast, to the relatively mechanistic view of his contemporary, Archimedes. The argument runs as follows.[fn_10]

The merely apparent experience of the human system of experience, is that of merely human sense-perception. The urgent need, on which what is truly all science depends, is the necessity for access to evidence of the Solar system and beyond. This requirement is not merely a reflection of the experiences of human sense-perception as such.

It is only when we are enabled to access relatively precise distinctions among effects located outside the bounds of mere human sense-perception as such, that we possess useful experience beyond the fictitious domain of merely human sense-perception as such. In other words, we must “re-interpret” the experiences of mere human sense-perception, from the standpoint of a demonstrably efficient human experience of relations of physical space-and-time, away from, and beyond the domains of higher authority than mere human sense-perception as such: beyond the correlations of life of mere sense-perception of Earthly experiences within the bounds of mere human sense-perception. We are, then, enabled to reify, now competently, the relations of sense-experience: this time according to the higher authority of the relations within physical-space generally.

For this purpose, mankind’s search for competent physical science, depends, essentially, on the superior relations within, and beyond Johannes Kepler’s systemic proof of the existence of Solar space within the astronomical domains beyond mere human sense-perception, as such. Hence, the crucial foundations of modern physical science which lie only within the experience of the work of the functional triad of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and Johannes Kepler.

On this same account, until the considerations respecting notions of life per se, as by, most notably, V.I. Vernadsky.

More on Vernadsky for Modern Science

In general practice prior to the work of Vernadsky, the metrics of the study of physical space, were delimited to a basis in arithmetic forms of estimations, such as a geometry according to linear and related scales for purposes of constructions. Even the greatest scientists before him up to that time, had treated life as a subject, rather than a fundamental principle of the universe. Vernadsky changed all this, in part, explicitly, and, otherwise, by the implications of his still incompleted exploration of the relevant design, by his considerations of the principle of life per se, as a higher order of universal principle, casting aside, thus, the last toleration for any form of merely text-book theories respecting geometry or even excellent approximations of a search for a true foundation of science within our local regions of the universe.

Vernadsky’s work to this effect, was not perfected during his life-time, to the best of our present knowledge here; but the difference, which is of a relatively fundamental nature for science, posed questions unanswered by him during his own life. However, nothing would be excusable which did not accept the uncompleted revolutionary steps of direction by him while he had lived. What of it; an incomplete experiment, if it is competent in the relevant terms of experimental reference, must replace all merely a-priorist presumptions. What Vernadsky had lacked, during his own lifetime, so far as reports go, was a clear distinction of the essential foundations of human life from all other forms of what might be attributed to the notion of life. Essentially, his probings were in the appropriate direction, for as far as he had been known to have progressed.

The practical issue, is that we, knowing the inherent fallacy of sense-perception mechanisms as such, must step outside mere sense-perception, by inverting the system of physical geometry to bring it into coincidence with the highest expression of life known to us in our universe, presently: the superiority of the known universal physical principle of human life, over all others. This turns the cult of sense-perception as such, entirely outside-in. The effects of this remedial measure are wonderfully manifold.

Mere sense-perceptions are now to be reconsidered, as merely shadows of reality cast as merely shadows. Science de-mystifies the shadows by exposing them as being shadows, rather than substance—rather than the foolish delusion, that such mere shadows must be inherently the experience of substance. This impels us to rely upon the critical examination of the physical experience of the Solar system, as such.

Insight into the foregoing universal truth of all physical science, is located specifically, and that uniquely, in the actual discovery of an array of great principles of truly human nature, which pre-define the essential distinction of the human species, from all lower forms of life. Similarly, the bestialization of policies governing society’s management of the willfully and efficiently future human condition, such as the tradition of the mythical Zeus, or the Roman or British empires, threatens the prospect, presently, of a human willfully chosen course of our human species’ self-extinction, presently. The threat, from the current British monarchy, in particular, of a general practice of genocide in the name of so-called “greenness,” and population-reduction measures, has been the greatest of all of the worst crimes against humanity in its entirety.

How To Defeat Satan’s Powers

Without a return to persistent increase of the applied and realized energy-flux density of the practice of society, the threatened extinction of the human species, now, already, lurks as an immediate prospect. It is a return to Satan (Zeus), and, thence to Hellish extinction of the human species, otherwise. Indeed, the claims for a “Green policy,” are a commitment to the threatened extinction of the human species.

This “Green genocide” policy could not have emerged without a spread of an intrinsically dysfunctional religious cult, one, specifically, of a type traceable to primitive cannibalism, or, in other words, the mythical tradition of the implicit Satan known as Zeus. “Environmentalism” is, implicitly, a collective return to human cannibalism of precisely the sort promoted by the British Empress Elizabeth currently; but, on this account, while her emphasis is extreme, it is not original. Evil has always shown itself by the spread of kindred, pro-Satanic, anti-human doctrines.

V.I. Vernadsky, is properly to be considered as an exemplary leader in the advancement of science, that done in the continuing course of the same immediate tradition as expressed by the geniuses of such as Carl F. Gauss’s prize student, Bernhard Riemann, and the great Riemann’s followers such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein. From that standpoint in the time of past histories, we must come to grips with the actual issue of the actually universal physical principle of the necessary progress of the self-development of the human species, as such, upon which I had touched here, earlier. I refer, thus, to the misguided presumption, that erroneous presumption that human history, when defined, necessarily, as human, proceeds according to the silliest of all notions, that of a simply mathematical sequence of time.

I explain this absolutely crucial fact of any competent body of modern science, as follows:

Mankind is a unique species; the only species which had discovered the need to cook its own food. So, from the process of birth of the succession of human individuals born, there is a process of maturation of the young personality, from which stems, rightly, the concept of what we do, and should regard as the need for progress. The likelihood of probable errors, or the like, arises from the failure to educate successive generations of human beings into a higher state of noëtic potentialities, which we may properly refer to as human progress. When that progress is hindered, we must regard that effect as being one of induced relative stupidity. Only the human individual has the capacity to become what we rightly term as actually human creativity.

This potentiality, which must be rightly termed as human progress, contrary to all presently known lower forms of life, is first to be located in the distinction of the human species from all others known. The location of the point of the distinction of man from beasts, lies in the human choice’s decision to cook its own food. Thus, the principle of “fire” per se, not only distinguishes man from what are otherwise, at best, mere beasts, but presents a case for which there is presently no alternative option. Mankind as the man of progress through fire (i.e., increasing energy-flux density of both action and reaction) is the essentially practical distinction of mankind from all lower forms of life.

Consequently, the probability for de-humanizing the natural competence of the human species, as by cannibals or oligarchical rule, is to be located in what we should choose to recognize as the principle of “fire.” “Fire,” so defined, means, in the relevant terms of modern chemistry, the image of the so-called periodic table of elements. That standard of a table of elements, while presently a relatively crude one, compels us to consider higher orders of dimensions in the composition of the principle of “fire,” thus into the very, very small, and the very, very large, as Riemann had emphasized already in his original habilitation dissertation, among his other strokes of sheer genius, in both his role as a pupil of the great Gauss, and in the brilliant performance of development of entirely new branches of physical science during his winter-time retreats into devotion to the promotion of great advances of science made, specifically, in Italy, during the last period of his own life.[fn_11]

The foregoing parts of the document, up to this present point, are intended to provide the basis for any effective victory of mankind over the actually Satanic traditions of the Zeusian, ancient Roman, and modern British copy of Zeusian expression which is, in fact, imperial fanaticism, a fanaticism which had been mustered to destroy the very meaning of the true name of human reason.[fn_12]

The principle of “fire,” when properly considered, is the crucial conception of the source of mankind’s most essential distinction as a living species, the human beings’ challenge of mastering the essential power of what is called “energy” without being, himself, burned to destruction in that process.

V.I. Vernadsky’s wrestling with that proposition, broke science free from the silly, essentially mechanical notions of fire, into the regard for a more powerful instrument essential to human existence, the power of the human mind, as such. Mankind’s power over increasing powerful forces in the universe, progressively, is the essential characteristic of the human species from all others presently known to exist, is the essence of the distinction of the practical existence of the human species and its self-made power for developing: that done to reach successively higher orders of powers in the universe. Mankind’s work, touches a region beyond his insight into the universal principle of life as such, into the peculiarities of a still higher order of achievements, the discovery of the essential distinguishing difference of mankind, from all other presently known uniqueness attributed to specifically human life.

Thus, Vernadsky’s work represents the immediately necessary challenge of all presently foreseeable human progress as being a category of species entirely unto itself. Human life, is, therefore, to be truly considered as the highest form of a species of life known far beyond, qualitatively beyond all others presently known. That is, therefore, now, the highest existing standard for defining the principles which must presently exert domain over mankind and his behavior in the universe. The portrait is not complete, but, nonetheless, it remains as the true starting-point for all better outlooks, until they have occurred.

As for the Creator? Creation is the most natural characteristic of the Universe presently known to us. What else could we conceive as our master, were it not the Creator per se, and that, fairly, incidentally, exactly as such as the Christian Apostles Paul and John have expressed this outlook?[fn_13] And also those of Judaism who shared the essentially anti-reductionist (e.g., Christian) outlook, notably in respect to the meaning for science and its implications for the consequent obligations of humanity, as Paul’s immortal argument went.

IV. The Space for Mankind

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Artistic rendering of the International Space Station. “To come down to Earth, you must first rise above it,” writes LaRouche.

The adulthood of the human species, for the present time, is located, as a current matter of knowledge, in the relatively recent affirmation of serious modern science, as known since such as those as Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, and Johannes Kepler. The leading implications of that since that point of human development, have been the liberation of the human species from a servile quality of submission, not only to merely sense-perception as such, but as being the foundations on which all contemporary scientific practice depends presently.

I make the relevant comment on this point, as follows:

This progress could not have occurred, without mankind’s successful superseding of merely sense-perception as such. Practical people tend to be, unfortunately, foolish, even stupid people. It has been, therefore, the obligation of parents and others to promote the powers of understanding of their children and adolescents. It has also been, as a matter of principle, that teachers should not be permitted to teach down to the pupils, and should resist demanding simple submission of the student to the teachers. The persistence of the absurd, and actually lying dogma of Euclidean Geometry, typifies the mode in which students in U.S. secondary schools have been brought by the teaching of all subjects related to geometry into a corrupted state of emotional and intellectual incompetence of one degree, or another.

I, for myself, from about the age of puberty, had justly waged a personal warfare against the educational systems to which I was subjected, and which I hated, for that specific reason. Teaching Euclid in secondary schools, has been, in effect, a crime against humanity. The resulting degrees of stupidity and confusion which an utterly incompetent notion, Euclidean geometry, even during ancient times, if imposed as the implied condition for continued acceptance of a qualified student, imposed on a student audience, especially during an adolescence immediately following childhood, fostered the elements of a tendency for submission to dictatorship, in the formation of the opinions used to induce the habits for submission as a precondition for acceptance, which have criminal implications in effect. This has been my consistent experience since about eighty years of life’s experience with relevant subject-matters.

The attempt to impose the inherent fraud of Euclid, assures a strong tendency for irrationality in matters of fact within the population. My experience showed me that the worst abuses, as typified by the continued re-enforcing of the legacy of Euclid in even modern university professors in physical science, in frauds against the proven truths of the work of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and the discovery of the Solar system, uniquely, by Kepler, have had a crippling effect even among some leading physical scientists among my own associates in physical science categories, even those bearing a deservedly high rank in achievements, otherwise.

Among the most relevant considerations, in that respect, is the fact, that a Euclidean viewpoint in geometry, implicitly imprisons the human mind into very, very dirty notions of the principles of actual physical science, and thus, contributes to the popular obscenities of opinion commonly encountered among members of the U.S. Congress or related public professions. Those are errors of judgment and opinion which have often corresponded to the failures of both popular opinion and government, in the United States, about as much as anyplace else, currently.

In short, to discover the incompetencies of nations and their governments, as their professionals generally, the roots of corruption of any society are most probably to be located in the relatively elementary aspects of popular and professional opinion-shaping. The sordid quality expressed in popular opinion generally during these present times, is located exactly there. The case of the fraud perpetrated by the simply silly Hilbert and brutishly bestial Bertrand Russell, as in substituting arithmetic for physical science, goes to the essence of the matter generally. It is the ideology which has, in fact, destroyed the economies of Europe and the United States, progressively, since the turn into the Twentieth Century of the dive into the Hells of the Twentieth Century and now beyond.

Human reason in fact, has depended chiefly upon overcoming the imposition of the limits of merely human sense-perception as such. The “practical man,” is, by profession, the inherently stupid, and also viciously stupid ignoramus, who claims to know almost everything, but knows nothing except within the continuation of the stupidity in which he has encased himself, as if in each his own bug-like chrysalis. Ordinary folk may often wish to secure an escape from such a self-inflicted confinement of the intellect, but they need help to become free of habituated delusions imposed by the authority of so-called “popular opinion.”

The requirement, to which such predicaments of society must turn, is the principle of strategy. The root of that most desirable means, lies in the habits which mankind has added to his repertoire from attention to the more Heavenly space beyond man’s confining himself to the confines of Earth as such. The term, is strategy, rather than tactics. Look to the stars, so that what lies beyond the groundling’s perceptions of his immediate environment, being surpassed, demands the imagination of what might lie beyond, as in the stars and the systems of stars. A very active space program has become increasingly essential, since studies of asteroids and comets have indicated the urgent need for fresh outlooks on the required means for the merely continued existence of human life on Earth in these immediately present times.

The tragic failure among most citizens of the United States (as also others), has been the resulting effect, that not only do most citizens of the United States (and other places) consider the basis for ideas as being located in present experience, per se, rather than the future. I am, still presently, therefore, an exception: not a unique exception, but all too rare for the actual needs of my fellow-citizens and the world’s population in general. The point is, that if you are not acting in the creation of the ongoing future, you are already reposing among the those who are trapped in the past, often as if they were souls already in Dante’s Inferno. You must live, and act to create the future as being the location and devotion of each moment of our life today, or you do not have intelligent knowledge of your own current experience. If you claim we can not know the future, you are living in your own past, and incapable of willfully making the future, even of your own self. You are cast, like a chip floating on the waters, experiencing each event, incapable of competently choosing a direction for your floundering upon the drifting waters of passing times.

To achieve those ends which must be found and created in your own future, each among us must venture into both the future of nearby time and space, and that beyond, not merely to contemplate the experience of the immediate present and mere past; but, to intervene, effectively in the future of nearby Solar space and time beyond, to prevent, for example, the serious prospective, sooner or later, of an otherwise probable extinction of the entire human species as such. There are, after all, asteroids, for example, one among which will, sooner, or later, strike Earth with such combined directness and force that the human species will certainly cease to exist: unless we take a sufficiently timely step forward into space and time, alike, to intervene, to avert the already lurking disaster threatening all mankind, always closer than always later.

At the same time, we must recognize the intrinsic folly of reliance on mere sense-perception as such. We must now become competent in our understanding the means needed to cope with both catastrophes inherent on Earth, but also with nearby or even more distant perils awaiting us within the Solar system.

When Eratosthenes had measured the scale of the Sun, a new dawn of science appeared, giving new, and necessary attention to the meaning of the regions of our Solar system beyond the immediacy of mere bounds of Earth. From that, and similar points of reference, we are obliged to recognize the inherent silliness of reliance on the mere human sense-perception for itself. We are thus driven, from the confines of sense-perception in and for itself, and driven thus, into the actual domain of the human mind, a domain which exists only in the contradictory experience of mere sense-perception and the actual powers of the mind as such: we have, then, come to discover the reality of the human mind as such, a knowledge of a unique quality, without which mankind would be only another beast, living like a beast, and dying like a beast.

To come down to Earth, you must first rise above it. That is the great, and ultimate concept of strategy. Practical people, are merely fools, like creatures living under a rock. We can, and must, do better.

[fn_1]. The reference to the Brunelleschi, Cusa, Kepler triad, is necessarily recurring throughout the course of this report. [back to text for fn_1]

[fn_2]. This author’s current strategic estimate, respecting the presently general threat of a global thermonuclear war, is premised on consideration of the two, mutually contrary trends of opinion within the United Kingdom. On the one side, in that matter, is the frankly evil policy of global genocide by the present British monarchy of the empress Elizabeth, her consort, and also her son. On the other part, there is the prospect of a workable avoidance of the evil outlook of the reigning British imperial party, a party which is, presently, thoroughly committed to genocide on a global scale. With the United Kingdom as such, we can negotiate; with the tradition of Bertrand Russell and Her Majesty’s closely related policies, and those of her son and Nazi-leaning spouse, we are confronted with an evil for which there should be no continued toleration. The immediate issues are, first, peace among nations, if possible, and just modes of progress of the human condition to higher levels of achievement within our Solar system, as a leading prospect for human progress to higher degrees of human general accomplishment. For this current state in world affairs, only such a strategic cooperation could be considered as tolerable. The time for lies from U.S. “influentials,” is, in particular, a major issue, both within, and beyond the essential principles upon which our U.S. republic had been founded. [back to text for fn_2]

[fn_3]. Liszt and Wagner, for example, were always degenerated expressions of a post-Classical artistic principle of composition and its performance; both were explicit on this point of their stated intentions. Thus, the death of Johannes Brahms, became the guise for the burying of the healthy cultural trends of modern civilization. The “Classical compositions” of the Twentieth Century trends, became, chiefly, the memory of a tradition already buried, for the greater part, sometimes with increasingly strained echoes of a much better culture past. [back to text for fn_3]

[fn_4]. Novices have often reported only three, which they had thoroughly misunderstood, as well. Compare Hamilton’s June 27, 1788 “Speech in the New York Ratifying Convention on the Distribution of Powers.” [back to text for fn_4]

[fn_5]. It is to be considered as most notable, that the most significant of the obstacles to comprehension of the meaning of human life, has been the lack of a competent insight into the unique principle of human life as such, rather than any different mode. The first successfully valid attempt at understanding the systemic fallacy of the heretofore merely customary notion of bare “life,” was accomplished, with a certain uniqueness, by V.I. Vernadsky; it remained to be followed, and developed further, still today, as by those who might be still working to amplify Vernadsky’s own originality on this account. The continuation of those initial steps to a much needed revolution in the conception of mankind in the universe, is a subject, which needs, urgently, to be considered: as, for example, for the intent of relative completeness of what he had sought and so brilliantly uncovered. Human life, and animal life are of respectively, entirely differing qualities of principle. Animals, especially as pets, may mimic human potentials, but the actual human principle, itself, is unique; no other, presently known form of life, shares the actually human characteristics of mankind as such. I have referred, in earlier locations, to the like of Vernadsky’s achievement, in approaching a conclusion as brilliant and essential as that result expressed by Johannes Kepler’s unique presentation of the actually ontological existence of a Solar system. He understood that: it is the difference between man and beast, in respect to a principle of life, which must be clarified. [back to text for fn_5]

[fn_6]. A revolutionary return to a truly Classical education of the young in society, must be considered, currently, as not only a mandatory change in the poor practice of public education, in the United States, presently, but almost desperately urgent to gain a true quality of civilized life and fruitfulness of the individual life of the typical U.S. child and adult, presently. [back to text for fn_6]

[fn_7]. It was African and native-Indian slavery and related repression in, principally, the Southern regions of the United States, which has been, next to British imperialism itself, the principal source of moral and economic failure of the United States itself. [back to text for fn_7]

[fn_8]. Migrations and emigrations, such as the colonization of the European population into the colonization of the Americas, point our attention, properly, to the benefit all European civilization enjoyed as a result of the contrary effect of the successful colonization in the Americas. The subsequent, great religious warfare within the Fifteenth through Nineteenth centuries, was moderated into a net positive direction of global developments, by the effect of American contesting against the ostensibly traditional European cultures of those centuries, for example. All of the corruption and destruction of the culture of the United States can be traced largely to the intrinsically alien, Dutch oligarchical destruction of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and the, related, Dutch-shaped creation of the foundations of the British monarchy and its imperial legacy. Even some part of the British Isles was significantly improved, even if often despite itself, on this account. Indeed, the Dutch monetarist principle of imperialism, was the source, since the beginning of the Eighteenth Century, of the leading characteristic now expressed by the British empire and of Wall Street inside the United States. [back to text for fn_8]

[fn_9]. “Return to the Actual U.S. Constitution,” EIR, May 19, 2014: The immediate packaged statement at this point, must often be repeated: it represents an indispensable principle of the modern science, on which reports such as this depend. [back to text for fn_9]

[fn_10]. As a matter of historical fact, modern science, such as that of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and Kepler, was established by exposing the relatively amateurish view of physical science by the otherwise able machinist, Archimedes, as Eratosthenes had done to a crucially important degree in his measure of the Earth from observing the Sun. [back to text for fn_10]

[fn_11]. In my project for a Strategic Defense Initiative, under President Ronald Reagan’s senior brain-trust circles, and European strategic and scientific geniuses as well, my choice of a design for lift to the higher regions of the stratosphere, depended upon a bit of genius, in the relevant Italian tradition of Riemann. [back to text for fn_11]

[fn_12]. N.B.: The foregoing, uncompleted document in drafting this far in this chapter, that far, is intended to provide the basis for any effective victory of mankind over the actually Satanic traditions of the Zeusian, ancient Roman, and modern British Zeusian expression of imperial fanaticism, had been mustered to destroy the very meaning of the true name of human reason. [back to text for fn_12]

[fn_13]. I. Corinthians, Chapter 13. [back to text for fn_13]

Alexander Hamilton on Distribution of Powers

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Portrait of Hamilton by Ezra Ames (detail)
Alexander Hamilton

At the New York convention called to vote on ratifying the U.S. Constitution, Alexander Hamilton poked holes through the sophistry of those who argued that the new Federal government would threaten the existence of the states. Below are brief excerpts from his speech of June 27, 1788. The full text is available through the Library of Congress archive.

It is more easy for the human mind to calculate the evils, than the advantages of a measure; and vastly more natural to apprehend the danger, than to see the necessity, of giving powers to our rulers. Hence I may justly expect, that those who hear me, will place less confidence in those arguments which oppose, than in those which favour, their prepossessions.

After all our doubts, our suspicions and speculations, on the subject of government, we must return at last to this important truth—that when we have formed a constitution upon free principles, when we have given a proper balance to the different branches of administration, and fixed representation upon pure and equal principles, we may with safety furnish it with all the powers, necessary to answer, in the most ample manner, the purposes of government. The great desiderata are a free representation, and mutual checks: When these are obtained, all our apprehension of the extent of powers are unjust and imaginary..

Now what do gentlemen mean by coming forward and declaiming against this government? Why do they say we ought to limit its powers, to disable it, and to destroy its capacity of blessing the people? Has philosophy suggested—has experience taught, that such a government ought not to be trusted with every thing necessary for the good of society? Sir, when you have divided and nicely balanced the departments of government; When you have strongly connected the virtue of your rulers with their interest; when, in short, you have rendered your system as perfect as human forms can be; you must place confidence; you must give power. ….

I wish the committee to remember, that the constitution under examination is framed upon truly republican principles; and that, as it is expressly designed to provide for the common protection and the general welfare of the United States, it must be utterly repugnant to this constitution, to subvert the state governments, or oppress the people. [back to text]

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