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appearing in EIR in 2000

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Note: This is a listing of only selected articles from this year. All articles from this year are available in PDF format in the EIR Archive.

Weimar-Style Inflation Pushes Energy, Destroying Economy
by Richard Freeman (December 20, 2000)

A Former Political Prisoner's Continuing Fight for Justice and Truth
Interview with Michael Billington (December 12, 2000)

Darbyism in Israel: Ariel Sharon
(December 2000)

Temple Mount Fundies Foment New Thirty Years' War
by an EIR Investigative Team (November 3, 2000)

The Quality Adjustment Method: How Statistical Fakery Wipes Out Inflation
by Richard Freeman (October 27, 2000)

A Tale of Two Lawsuits
by Jeffrey Steinberg (October 20, 2000)

Ariel Sharon Ignites New Middle East War
by Dean Andromidas (October 13, 2000)

Dubya's Grandpa and Great-Granddad Helped Put Adolf Hitler Into Power
by Anton Chaitkin (August 25, 2000)

On the Verge of World War IIIā€”And You Weren't Even Told!
by Jeffrey Steinberg (August 23, 2000)

Why Al Gore Does Not Fight AIDS Holocaust
by Scott Thompson (August 11, 2000)

`Black Like Me'? The Strange Saga of J. Edgar Hoover
by Edward Spannaus (August 4, 2000)

Exposed! CFR Bankers Plan for Financial Crash
by Richard Freeman (July 28, 2000)

How Abraham Lincoln Defeated `Vox Populi' and Saved the Nation
by Susan Welsh (July 28, 2000)

The Third Prophecy of Fatima: A Summons to Repentance
by Helga Zepp-LaRouche (July 21, 2000)

Princess Diana Murder Cover-Up Turns Deadly
by Jeffrey Steinberg (July 7, 2000)

Bank for International Settlements Issues a Warning
by John Hoefle (June 16, 2000)

FDR and Jean Monnet: The Battle vs. British Imperial Methods Can Be Won
by Jacques Cheminade (June 16, 2000)

Democrats Should Reject Gore: He Pushes Bush's Policies
by Michele Steinberg (May 28, 2000)

FDR's `New Deal': An Example of American System Economics
by Hartmut Cramer (May 28, 2000)

China Needs Protectionism and the Ideas of Friedrich List
by Jonathan Tennenbaum (May 12, 2000)

From Cybernetics to Littleton: Techniques of Mind Control
by Jeffrey Steinberg (May 5, 2000)

The Financial Bubble: Prosperity for Some, Tragedy for All
by John Hoefle (March 17, 2000)

Blood and Gore for Thatcher's Iraqi War
by Michele Steinberg (February 25, 2000)

Where Are Our Children, and What Are They Doing?
by Linda de Hoyos (February 20, 2000)

Saving the Nation-State Is Child's Play
by Dennis Small (February 20, 2000)

AIDS: Don't Be Fooled by Al `Adolf' Gore
by Scott Thompson (January 21, 2000)

A Century of British State-Sponsored Terror
by Michele Steinberg (January 21, 2000)

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