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Don't Be a Pawn for
London's Genocidal Games
against Nigeria

Report by Executive Intelligence Review

The weekly news magazine Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) released the following report on Aug. 31, 1995, denouncing the London-directed anti-Nigeria operations of the so-called National Democratic Coalition of Nigeria as a design to set off genocidal civil war in Nigeria. Mr. LaRouche, who currently serves as a Contributing Editor to EIR, is currently reviewing this report in relation to his Presidential campaign's foreign policy.

Aug. 31 (EIRNS)--All those lending their support to operations currently being conducted by the so-called National Democratic Coalition of Nigeria are either witting tools or duped fools of a genocidal plan devised in London to obliterate Nigeria as a nation by plunging it into murderous civil war. Investigation into the London-headquartered so-called NADECO operation shows it to be nothing but a wholly owned and operated franchise of Baroness Lynda Chalker, the British Minister of Overseas Development, a.k.a the British Colonial Office.

On Aug. 28, NADECO from its Washington, D.C. office issued a letter to President Bill Clinton protesting the visit to the United States of 10 Nigerian leaders on invitation of the Schiller Institute, founded by American statesman Lyndon LaRouche. The visiting delegation includes six members of the recently concluded Constitutional Conference in Nigeria, most notably Chief Odumegwu-Ojukwu, former head of state of the Republic of Biafra. NADECO, in a letter signed by "Chief Ralph Obioha," claimed that the granting of visas to the Nigerian delegation violated a Presidential Proclamation against supporters of the Nigerian government of President Sani Abacha. On Aug. 30, NADECO led a rally against the delegation at the embassy of Nigeria in Washington, with Randall Robinson of the Ford Foundation-funded TransAfrica Institute playing the role of lead rabble-rouser.

NADECO's aims, according to one of its controllers, is to put the United States on a confrontation course with Nigeria, to force the overthrow of the Abacha government, and to reinstall in Nigeria Abacha's opponents who can be depended upon to reinstate the Structural Adjustment Programs of the International Monetary Fund in Nigeria. This scenario is in reality a design to plunge Nigeria into murderous austerity and fratricidal civil war.

London's design for Nigeria is part of its plans to destroy the three most important nation-states of Africa--Nigeria, Sudan, and South Africa, and clear the continent for the full exploitation of its resources by such backers of Lynda Chalker as Unilever, Royal Dutch Shell, and Anglo-American, the primary underpinnings of the British monarchy.

London's Stooges against Nigeria

On June 8, 1995, Chalker declared war on the Abacha government, with a statement to the House of Commons that she would move to have Nigeria suspended from the British Commonwealth unless the Sani Abacha government were removed. Britain had cut all aid to Nigeria in 1994.

On July 13, Chalker is known to have held her second meeting with NADECO chairman Bolaji Akinyemi. As reported by Africa Analysis July 14: "Akinyemi is encouraged by the signs that the former [sic] colonial power is willing to 'turn the screws' on the Abacha regime."

Chalker's pet operatives against Nigeria prominently include:

Mashood Abiola
Now residing in jail in Nigeria, Abiola is one of the wealthiest businessmen of West Africa, who tried to buy the Nigerian presidency in elections in 1993. His credentials as the rallying point for a "democracy movement" for Nigeria have been tarnished by the fact that he made his fortune as the ITT bagman for the Mideast and Africa.

Randall Echolls
The official public relations agent for Abiola in the United States, Echolls's office is right down the hall from that of NADECO at 901 East Capitol St. in Washington. Echolls was alerted by Henry Kissinger's Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington that a Nigeria delegation had been invited to the U.S. by the Schiller Institute, and promptly crossed the hall and instigated the NADECO letter to Clinton. He then called upon TransAfrica, Interfaith Action, and "other grass roots organizations" to protest the delegation and to rally outside the Nigerian embassy Aug. 30. The Clinton administration's relation with Nigeria, says Echolls, "is disgraceful." Echolls told an inquirer Aug. 30 that he works "closely with all" British organizations on Nigeria, and praised the report on Nigeria produced by the British Parliament Commission on Human Rights led by Lord Avebury.

Olusegun Obasanjo
Now residing in jail in Nigeria, on charges of plotting a coup against Abacha in March 1995, Obasanjo is a former President of Nigeria. After leaving government, he was forwarded to the United Nations and to the U.S. A frequenter of Kissinger's Center for Strategic and International Studies, he is a member of the board of the multibillion dollar Ford Foundation, which is one of the few funders of London's Royal Institute of International Affairs. Obasanjo was to be present as a speaker at a Chatham House conference in March on "Britain's Role in the World," next to Lynda Chalker, but was precluded from speaking by his arrest in Nigeria.

Randall Robinson
The executive director of TransAfrica, Randall Robinson has led the effort to turn Nigeria into the "new Haiti" for the Clinton administration. TransAfrica is heavily endowed with grants from the Obasanjo's Ford Foundation. Robinson is on the board of the New York Council on Foreign Relations, the official American sister to Chatham House.

Bolaji Akinyemi
Married to a British national, Akinyemi resides in London, where NADECO is headquartered. The former foreign minister under the pro-IMF Babangida regime from 1986-1990, Akinyemi in 1993 called upon Abacha to step in and save Nigeria from disintegration, but then turned against the government, when Abacha failed to reward Akinyemi with the foreign minister portfolio. He moved to London, where he founded NADECO with other disgruntled Nigerians. NADECO was reportedly funded primarily by Abiola, but since June has come under the increasing direct sponsorship of Chalker. Prior to joining the Babangida government, Akinyemi was director of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, the sister organization to Chatham House in Nigeria.

Lynda Chalker: London's Pyromaniac in Africa

According to Abiola's front man Randall Echolls, "If more people became outraged at which is occurring in Nigeria, if it got out of control, it will make Rwanda, Haiti, look like child's play. I think it is on the horizon."

That is precisely London's goal. Through the man she claims to be her best friend in Africa, Ugandan tinpot dictator Yoweri Museveni, Chalker has succeeded in turning the East African countries of Rwanda and Burundi into a killing field. Chalker instigated with Museveni the April 1994 invasion of Rwanda by the "Rwandan Patriotic Front," which is nothing more than a section of Museveni's National Resistance Army of Uganda. The results of the RPF invasion, in the context of the overthrow of the Hutu and first elected president of Burundi, Melchior Ndayaye, in October 1993, were completely predictable: a frenzy of panicked and desperate violence.

Chalker is not finished. With Chalker's backing, Uganda is now threatening a direct attack on Sudan, in retaliation for the military defeats of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army of John Garang, which has been bankrolled by the London's Lonrho Corporation, through Uganda.

Museveni has marauded Kenya with the Ugandan-hatched February 18th Movement. Chalker herself declared war on Kenyan elected President Daniel Arap Moi, in the same way she has declared war on Abacha in Nigeria, and has cut all bilateral aid to Kenya. On Aug. 1, President Moi denounced Chalker's colonialist behavior: "See this British lady, just a woman, comes to Kenya and says, 'do this and do that.' It is as if she is handling kindergarten schools kids, she is like their headmistress. We must be respected. God gave us this country, and we must be respected."

Chalker has given the green light for more war in Rwanda, with the U.N.'s lifting of the arms embargo against Rwanda on Aug. 21. Chalker is the only official in the world to defend the RPF's massacre of 8,000 men, women, and mostly children at the Kibeho refugee camp in southwestern Rwanda. The RPF, which acts directly in conjunction with the Ugandan military and the Burundi Tutsi military, is now poised for war against Zaire.

In Burundi, Chalker has given the green light to the "ethnic cleansing" of this country, where Hutu intellectuals are being systematically murdered, along with male Hutu school children. When U.S. Ambassador Robert Krueger spoke out against the slaughter of Hutus, his life was threatened and his convoy was attacked.

Do not think that Chalker and her ilk will hestitate to carry out such atrocities in Nigeria. As Chalker noted when she triumphantly visited the cholera-stricken refugee camps of Goma, Zaire, in June 1994: "Of course, when one comes face to face with death ... in their hundreds, or as in Goma, in their thousands, I feel it. But I don't allow it to cloud my judgment."

Think again before you answer the "grass roots" call of Lynda Chalker's stooges in the United States. Are you willing to bear the murderous consequences of being a pawn in London's genocide in Africa?

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