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This article appears in the November 3, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

War Party Exposes Itself
As the Campus Gestapo

by Aaron Yule, LaRouche Youth Movement

In a recent memo, Lyndon LaRouche wrote: "In other words. the issue is not whether or not Cheney et al. will make use of the option of an 'October Surprise' sort of military assualt on Iran. Nor is the issue whether Cheney might launch an attack some time after the election. The issue is not one or another possible incident; from the standpoint of Cheney and the forces behind him, the war is already in progress, and will not end until either one side or the other has won, or all succumb to the mutual destruction which the contending parties bring upon themselves. In fact, there is no possibility that the forces associated with Cheney should actually win; they are foredoomed by their own character, their own choice of objectives and courses of action. However, unless we win, civilization as a whole would lose."

Members of the War Party around George Shultz and his Committee on Present Danger have begun an increased mobilization to further a "Total War" perspective. Over the recent weeks, they have been giving speeches on university campuses across America, attempting to recruit a fascist center of operation at universities, and to attempt to set the terms of the debate, within the framework of an already ongoing "Total War." Using the veil of academic freedom and Ayn Rand "Objectivism," their intended recruits on universities are being deployed into the Lynne Cheney/Joe Lieberman campus gestapo to monitor professors and squelch any political discourse which strays from the War Party's arguments.[1]

In carrying out their campus offensive, the fascists, who call for the mass murder of Muslims, have run straight into the LaRouche Youth Movement, which is carrying out a blitz campaign against the Lynne Cheney apparat. As the following report demonstrates, the LYM operations have succeeded in getting the truth to come out, piece by piece, as the warmongers are forced to admit that they are mere underlings of Lynne Cheney.

The Battleground at Tufts

One of the most recent conferences occurred in Boston, and was sponsored by the Ayn Rand Institute and its Tufts University "Objectivist Club." The current president of the Ayn Rand Institute, Yaron Brook, hosted the conference and gave several speeches; one at Tufts University Oct. 20 and another at Fanueil Hall in Boston two days later. Brook was a sergeant in Israeli military intelligence under Bibi Netanyahu and is a professed atheist. He has become a U.S. citizen, and is a leading advocate of crushing the so-called "Islamic totalitarianism." Brook personally organized the speakers at the conference, who all operate within the George Shultz War Party, and several of them are integral to the Lynne Cheney/Joe Lieberman campus gestapo.

The honorary speakers at the event were;

Flemming Rose was personally organized though Brook's banking circles in Denmark to attend. Rose commissioned a series of highly inflammatory cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, which appeared in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten in September 2005. (Rose was the cultural editor of the paper at the time). In early 2005, the newspaper had founded a new Danish think-tank called CEPOS, the Danish Center for Political Studies. George P. Shultz is on its advisory board, and is an honorary member of its board of directors.

Daniel Pipes, a founder of Campus Watch, which was organized by William F. Buckley's Intercollegiate Studies Institute, and a member of the Committee on Present Danger. Through Campus Watch, Pipes organizes slander campaigns against professors, and works closely with Lynne Cheney and Joe Lieberman's American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA).

John Lewis has written extensively on the bombing of Japan as the basis for ending World War II, and is currently editor of the "Objective Standard," published by the Ayn Rand Institute.

Robert Spencer runs jihadwatch.com, a website dedicated to the War Party's "Islamic totalitarianism" propaganda and the Campus Watch operations. The website was set up by David Horowitz's tax-exempt Freedom Center.

Yaron Is Exposed

The weekend conference opened with Brook's speech at Tufts University, where he began by saying that the bombings in London, Madrid, and New York all came from Islamic totalitarianism, and that these separate bombings were all part of one war—a war of ideological extremism. For, he said, "Every child in countries like Iran [the center of Islamic totalitarianism, according to Yaron] reads the Koran, and therefore is susceptible to Islamic extremists." The solution to this problem, in Yaron's terms, is to "crush the ideology," as "we did in Japan in 1945 by dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki."

"Ideology can't be crushed by showing weakness through dialogue for peace and economic cooperation," he continued. Islamic totalitarianism will only be crushed through mass killings of Muslim civilians, by such assaults, as he said on "The O'Reilly Show," as "turning Fallujah into dust."

Before the Friday night meeting at Tufts University, copies of the LaRouche PAC pamphlet, "Is Goebbels on your Campus?" were placed on every desk in the auditorium. Only after angrily tossing them in the trash, would Brook deliver his speech.

During Brook's tirade, a member of the LYM stood up and said "Why don't you tell them that you want to murder thousands of Muslims, like you said at UCLA?" Brook told her he wasn't taking questions until the end. She asked again, and then asked the audience: "How can you sit here, and let this man call for mass murder? Why don' t you people say something?" Much commotion was created, and Brook's followers in the audience called, "Let him speak! It's freedom of speech."

The LYM organizer kept speaking. Police came over to escort her out. Then many other LYM members stood up and said to Brook: "You're a fascist. Why don't you get straight to the point. You want to kill Muslims. Get to the point. Tell them. Why beat around the Bush? Tell them you want to kill all the Muslims."

During the course of the questions, someone shouted that Brook works with David Horowitz on a campus gestapo, to which Brook replied, "I don't know who Horowitz is." But later, when asked what he thinks about Horowitz's ideas, Brook said he agrees with 30% of them. At a certain point, Brook became agitated, because a LYM member kept interrupting him, and talking about Campus Watch. Brook tried to defend Daniel Pipes' Campus Watch, saying, "It's a website dedicated to documenting dissident professors and not used for beating up professors. Most people probably haven't even been to the website."

I responded to this, "I have been to the website and found out that Campus Watch was created by the ISI, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, an organization founded by the pro-Franco fascist William F. Buckley, Jr." To which Brook interrupted, "I think your facts are wrong about Buckley; he' s a good person, although I don' t agree with all his ideas." I continued, "Your friend Spencer started jihadwatch.com with David Horowitz's Freedom Center." He interrupted again, saying "That isn't true," which I rebutted, saying that "It's on the jihadwatch website." He then stuttered and moved on to the next question.

At a certain point, Brook was asked the question, "How do you think the liberal arts should be dealt with, considering most liberal arts programs aren't for what you said." He responded saying, "I think there is a problem with education.... We need to take over the liberal arts courses with the right ideas" and "professors."

The Saturday War Party Panel

The next day, Saturday, John Lewis was the first speaker at the conference, which took place at the World Trade Center in Boston. He started his speech by going through two responses for dealing with the political and religious ideology of Islam.

The first response, he said, would involve several steps. "First, the President names the enemy nation, and then calls for war.... People are psychologically crushed by fire storms and other tactics that kill thousands of people. This adventure is to be called 'Operation Downfall'... After we take over, we tell the people, 'You follow our terms, or you face the consequences.' We also tell them that it was your fault that civilians died... Then we write their constitution."

The second response, he said, would also constitute several steps. "First, the President names the enemy as a particular group.... We say we're bringing democracy, and that it will be a long war.... The President allows Muslims to practice their religion in the country. Says to other nations we're here to help you, and calls this 'Operation Infinite Justice.' Then, after a while, it is renamed 'Operation Enduring Freedom.'... When bombs are dropped, targets are hit that insure no killing of women and children.... The people are then liberated from their oppressive government on their own, and we apologize."

The first response, which is what he advocated, he called an "all-out offensive" saying: "All-out force against radicals is practical. It's sublimely moral." In the course of his speech he continued to say that Islamism is a cult, and that we have to break Islam, and separate Islamic law from nations, and that it is an "immoral intention to provide a higher living standard" for this enemy.

Robert Spencer was the second speaker on Saturday. He said the basis for "Islamic totalitarianism" is "Mohammed's teaching in the Koran," which make "millions of Muslims susceptible to terrorist extremists." Spencer also advocated the same tactics that John Lewis had proposed in dealing with radical Islam.

During the question period, I said that I knew that jihadwatch.com was set up by David Horowitz's Freedom Center. Spencer interjected, "Guilty as charged!" [Later, at the reception, he told another LYM member that Horowitz pays him well.] I then went through the relation of ISI to Horowitz and how the new LaRouche pamphlet that was all over the desks at Tufts University connected this to Lynne Cheney and Joe Lieberman's ACTA. To this, Spencer went into a tirade, insisting that there were no such conspiracies. He also said that there was a problem on universities, which he called an "intellectual straitjacket," that prevents the discussion of good ideas, such as those he had put forward in his speech. He proclaimed that he is helping to remove this straitjacket.

Also during the question and answer period, Spencer said that the Bush Administration made a conceptual error when it thought it could establish democracy in Iraq. A student in the audience asked if he thinks we should invade countries and take control of their oil fields. He responded, "There is no hesitation to come in and take over their oil reserves!"

Daniel Pipes spoke after the lunch break. He opened saying that his Campus Watch website lost its number one position to jihadwatch.com. Then, following Spencer's line that "ideology is the enemy," Pipes said in even more explicit terms, "Islam is the problem," because "Mohammed is a satanic figure." He even went so far as to say that the Prime Minister of Turkey is more dangerous than Bin Laden.

To deal with this "problem," he said, "There are two extremes as a solution to this Islamic threat." The first is "1945, blood and steel," which he called, "total war" and "1991, no shots fired," instead, "internal collapse," referring to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Both options, he said, are available, but he was more in favor of the former. This was evident when at the end of his speech he stated, "All we can do is pound the Muslims." When asked by a LYM member if we should have a military attack on Iran soon, he said, "Yes... Iran is on my list."

A quotation from Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials was read to the final panel (Pipes, Brook, and Rose) by a LYM member: "Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."

Brook said, "I don't know why you read that quote except to insult us." The LYM member responded, "I was drawing a parallel between you and the Nazis." In reply, Brook said, "We're not leadership, so it doesn't apply to us."

At the end of the last panel, the speakers became more paranoid, and Pipes, in response to a question by a LYM member about the confusion of whether they were working for George Shultz or John Train, said, "I work for Lyndon LaRouche!" Brook also freaked out, saying he had no idea who Shultz is, so people should stop talking about him. Brook then shut down the event, throwing up his hands and interrupting a LYM member, who started a question with "So, now we know you work with John Train and G..!"

Song versus Shultz

On the next day, Sunday, several LYM members went back to the conference. The morning presentation was given by Rose, who went through the series of events that led up to the publishing of the cartoons and the controversy that followed.

A LYM member informed Rose—who during his speech tried to make himself look innocent—that "This was not the first time Jyllands-Posten was involved in these types of propaganda operations. The first was in November 2001 when the newspaper published a review of Samuel P. Huntington's Clash of Civilizations, after the then- Prime Minister issued a call to the media not to fan the flames of war. In 2005, the paper founded CEPOS, the Danish Center for Political Studies. On its advisory board, and an honorary member of its board of directors, is George P. Shultz. (Shultz not only handpicked key members of the Bush Administration, he is the controller of Vice President Dick Cheney, and one of the architects of the war drive against Iran.) And in 2004, you came to the United States and did an interview with Daniel Pipes, who is on the Committee on the Present Danger, along with Candice de Russy and George Shultz."

At this point, the audience heckled, "Ask a question!"

"Okay," the LYM member said, "my question is, how closely are you guys working with George Shultz on this Iran war policy? Just last week Shultz gave a speech at Stanford where he was calling for shooting the gun at Iran, not just pointing it." At that point, when the LYM member began to read from the text of Shultz's speech, Brook got out of his seat, marched across the auditorium to the aisle where the LYM member continued to read, confiscated the microphone, and stormed back to his seat with the microphone in his hands. Rose then denied any relationship between Shultz and CEPOS.

On Sunday evening, Brook tried to sully the historical Faneuil Hall of Boston, which was built in commemoration of the great statesman John Quincy Adams. The event, with 160 attendees, was supposed to consist of Brook delivering a tirade against 'Islamic totalitarianism' and a call for the crushing of Iran and the Muslim world through military means, like the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

But Brook's tirade and attempt to recruit a Nazi-like group was crushed by the Boston LYM and a bit of historic irony. Using the John Quincy Adams traditional means of intervention, the LYM sang several canons in trios before and during his speech. One of them was to the tune of "Ceciderunt in Profundum," by Georg Philipp Telemann. The lyrics were:

Shultz, Brook, Cheney want World War Three.

Hundred thousand Muslims die; that's like Nazi genocide.

A police unit was called. Along with some of Brook's co-workers, the police got very aggressive every time a LYM member sang, tossing people over chairs, throwing them on the ground, pulling their hair, choking them, and even punching them, all in the name of "freedom of speech." Any individuals who stood up to protest this brutality were treated in the same manner.

During the question period, a LYM member asked, "Hello, I'm a follower of yours and Ayn Rand, and I'd like to take a page out of her book by posing my question in the form of a hypothetical." At this introduction, Brook smiled and was a bit relieved. The LYM member continued: "Say you get your war and it doesn't go as planned. Instead we get a catalytic war, where the entire world is engulfed. At the end of this war there are only two people standing on top of a pile of nuclear rubble. Say those two people are you and George Shultz."

To this mention of Shultz, Brook's entire complexion changed. "My question to you is, when he's sodomizing you, is he going to be using lubricator or is it going to be raw?... You know you're a Nazi."

Brook's eyes lit up and he waved his hand at the LYM member, who was then removed from the event.

These policy intentions of the George Shultz War Party were made clear over the course of this weekend conference. They are out to destroy. So, unless we win, civilization as a whole will lose.

[1] See the LaRouche PAC pamphlet "Is Goebbels on Your Campus?"

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