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This article appears in the March 9, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LYM Youth Bust Up Attempt
To Drown Congress in Gore

by Nancy Spannaus

Stand back and look at the whole picture. In mid-February, before the Congressional Presidents' Day recess, both the House and the Senate were involved in a passionate debate over their responsibilities under the U.S. Constitution, on the issues of war and peace. Significant majorities in both the House and the Senate voted against President Bush's escalation of the war in Southwest Asia, setting the basis for tougher action to come.

Then, the week of Feb. 26, Washington, D.C. and the Congress were overrun by spokesmen for the Great Al Gore Global Warming hoax, who dominated a series of Congressional hearings, the National Governors Association conference, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Annual Outlook Conference, among others. It was almost a case of going from the sublime to the ridiculous.

It was in this context, that Lyndon LaRouche deployed his Youth Movement (LYM) on a life-or-death campaign to rid the Democratic Party, and other institutions, of the Gore Hoax. A mass leaflet produced by the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) pointed out the "inconvenient truth" that adherents of the global warming fraud such as Gore are lying about the scientific data on which they base their case for reducing industrial society. The LYM set out to bust up the controlled environment, and to expose the viciously anti-scientific, Malthusian axioms which have been sold to the entire Baby Boomer generation over the past 40 years—and now threaten to pave the way to a global Anglo-Dutch dictatorship, a worldwide New Dark Age.

An Oscar for the Best Scientific Fraud

The LYM campaign began in Hollywood, where the obviously over-consuming Al Gore was scheduled to receive an Oscar at the Academy Awards, for the best documentary film of the year. A team of nine LaRouche organizers set up on the sidewalk within a block of the event, and unfurled a huge banner which said, "Al Gore: Academy Award! for the Best Scientific Fraud." Leaflets began to go out—and the "alternative" award ceremony began.

Appearing at the mock ceremony were three characters: a newsman, Lord Bertrand Russell, and Gore himself. The script called for the "prestigious Pinocchio Award" to be given to Gore. Lord Russell explained:

"I am most honored to be here in our erstwhile colony America, representing the British Royal Society in order to bestow upon Mr. Albert Gore an award. Most of you silly Americans don't know how the esteemed Royal Society has excelled in scientific fraud since our earliest days when we had to destroy the reputation of that continentalist Gottfried Leibniz, who claimed to have invented the calculus. We sure did a good job of that one. You Americans still believe our esteemed sorcerer Isaac Newton was a genius! Not since this little caper has the Royal Society carried out a more effective fraud in the name of the financial elite. I can assure you that in giving this award to Mr. Gore, we are continuing a well-established tradition.

"In my 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society, I wrote:

" 'At present the population of the world is increasing at about 58,000 per diem. War, so far, has had no very great effect on this increase, which continued through each of the world wars.... War ... has hitherto been disappointing in this respect ... but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full.... The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people's.'

"When I wrote those words, little did I imagine that a young upstart American two-bit politician would far surpass my wildest projections of mass death. But, lo and behold, here we have Albert Gore, and his excellent production An Inconvenient Truth—-a masterful piece of hokum if I ever saw one. If Mr. Gore's recommendations for reducing carbon dioxide emissions were to be carried out, the resulting collapse of economies worldwide would lead to not merely tens of millions of deaths, or even hundreds of millions of deaths. I think Mr. Gore and his dupes might just succeed in wiping out a few billion. Wouldn't that be nice?"

Whereupon Lord Russell presented "Al Gore" with a silver statuette, which had an extremely long nose. Gore, of course, was delighted—as was the crowd of television crews and tourists, many of whom filmed the event. As for the "normal" people, many were shocked that anyone would challenge the popular religious belief in global warming. Their education had just begun.

'Kepler Disproved Global Warming 400 Years Ago'

Meanwhile, in New York City, the LYM were deploying to bust up a brainwashing session, masquerading as a town meeting for Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner. The idea for the meeting, which featured a showing of Gore's film and a panel discussion with so-called experts afterwards, was to mobilize the population to "fight global warming" by cutting back energy use and other such measures.

The LYM circulated LPAC's leaflet exposing Gore's hoax on CO2 emissions among the 400-person crowd, finding many of them emotionally rattled by the film, and thus prone to lash out at those exposing the hoax. The highlight of the intervention, however, came in the question and answer period, when two LYM members spoke.

First came Wesley Irwin, who inroduced himself as a Democrat from the environmentalist capital of the world, Seattle, joked about Bush's inability to grasp any science, and then hit the point: "But I disagree with Al Gore." A few Boomers booed, but everyone was rapt in attention. Wes continued, "The reason being, that I've studied geochemistry, and Kepler's method concerning astrophysics. You can't prove a direct, linear, one-to-one relationship between an increase in CO2 and increased temperature on Earth. And it's clear that Kepler, who discovered the universal principle of gravitation, not only refuted the statistical methods of Copernicus, Brahe, and Ptolemy in his New Astronomy, and later his Harmony of the World, but actually disproved Al Gore's method of statistical analysis 400 years ago. So my question for the panelists is, 'If you've read Kepler's works, how can you continue to defend the linear statistical method of Al Gore?' And my second question, for Weiner, is, 'If we care so much about the world, and have two aircraft carriers stationed off the Persian Gulf coast ready to attack Iran, why isn't the subject of this town meeting about impeaching Bush and Cheney?' "

This last question drew more applause than any other statement during the Q&A. Clearly the audience would have been more than ready for a mobilization for impeachment—but the Congressman had been led by the Gore faction into the swamp of fraud.

While the panel and Congressman deflected Irwin's question, they didn't escape. The next questioner was LYM member Cody Jones, who said: "After watching Al Gore's movie and hearing from the panelists, I've concluded that the chief cause of increased CO2 is sophists—those who speak a lot but never get to the real question, and the real question is the role of the neo-cons in promoting this pseudo-science." Cody went on to expose the role of James Woolsey, Joe Liebermann, and the Set America Free Coalition, along with George Shultz, in promoting bio-foolery, then targeted the Congressman, who had pushed the carbon credits agenda earlier, exposing the fact that this was a policy of synarchist banker Felix Rohatyn. The Congressman tried to quickly change the subject and say, "You only want to talk about one issue—-ethanol," to which Cody replied, "No, I just raised another, Felix Rohatyn and carbon credits"—which Weiner ignored.

The Washington Battleground

In Washington, D.C. the LYM offensive was carried out in many venues, including the National Press Club (see box), the Governors' meeting, and many committee hearings. The responses from the Congress varied from rage, to impassioned renewal of commitment to technological progress and reason.

In one case, a top-ranking member of the Senate Energy Committee, and long-time advocate of nuclear power, was confronted by an organizer during a recess from a hearing on annual energy outlook. The organizer told the Senator about the need for a transition to nuclear power. After offering the LYM member a job, the Senator said that they had an energy policy. The organizer confronted him with the truth that building six plants in 20 years is not an energy policy (particularly considering the Senator's proposals for desalination projects in his state). Provoked, the Senator returned to the meeting and asserted that the United States is moving backwards with its energy policy. He then walked out of the full committee hearing.

The pro-global-warming lobbyists swarming the Hill were drawn in by the leaflet. However, when they were confronted with the paradoxes of actual CO2 measurements (see last week's EIR), they spewed rhetoric and fled, rather than taking on the challenge. While trying to get literature to a representative from the Ways and Means Committee, an organizer overheard a woman from the Congressional Black Caucus talking about fundraising events, asking her chief of staff, "Can we get Al Gore to this event? Could he maybe do this one?" The LYM organizer turned around and handed her the leaflet. The woman screamed in shock, but she didn't crumple it up. The organizer told her that not all scientists agree on the global warming question. Her chief of staff hovered over her shoulder and they walked into the Capitol reading the leaflet.

Another Senator, on a number of crucial committees, was confronted by an organizer reminding him that not all scientists agree on global warming. Asking what the organizer studied, the LYM member responded that he studies astrophysics under LaRouche. The Senator railed that "the problem" with LaRouche is that he starts with a conclusion and works backward. The organizer asked, "Isn't that exactly what you're doing with global warming issue, looking for the statistics that fit the assumption?" The Senator did not have much to say, but the intervention left him "thoughtful."

Science Must Replace Fraud

The LYM offensive on the nation's capital is determined to carry out a revolution in thinking, not just specific policy measures. Youth have been seeking out Congressmen's science aides, as well as the Congressmen, to present the Kepler revolutionary method, and how it must replace the "flat Earth" views which have driven the United States to abandon its industry and its people's welfare.

What the LYM are up against is 40 years of brainwashing, during which the anti-science tools of the financial oligarchy have taken over the culture, not just the Democratic Party. This outlook has brought the world to the brink of catastrophe, whereas the scientific outlook of the LYM provides a road to recovery for not only the United States, but also the planet. Armed with science, the LYM are determined to succeed—beginning with the impeachment of Cheney, and going on from there.

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