Executive Intelligence Review
This article appears in the March 9, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Truth Heats Up
Press Club Atmosphere

By Cody Jones

Within 24 hours after the LaRouche Youth Movement's opening salvo of interventions into the bizarre world of award-winning science-fiction actor Al Gore, at both the Academy Awards in Hollywood, and a Congressman-sponsored event at Queens College in New York, we looked to bring some reality to a National Press Club event which hosted James Hansen, the director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, who was speaking on Global Warming.

After regurgitating the usual scientific consensus lines about global warming as a man-made problem, with industrial austerity as the solution, he opened up for questions. After Hansen fielded some softball questions from a typically demoralized Baby-Boomer press corps, LYM member Cody Jones asked a refuting question, on behalf of 21st Century Science and Technology magazine, pointing to serious scientific questions about the validity and method of the ice core sampling, as used by the Hansen-cited Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Jones went on to cite the study by the German professor Ernst-Georg Beck, which relied on 175 separate studies, utilizing 90,000 direct measurements, spanning 100 years, using the scientifically legitimate chemical method, noting that in fact, contrary to all Hansen had just said, we have, in the past, had much higher CO2 levels than today, during the period 1935-1948.

Hansen responded with a lie, saying that there is no CO2 data from the 1930s, and that he would have to see the properly accredited papers before he could comment. He then ignored the attempt to continue with follow up comments. After the event ended, Jones approached Hansen to give him the LaRouche PAC leaflet on the CO2 fraud of Al Gore, and to point out the studies cited in that leaflet. Hansen responded with, "Oh, LaRouche—this is not science, this didn't come from an accredited journal."

Outside the event, as it let out, we handed the leaflet to the attendees, engaging in a confrontation with one of the people from the audience, who refused to take the flyer, and became enraged when told that if he were a real scientist, and not just going where the money sent him, he would investigate these contradictions. This excited one guy, who then came over and asked for a leaflet, saying he agreed with what we were saying about Hansen as being close-minded. He then gave us his business card, demonstrating that he was actually a colleague of Hansen at NASA, and revealed that he had worked with the LaRouche movement in the past on the exposing of the holes in the ozone fraud.

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