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This article appears in the January 5, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Power of the `New Politics'

by Michael Kirsch, LaRouche Youth Movement

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Unfolding in the form of a landslide against the Republican incumbent of the 23rd Congressional District in Texas on Dec. 12, the quintessential predicate of the post-Nov. 7 transformation has put a magnifying glass to what Lyndon LaRouche illustrated on Nov. 26 as the "New Politics." The impact of a small number of strategically deployed young adults of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) triggering the decisive margin of victory, was not a wild, political fluke deriving from the Nov. 7 midterm election, but a replicatable and knowable method of political organizing.

In the following seven articles, EIR presents a re-examination of the dynamic principles that unfolded on Nov. 7, so that the Congress may self-consciously move forward, wielding the unseen power, the method, which the present world economic, social, and cultural crisis so urgently demands.

For, just as Johannes Kepler discovered the causes of the motion of Mars and the organization of the Solar System—by hypothesizing the actual physics that projected the data perceived by the senses, relying thus on his mind's uniquely human capability to discover causes, rather than following predetermined rules—so too, hypothesizing the "physics" of social phenomena is bounded by the same power.

As EIR and the LaRouche Youth Movement demonstrate here, if voters are not viewed as objects to be muscled into formation for the purpose of an election, but instead, as minds potentially contributing to the development of the nation and the world, it were no longer necessary to appeal to the "least-common-demonimator" baseness of the population. Rather, were Congress to digest the critical lesson of political method illustrated in these pages, they would then realize that the organizing of a population is a process that can be approached with a knowable method.

If, in following in the footsteps of Kepler, the Congress looked to the "physics" of the process of change in a population, then they would understand how, as was demonstrated on Nov. 7 nationally and on Dec. 12 in Texas, the LYM catalyzed the elementary reality that citizens respond in a human way, with a national pride to build a future, when they are presented with the sober reality of today's crisis. Solving great problems, rather than petty issues of the kind associated with the approach of "Rumsfeldian incompetence," makes it possible to uplift a population to demonstrate the power of their creativity. As post-election polling interviews showed, youth responded overwhelmingly to an environment of discussion of real issues and ideas. The youth of America need not be herded like cattle, but uplifted toward a great mission with optimism.

With the weighing-in of the 18- to 25-year-old generation on Nov. 7 and Dec. 12, the Congress must realize that all future decisions concerning political conflicts are now going to made with this generation in mind. That being said, it should come as a refreshing realization to those patriots entering Washington, that to become self-conscious of the method of the "New Politics," is at the same time, to recognize the method by which the required political forces can be garnered to introduce the urgently needed economic reforms into practice in the United States.

If the incoming Congress considers the implications of the following articles, and reflects on the fact that they are an expression of historic social phenomena within the population as a whole, they can, like the audience members watching a tragedy unfold on stage, cry out, "Enough!" and rise to act, as heroes from outside the tragedy, possessing the courage to challenge the axioms of economics standing in the way of securing a future for youth for the next 50 years.

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