LaRouche's Major Writings through 1994
(through 1996 for Fidelio and 21st Century)

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LaRouche's more recent writings

Books by LaRouche through 1994

Dialectical Economics
Boston: D.C. Heath, 1973
The Power of Reason: A Kind of An Autobiography
New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1979
Basic Economics for Conservative Democrats
New York: Citizens for LaRouche, 1980
What Every Conservative Should Know About Communism
New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1980
How to Defeat Liberalism and William F. Buckley
New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1980
Why Revival of ''SALT'' Won't Stop War
New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1980
Will the Soviets Rule in the 1980s?
New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1980
The Toynbee Factor in British Grand Strategy
[unpublished] 1982
The Lagos Plan of Action
[unpublished] 1982
There Are No Limits to Growth
New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1983
The Ugly Truth About Milton Friedman
New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1983
The Independent Democrats' 1984 Campaign
New York: Independent Democrats for LaRouche, 1984
Imperialism: The Final Stage of Bolshevism
New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1984
So, You Wish to Learn All About Economics?
A Text on Elementary Mathematical Economics

New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1984
A Program for America
New York: The LaRouche Democratic Campaign, 1985
Ni Kissinger, Ni Castro! (Spanish)
New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1985
The Power of Reason: 1988
Washington, D.C.: Executive Intelligence Review, 1987
In Defense of Common Sense
Washington, D.C.: Schiller Institute, 1989
The Science of Christian Economy, and Other Prison Writings
Washington, D.C.: Schiller Institute, 1991

Works appearing in Executive Intelligence Review
January 1994 to July 1996 (go here for his more recent writings)

January 1, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 1):
The Breakdown of the Elites and the Economic Crisis, speech for conference of the Schiller Institute and the Civil Rights Movement-Solidarity in Kiedrich, Germany, Dec. 9, 1993.
What John F. Kennedy Did to Turn the Economy Around, a selection from a 1991 Science Policy Memorandum published by the Schiller Institute, titled Cold Fusion: Challenge to U.S. Science Policy
January 28, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 5):
The Failure of Communist Economics, Jan. 8 memorandum on the alternatives available to Russia.
Moscow Paper Prints LaRouche Open Letter to Russian Leaders, reprint of letter which appeared in the Jan. 10 issue of the Moscow weekly Oppozitsiya.
Sovereignty of Nation-States Coheres with Natural Law, interview which first appeared in the Jan. 7 Croatian weekly magazine Hrvatski Rukopis.
February 25, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 9):
The Science of Physical Economy as the Platonic Epistemological Basis for All Branches of Human Knowledge, Part 1.
March 4, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 10):
The Science of Physical Economy as the Platonic Epistemological Basis for All Branches of Human Knowledge, Part 2.
March 11, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 10):
The Science of Physical Economy as the Platonic Epistemological Basis for All Branches of Human Knowledge, Part 3.
March 18, 1994 (Vol. 22, No. 12):
Kashmir: Don't Fall for the British Trap, remarks delivered to a conference of the Schiller Institute, Feb. 19-20 in Washington, D.C.
March 25, 1994 (Vol. 22, No. 13):
Dialogue with Lyndon LaRouche: Development and Freedom Are the Same, dialogue with African participants at a conference of the Schiller Institute, Feb. 20 in Washington, D.C.
April 1, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 14):
LaRouche Links Colosio Hit, Assault on U.S. Presidency, emergency news release issued on March 24 on learning of the assassination of Mexican Presidential Candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio.
April 8, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 15):
It Is Your Presidency They Are Assaulting, foreword to a booklet, ''Assault on the Presidency,'' published by A LaRouche Exploratory Committee.
April 15, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 16):
Yahoos Don't Tithe, analysis of the British Empire's reincarnation at the headquarters of the United Nations.
April 22, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 17):
A Science-Driver Program to End Russia's Depression, excerpts from a special report published by EIR Nachrichtenagentur GmbH in Germany, and by EIR News Service, Inc., in the United States.
April 29, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 18):
British Back-Stabbing of the U.S. Continues, article written on April 21.
30 Years of Dumbing Down Your Children, released in April.
May 13, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 20):
Solving Russia's Economic Crisis: A Question of Scientific Method, address to the Economics Academy of the Russian Federation Ministry of Economics in Moscow on April 25.
Russia, Do Not Repeat the West's Mistakes, presentation to a seminar at the Institute for Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION) in Moscow on April 28.
May 20, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 21):
The Oasis Plan: Development Is the Key to Peace in the Mideast, address to the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow on April 27.
June 3, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 23):
British Cultural Warfare Is to Blame for Africa's Crisis, address to the Institute of Africa of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow on April 27.
June 10, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 24):
LaRouche in Dialogue with Russian Science, transcript of lecture and discussion in Moscow on April 28 with 60 Russian scientists, ioncluding Dr. Pobisk Kuznetsov, chairman of the Scientific Council on Problems of Projecting Large-Scale Systems on the Basis of Physically Measurable Magnitudes.
June 17, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 25):
In Music, There Is a Scientific Principle Which Ennobles the Soul, keynote presentation to the conference for a Marian Anderson National Conservatory Movement on May 28, 1994 at Howard University in Washington, D.C.
June 24, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 26):
The Coming Disintegration of Financial Markets, feature article.
July 1, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 27):
Of What Is Leo Szilard Guilty? comments on the uproar around the book Special Tasks, by former Soviet spymaster Pavel Sudoplatov et al.
August 26, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 34):
Will the Cairo Conference Fail? commentary on the upcoming Sept. 5-13 United Nations International Conference on Population and Development.
October 28, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 43):
The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor, prologue and epilogue to EIR Special Report.
November 4, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 44):
United States Policy on the Reunification of Germany, reprint of the historic speech delivered on Oct. 12, 1988 at a press conference in Berlin.
November 18, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 46):
And How We Were Shrunk, commentary on the cultural ''paradigm-shift'' following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
December 16, 1994 (Vol. 21, No. 50):
Organizing a Recovery from the Impending Collapse, keynote speech to a conference of the Schiller Institute in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 30.

Articles by LaRouche appearing in Fidelio magazine

Winter 1992 (Vol. I, No. 1):
The Science of Music: Solution to Plato's Paradox of 'The One and the Many', Foreword to the Schiller Institute's A Manual on the Rudiments of Tuning and Registration, Book I.
Spring 1992 (Vol. I, No. 2):
The Classical Idea: Natural and Artistic Beauty, excerpted from the Preface to the Schiller Institute's A Manual on the Rudiments of Tuning and Registration, Book I.
Fall 1992 (Vol. I, No. 3):
On the Subject of Metaphor.
Winter 1992 (Vol. I, No. 4):
Mozart's 1782-1786 Revolution in Music, written July 1992.
Reprinted in Executive Intelligence Review, Jan. 27, 2017.
Spring 1993 (Vol. II, No. 1):
On the Subject of God, written July 1992.
Summer 1993 (Vol. II, No. 2):
How Albert Pike Proved Himself a KKK Criminal, released on Feb. 21, 1993.
Fall 1993 (Vol. II, No. 3):
History As Science -- America 2000, written on Feb. 8, 1993.
Winter 1993 (Vol. II, No. 4):
The Spirit of the Golden Renaissance Is Mankind's Best Hope, keynote audiotaped address to a conference of the Schiller Institute on Sept. 4, 1993 in Tysons Corner, Virginia.
Spring 1994 (Vol. III, No. 1):
LaRouche in Dialogue with the Intelligentsia of Russia, transcripts of a May 10, 1993 discussion with Prof. Taras V. Muranivsky of the Russian State University for the Humanities, and a Nov. 1, 1993 discussion with Russian Democratic Union co-founder Viktor A. Kuzin, who visited Mr. LaRouche in prison. On LaRouche's Discovery, written Nov. 21, 1993.
Summer 1994 (Vol. III, No. 2):
The Truth about Temporal Eternity, written March 14, 1994.
Fall 1994 (Vol. III, No. 3):
How Bertrand Russell Became an Evil Man, written July 28, 1994.
Winter 1994 (Vol. III, No. 4):
The Fraud of Algebraic Causality, written Oct. 3, 1994.
Spring 1995 (Vol. IV, No. 1):
What Is God, That Man Is Made in His Image? written March 18, 1995.
Fall 1995 (Vol. IV, No. 3):
We Must Attack the Mathematicians to Solve the Economic Crisis, lecture at the Methodological University in Moscow on June 8, 1995.
On the Economic Crisis and the 'Structures of Sin', delivered to a symposium on ''Development is the New Name for Peace'' in Warsaw, Poland, on June 10, 1995.
Winter 1996 (Vol. IV, No. 4):
Non-Newtonian Mathematics for Economists
Spring 1996 (Vol. V, No. 1):
How Hobbes' Mathematics Misshaped Modern History, written January 19, 1996.
Summer 1996 (Vol. V, No. 2):
'Homeostatic' Simulation, March 16 reply to an inquiry concerning computer simulation of physical-economic processes.

Articles by LaRouche appearing in
21st Century Science & Technology through Spring 1996 (go here for more recent issues)

November-December 1988 (Vol. 1, Nos. 5-6):
Designing Cities in the Age of Mars Colonization.
July-August 1989 (Vol. 2, No. 4):
Brunelleschi and the Quantization of Space.
Summer 1994 (Vol. 7, No. 2):
An Economist's View of Gauss's 'Pentagramma Mirificum'.
Spring 1995 (Vol. 8, No. 1):
An Interview with Lyndon H. LaRouche:
On Creativity, Technology, and Transforming the World
Summer 1995 (Vol. 8, No. 2):
Affordable Energy Is Not Enough.
Fall 1995 (Vol. 8, No. 3):
Kenneth Arrow Runs Out of Ideas, But Not Words, exposé of Science magazine's promotion of environmentalist mumbo-jumbo as ''peer-reviewed, objective science.''
Winter 1995-1996 (Vol. 8, No. 4):
Riemann Refutes Euler, foreword to the first English translation of Bernhard Riemann's Philosophical Fragments.
Spring 1996 (Vol. 9, No. 1):
How Hobbes's Mathematics Misshaped Modern History, written January 19, 1996.

Strategic Studies by LaRouche

Rockefeller: Fascism with a Democratic Face, 1974
The Question of Stalinism Today, 1975
The Case of Walter Lippmann, 1976
The Danger of General War, 1976
The Men Behind Jimmy Carter's Bid for a Thermonuclear War, 1976
How Kissinger and McNamara Wrecked U.S. Military Capacities, 1977
The Failure of Communist Ideology, 1977
Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites, 1979
An Open Dialogue With Leonid Brezhnev:
The Content of Policy Is the Method by Which It Is Made
, 1980
The Principles of Statecraft for Defining a New ''North-South'' Order, 1981
Only Beam-Weapons Could Bring to an End
the Kissingerian Age of Mutual Thermonuclear Terror
, 1982
The EIR's Policy of Republican Grand Strategy for the United States, 1983
President Reagan's New Strategic Doctrine, 1983
The Shooting Down of KAL 7 and Moscow's ''Third Rome'' Strategy, 1983
A New Policy for the NATO Alliance, 1983
U.S. Policy Toward Israel: A Much-Needed Shift in Emphasis, 1984
A Renewal and Expansion of John Quincy Adams' ''Monroe Doctrine' Policy, 1984
The Long-Term Strategy for the U.S.A.:
A Democratic Alternative to the Wohlstetter Report
, 1988

Area Studies by LaRouche

A Machiavellian Solution for Israel, 1978
A Theory for the Development of African Labor, 1979
Economics and Population: How Mexico and the United States
Can Create An Oil-for-Technology Boom
, 1980
U.S. Middle East Policy, 1980
A 'Gaullist' Solution For Italy's Monetary Crisis, 1980
LaRouche Emergency Policy on Lebanon, 1981
The Design for a Leibnizian Academy of Morocco, 1983

A Fifty-Year Development Policy for the Indian-Pacific Oceans Basin, 1983
The Implications of Beam-Weapon Technology
for the Military Doctrine of Argentina
, 1983
Saudi Arabia in the Year 2000, 1983

Draft Constitution of the Commonwealth of Canada, 1984
Ibero-America's Strategy to Defeat the Coming Financial Collapse, 1986
''The LaRouche Plan'': The Strategic Mission of the United States in Central and South American Conflict with the U.S.S.R., 1987
Prospects for a Time of Troubles: The Example of India, 1987
The Only Real Basis for Middle East Peace, 1990

Policy Studies by LaRouche

What Happened to Integration? 1975
A National Strategy for Control of Crime, 1978
The LaRouche Plan for a Nuclear-Based America, 1979
Science vs. Scarcity: High-Tech Agriculture Can Feed the World, 1980
America Must Go Nuclear! 1980
War Against Liberal School Reforms, 1981
The New Standard American English Curriculum for Effective U.S. Public Schools, 1981
The Pestilence of Usury, 1981
Systems Analysis: White Collar Genocide, 1982
Won't You Please Give Your Grandchildren a Drink of Fresh Water? 1982
The Nazi-Soviet Alliance Behind International Terrorism, 1983
The Policy Crises Facing the Presidential Campaign of 1983-84, 1982
A New Community of Principle Based on the American System, 1984
Beam Weapons, the New Industrial Revolution and the Forgotten Man, 1985
Spread Panic, Not AIDS, 1985
The American Ideology: The Most Dangerous Threat to U.S. National Security, 1985
Pseudo-Christian Cults Being Spread to Destroy
the Morals and Minds of the Population of the U.S.A.
, 1985
Fifteen Point Program for a War on Drugs, 1985
Malthusianism Is Genocide, 1985
Saving Our Children: Reintroducing Classical Education
to the Secondary Curriculum
, 1986
Why We Urgently Need a Strategic Defense Initiative, 1986
The Essential Role of the Concept of ''Victory'' in Defining
"Grand Strategy'' of Our Alliance
, 1986
My Program Against AIDS, 1987
The Effect of the Economy on the Institution of the Family, 1987
Solving the Crash of 1987-88, 1987
The LaRouche Plan for Victory Over AIDS, 1988
School Integration and Busing: A Fresh Look, 1988
The Great Crisis of 1989-1992, 1990

Economic Reform Proposals by LaRouche

The International Development Bank, 1975
The Emergency Unemployment Act of 1975
LaRouche Warns: Volcker's Measures Will Lead to Disaster, 1979
Calculating New Agricultural Parity--
Candidate LaRouche's Statement on the Farm Problem
, 1980
Why Credit Can Be Greatly Expanded Without Adding to Inflation, 1980
Halting and Reversing the New ''Herbert Hoover'' Economic Depression, 1980
The Theory of the New World Economic Order, 1982
What Is an Economic Shockwave? 1982
Operation Juárez, 1982

The Role of a Debtors' Cartel in Bringing President Franklin Roosevelt's
Anti-Colonialist Policy Into Immediate Actuality
, 1983
Stopping the Present Spiral of Worldwide Financial Collapse, 1984
How We Can End the Federal Budget Deficit, 1984
The American System, the Debt, and the Sovereignty of Mexico, 1986
Emergency Action Against U.S. Banking Collapse, 1986
The World Economic Depression in Progress:
Why It Happened and How Recovery Must Be Organized
, 1986

Works on Science and the Arts
by LaRouche

Plan for a Humanist Education of Intelligence Services [unpublished]
Beyond Psycholanalysis, 1973
The Sexual Impotence of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party, 1973
The Passion and Second Coming of L.D. Trotsky, 1974 (with K. Ghandhi)
The Case of Ludwig Feuerbach, 1974
Laughter, Music and Creativity, 1976
The Karl Marx Karl Marx Did Not Know, 1977
The Witchcraft of Christians Who Are Not Christians, 1978
Poe's Conception of Poetry, 1978
What Is a Humanist Academy? 1978
Kennedy Murder Conspiracy Out in the Open, 1978
Now, Do You Sleep With One Eye Open? Inoculate the U.S. Against the Cult Epidemic, 1978
The Fallacy of Scalar Elementarity, 1979
Establishing a Science of Ethics, 1979
What Are the Labor Committees Today? 1979
The Principle of Composition, 1979
The Hostile Fantasy World of Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1979
Plato and the New Political Science:
An Introduction to a New Translation of Plato's Timaeus
, 1979
The Cantor Transfinite in Music and Poetry, 1979
A Dialogue With America, 1980
The Day They Bombed Chicago, A Short Story, 1981
Russian History Briefly, From an American Whig Standpoint, 1982
Poetry Must Begin to Supersede Mathematics in Physics, 1982
Justice and Natural Law, 1984
Immanuel Kant--The Most Evil Man of the Last 200 Years, 1984
The Science of the Human Mind, 1984
What Is Music? In Celebration of Beethoven's Birthday, 1984
Church and State: A Rebuttal of Senator Edward Kennedy and Governor Mario Cuomo, 1984
A Certain Difference Between the Great Jesse Owens and the Present Jesse Jackson, 1985
The Pope's Synod and the Interpretation of International Law, 1985
The Moon-Mars Mission and the Issue of Morality in Science, 1986 SDI and Mars Colonization: Examples of the Way in Which
Science Performs as an Expression of the Absolute Good
, 1986
Brunelleschi's Dome and the Quantitization of Space, 1986
The Science and Technology Needed to Colonize Mars, 1986
The Science of Poetry, 1986
The Theory of the Satanist Personality, 1989
Beethoven As a Physical Scientist, 1989
Project A, 1990
''Cold Fusion:'' A Challenge to U.S. Science Policy, 1992

Studies Coordinated by LaRouche

Dope, Inc.: Britain's Opium War Against the U.S.
New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1978
LaRouche: Will This Man Become President?
New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1983

Dope, Inc.: Boston Bankers and Soviet Commissars
New York: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1986
La integración iberoamericana (Spanish)
New York and Caracas: New Benjamin Franklin House, 1986
Global Showdown: The Russian Imperial War Plan for 1988
Washington, D.C.: Executive Intelligence Review, 1987

Global Showdown Escalates: The Zero Option and the Berlin Crisis of 1987
Washington, D.C.: Executive Intelligence Review, 1987

Project Democracy: The ''Parallel Government'' Behind the Iran-Contra Affair
Washington, D.C.: Executive Intelligence Review, 1987
Dope, Inc.: The Book That Drove Kissinger Crazy
Washington, D.C.: Executive Intelligence Review, 1992

LaRouche's National Television Addresses to America

Broadcast from LaRouche's 1976 Presidential campaign:
Why the Men Behind Carter Are Committed to Nuclear War - November 1, 1976
Broadcasts from LaRouche's 1984 Presidential campaign:
LaRouche Calls for National Defense Emergency Mobilization - January 21, 1984
Stopping the Worldwide Economic Collapse - February 4, 1984
Reopen America's Steel Plants Now! - March 17-18, 1984
Great Projects versus Kissinger Genocide - March 17, 1984
Henry A. Kissinger: Soviet Agent of Influence - March 26, 1984
The United States Under President Reagan's 'Hoover' Recovery - April 27, 1984
The Ominous Crisis in U.S. Defense Policy - May 31, 1984
Stopping the Present Spiral of Worldwide Financial Collapse - June 1, 1984
Solving the Catastrophe in U.S. Foreign Policy - June 2, 1984
A Sane and Effective U.S. Defense Policy - June 11, 1984
EIR Issues Report on 'Global Showdown:
The Russian Imperial War Plan for 1988' - July 24, 1984
The Emerging Food Crisis in the United States - September 3, 1984
Why the Soviet Government Supports Walter Mondale and Fears LaRouche - November 5, 1984
Operation Juárez - November 5, 1984
Broadcasts from LaRouche's 1988 Democratic Presidential primary campaign:
Who Is Lyndon LaRouche? - Feburary 4, 1988
The Woman on Mars - March 3, 1988
The Test of Fire - April 12, 1988
Nothing Short of Victory: War Against AIDS - June 4, 1988
The Great Food Crisis of 1989-1990 - October 1 & 3, 1988
The Winter of Our Discontent - October 31, 1988
The Trial of Socrates - November 4, 1988
Broadcasts from LaRouche's 1992 Democratic Presidential primary campaign:
The Man George Bush Fears the Most - February 1, 1992
The Industrial Recovery of the United States - March 8, 1992
Why Lyndon LaRouche Is in Jail - May 22, 1992