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This article appears in the December 21, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Outflanking the British
Empire: The Mass Effect

by Nick Walsh and Harley Schlanger

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Realizing that the corpse, known as the world financial system, is quickly getting cold, LaRouche PAC organizers over the past few weeks have been acting on Lyndon LaRouche's principle of the mass effect, to galvanize the population into action. Contrary to the presently popular, nonetheless ineffective model of "poll watching," the mass effect is a universal physical principle. As Johannes Kepler's principle of universal gravitation governs the changing relations of bodies in physical space-time, the mass effect governs human social relations, specifically the way in which new ideas in an individual human mind are transmitted to a population, to create revolutionary political effects. This dynamic principle, when acted upon by people, stirs up society, especially in times of crisis, and frees individual members of society to think more clearly about what might be done.[1]

Look at the last few days of LaRouche PAC organizing, especially continentwide political events, with this intention in mind.

The LaRouche Movement held an historical conference in Ottawa, Canada Dec. 11, (see this week's Conference Report), which focussed on the prospects of world infrastructure projects as the alternative to the death of civilization. Simultaneously, over 50 people gathered in Detroit, Michigan for a town hall meeting, including more than 30 youth, some of them, members of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM), along with college students who had been organized to attend by LYM members. Speakers included former state Rep. LaMar Lemmons III, and Pontiac councilman Everett Seay, whose city council was the first in the country to pass a resolution supporting LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Act (HBPA).[2]

These two political revolutionaries stole the show with their presentations, as they organized the audience around LaRouche, "the idea man," and the importance of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Administration. Seay said, "We are producers, not paper-pushers," and then attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for failing to represent that American ideal. Describing the fight to save the U.S. auto sector, which he had participated in with LaRouche PAC two years ago, including the Pontiac city council's resolution in 2005 for retooling the auto/machine-tool industry, Seay reported on how the once-industry-proud city of Pontiac, which had had five GM plants with 50,000 workers, has now dwindled down to one GM plant, with only 8,000 workers. He emphasized the importance of the LYM, and told the youth, that the failed policy-makers have "robbed you of your Pursuit of Happiness ... you have to get it back!" Next, Lemmons, who is the policy director for his father, Michigan state Rep. LaMar Lemmons, Jr., leading sponsor of the HBPA (H.R. 190), and the resolution to support retooling of the auto industry, told people to "burn the phone lines" in order to get the HBPA passed: Mobilize your neighbors, fellow churchgoers, co-workers, the "ordinary people," who scare the Congress into action. Lemmons said that we need an FDR because we are faced with "an FDR-sized crisis," and there is no Presidential candidate of that stature. So, he said, the candidates have to be made—through the people's mobilization—to adopt the HBPA policy.

EIR's Michele Steinberg then gave a presentation on LaRouche's "Let There Be a Time for Thanksgiving," soon to be released as a LPAC mass pamphlet; and Summer Shields and Bill Roberts of the LYM addressed the meeting on changing the biosphere through the PLINHO project in Mexico, the Bering Strait project for the world rail link, and the development of Arctic trade routes.[3] A final presentation by the LYM's Lewis Whilden, attacking the Facebook culture of today's youth, concluded with the LYM, in four-part polyphony, singing the following lyrics, adapted to Felix Mendelssohn's beautiful, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing":

"Murdoch wants you in your place/firmly planted in MySpace./While you're walking to your class, out/ comes a bomb from Cheney's ass./This you do not want to see,/ while the Dick gets whipped with glee, We/can't afford to bomb Iran,/Bush's Dick, he thinks he can./That's if you stay in your place,/firmly planted in MySpace.

"When you're fondling your mouse, the/bank forecloses on your house./From the crash you cannot flee, at/least you have your HALO 3./Homeless in the streets you roam, a/cardboard Xbox is your home./Santa gives the gaming toys,/to 20-year-old little boys./Games will keep you in your place,/nothing real in your space."

After the presentations, and with singing ringing in their minds, attendees were ready to organize! Eighty-four bundles, that is, about 3,400 copies of the Is the Devil in Your Laptop? The Noösphere vs. the Blogosphere pamphlet were snatched up by audience members, to distribute to the population.

But wait a minute! What does literature and song about "Devils" and "Laptops" have to do with passing the HBPA?

Leave My Space Alone! The Principle of the Flank

Contrary to popular British imperial tradition, the principle of the flank is not a matter of honing in on the enemy's rear. This historically crucial, yet presently forgotten principle, actually involves the way in which often outnumbered, or underfunded armies nonetheless deliver crushing blows to enemy forces. The flank is not a question of a territorial advantage per se, or any object-associated, mechanical effect of advantage. The flank begins as an idea in the mind of the superior commander of forces in battle, which is not in the mind of the enemy. In Johannes Kepler's The New Astronomy, the higher hypotheses introduced into the investigation by Kepler, not previously seen or heard by others encountering the same problem, may be seen as parallel to the way a great general develops flanks against an enemy in war. Kepler's work is a series of these higher hypotheses, a continuous succession of newer, ever more creative hypotheses concerning how the physical Solar System, and his own mind within it, are being caused to act; he assists the reader in this process through a continuing animation of different geometrical hypotheses, referenced against the observable celestial sphere, and perceived within the theater of the human imagination.

When LaRouche introduced the HBPA in late August of 2007, he insisted that Congress pass this bill before October, or face the devastating demographic consequences of an otherwise preventable mass home-foreclosure and banking crisis. Members of Congress, even the best of them, unfortunately chose to shamefully plant their tails between Nancy Pelosi's legs, or to rather bear those ills we have, than fly to others that we know not of. So, LaRouche wheeled his army to focus on recruiting support from the local and state elected officials of the United States, by creating a mass effect organizing process within the base of our population. As this mobilization began to take off in October and November of this year, recruiting city council members, state representatives, union leaders and others, one vital element of the population was noticed to be glaringly absent: the youth!

As little, pessimistic minds today would whine, "Well, that's because young people are apathetic. They don't care! You'll never get these young people to care." LaRouche realized there was an unseen obstacle; a smelly, stinky, mind-destroying disease, turning an otherwise potentially powerful youth generation[4] into a mass-based fascist movement on college campuses. The name of that disease? MySpace, Facebook, and computer games.

So, LYM members, already, between Dec. 1 and Dec. 11, have distributed on college campuses, nationwide, 100,000 copies of LPAC's antidote to this three-pronged disease, the Is the Devil in Your Laptop? The Noösphere vs. the Blogosphere pamphlet.[5] The response, thus far, has been a live one, demonstrating that today's 16-25-year-old generation can be engaged in today's crucial political battles. All over the country, students are reading the pamphlet, highlighting sections, yakking with friends about it, and returning to LYM organizers on campus to engage in dialogue. Although a few cyberzombies despise the pamphlet, many youth, and parents, have expressed relief that someone is addressing the "eerie weirdness" of today's youth cyberzombie culture; most receive it eagerly. Here are a few, indicative, on-campus responses:

At the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, a young woman was overheard talking on her cell phone, with pamphlet in hand, quoting from one of the articles, and exclaiming, "Omigod, Oh my God, it is soooo intense!"

At MIT, a global center of cybernetics foppery, ten professors in the Vannevar Bush building snatched up 40 pamphlets among them, with the intent to distribute the remainder to their peers; in the Cognitive Sciences Building, however, a poor professor, the head of the Biology Department, simply overheated. Upon scanning the pamphlet, he exploded with rage, snatched a box of pamphlets from a young organizer's hands, and bolted down the corridor and into his office, locking the organizer without!

At San Jose State University, a young man exclaimed, "This is even better than the Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism pamphlet!"[6]

This, of course, is only the beginning of this flank. For were today's 16-25-year-olds to free themselves from the soul-molesting confines of Bill Gates' and Rupert Murdoch's online world, they would be freed to think; hence, many would, naturally, join the LYM in applying that essential, and youthful boot, to the Congress's behind, to pass the HBPA, rather than shooting themselves online, or, in a shopping mall this holiday season.

Roasting Congress on an Open Fire

As George Washington in December of 1776, understood, the holiday season may be the best time for gaining the upper hand on an enemy in battle. By crossing the Delaware River on Christmas evening, to attack Trenton, early the next morning, Washington acted on an hypothesized flank, to generate what would be an historic, and intended mass effect in our Revolutionary War. The flank had less to do with crossing the Delaware itself, and much more to do with Washington's hypothesis that the Hessians, guarding Trenton, not only loved nothing more than celebrating Christmas, but were likely to assume the same thing about the Americans. This hypothesis, encouraged with a bit of help from diligent spies, proved to be deadly accurate, for as Christmas night wore on, and Washington's troops were crossing the icy river, the likelihood of an approaching battle in the mind of the average Hessian became more and more remote. Thus, as Washington and his army arrived at Trenton, early on the morning of Dec. 26, the Hessians were snoozing in their barracks, completely mentally unprepared for what was waiting for them right outside their doors.

Our world today requires a similar "holiday spirit." That is why, in California, Washington, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, and other states, LYM organizers have been relentlessly pursuing elected officials and community organizers to pass the HBPA. Focus, in conclusion, on the LYM mobilization in Texas and California, where LYM members are finding a wide open response as they move aggressively to present LaRouche's economic policy as a one, and counter efforts to mobilize a racist, Jacobin response to the ongoing economic/financial breakdown. This one includes three initiatives: the HBPA, as the front-end in addressing the disintegration of the banking system; PLHINO and PLHIGON, combined with the Bering Strait and NAWAPA,[7] as the kind of "big thinking" necessary to address our continent's water crisis, and jump-start the economy; and the implications of this to address the "immigration crisis," which will otherwise be used to whip up racist, fascist mobs against desperate Mexicans, who are flocking to the U.S. in an attempt to survive. This triune flank is subsumed by the underlying principle of the Treaty of Westphalia, that is, agape, or, the Westphalian principle of "the advantage of the other."

In recent days, two local governments in Southeast Texas passed resolutions calling for support of LaRouche's HBPA: The Cameron County Commission, which includes the city of Brownsville, was joined by the city of San Benito—also in Cameron County. There are several more local governments which are presently debating this, and a group of mostly Hispanic state representatives have engaged in animated discussion with representatives of the LYM.

There is similar momentum growing in Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, where LYM members have been tenacious in taking on the Pelosi-driven capitulation of Democrats to the Shultzian[8] commitment to Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest fascist policies. The Mayor of Lynwood (in Los Angeles County) signed a statement of support of the HBPA, following a discussion by city leaders of LaRouche's analysis. There is a similar process underway in Carson, and in San Diego, which has been buffeted by a series of natural and man-made calamities. The key to the advance of LaRouche's alternative in this area has been the persistent approach taken by LYM organizers, who refuse to be dismissed by officials who behave in a cowardly manner, for purposes of "getting along" with corrupt so-called leaders.

Looming in the background in California is the report from Governor Schwarzenegger's finance director, that the state budget deficit for 2008-09 has now ballooned to $14 billion, due primarily to a devastating collapse in revenue. Last August, California Democrats sided with Schwarzenegger to pass a rotten budget compromise for 2007-08, based on the promise that the austerity imposed in that budget would lead in the direction of a balanced budget. During that debate, the LaRouche movement insisted that such a compromise was being imposed by the fascist duo of George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn, working through Pelosi and the Kennedy family machine tied to Arnie, and that this would be the prelude to even more brutal budget cuts in the future.

The announcement that the deficit is cascading toward $20 billion, is forcing a re-evaluation from even those weak-kneed Democrats who have capitulated to the Ms.-leadership of Speaker Pelosi. In times of crisis like these, leading Democrats and Republicans may discover that, in our actual universe, only hitting the flanks will do.

[1] To avoid confusion, the attitude which accompanies any political action based on this principle, is nearly always what might be best described as kicking ass.

[2] For a rapidly growing list of official supporters of the HBPA, see www.larouchepac.com

[3] For elaboration of all of these future-oriented projects, see article in EIR, Dec. 7, 2007.

[4] In the midterm election of November 2006, 18-35-year-olds, catalyzed by the LPAC mass effect mobilization around the "Is Joseph Goebbels on Your Campus?" literature, arrived at the polls in revolutionary and pathetic numbers, becoming the deciding factor in securing the Democrats a majority in both houses of Congress. See "The New Politics: Johannes Kepler and the Democratic Challenge," by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

[5] To receive a copy, contact your local LYM office, or, visit www.larouchepac.com.

[6] "Children of Satan III: The Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism," LaRouche in 2004, June 2004.

[7] For more on these projects, see the Dec. 7, 2007 issue of EIR.

[8] As in "Economic Hit Man" George P. Shultz.

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