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This article appears in the November 10, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Fascists Cower as LaRouche Youth Sing

by Niko D. Paulson, LaRouche Youth Movement

On the eve of a Congressional election that rivals in importance any of the recent Presidential contests, Lyndon LaRouche and his youth movement have orchestrated a national campaign strategy that has hit the enemies of the United States where they are weakest, creating the possibility for the nation to change its suicidal course at the proverbial eleventh hour.

Amidst the mounting disasters of war and economic collapse, the United States political establishment has become increasingly discredited in the eyes of people from the lower 80% of income brackets, or what FDR termed the "forgotten man." Not only is confidence in the U.S. President and Vice President in a depressed state, but also popular support for both Democrats and Republicans in Congress has reached an all-time low. This Congress's indifference to, or support for, policies which are destroying the conditions of life for the forgotten man, identifies the lack of legitimacy of the current government; no population would voluntarily support for long, an elected government whose policies disregard the welfare of its own citizens. The lack of truly patriotic leadership in Congress today, has matched, step for step, the Cheney-Bush Administration's aggressive moves toward fascism and world war; as the foot soldiers of this existential crisis march unceasingly forward, what is really at stake Nov. 7 begins to come into view. The issue is not merely a Democratic Congressional victory, nor even the immediate impeachment of Cheney and Bush. While there is a necessity for both of these tactical goals to be achieved, what ultimately must be accomplished, is a transformation in the ideas that govern the United States. A return to the actually modern tradition of Franklin Roosevelt is requisite for this country to defeat the threat of a self-inflicted new dark age today.

In that context, on Sept. 6, Lyndon LaRouche delivered the first of two webcast addresses to be held in Berlin, Germany. He identified the causes of the unfolding crisis, and initiated a revolution in how that crisis must be approached. In spite of LaRouche's advice, the Democratic Party chose not to run a national campaign focussed on impeaching the Cheney-Bush Administration, nor to launch an FDR-style emergency intervention to save the bankrupt U.S. auto sector. The Democrats instead, have relied on the population's growing hatred of the current Administration as its main strength, and proceeded to funnel money into what they deemed as winnable races in isolated states. In stark contrast with the Democrats' object-fixated approach, LaRouche organized a top-down national campaign. He deployed his youth movement onto campuses across the country to combat the intensifying thought-police operations being run at universities, and to deliver the often apathetic youth vote to the Democrats, despite themselves, as the potentially crucial margin of victory on Nov. 7.

As a part of that national campaign, in early October, the pamphlet "Is Joseph Goebbels On Your Campus?" was released for mass circulation. It exposes the operations being run against students, professors, and the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) at universities to suppress youth involvement in politics, especially targetting opposition to the current administration. At the lowest level, organizations such as David Horowitz's FrontPage Magazine, Yaron Brook's Ayn Rand Institute (ARI) (see article), the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), and scores of other slimy, student-related organizations function with apparent autonomy; however, this seemingly diverse group is being coordinated from the top, wittingly or otherwise, by the Vice President's wife, Lynne Cheney, and other ideological supporters of the current administration's policies such as John Train.

Leading up to Nov. 7, the LYM has been organizing on campuses throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Texas, California, Oregon, and Washington. They have distributed close to 500,000 copies of the most recent pamphlet on nearly 100 campuses across the country, and have continued to recruit more young people committed to fighting for a future. As a result of this activity and a series of interventions at high-profile events held by the "Campus Gestapo" networks, Lynne Cheney's fragile operation has begun to crack apart, becoming self-exposed as the fascist conspiracy which it is.

Coast-to-Coast Organizing: A National Review

On Oct. 20-21, at Tufts University in Boston, a conference was sponsored by the Ayn Rand Institute and its local campus Objectivist Club. Speakers at the event included Yaron Brook, the president of ARI; John Lewis, contributing editor at ARI; Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch; Flemming Rose, the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council)-connected initiator of the Danish anti-Islam cartoons; and Daniel Pipes, founder of Campus Watch, all of whom are strong advocates of increasing the strength of attacks against so-called "Islamic Totalitarianism," and in particular the nation of Iran. The LYM made fools out of the genocidal panelists simply by telling the truth. During the course of the event, the speakers were repeatedly confronted with their connections to David Horowitz, George Shultz, and Lynne Cheney, frequently getting caught in lies and contradicting one another about the true source of their agenda.

The attempt of the panelists to recruit the student audience to a fascist ideological standpoint was further thwarted by the LYM through the singing of several canons before and during various speeches. One of which was to the tune of Ceciderunt in Profundum, by Georg Philip Telemann. The lyrics: "Shultz, Brook, Cheney want World War Three. Hundred-thousand Muslims die; that's like Nazi genocide." By the end of the event, all of the political credibility the panelists thought they had, was dissolved through the humorous confrontation with reality which the LYM brought to them.

On Oct. 26 in Connecticut, in addition to distributing tens of thousands of pamphlets on campuses statewide, the LYM made a series of singing interventions at the first Senatorial debate between Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman, initial co-supporter of Campus Watch with Lynne Cheney. The first incident occurred early in the debate. Lieberman was in the midst of an attack on Lamont's campaign advertising, when the LYM burst in with a chorus of, "Leeee-ber-man don't protect Cheney. Cheney is a fat-ass Nazi. Don't pro-tect Na-a-zis," in three-part harmony. Lieberman attempted to ignore the singing, but the audience's attention was fixated on the chorus. Eventually, the LYM singers were escorted out. Soon after, just as Lieberman opened his mouth to deliver a closing statement, the LYM shouted, "We know about Campus Watch!" and a separate LYM chorus began a new round of the canon. This consumed most of the time allotted for Lieberman's closing statement. Any of the arguments made by the frustrated Lieberman during the debate became mere background noise in comparison with the resounding effect created by the LYM chorus attacking, with irony, Lieberman's fascist political allegiances. The following day the press coverage of the event was more interested in the singing than they were in Joe.

That same day, on the opposite coast, the LYM continued their ironic interventions against the fascistic Ayn Rand Institute, this time against ARI Contributing Editor Andrew Bernstein, hosted at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) by the LOGIC student group. In the middle of his lecture on "Morality and Religion," a LYM member with barrettes in his hair, wearing a purple dress, and sporting a light stubble, sprang to his feet and exclaimed, "It's me! I'm Ayn Rand, and I need some sex!" He proceeded to prance about the auditorium tossing condoms to students, saying, "Protect yourself from the terrorists!" Soon the mock Rand was joined by another LYM member dressed as fellow Objectivist and loony Alan Greenspan. A chorus stood up and began singing canons about the genocidal policies of Yaron Brook and Dick Cheney.

These measures made a mockery of so-called "Objectivist philosophy," and the anti-human ideas being spouted by Bernstein. At the end of the event, a LYM member spoke with Bernstein, who admitted that he thought the United States should kill billions of Muslims, and if the LYM were to stand in the way, they too should be killed. The student audience at the event was highly polarized by the intervention. Some were shocked that fascist ideologues were lecturing on their campus; others laughed at the hilarious spectacle; while others were enraged at the lack of respect for the rules of their meeting. Significant campus press coverage followed the event, including interviews in the UCLA student paper and radio station.

On Oct. 27 at the University of Southern California, the LYM intersected Bernstein of ARI at his next campus event. Paranoid about a repeat of the previous night's embarrassing exposure, Bernstein marched out of the room in order to have security remove the LYM. A LYM member promptly walked to the podium and introduced the speaker as a genocidal lunatic popularizing a clash of civilizations on campus. As he was being pulled away from the podium he slapped a pound of raw meat on top of Bernstein's file folder. The LYM followed this up by singing rounds of political canons, completely disrupting the event. Again the student body was highly provoked, and momentarily awoke from their externally imposed political slumber. As with the UCLA event, significant media coverage, and increased student activity on campus followed.

On Oct. 31, Lyndon LaRouche held the second of his two planned webcasts from Berlin. Forums to view the webcast were set up around the world; in the United States dozens of similar forums were established, many of them on college campuses.

At St. Louis Community college in Florissant Valley, Missouri, a viewing of the Oct. 31 webcast was organized by the LYM. The event was co-sponsored by the College Democrats, many of whom were watching the webcast as an assigned part of their Political Science course.

On Nov. 1, at the University of Missouri, as a result of the previous week's activity on campus, the LYM was invited to hold a formal debate with the College Republicans. The debate lasted three hours and was audited by a Republican Congressional candidate. The end result was an agreement by the College Republicans to set up a forum for the next webcast.

On Nov. 2, in Connecticut, the LYM crossed paths once more with an intimidated Joe Lieberman. Since the singing intervention at the last event, Lieberman—who is running as an independent, having failed to win the Democratic nomination for Senate—had cancelled all future public debates with his opponents. Instead, simultaneous with the televised debate between Democrat Ned Lamont and the Republican Alan Schlesinger, Lieberman scheduled a photo-op at a Hartford bar. The LYM was prepared for him. As Lieberman entered the bar, a LYM member dressed as William F. Buckley, with comb-over wig and feigned British accent, began distributing "Buckley Bucks," green sheets of paper with dossiers documenting the financial aid that the two-faced Lieberman received in 1988 from the fascist Buckley to win his Senate seat. Lieberman found himself surrounded by the LYM singing a new canon, "Joe Lieberman is Bill Buckley's ass-wipe." Joe made a break for the door and scurried out of his own event before it even started. The following day, the Hartford Courant ran a front-page article, titled "Last Call's Early for Joe As Hecklers Crash Party," documenting all of the incriminating—and humorous—details.

In an era dominated by crisis, and threatened with fascism, the activity of Lyndon LaRouche and the LYM has addressed these circumstances with a strategy aimed at the future of mankind: Recruit the sharpest young minds to become the leaders of the next generation. The LYM has wielded the most potent weapon, irony, at the weakest flank of the enemy, fascism, and produced a shock which, regardless of the outcome of this election, will be felt for years to come.

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