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This article appears in the November 10, 2023 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

September 1, 2003

The Beast-Man Syndrome and
the ‘Air Terrorism’ of World War II

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Editor’s Note: These remarks by Mr. LaRouche were first published in EIR, Vol. 30, No. 42, Oct. 31, 2003, pp. 14-16.

The following remarks are more than pertinent today, with calls coming from the likes of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who in his recent interviews with CNN and Fox News on the current Israel-Gaza war said we need to look back to the U.S. dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sen. Graham told Fox News, “Level the place. Gaza is going to look like Tokyo and Berlin at the end of World War II when this is over. And if it doesn’t look that way, Israel made a mistake.”

Mr. LaRouche here outlined work to be done for his presidential campaign to expose the three “Beast-Man Syndromes of the 20th Century.”

LaRouche identified the 20th Century’s three Beast-Man syndromes as: first, the rise of fascism, 1921-45; second, the Satanically-intended effect of the combined Allied fire-bombing of civilian mass-targets, and unjustified nuclear-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, intended as the Anglo-American launching of a new conflict with the Soviet Union; and third, the combined effect of the 1962 Cuban Missiles Crisis, the 1963 Kennedy assassination, and the launching of the Indochina war. The last induced the cultural paradigm shift of the Baby Boomers’—today’s leaders—flight from reality and from productive society, to pleasure-seeking “now” fantasies of the 1964-2003 period to date.

Historically, through the deploying of three phases of overwhelming terror against the populations of Europe, Japan, and the United States during the last century, the Synarchist financial oligarchy centered primarily in London, sought to eradicate the idea, and practice, of a nation-state based on the idea of man made in the image of the Creator.

The intention of these vicious descents into unchecked bestiality by powerful oligarchs, or by those they made powerful by manipulating mass opinion, was that the victims—like the “Beast-Men”—be turned into quivering animals scrambling for mere physical survival, giving up the defense of their nations and their essential nature as men and women of reason devoted to furthering the universal principles of justice, progress, and truth.

Presidential candidate LaRouche made these September 1 comments to a conference of the International Caucus of Labor Committees, the philosophical organization which he founded over 50 years ago, and the Schiller Institute.

EIR published a series of articles on this Synarchist offensive in 2003 and 2004.

Synarchism can be traced, in its most essential roots, from sources such as the ancient Phrygian cult of Dionysus. Essentially what happened, is that some people in the 18th Century, particularly those associated with the British East India Company and Barings Bank under Lord Shelburne, were out to defeat the American Revolution, even before it occurred. Because they knew what the American Revolution was. They dipped down into the cesspool of Geneva and Lyons, in Switzerland and France, to find some real filth, which leaned toward, axiomatically, something like the Phrygian cult of Dionysus.

And remember that the characteristic of the Jacobins in the French Revolution, was the Phrygian cap. The most important fact about the French Revolution, is the role of the Phrygian cap. The Phrygian cult of Dionysus is the generic term, essentially, or the symbol, for what we call Satanism in civilization since.

Turning the Rogues Loose

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Royal Air Force/Stannus
Sir Arthur Harris, Commander-in-Chief, Royal Air Force Bomber Command. April 24, 1944.

So, the British reached down, and they found this cult which they pulled together, through bankers, through family merchant banks which are still in existence, in continuity, today and which became the Martinists of that period, and the Synarchists of today….

Synarchism is the idea of the rogue, the anti-human rogue, who is considered the Superman, because he’s capable of evil which normal human beings are not capable of doing, even very naughty ones.

And therefore, they said, what do we have to do to stop the American Revolution: “We have to turn the rogues loose. We have to have an instrument, a cult”—such as the Martinist cult—which was pulled together by these people, taking the worst features of 16th-Century Spain under the Hapsburgs, like Philip II, which was a precedent for them. Remember that the Hapsburg accession in Spain was used to produce an instrument to destroy civilization, and this continued through the Netherlands war; it continued through the Thirty Years’ War. This was an instrument for destroying civilization. As Friedrich Schiller describes it, men did not fight war as man against man, but as beast against beast. It was a cult of bestiality, and Spanish culture under Philip II and Philip III, was a culture of bestiality.

Europe under the Hapsburgs generally, was a culture of bestiality.

So, when it came to the time of the French Revolution, the British had already understood this, from an Anglo-Dutch liberal standpoint, which is another form of Satanism. And by their instinct for Satanism—as typified by Francis Bacon, or Thomas Hobbes, or John Locke, or Bernard Mandeville—they applied that to the situation, and said, “How can we create a Phrygian cult of Dionysus, to destroy civilization? To prevent the American Revolution, which was then all about overwhelming Europe with optimism. How do we defeat it? We turn men into beasts.”

And the same thing happened recently with the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Missile Crisis was modelled upon the dropping of bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And even without the nuclear bombs, it was already done in the firebombing of Tokyo, before the nuclear weapons were dropped. It was likewise done in the bombing of civilian populations, under the direction of Churchill’s advisor Frederick Lindemann and British Air Marshal Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris, in the last phase of the war in Europe.

The Hitler Model

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Ishikawa Kōyō
Tokyo, Japan after the firestorm, the most deadly conventional bombing raid in history, which killed about 100,000 and wiped out about half of the city. March 9–10, 1945.

This was Satanic! Just as Hitler’s killing of the Jews was an act of deliberate Satanic bestiality. The act was to commit a crime so great, that the German people could never turn against Hitler, for fear they would be punished for Hitler’s crimes.

There was no reason for it! No German reason for what was done to the Jews in Germany, or Eastern Europe. None!

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The remains of two German cities, Dresden (above) and Hamburg (below), after the firestorms incinerated them and their people, the result of intensive British and American bombing in World War II.
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Royal Air Force Bomber Command

German history, from the 18th and 19th Century, said, this is not Germany’s interest. The rise of Germany as a power, was associated with the process which led to the political rights of citizenship for the Jews in Germany, which the Jews richly rewarded Germany for. And Eastern Europe was rewarded for. This was the legacy of Moses Mendelssohn. It was in German interest, from the standpoint of science, medicine, and so forth, to promote and defend that precious part of its society, the Jewish community— which are just Germans, or Poles; they were really Poles. Russians were really Russians. To defend that by taking a section of society which was good, which typified good, so the political liberation of the Jews, was good. It was a response against the legacy of the Hapsburgs, or against 1492, or 1609. An affirmation of humanity.

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CC/Gage Skidmore
Beast-Man U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham: “Level the place. Gaza is going to look like Tokyo and Berlin at the end of World War II when this is over. And if it doesn’t, Israel made a mistake.”

And so the Nazis took this affirmation of humanity, and under the influence of a bastard, Richard Wagner, picked out the Jew, in Wagner’s terms, as an object of destruction—to do something to the human race so horrible, that humanity could not turn back to humanity again. That was the intention. That was the intention of the French Revolution.

That was the intention of unleashing Napoleon on Europe. That was the intention of what was done at the 1815 Congress of Vienna—or the “sexual congress of Vienna,” more fairly described. That was what was done with Napoleon III. That was what was done with the Giuseppe Mazzini operation throughout Europe, of which Wagner was a part.

So, this is the problem. It’s a deeply embedded historical problem, of the idea that the man who has power—who can terrify a people into submission, so they will admire him, and kiss his feet, because they’re so afraid of him—that they love him. He’s so terrible. He’s like the Hollywood monster Freddie, or “Friday the 13th” movies. That’s what the image is. That’s what Freddie is: a monster so terrible, that people admire him. They’re fascinated with him.

Why are the “Friday the 13th” films so popular? Because of a Satanic impulse in the population, a Satanic impulse to worship the Beast-Man, the man so terrible. That’s what Arnie Schwarzenegger is. Arnie Schwarzenegger is a Dionysian creature, the Beast-Man, the high-paid freak show. Both in the gym and elsewhere.

Then the Nuclear Horror

So, to understand what we face today, we need to understand what happened to the population of the United States that came back [in 1945 and 1946] from the World War II, and the population of the United States which came out of the experience of the Kennedy assassination. You have to look again at the bankers—the Synarchist bankers, as they were called in the last century—who were behind Hitler, who were behind the tradition of the French Revolution.

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In the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, the Beast-Men aimed to commit Dionysian acts so horrible, that the world would kiss the feet of the Satanic perpetrators. Shown, Hiroshima, Japan after the U.S. atomic bombing on Aug. 6, 1945.

These bankers deployed the nuclear weapons, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They committed a crime against the people of Europe comparable to what Hitler did to the Jews—the terror bombing of Western Europe in the closing period of the war, then culminating with the firebombing of Tokyo. Then the dropping of the nuclear weapons which, in the interest of the Bertrand Russell, a great “peace-lover”, started the Age of Terror.

These events were considered by the Synarchists, and their philosophers, as the beginning of the “end of history.” This was called the Age of Dionysus! This was the characteristic feature of the youth culture, of the late 1960s and beyond. This is the basis for the so-called environmentalist movement. It’s Dionysian. It is Satanic! It’s not popular opinion, it’s Satan’s opinion. And people who are afraid of Satan, worship him.

And that’s the principle here.

So, therefore, what happened to us is Satanism, in these forms. First, the closing period of World War II, when the horror of what Hitler had done was emulated by the firebombing and so forth of Europe and Japan. Emulated by the attempt to prolong the war, so as to have the opportunity to obliterate Berlin with a nuclear attack.

And when Germany surrendered, they couldn’t do that anymore. Then—I don’t know about now—but then, you didn’t drop nuclear weapons on conquered populations.

So, they dropped them on Japan instead. Why? Because of Japan? No. For the same reason that Hitler did what he did to the Jews. To commit a Dionysian act so horrible, that the world would kiss the feet of this Satanic perpetrator.

How the United States Was Hit

It happened to us twice in the United States. It happened to us at the end of World War II, I saw it. I saw it personally. I was there.

It happened in the early 1960s, with the Missile Crisis, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The terror induced in every part of the adolescent and young adult population of the United States at that point, is what our problem is today.

Therefore, to define the cure of the problem, you must define the problem itself, the disease itself. The infectious agent; not just the who did wrong? Everybody, nearly everybody did wrong: I saw them do it.

I saw my returning fellow veterans from World War II commit a crime against the nation themselves and humanity, in the attitudes they adopted. I saw the younger generation transformed into what became resembling more and more, beasts, the kind of beasts you see on a public rave-dance broadcast. No longer quite human anymore. It was done in the same way.

Therefore, unless we understand this mechanism, by which mankind is induced, by bankers and Dionysians generally, to destroy itself, we cannot cure the disease, we do not understand the current problem, we do not understand what has to be changed, and how to change it.

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