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This article appears in the November 9, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The British Empire's Sex Toys:
Second Life and Virtual Worlds

by Delante Bess, LaRouche Youth Movement

If math nerds go to Math Camp, and overweight kids get sent to Fat Camp, doesn't that mean that millions of MySpace addicts with their millisecond attention spans are in a Concentration Camp?

Bill Ferguson, ICLC, Boston

Second Life of Thermodynamics

Along with the other social-control cultural cesspools, such as MySpace and Facebook, there is an even more dehumanizing virtual fantasy, known as Second Life.

Amongst the many different virtual fantasy worlds that exist, there are two underlying fallacies governing them all. The first: All who are a part of this Orwellian world, have no true sense of human creativity. The second fallacy rests on the first assumption, that since real creativity can not exist or be fostered, the mere arrogance that this entropic system will continue without the intervention by the real physical world, makes one have to laugh and ask: Do you think your computer lives outside the universe?

Although, Second Life (SL)'s founder Philip Rosedale quotes the freakish Neal Stephenson's sci-fiction novel Snow Crash, as inspiring the collaborative creativity vision expressed in Second Life, any sane mind finds itself removed further away from being creative at all. This Big Brother-operated virtual world has imprisoned the minds of millions of registered users, 20 hours per week spent, while millions of real dollars transacting within a floating-exchange-rate currency swap among fake money, the Linden Dollar, and real money, occurs every day.

Since this new-famed, globalized, techno-libertarian environment is free, you can make anything you want, including, soon enough, Nazi-like slave-labor concentration camps. The escort-prostitution rings in Second Life are just not enough! The secretive SL Homeland Security island has trouble monitoring that one. Everything from businesses, to universities, and cults hold meetings and classes within this virtual world. It has been described by public relations companies, as being more lively, exciting, and human than real life.

Second Life, launched by Rosedale while he was on the board of Accel Partners, which represents the worst of the financial networks within the U.S. and London IT sector, founded the San Franciso-based company Linden Lab in 1999. The former vice president and CTO (chief technical officer) of RealNetworks, received large sums of start-up cash from various vulture capitalists, such as Mitch Kapor, Catamount Ventures, Benchmark Capital, Ray Ozzie, Omidyar Network, Globespan Capital Partners, and Bezos Expeditions, some of which are either interlocked with, or owned by traitorous British Cayman Islands hedge funds.

Murdoch's Sexual Fantasy

Hey! Did you hear? The hotel rooms on MySpace are really wonderful—everything is automatic! In fact, every time Felix Rohatyn walks into a room, the toilet flushes.

Lyndon LaRouche

Rupert Murdoch, the 76-year-old British lickspittle, owns the right-wing FOX News, FOX TV, FX Networks, the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, British Sky Broadcasting, etc., and has tossed out a mere $580 million for the social-control prison MySpace. Not surprisingly, he has laid down another $30 million for Metaverse Media, a media company based in the virtual fantasy world of Second Life. Now, what would such an illustrious man want with a low-class media outlet? Is not the oligarchy supposed to have class, or set higher standards? Is his Viagra not enough to satisfy his young concubine? Only the deluded mind would fall for such shallow arguments as, "Oh he is a great business man. This will skyrocket his multi-billion-dollar fortune!"

What the Ministry of Truth, Wikipedia, will never tell you, is that Sir Rupert Murdoch is a second-generation protégé of the British oligarchy's 20th-Century propaganda baron, Lord Beaverbrook, whose efforts have always been to corner the present and future news-manufacturing institutions of America, and turn them into, what now can be described as a Brave New Cyber-World of data mining, psychological profiling, and subliminal marketing.

As a British imperialist and a prestigious Oxford scholar, Sir Rupert must know the state of the global financial and monetary economic collapse, by now. The collapse is irrefutable. There is no doubt of the desperation of the second generation British imperialists, such as George Shultz, Felix Rohatyn, John Train, Rupert Murdoch, and Richard Mellon Scaife, who are crapping bricks right now.[1] The panic over the inevitable rotting collapse of this Anglo-Dutch system is no longer a thing that can be put off to the side. They know, as their predecessors knew, with this kind of crisis, that the impulse for a Franklin Roosevelt-style recovery is a real possibility.

The British Will Spank Their Lackeys

These second-generation lackeys are at least clever enough to know that the Democratic landslide victory of the last U.S. midterm election, was defined by the youth generation, of the 18-to-35 age bracket. Both the Democratic victors and their adversaries are still wondering how a small elite force of young people created such a mass effect. The principle of the matter was taken as a subject by Lyndon LaRouche in relevant places.[2] However, to get, minimally, a broad sense of what created the cause of that mass effect principle, work through the LaRouche Youth Movement educational curriculum.[3]

Now, there is a masturbatory discussion of creating Universal Avatars for future 3-D browsers. (Perhaps such fools will attempt to mesh Second Life and Google Earth together!) As said above, the purpose of any of these virtual sexual fantasy worlds, is to leave no room for real creativity to develop—in fact, to stifle the creative process. Now, put down the mouse for a moment, and take on a real cognitive challenge, of mapping out the retrograde motion of Mars.[4]

Meanwhile, ask yourself: How long will Rupert Murdoch's virtual insanity go on? With the economic collapse accelerating, there will be no virtual God that will save him.

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