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This article appears in the August 24, 2001 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The `Jeremy Bentham'
Behind New Terrorism

by Scott Thompson

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All serious counterintelligence attention today includes heavy emphasis on the threat to civilization represented by those types of chaos-organizers deployed for the Genoa heads-of-state summit in July 2001. Not only are the terrorists who surfaced in such large numbers at Genoa (and intend to repeat the performance in Washington, D.C. in September) a continuation of the street-fighters of 1968, and the Baader-Meinhof and similar gangs of the 1970s and mid-1980s; they are largely directed by persons who are known as veterans of those earlier operations, or of continuing operations such as those of the ETA separatists in Spain.

Like the terrorist waves experienced during those earlier decades, these are steered from inside high-ranking circles of the international financier establishment and the intelligence services under their control. Edward "Teddy" Goldsmith and his virtual cannibal tribes deployed at Genoa, are a leading example of such connections.

Goldsmith, who holds both British and French citizenship and is a principal heir of his late brother, "green billionaire" Sir James Goldsmith, serves today a role which is a parody of that of Jeremy Bentham's direction of the Jacobin terrorists in France during 1789-94. It is to be remembered, when thinking of the role played by veteran intelligence spook Goldsmith today, that Bentham had been the head of intelligence for the British Foreign Office created in 1782, through his role as head of the "Secret Committee" of the Venetian Levant Company-based British East India Company. Bentham deployed as his agents Robespierre, Danton, and the Duc d'Orléans ("Philippe Égalité"), who saw to it that the first to be guillotined were within the Marquis de Lafayette's circles. Thus, his first victims at the hands of the Jacobin hordes had been friends of Benjamin Franklin and key supporters of the American Revolution.

Teddy, and his brother, the late Jimmy Goldsmith, have strong ties with Wall Street fondi financial adviser John Train, through their mutual participation in Paris with the magazine Paris Review. This notorious intelligence rag from the 1950s published pieces by Aldous Huxley, advocating opening "The Doors of Perception" through experimentation with psychedelics; it also featured members of the "Homintern," associated with British "triple agent" H.A.R. "Kim" Philby, such as Stephen Spender; and it had Gillian Pretty, who was Teddy's first wife, on its editorial masthead. Sir James supplied a commune on a British farm for the Paris Review group, including John Train.

According to Teddy Goldsmith, Sir James and John Train talked together at least once a week, and Train remains in contact with Teddy. During the Reagan Administration, Sir James had worked closely with then-Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush as a member of the Public Diplomacy section of "Project Democracy," which was created through Executive Order 12333. It is notable that the Public Diplomacy network overlapped with a "Get LaRouche" salon formed by John Train, whose salon employed the Roy M. Cohn protégé Dennis King as part of its riff-raff, assembled from press and spook circles, for that operation. These included NBC-TV's Pat Lynch and the Anti-Defamation League's Mira Lansky Boland, Roy Godson, and many others, who, as part of an operation set into motion under Train's direction, sought to demonize 1984 Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche. Train's operation was set into motion by former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger and Edward Bennett Williams, attorney for the Washington Post's LaRouche-hating Katharine Graham.

This "railroad" of LaRouche, involving close international spook associates of Teddy Goldsmith, highlights how much his operations, such as the 1998 Siena Declaration, are intended to be a delphic, Jacobin countergang to the policies of LaRouche.

Echoes of the 'Paris Review'

Teddy Goldsmith relishes getting his hands dirty, as demonstrated by the teach-in he conducted in the midst of the April 2000 attempted riots against the bi-annual International Monetary Fund (IMF)-World Bank meeting in Washington, D.C. And, he has funded the dispatch of others from his network of associates to other riots, since no later than the Nov. 30, 1999 World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting in Seattle, Washington. But Teddy Goldsmith's real enemy is not the IMF, WTO, or World Bank, as it might seem on the surface. (He admits to corresponding with World Bank President Sir James Wolfensohn on changing the culture of the World Bank away from major infrastructure projects.) Goldsmith's key operations are to create a delphic countergang to LaRouche's call for an FDR-style New Bretton Woods.

The following are some of the instruments which Teddy Goldsmith participates in directly and/or funds (the latter through the Goldsmith Foundation, established by Jimmy Goldsmith and currently directed by John Cracknell):

The Ecologist
Unit 18
Chelsea Wharf
15 Lots Road
London SW10-OQJ
United Kingdom
Website: www.theecologist.org

Founded by Teddy Goldsmith, The Ecologist is the leading magazine for those "deep ecologists" who profess belief in the Gaia Hypothesis, that "Mother Earth" will wreak a terrible vengeance against anyone who disturbs her creation. According to sources at the Gaia Foundation in London, the Goldsmith Foundation had helped finance its work, which was "greatly appreciated" by the royal consort Prince Philip and the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles.

Recent campaigns of The Ecologist have been against large infrastructure projects, and Teddy Goldsmith, who has written several volumes on this subject, believes that despite the fact that hundreds of thousands have died in flooding in Bangladesh, for example, the solution is to let such natural disasters occur without implementing LaRouche's plan for dams and levees, until the watershed is "more controlled" by reforesting the Himalayas.

Another major project lately adopted by this crew, has been small, "sustainable farming," "import substitution," and a rejection of genetically modified grain crops produced by such firms as Monsanto, which has been a target of new terrorist attacks.

At present, Teddy Goldsmith holds the title of "Founder" of The Ecologist, in which capacity he works on such special projects, while the current editor is his son Zac, who has participated, according to his father, in actions by the Luddite, new terrorist group Reclaim the Streets, which aims to annihilate the internal combustion engine. Also, as his last act as deputy editor of The Ecologist, Paul Kingsnorth, together with other associates of Teddy, was funded by Goldsmith to attend the July 2001 riots against the G-8 summit in Genoa. The editorial board of The Ecologist includes John Page of the International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC), while among the "Associates" of the magazine are included:

  • Marcus Colcester, World Rainforest Movement, U.K.;
  • Sally Fallon, The Weston A. Price Foundation, U.S.A.;
  • Mae-Wan Ho, Open University, U.K.;
  • Mohammed Idris, Consumers Association of Penang, Malaysia;
  • Martin Khor Kok Peng, Third World Network, Malaysia;
  • José Lutzenberger, former Minister for the Environment, Brazil;
  • Jerry Mander, International Forum on Globalization, U.S.A. (see below);
  • Patrick McCully, International Rivers Network, U.S.A.;
  • Robin Page, Countryside Restoration Trust, U.K.;
  • Jeremy Rifkin, Foundation on Economic Trends, U.S.A. (see below);
  • Charles Secrett, Friends of the Earth, U.K.;
  • Vandana Shiva, Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, India (see below);
  • Richard Willson, The Times, U.K.; and,
  • Tracy Worcester, ISEC, U.K.

Among the dozen-odd organizations that are listed on The Ecologist website as being affiliated in some way, are included:

  • The United Kingdom branch of Friends of the Earth (FOE—www.foe.co.uk). FOE claims to be the largest international network of ecologists, as it is represented in 61 countries, and as being one of the leading environmental "pressure groups" in the U.K. It is represented in 250 communities in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Its international executive director is Charles Secrett.

  • The United Kingdom branch of the Green Party (www.greenparty.org.uk). Founded before the Green Party in Germany, which is part of a "Red-Green" coalition government in Berlin, the Green Party in the U.K., by its own account, began in the early 1970s as the People's Party, and Teddy Goldsmith campaigned for Parliament with it, with funding from his billionaire brother, Sir James, together with an elephant donated by the private zoo of casino operator John Aspinall, a mutual friend of the two Goldsmith brothers. Teddy Goldsmith tried, with limited success at this time, to establish close ties with other Green parties. He remains "primate inter pares" of the British Green Party today, which has one Member of the European Parliament, Caroline Lucas. Goldsmith has written several treatises for the British Green Party, as well as covering it in The Ecologist, sometimes in concert with Jerry Mander.

  • The United Kingdom branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature (www.wwf-uk.org). WWF-International was founded by former Nazi SS intelligence officer and now HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, and one of its first branches, created in 1961, was in Britain, where Prince Bernhard encouraged Prince Philip to become its president.

    The leading "intellectual influence" on this organization was Sir Julian Huxley, who, like his brother Aldous of MK-ULTRA LSD notoriety, was a leading figure of a new generation sponsored and trained by the trio of H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell, and satanist Aleister Crowley. Sir Julian was the first Director General of UNESCO, and helped found the institution now known as IUCN-The World Conservation Union. In 1970, Prince Bernhard and Prince Philip launched the exclusive 1001 Club to fund the WWF, which had 1,001 members who contributed $10,000 or more, including members of what might best be called the "kindergarten" of Canadian Privy Council member and sometime Al Gore mentor Maurice Strong, who was the coordinator for the UN's genocidal Stockholm and Rio conferences on the environment.

    One notable member of the 1001 Club, until his death, was Canada's Maj. Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, who was identified by EIR's best-selling book, Dope, Inc. (partially through the assistance of French intelligence), as having been a key leader of the Permindex Corporation's "Murder, Inc.," which organized for the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and led numerous assassination attempts against French President Charles de Gaulle. Note that President de Gaulle was ultimately toppled by those New Left chaotists who might be fairly described today as "Global '68."

    After a scandal involving kickbacks for the purchase of Lockheed jets forced Prince Bernhard into the background, Prince Philip became president of WWF-International in 1981, and he remained in that capacity until his recent retirement. Since 1985, WWF-International has spent more than $1.2 billion on 11,000 projects, including debt-for-nature swaps, which have tied up precious raw materials previously owned by debt-strapped Third World nations.

    It is notable in terms of the WWF's orientation, that, according to an Aug. 10 story in the Washington Post, they just won a lawsuit in the United Kingdom against the World Wrestlers Federation, for exclusive use of the acronym WWF.

  • The United Kingdom branch of Greenpeace (www.greenpeace.uk). Although the Greeenpeace website claims that it opposes violence at international meetings, and is dedicated to "creative non-violence," this is a bit of hair-splitting, considering what results from its "creative" activities. According to its own account, "Greenpeace was formed in 1971, when a handful of activists hired a battered boat and sailed into the U.S. atomic test zone off Amchitka, Alaska, to protest against nuclear testing." When Greenpeace was planning similar action against the French, that nation's intelligence organization, the SDECE, was caught trying to sink a boat known as the Rainbow Warrior, with divers placing explosives on its hull. Greenpeace also claims that it is not culpable, when it tries to stop whalers from whaling, and one of its new, modern ships gets rammed in the process. Most recently, the U.K. branch of Greenpeace, which, like the WWF, was one of the earliest chapters, sent the vessel Star Wars 17 on July 14, 2001 to trespass on the exclusion zone at Vandenburg Air Force Base in California, "to carry out a peaceful protest against President Bush's Star Wars missile test." Greenpeace's action coordinator, Mike Roselle, left the organization to found the Ruckus Society, which engages in direct action at gatherings of international institutions. (See profile on the Mobilization for Global Justice, in this Feature.) The current International Executive Director of Greenpeace International is Thilo Bode.

  • Bretton Woods Project (www.brettonwoodsproject.org): Although this organization carries out some very serious work on the genocidal nature of organizations like the IMF and World Bank, its website also posts notification to join the new terrorist protests against the same organizations.

  • The Luddite Reader (www.ludditereader.com): One of the publications affiliated with The Ecologist, The Luddite Reader glories the Luddite movement. The Luddites (1811-16) were bands of weavers who sought to destroy steam engine-powered weaving on the basis that it reduced employment. They took their name from the late-Eighteenth-Century English worker Ned Ludd, who destroyed two steam-powered weaving machines. Corresponding French groups were known as saboteurs, from their practice of throwing sabots (wooden shoes) into machinery. Since then, as the manifesto of Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski illustrates, the term "Luddite" has become synonymous with opposition to scientific and technological progress. This is precisely what Teddy Goldsmith does on behalf of "Mother Earth."

Another organization that is both partially funded by Teddy Goldsmith and on whose board he sits is:

The International Forum on Globalization (IFG)
The Thoreau Center for Sustainability
1009 General Kennedy Avenue #2
San Francisco, Calif. 94129
Website: www.ifg.org
E-mail: ifg@ifg.org

The IFG, whose president and board of directors' member is Jerry Mander, who has written several treatises with Teddy Goldsmith against "globalization," as well as his own book In the Absence of the Sacred, portrays itself on its website as "an alliance of 60 leading activists, scholars, economists, researchers and writers formed to stimulate new thinking, joint activity, and public education in response to economic globalization." In actuality, however, despite this academic gobbledygook, IFG board members have been the brains behind several of the new terrorist assaults upon international institutions, as will be identified below.

The IFG was convened in 1994, after the creation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but it did not burst upon the scene until Nov. 20, 1998, when it published the Siena Declaration, a full-page advertisement in the New York Times, which was a delphic play upon LaRouche's call for a New Bretton Woods. At first glance, the declaration appears sane, as it charges that "economic globalization" has led to "an extreme volatility in global financial markets and great vulnerability for all nations and people." It pins the blame for this "economic globalization" upon such international organizations as the IMF, World Bank, NAFTA, the Maastricht Treaty, and the WTO, which set "the rules of global trade and investment."

Closer examination of the work of those weary souls, arouses suspicion. The Siena Declaration historically locates the source of the plague of globalization in the original Bretton Woods conference of 1944. This implies that U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt is to blame, in large part, for today's maladies, and ignores the fact that the original Bretton Woods accords provided a viable basis for economic growth internationally, until the mid-1960s "paradigm shift" toward "post-industrial," "ecologist" policies, and the Aug. 15, 1971 adoption by President Nixon of "free-floating exchange rates."

Such an attack upon the principles of the original Bretton Woods agreement of FDR, which LaRouche has repeatedly called upon world leaders to return to, is a typical tactic of the carpet-bagging financier-predators of the Anglo-American Establishment. The view expressed by the Siena Declaration, is epitomized by Sir Henry A. Kissinger's speech at a Chatham House (Royal Institute for International Affairs) conference for the Bicentenary of the British Foreign Office, on May 10, 1982. In essence, Kissinger denounces FDR for having told then-British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill that after World War II, FDR was committed to rolling back British Eighteenth-Century methods of colonialism. Bretton Woods represented FDR's economic dimension of this nation-building policy, which was cut short in other dimensions by FDR's untimely death.

The "New Bretton Woods" manifesto of Teddy Goldsmith and the IFG places "ecological values above economic values"; it would create a virtual Tower of Babel.

Apart from Teddy's co-author and pal Jerry Mander, some of the more notable board and associates of the IFG include:

  • Maude Barlow. According to sources at IFG, this Canada-based IFG board member, who is affiliated with the Council of Canadians, was one of two co-organizers of the Quebec City riots against the hemispheric free trade zone summit of the Americas with Victor Menotti, who is program director of the IFG.

  • Walden Bello. According to sources at IFG, Walden Bello (see also dossier on the World Social Forum, in this Feature) had been deployed to the Genoa G-8 riots. Bello is also reported to have participated in a counter-G-8 forum organized by Teddy Goldsmith from his villa in Siena, which was hosted by the mayor of Pisa, and was attended by all the ministers of Italy's region of Tuscany.

  • John Cavanaugh. Although this Institute for Policy Studies leader has recently been seen in the debating halls of Chatham House's American cousin, the New York Council on Foreign Relations, it is noteworthy that IPS was a principal think-tank and coordinating center for the New Left during the "Global '68" movement.

  • Vandana Shiva. This IFG board member is one of the "Associates" of The Ecologist, and his Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology is based in New Delhi.

  • Brent Blackwelder. As an "IFG Associate," Blackwelder is affiliated with Friends of the Earth-U.S.A., which has taken part in the new terrorist riots against international financial organizations.

  • Kevin Danaher. This IFG Associate is a leader in Global Exchange. (See dossier on Mobilization for Global Justice.)

  • Ralph Nader. This IFG Associate is both the head of "Public Citizen" and ran as the Presidential candidate of the U.S. Green Party in the Y2000 elections. Ironically, Nader, who has "speechified" at various new terrorist riots, like his presentation at the April 2000 IMF/World Bank protest, has received major international media attention, while the LaRouche campaign was blacked out by the establishment media, even though Lyndon LaRouche received 120,000 more votes than Nader in the latter's California stronghold.

  • Randall Hayes. As an IFG Associate, Hayes is a leader of the San Francisco-based Rainforest Action Network, which was particularly evident in the Seattle WTO riots.

  • Carl Pope. Another IFG Associate, he is a leader of the "above suspicion" Sierra Club.

  • Jeremy Rifkin. He is both an IFG Associate and an Associate of The Ecologist.

  • Kirkpatrick Sale. This former New Left guru is a leader of the E.F. Schumacher Society, which preaches a "Small Is Beautiful" version of the "deep ecology" Gaia Hypothesis.

  • Danny Kennedy. As an IFG Associate, Kennedy is a leader of Project Underground, which has frequently adopted and affiliated with those anarcho-ecology groups that practice the "Black Bloc" tactic of direct confrontation with the police.

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