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This article appears in the April 27, 2001 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Teddy Goldsmith's Jacobin Terrorists
Re-emerge from the Trees

by Scott Thompson

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On April 20-22 an estimated 30,000 proto-terrorists and their support networks will re-emerge from the trees to try to stop the Summit of the Americas, where the heads of state of all Western Hemisphere countries (except Cuba) will be meeting to hammer our a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) under the umbrella of a new coalition calling itself A20. The FTAA represents a vast extension of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), that creates a free trade zone for Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. Although law enforcement and intelligence agencies have had months to prepare, as well as exchange information and tactics in dealing with the proto-terrorists, there is every possibility that security forces may be overwhelmed. This is particularly true not only in Quebec City, where the Summit of the Americas is being held and most of the proto-terrorists will gather for "direct action," but also along the U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico. At present, there is a potential for even more chaos than that which shutdown the November 29-3 December, 1999 Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Seattle, Washington.

And, had it not been for the lessons learned from this Seattle, law enforcement and intelligence services would have been overwhelmed, when the A16 coalition forces gathered in Washington, D.C. to carry out "direct action" incidents to disrupt the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund with the World Bank. As the Canadian Security Intelligence Service states in its August 22, 2000 report, "Anti-Globalization--A Spreading Phenomenon," however, despite the "shock and surprise" at the disruption of the WTO meeting, there had already been the precedent of J18, which was the name of the proto-terrorist actions against the June 18, 1999 G8 Summit in Cologne, Germany, that saw Europe wide "direct action," that was particular ferocious in Britain, that suffered one million pounds of damage.

What is particularly ominous since these events is not only the worldewide spread of "anti-globalization" proto-terrorism, but the growing alliance that is building with hardcore terrorist organizations such as the EZLN ("Zapatistas") of Mexico, the narco-terrorist FARC of Colombia, and the resurrection of the "New Red Brigades." For example, the international calendar of events for the A20 coalition against the Summit of the Americas begin with the February 25-March 11, 2001 march of the EZLN upon Mexico City.

Moreover, Italian investigators mentionned in the Naples daily newspaper, Il Mattino, that Italian security authorities are worried by the reference in a terrorist document put out by the NIRP (Nucleo di Inizaiativa Armata Rivoluzionarara--Nucleus of a Revolutionary Armed Initiative) that claimed credit for April 8, 2001 bombings in Rome. These bombings were dedicated to the Genoa Red Brigades, who were killed by anti-terrorist forces in the 1980s, and the NIRP has called for the "anti-globalizers" to "revolt and pick up weapons."

This chilling alliance between the proto-terrorist "anti-globalizers" and hardcore terrorist groups is particularly troubling given that after A20 events against the Summit of the Americas, the next main target for the burgeoning movement is the G8 meeting to be held in Genoa on July 22, 2001.

However, what no one except Executive Intelligence Reviews's founding editor, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., has identified amongst this morass of organizations is that the godfather of the "anti-globalist" countergang movement is Theodore "Teddy" Goldsmith. Teddy Goldsmith is the London-based, surviving brother of the late "Green Billionaire" Sir James Goldsmith. According to LaRouche, this Anglo-French-American connected family has ignited a Jacobin movement, that parallels the Jacobin Terror of the French Revolution, as a countergang that survives to overturn the essential steps that LaRouche has outlined in EIR, among other venues, as being essential to halt the systemic collapse of the global economic system, that has been accelerating over the past 35 years.

As shall be shown, the Goldsmith brothers not only intersect the "proto-terrorist" mobilizations since J18 in Europe, but they have been in contact with hardcore terrorist organizations such as the EZLN and FARC. Also, longtime Goldsmith family friend, Wall Street financial adviser John Train, who played a key role in the railroading of LaRouche through the "Get LaRouche Task Force," has shared ties with Sir James to the same hardcore Afghansi terrorist networks with Sir James, that have subsequently wrecked havoc internationally. And, the ultimate irony is that while President George W. Bush may face a Jacobin disruption of the U.S. (thanks to the activities of the Goldsmiths), Sir James had worked closely with then Vice-President George Herbert Walker Bush as a member of the board of the Public Diplomacy section of Project Democracy. Under Executive Order 12333, that placed then-Vice President George Bush in charge of an army of public-private intelligence networks, President G.W. Bush's daddy was the director of every covert operation from Iran-contra (including a drugs-for-guns network that introduced crack cocaine into the U.S.) to support for the Afghanistan rebels.

How Big a Disruption

On its website (i.e., the A20 coalition, which has formed to try to disrupt the Western Hemisphere Summit, states that so far it plans to hold at least 90 affiliated events in 75 cities. Most of the cities that are major targets are in the U.S. These "direct actions" and sundry other activities are in addition to the 30,000 proto-terrorists and their supporters, who will try for a WTO-style disruption of the Summit of the Americas, where 35 heads of state will be gathered.

One major focus of the demonstrations outside the fortified Quebec City Summit meeting will be to close key points on the U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico. On both sides of the "Peace Bridge" crossing from Buffalo, New York to Canada, there will be "direct action" demonstrations. Also, in Detroit, a march that has some support from the United Auto Workers (UAW) will seek to impede traffic on the tunnel to Canada by leafletting, and so forth. It is notable that the AFL-CIO at the urging of Chairman John Sweeney, has posted on its web site support for actions against the Quebec City Summit, as an "anti-NAFTA" protest. Trade unionists have been active, side-by-side with proto-terrorists, since Seattle.

And, on the U.S. border with Mexico, proto-terrorist demonstrations are planned hitting several points along the entire border area. In one instance, a caravan is travelling from Cleveland, Ohio to Columbus, New Mexico, to protest militarization of the border. California plans a Tijuana-San Diego joint operation on the border "por la justicia sin fronteras" ("for justice without borders"). And, A20 has extended an invitation to the hardcore terrorist EZLN to attend events in Baja California, as well as having requested that the Zapatistas write a public declaration in support of the border events.

Internationally, Australia is another hotspot. In Melbourne, a group plans to wall in the Canadian Consulate with cardboard boxes and a demonstration, while in Sidney, an effort will be made to blockade the Australian Stock Exchange and several major corporate headquarters. Support actions can also be expected in Europe, perhaps through hardcore terrorist organizations.

As The Washington Post reported in an article on April 13, 2001, both the proto-terrorists and law enforcement and intelligence services have been preparing for this confrontation for months, and security services are prepared to put up stiff resistance.

Border guards are trying to identify, and turn back terrorists and their supporters at the border. The Canadian Federal Government may declare Quebec City a militarized zone, which would give police extraordinary powers. Security officials have also built a chain-link fence and car-proof wall four miles long around Quebec's already fortified old city to keep the estimated 30,000 protestors away from the heads of state. And, Canadian officials state that 6,500 police and 3,000 Canadian troops are on standby. Quebec's Provincial Minister of Public Security, Serge Menard, has said that Quebec's strategy is: "Prepare for war to have peace."

Significantly, the April 20-22 Summit of the America coincides with some very inauspicious dates. On April 19, the Branch Davidians were killed through a blazing inferno at their Waco, Texas compound, and one year later on the same date, the Oklahoma City bombing took place, that killed 168 people in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Also, April 22 is Earth Day, which is sacred to many of the proto-terrorist groups.

With this in mind, it is therefore significant that the Canadian CSIS (comparable to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and under direction of Canada's Solicitor General), reports that: "One relatively small but vocal and violent protest element is the militant anarchist faction, often identified as the Black Bloc. Considered to be exponents of a virtually defunct philosophy, anarchists received a filip for their cause in 1995 when the Unabomber's political manifesto was published."

The Black Bloc, according to CSIS, has been part of all the demonstrations since the Seattle WTO shutdown, and the movement, that is centered largely in Europe, has grown rapidly in the U.S. and Canada. Using tree huggers and nursing mothers as their shills, members of the Black Bloc, together with other more militant organizers, according to CSIS are part of a melange of "extremists--often anarchists, animal rights supporters, or environmentalists," who "indulge in such violent actions as smashing windows, setting fires, or trashing shops and fast-food outlets," not to mention "direct action" with molotov cocktails and other devices against security forces. These were the people in black ski masks in Seattle, who would strike against police, then melt into the crowd, where they put on a change of clothes to hide their identity.

Again, from the CSIS report, the following member organizations of the Black Bloc are identified as including: "The Third Position," that combines both left and rightwing members; the "Anarchist News Agency;" the "Black Army Faction;" the "Anarchist Action Collective." The CSIS states that: "Individuals identified with the Black Bloc were believed responsible for much of the violence in Seattle and, to a lesser extent, in Washington. The Black Bloc is a loosely organized cluster of anarchist affinity groups and individuals estimated in North America to number a few hundred, who come together to participate in protests and demonstrations." According to CSIS, the organization known as The Third Position, which was originally based in Europe, has been especially successful in recruiting in the U.S.

The CSIS report also names one of the groups covered extensively by EIR, the Berkeley, California-based "Ruckus Society," as well as its Canadian offshoot "Co-Motion Action," as having devised new tactics and technology for these "anti-globalist" actions. It was Ruckus, whose founders are from the eco-terrorist organization Greenpeace, that innovated affinity group leadership, so that actions could continue without central authority that could be arrested. Also, at a series of training camps throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1995, it has created a cadre that is trained in "boot camp" fashion to rapel up walls, use kerosene or vingar-soaked rags to counter tear gas or pepper spray, use ball bearings to cripple police on horse, and to coordinate through encrypted messages on cellular phones and by e-mail, as well as using bicycles for reconnaissance--all so that mobile groups can strike where the security forces least expect them. As a result, CSIS warns that communications must be monitored and decrypted, while security forces themselves become more mobile.

Who Is Teddy Goldsmith?

Anglo-French-American Jacobin leader Teddy Goldsmith has emerged as the equivalent today of the British Foreign Office's Jeremy Bentham, as the coordinator of this modern Jacobin Terror "anti-globalization" movement, reminiscent of the terrorist days of the Duc D'Orleans ("Philippe Egalite"), Robespiere, Danton, and Marat. Quite consciously, Teddy's intent is not to stop "globalization," but, rather, to direct those opposed to this process, who might otherwise follow LaRouche's method of combatting it effectively, into a mindless rabble.

Teddy Goldsmith, who is the founder and chief editor of The Ecologist, which promotes the Gaia hypothesis ("Mother Earth Goddess"), paid for Jacobin proto-terrorists to go to Seattle and himself traveled to Washington, D.C. to address the mobs during the IMF/World Bank annual meeting. As such, he worked through the agency of the "International Forum on Globalization," of which he is a board member and chief funder through the Goldsmith Foundation established with his "Green Billionaire" brother, the late Sir James. After the IFG met at Teddy's Sienna, Italy villa, it issued a "Sienna Declaration," that, while echoing the call for a "New Bretton Woods" in a full-page ad in The New York Times made the scurrilous claim that the problem with the IMF and World Bank had originated with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

During the last World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland January 25-30, 2001, the U.S.-based IFG, sent three speakers to the World Social Forum (WSF) in Porto Allegre, Brazil at precisely the moment that the Brazilian branch of Prince Philip's World Wildlife Fund brought suit against LaRouche's associates for attacking this genocidal organization. Commandante Marcos of the EZLN has been invited to next year's meeting of the WSF, which Teddy Goldsmith praised in an interview with a Washington, D.C.-based jorunalist as: "Well, they were working out how do you create a society that will try to do the opposite of the people at Davos. That's what they were trying to do. They called it the Social Summit. The social, as opposed to the economic one." Certainly, the invitation of a major terrorist makes for a strange Brave New World that Teddy and his Jacobin followers are building.

Teddy Goldsmith is operating as a high-level intelligence functionary, who knows that with the global economic collapse, it will be essential to channel the rage of those who are impoverished. As he told the Washington, D.C.-based journalist: "It's ["anti-globalization"] all over the place now. There's one at the G7/G8 meeting. There are going to be demonstrations there, and around the world this is only the beginning. The demonstrations are going to get bigger and bigger. The opposition to the global economy is going to increase massively, because all people have to do is to know about it. If they knew what was in it, they would explode." In brief, Teddy Goldsmith is trying to channel the genuine fight against "globalization" into an international social explosion of the sort that would lead to dictatorial suppression.

Despite his connections with members of the U.S. Establishment, Teddy Goldsmith is no friend of America. Asked what might happen to the U.S., if the "hard landing" of the economy were to continue, Teddy Goldsmith said: "Well, I think eventually America will have to break up. America is not a country, it's a continent. And, of course it's going to break up." In short, Teddy Goldsmith seeks to do what the British with their Boston "Blue Blood," Wall Street, and the Southern slavocracy failed to do during the Civil War.

The Goldsmiths and John Train

The Goldsmith brothers have been friends of Wall Street financier and Spook, John Train, since the 1950s, when they worked as a virtual commune together to publish Paris Review. This magazine promoted psychedelics through the writings of Alduous Huxley, as well as promoting the "poetry" of such associates of British "triple agent" H.A.R. "Kim" Philby and his "Homintern" as W.H. Auden, Stephen Spender, and so forth.

Teddy Goldsmith's wife at the time, Gillian Marion Pretty, was editorial assistant to Train at Paris Review. Also, working with this avant guarde clique was Prince Saddrudin Aga Khan, who would become a founding member of Prince Philip's 1001 Club, that Prince Philip co-created with former Nazi SS intelligence officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands to fund the World Wildlife Fund.

Ever since they worked together on Paris Review, the Goldsmiths have been close friends of John Train, who, with Sir James, worked with the Public Diplomacy section of the Project Democracy that was created under Executive Order 12333, that was promulgated by the Reagan/Bush Administration..

During a series of salon meetings hosted by John Train under the auspices of Public Diplomacy, that took place between 1982 and 1984, Train set in motion a campaign to discredit EIR Founder and candidate for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., whose policy had been adopted by President Ronald Reagan in a March 23, 1983 speech, that became known as the Strategic Defense Initiative. This was a crucial part of a program instigated by "Sir" Henry Kissinger and his close associates to thorougly discredit LaRouche--a process that accelerated until it led to the 1989 railroading of LaRouche and several associates in an Alexandria, Virginia Federal Court infamous for its "rocket docket."

Notably, John Train with the assistance of Sir James, also ran an Afghanistan Foundation under the aegis of E.O. 12333, that supplied the Afghansi, who, today, are among the world's leading terrorists. It is groups such as this that are now being folded into the proto-terrorist "anti-globalization" movement of which Teddy Goldsmith stands as the chief intellectual godfather to divert genuine concern over the systemic economic collapse into a Jacobinite movement, that can be crushed to create a fascist dictatorship.

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