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This article appears in the July 9, 1999 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Ehrlichs:
Two Genocidal Maniacs
Whom Al Gore Loves

by Scott Thompson

In an article in the June 18 Washington Post entitled "AIDS Activists Dog Gore a 2nd Day," the Post's authors reported that AIDS protesters from a group called AIDS Drugs for Africa showed up at Vice President Al Gore, Jr.'s campaign events on Wall Street, to demonstrate against him. According to the group, in recent talks with South Africa's new President, Thabo Mbeki, Gore threatened to cut off all U.S. economic aid unless South Africa abandoned plans to both manufacture and import cheaper generic drugs to fight AIDS. While the activists charge that Gore "is doing drug companies' dirty work," by insisting that the drug companies' patent rights take precedence over saving African lives, the real story, as EIR uniquely has reported it, is far uglier.

Al Gore is a leading peddler of Henry Kissinger's genocidal National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200, see box), which targets the darker-skinned populations of this planet for early extinction. Gore wrote the introduction to Paul and Anne Ehrlich's book The Population Explosion: From Global Warming to Rain Forest Destruction, Famine and Air and Water Pollution—Why Overpopulation Is Our #1 Environmental Problem (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1990), Gore thoroughly endorsed their demand for radical population reduction measures in the world's poorest countries. The Ehrlichs argue that AIDS is merely the latest of numerous pandemic diseases that have resulted from overpopulation, in places such as Africa, where they believe that AIDS originated.

The Post reported: "At the heart of the dispute is a South African law designed to give AIDS patients access to cheaper drugs. U.S. pharmaceutical companies see the law—which allows South Africa's health minister to bring in less expensive imported AIDS drugs or locally produced generics—as an infringement on their patent protection. They have pushed aggressively for help in Congress and at the White House, even proposing that foreign aid to South Africa be cut off."

A Gore aide told the Post, "Obviously the Vice President's got to stick up for the commercial interests of U.S. companies."

Last August, when Vice President Gore met with Mbeki, who was then Deputy President, Gore's office confirmed that the patent dispute was "a central focus" of the discussions. There are at least 6 million South Africans infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and the new South African law permitting the use of generic drugs would dramatically reduce the cost of the most effective, life-prolonging drug combinations, which now cost more than $800 per month, an expense that few South Africans can afford.

Gore's mind-set is that of a genocidalist. According to the Ehrlich book, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is cited as one of the leading figures worldwide who "have taken courageous stands on the population issue and its connection to the environmental problems." As EIR has reported, Gore has conducted extensive meetings and correspondence with both Prince Philip and Prince Charles, the leading eco-fascist genocidalists of this century. Prince Philip, for example, has stated: "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."

Given these sentiments of his co-thinker, Prince Philip, Gore's genocidal threat to cut South Africa off from affordable AIDS treatment is a decision based first and foremost on a belief that those South Africans who are HIV-infected are "useless eaters." In The Population Explosion, the Ehrlichs sound, like Prince Philip, almost disappointed that AIDS has not done enough to reduce human population: "Computer projections suggest that, even in Africa, mortality from the disease alone (as opposed to social breakdown or economic effects) is unlikely to bring an end to population growth. While AIDS could turn out to be the global epidemic that brutally controls the population explosion by raising death rates, the strains of the virus that have so far been observed seem not to have that capacity. In truth, it is impossible at the moment to predict what will happen."

The Ehrlichs deride as "fringe groups" those who call for the quarantine of AIDS victims, to assure both that the contagion's spread is contained and that AIDS victims receive the most advanced treatment available.

Only in Hitler's wildest dreams

Paul and Anne Ehrlich are genocidalists on a scale only dreamt of by Adolf Hitler. Had they their way, they would reduce the world's population by several billion people, based on the scientifically illiterate hoax that the present world population of more than 6 billion people is beyond the "population carrying capacity" of the Earth.

Their pseudo-scientific hoaxes blame environmental (often fraudulent) problems on "overpopulation," rather than on the real causes: the financial oligarchy's systematic attack on scientific and technological progress, which has escalated since the British-orchestrated 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who dreamt of man's colonizing the solar system and thence the universe.

Yet, the Ehrlichs have a mutual admiration society with one man—Gore. Gore's 1992 book Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit, as an article in the New Federalist (the weekly newspaper of the LaRouche movement) demonstrated, could not be differentiated from the Unabomber's "Manifesto" when passages from each were laid next to one another. Gore's book, otherwise known as Mein Planet, was written while he was in intensive meetings and correspondence with Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

On the cover jacket of The Population Explosion, the Ehrlichs report that their book won great praise from then-Senator Gore:

"Senator Albert Gore, Jr. says, 'Paul and Anne Ehrlich point out that humankind has entered into a brand-new relationship with Planet Earth. For the first time, our numbers threaten the ecological system that supports life as we know it....

" 'The time for action is due, and past due. The Ehrlichs have written the prescriptions.... If every candidate for public office were to read and understand this book, we would all live in a more peaceful, sane, and secure world.' "

The Ehrlichs give political kudos to Gore: "Taking on bad politicians is not the only effective action you can take. You can encourage good ones.... For example ... write to them and let them know how grateful you are for their efforts. Do ... [this] for Albert Gore (Democratic Senator, Tennessee) ... and others who have made the effort to become well informed on population/environment problems."

Given that Gore is now a candidate for the year 2000 Democratic Presidential nomination, this mutual admiration society with the Ehrlichs, who repeatedly hammer their neo-feudalist argument that the standard of living in the United States should be reduced more than 100-fold, to the level of a Bangladeshi, eeking out a precarious existence on a flood plain, ought to scare the wits out of every American citizen. How can Gore take an oath of office, pledging to support the Constitution with its "General Welfare" clause, while sponsoring people who advocate cutting in half the population of the nation he would lead?

In a discussion with this author, Anne Ehrlich stated that she and her husband first got to know Gore when the three were collaborating to study the effects of "nuclear winter." In The Population Explosion there is a section entitled "The Bang, the Whimper, and the Alternative," where the Ehrlichs discuss, along the lines of NSSM 200, some of the "national security" aspects of "overpopulation." Projecting that "climatic changes" caused by "overpopulation" might lead to famine in the former U.S.S.R. and the United States, the Ehrlichs state that desperate world leaders might resort to thermonuclear war, resulting in global cooling from the debris thrown into the atmosphere: nuclear winter.

"The population explosion contributes to international tensions and therefore makes a nuclear holocaust more likely. Most people in our society can visualize the horrors of a large-scale nuclear war followed by nuclear winter. We call that possible end to our civilization 'the Bang.' Hundreds of millions of people would be killed outright, and billions more would follow the disruption of the agricultural systems and other indirect effects largely caused by the disruption of ecosystem services. It would be the ultimate 'death-rate solution' to the population problem."

Although Anne Ehrlich stated that this is how she and her husband had come to know Gore, she refused to release any correspondence among them on this subject or any other on the environmental impact of overpopulation.

Everything but the kitchen sink

In The Population Explosion, the Ehrlichs blame every human catastrophe, whether real or imagined, on overpopulation. What problems do the Ehrlichs attribute to "overpopulation"? Under the heading "Making the Population Connection," they state: "Global warming, acid rain, depletion of the ozone layer, vulnerability to epidemics, and exhaustion of soils and groundwater are all, as we shall see, related to population size. They are also clear and present dangers to the persistence of civilization. Crop failures due to global warming alone might result in the premature deaths of a billion or more people in the next few decades, and the AIDS epidemic could slaughter hundreds of millions. Together these would constitute a harsh 'population control' program provided by nature in the face of humanity's refusal to put into place a gentler program of its own" (emphasis added).

The Ehrlichs blame AIDS on overpopulation, rather than recognizing that the greatest periods of scientific and technological progress have resulted in a net increase in the energy-flux density of the biosphere, accompanied by a greater population "carrying capacity" per capita and per square kilometer. But, in the way that the Ehrlichs and their pal Gore rig the rules of the game, science is viewed as a danger that upsets the balance of "eco-systems," rather than being the solution, the way to improve the "General Welfare" of mankind.


If you scratch the surface of the Ehrlichs, and Gore, you find that all three are pagans who worship at the altar of Gaia, the Earth Mother goddess. All three reject the Book of Genesis, with its assertion that man is created in the living image of God. Man's cognitive reason enables him to discover validatable universal physical principles whose mastery is realized in the increase in relative population growth potential.

Thus, in The Population Explosion, the Ehrlichs savage Pope Paul VI for his 1968 encyclical, Humanae Vitae, which confirms the church's opposition to artificial birth control: "The bishops ... defended the encyclical by announcing that 'the world's food resources theoretically could feed 40 billion people.' " Even if possible, the Ehrlichs scoff, "Is any purpose served in turning Earth, in essence, into a gigantic human feedlot?"

Treating humans like animals to be slaughtered, the Ehrlichs never once question whether, properly managed, the scientific and technological breakthroughs to support 40 billion people at a high level of culture, might not translate into benefits for Earth, perhaps a re-creation of a veritable "Garden of Eden."

Instead, they respond to this vision of the bishops with childish sarcasm: "In one sense they were right. It's 'theoretically possible' to feed 40 billion people—in the sense that it's theoretically possible ... for you to play Russian roulette ten thousand times in a row with five out of six chambers loaded without blowing your brains out."

Virtual environmentalism

The key to the Ehrlichs' pseudo-scientific hoaxes is that they do not understand the fundamental scientific processes of the biosphere, but instead rely upon rigged computer models that give them a "virtual environmentalist" view of real world processes. For example, throughout The Population Explosion, they refer to computer models of the environment that "prove" that "overpopulation" is responsible for "global warming," even though they admit that they cannot be sure that there is actually a process of global warming under way. As to the computer model of the environment developed by the Ehrlichs, in their capacity as members of the Biological Sciences Department of Stanford University, a spokesman from their office stated that on questions of demographic overpopulation in general, they rely on the computer models of the United Nations and a non-governmental organization known as the Population Reference Board (PRB).

Anne Ehrlich refused to identify for this author the axiomatic assumptions that were built into the computer model that she and her husband claim proves that overpopulation causes global warming. (A spokesman for the PRB distanced his group from the Ehrlichs, stating: "They have their axe to grind, which is that overpopulation is the cause of every human catastrophe.")

The fundamental problem with the "virtual environmentalism" of a computer model is the old problem of "garbage in, garbage out." Whatever axiomatic assumptions are made, the computer model deduces the conclusion from changes in the computer's "virtual reality," which may have absolutely no bearing upon the scientific principles that determine events in the real world. Even Anne Ehrlich admitted to this author that the computer models that they had employed in The Population Explosion could not account for the anti-entropic discovery by the human mind of the results of a breakthrough in fusion power, or even mass construction of safe, dependable nuclear fission power plants. Instead, she pooh-poohed the prospects for both.

In reality, environmentalists have used the courtroom to stop the development of these non-polluting energy sources that do not give off carbon dioxide, can be used efficiently to desalinate water for irrigation, and, with the use of a fusion torch, could transmute garbage into any basic element of a so-called "non-renewable" natural resource that is needed.

However, in The Population Explosion, the Ehrlichs do give a formula that seems to explain how they rig their computer models: "The impact of any human group on the environment can be usefully viewed as the product of three different factors. The first is the number of people. The second is some measure of the average person's consumption of resources (which is also an index of affluence). Finally, the product of those two factors—the population and its per-capita consumption—is multiplied by an index of the environmental disruptiveness of the technologies that provide the goods consumed. The last factor can also be viewed as the environmental impact per quantity of consumption. In short, Impact = Population×Affluence×Technology, or I = PAT....

"To illustrate how this interaction works, suppose that, by dint of great effort, humanity managed to reduce the average per-capita consumption of resources on the planet (A in the I = PAT) by 5% and improved its technologies (T) so that they did 5% less damage, on the average. This would reduce the total impact (I) of humanity by roughly 10%. Unless population growth (P) were restrained, however, its growth would bring the total impact back to the previous levels in less than six years."

It is no wonder that the Ehrlichs praise Parson Malthus as the first reasonable economist. It was Malthus, an oligarchs' lackey, who argued that there will always be periodic famine and plague, because population grows geometrically while agricultural productivity grows arithmetically. Like him, the Ehrlichs have placed an artificial limit on the rate at which scientific and technological invention can occur—repudiating the "science driver" levels of investment to develop fission and fusion power.

It is through these vicious, oligarchy-inspired axiomatic assumptions, that the Ehrlichs rig their computer models to demonstrate that human discovery can never keep up with human procreation.

American children 'are 100 times more toxic'

The Ehrlichs use their "oligarchs' arithmetic" in I = PAT to argue that every child born in America—which they have proclaimed "overpopulated," despite its vast uninhabited reaches of land—is more than 100 times more toxic to the environment than a child born in the Third World. In a section of The Population Explosion entitled "Comparative Impacts," the Ehrlichs develop their argument as follows:

"Overpopulation in rich nations obviously represents a much greater threat to the health of the Earth's ecosystems than does population growth in poor nations. The rich contribute disproportionately to the problem of global warming, being responsible today for 80% of the injection of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels, and sharing responsibility for tropical deforestation, which also adds to the CO2 load....

"Unfortunately, nations do not even attempt to keep statistics on average per-capita environmental impact of their citizens—which, of course, is simply the combined A and T factors of I = PAT equation. So, in order to make reasonable comparisons, we must use a surrogate statistic for A×T (per-capita use of commercial energy). Much environmental damage is done in the mobilization of energy, and even more by its use.....

"According to that index of AT, a baby born in the United States represents twice the destructive impact on Earth's ecosystems and services they provide as one born in Sweden, 3 times one born in Italy, 13 times one born in Brazil, 35 times one in India, 140 times one in Bangladesh or Kenya, and 280 times one born in Chad, Rwanda, Haiti, or Nepal."

It is most important for the American electorate to know that would-be President Gore wrote in the most glowing terms about this analysis. Just as Gore refuses to permit South Africa to develop the medicines to treat those suffering from the deadly HIV/AIDS epidemic—effectively, medical apartheid—so he believes that the United States is dangerously overpopulated, and that for pseudo-scientific reasons of "virtual environmentalism," the population of the United States must be reduced. That means that you may be compelled to forgo access to human progress and family life, all to fit the false axiomatic assumptions of oligarchic lackeys like the Ehrlichs. Rather than pursuing the "General Welfare," a President Al Gore, Jr. will march America backward to a "New Dark Age."

It is a fundamental error to think that Gore is just "boring." The truth, as his close relations with the Ehrlichs and Prince Philip demonstrate, is that Al Gore, Jr. is a genocidal maniac. Yet, this hypocrite, who by his endorsement of the Ehrlichs' pseudo-science would halve the U.S. population, referred to "families" and "family values" 27 times in his speech announcing his candidacy for the Presidency in his hometown of Carthage, Tennessee. There can be no clearer evidence than this, that "Carthage" is evil and must be destroyed.

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