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The Four Powers in a Post-Obama World

by Alli Perebikovsky

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Sept. 24—The Summer Shields for Congress campaign held a conference on "The Four Powers in the Post-Obama World: The Common Aims of Mankind" on Sept. 19, in San Francisco's War Memorial Building and Green Room, the same location where the UN Charter was signed over 60 years earlier. The event was not only a beacon of hope for a real solution in the current economic collapse, but represented a quality of dialogue among the guests that is rarely seen these days. Shields, a LaRouche Democrat, is a write-in candidate, running against Nancy Pelosi in the November election.

The conference guests included scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, engineering experts working with LaRouchePAC on the current North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) proposal, journalists, institutional representatives, and political activists from around the San Francisco Bay Area, in California, and other western states.

The discussion focused on the solutions that must be fought for, if we are to get out of this economic collapse: one, the immediate removal of the Obama Presidency; two, the implementation of Glass-Steagall, taking back the bailout money and separating commercial banking functions from usurious investment banking functions; and three, extending this concept worldwide to Russia, China, and India, for collaboration in setting up a new international, fixed-exchange-rate credit system, such that monetary flows can be directed away from the usurious London-centered banking apparatus and toward valuable, large-scale, and long-term infrastructure projects.

On this theme, Shields declared:

"Anyone in the U.S. government who does not support U.S. treaty agreements for this kind of long-term economic development with Russia, China and India, in particular, and our neighbors across the Pacific Ocean, more broadly, should instantly change their priorities or surrender their position fast. The future of the world today lies in our cooperation with Eurasia. As the Congressman from the 8th Congressional District, I would take the lead in extending a hand to Asia, instead of giving a back hand to them, as Pelosi has done."

Conference discussions centered around implementation of NAWAPA, a massive water project which would divert excess flow from the Canadian and Alaskan Yukon River system, and channel it through the Rocky Mountain Trench and into the Great American Desert system, including the central and eastern regions of the United States, refilling our aquifer and Great Lakes systems. For this, U.S. productive capacity must be mobilized and rebuilt, new jobs and skills created, and a science driver for nuclear fission and thermonuclear fusion power implemented. Juxtapose the current chain-reaction collapse into a dark age, to NAWAPA, which will trigger a chain-reaction recovery for the world economy.

Along with NAWAPA, we can finally build the Bering Strait tunnel project, a plan for high-speed (preferably magnetically levitated) rail connecting Russia and the United States, a project on the books since the era of Abraham Lincoln. With NAWAPA, we can finally make a reality the Eurasian Land-Bridge project, a system of high-speed, maglev rail connecting the whole world, a project Helga Zepp-LaRouche has fought for since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. With NAWAPA, we can finally lift Africa out of the dark ages through rail development and the implementation of the Transaqua plan to bring water into the parched Chad Lake basin. And most importantly, NAWAPA will be a platform for the human exploration of space—creating the conditions on Earth that we must understand, in order to keep human beings alive in our Solar System and beyond.

Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche both addressed the event by telephone from Europe (see below), and presentations were given by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche's Western States spokesman; Summer Shields; and leading members of LaRouche's Basement research team, Sky Shields and Creighton Jones, who are working on the NAWAPA project. But by far, the highest level of communication was not in words: The evening wrapped up with an extraordinary performance of Beethoven's Op. 69 cello sonata by LaRouchePAC music leaders, My-Hoa Steger and Jean-Sebastien Tremblay. The audience was ready for this higher level of ideas, and the tension held throughout the room during and immediately after the performance.

Reverberations after the conference included coverage in Sing Tao, the second-largest newspaper in Hong Kong, which covers over 100 cities in mainland China.

Overall, the conference was an exciting appeal to all sane Americans to break from the current imperial system, and to nations of the Pacific region to cooperate with the United States for the next 50 years, on the common aims of mankind.