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This dossier appears in the August 24, 2001 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.



'Anti-Globalist' Terrorists
Support Global Empire

by Jeffrey Steinberg

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The modern-day heirs of the Venetian Anglo-Dutch East India Company are sponsoring a new, worldwide Jacobin Terror, modelled on the original Eighteenth-Century oligarchical destabilization of France's efforts to replicate the American Revolution. Now, as then, the target of this top-down manipulated, rage-driven movement, is the republican nation-state system, despite claims to the contrary by some of the current movement's spokesmen and dupes, who proclaim, and, in some cases, genuinely believe, that their enemy is "globalization."

One of the New Jacobin movement's leading ideologues, Antonio Negri, a 1970s and '80s controller of the Italian Red Brigades and Autonomi, still resides in luxury under house arrest in Italy for his role in the 1978 Red Brigades kidnapping-assassination of former Italian Premier Aldo Moro. A review of his pronouncements confirms that the movement is being steered explicitly against the nation-state system, and in favor of the growing power of a private rentier financial oligarchy, through a new global imperium.

In a 2000 book, Empire, which he co-authored with American academic "Marxist" Michael Hardt, and which has been published by Oxford University Press and Harvard University Press, Negri proclaimed: "We insist on asserting that the construction of Empire is a step forward in order to do away with any nostalgia for the power structures that preceded it, and refuse any political strategy that involves returning to the old arrangement, such as trying to resurrect the nation-state against capitalism."

And in a July 30, 2001 interview to the Italian daily newspaper of record Corriere della Sera, promoting his empire thesis, Negri railed that "the nation-state has always been an enemy."

Further compelling evidence of the top-down character of this emerging global terror force emerges from a review of the active and visible involvement of George Soros and Edward "Teddy" Goldsmith in the sponsorship and direction of the "movement." The dossiers that make up this Feature, detail the involvement of both Soros and Goldsmith, in sponsoring some of the leading agencies promoting the new international terror.

Soros: Philosopher Pirate

Soros' "Open Society" theories, derived from his Oxford mentor, Sir Karl Popper, conform precisely to Negri's deep hatred of the nation-state system and of the idea of the perfectability of man. For Soros, man is a wretch, and should be granted the unfettered right to pursue earthly pleasures. For Soros and Popper, the enemy of pleasure-driven man is government, particularly the nation-state form of government, which employs government regulation to secure the general welfare.

Putting his money where his mouth is, Soros, through his Open Society Institute and other tax-exempt foundations, has poured tens of millions of dollars a year into the cause of drug legalization, and the promotion of narco-terrorism. His Quantum Fund and other hedge funds, from which he derived his multibillion-dollar fortune, have come to epitomize the very practices of speculation and offshore capital piracy, that purportedly have provoked the New Jacobin protests against unfettered globalization.

Indeed, Soros's position as a leading sponsor/patron of the New Jacobinism serves to underscore that the movement is anything but anti-globalization. In the same way that the British East India Company—the leading Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century global raw materials cartel—promoted Adam Smith's advocacy of unfettered "free trade," as an alluring false ideology, George Soros, one of today's filthiest pirana speculators, promotes the "virtues" of unfettered capital—free from the "tyranny" of government interference.

Teddy Goldsmith, the heir of an Anglo-French speculative fortune, amassed by his late brother Sir James Goldsmith, is the other visible "Daddy Warbucks" of the New Jacobin Terror. Himself a professed "deep ecologist," Goldsmith fills several vital functions, in sponsoring and directing the new terror.

First, along with the Duke of Edinburgh, British Royal Consort Prince Philip, Goldsmith is one of the leading propagandists for deindustrialization and the radical reduction of world population.

Second, Prince Philip's World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Goldsmith's The Ecologist magazine work hand-in-glove with some of the leading eco-terrorist groups, establishing a seamless link between the upper echelons of the British and continental European oligarchies, and the street hooligans who constitute the "squadristi" of the new terror. Goldsmith's son, a senior editor of The Ecologist, personifies this seamless link. He is one of the leaders of Reclaim the Streets, the British anarchist "Black Bloc" group that staged one of the very first street riots, ostensibly protesting globalization, in the City of London on June 18, 1999. As you will learn below, Reclaim the Streets is one of the hard-core street-terror groups, with operational ties to Ibero-American narco-terrorist cartels, including the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) and the Mexican Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN).

A New Phase in the New Terror

While the New Jacobin insurgency has been in incubation for a decade, it is no coincidence that the major public eruptions of violence, targetted against the Group of Seven industrialized nations, began in the past two years. The City of London-centered financial oligarchy is fully aware that the global speculative system that they imposed, following their 1971 takedown of the Bretton Woods system, is in its final collapse phase. They are also aware that an alternative system—built upon proposals by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., for a New Bretton Woods monetary system and for Eurasian Land-Bridge-centered global physical economic reconstruction—is gaining prominent support among governments and policymakers worldwide.

The motive behind the oligarchy's unleashing of the New Terrorism, at this precise moment, is identical to that of Lord Shelburne's and Jeremy Bentham's British East India Company sponsorship of the Jacobin Terror of 1789-94: Kill the spread of republican ideas and institutions, by drowning them in the chaos of what Times of London former Editor-in-Chief Lord William Rees Mogg fondly refers to as "blood in the streets." Modern-day proponents of cybernetics and systems analysis prefer to describe the New Jacobinism in terms of "chaos theory," but the intended effect is identical to that achieved by Shelburne's and Bentham's Jacobins, as they took to the streets of Paris to guillotine France's leading pro-American republicans.

The 1999 street terror in the City of London, and later in Seattle, represented the public unveiling of an added dimension to a "new terror international" that had already been unleashed, principally against the developing sector, and had been earlier profiled by EIR. In 1995, EIR published a three-part series of in-depth profiles of this new terror international, with an introductory essay by Lyndon LaRouche (EIR, "New Terror International Targets South Asia," Oct. 13, 1995; "New Terror International Targets the Americas," Nov. 10, 1995; and "RIM: London's Narco-Terrorist International," Nov. 17, 1995).

LaRouche wrote in his introduction: "A new wave of international terrorism is stalking the world. It is led by a horde of mujahideen mercenaries: human flotsam, like the 1920s 'rootless' veterans of World War I, cast upon the world in the wake of the 1980s Afghan war. This is the worst terrorism yet; it is much worse than that of the 1970s. It is coordinated from the capital of a former U.S. ally, London; worse yet, it was created with complicity of former U.S. Vice President (and, later, President) George Bush.... The heart of the new international terrorism is a legion of trained terrorists, formerly known as the mujahideen veterans of the 1980s Afghan war, which Vice President Bush and the British Thatcher government played a leading part in creating, arming, and deploying. Once the Soviet forces had retreated from Afghanistan, the Anglo-American-sponsored mujahideen, together with their massive drug- and arms-trafficking apparatus, were dumped on the world, a legion of 'special forces'-trained mercenaries, for hire. Today, that legion of mercenaries is a keystone-element within a new international terrorism, which reaches westward across Eurasia, from Japan, coordinated through a nest of terrorist-group command-centers in London, into the Americas, from Canada down to the top of South America."

The Afghansi-spawned elements of the new international terrorism have continued to wreak havoc in the Middle East, in South Asia, in the Asia-Pacific rim—as evidenced by the imminent outbreak of irregular war in the Middle East, through the gang-countergang provocations and counter-provocation of "Afghansi" Islamic jihad groups and Israel's own terrorist-in-chief Ariel Sharon.

In South Asia, elements of the London-based Maoist Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) are at the center of the destabilization of Nepal, a crossroads between Russia, China, and India, which London wishes to keep unstable, along with neighboring Tibet and Kashmir, two other centers of Afghansi and separatist-indigenist terror.

EIR has also confirmed that the Basque separatist group, ETA (Euskadiko Ta Askatasuna) (see EIR, Nov. 17, 1995, "ETA: The 'Mother' of Separatist Terrorism"), is playing a pivotal role in training a terrorist hard core, within the European and North American-based "Black Bloc" anarchists. In the aftermath of the July 2001 terrorist street rioting in Genoa, during the Group of Eight heads of state summit, there have been a series of low-grade bombing attacks against some of the publicly identified targets of the New Jacobins. Law enforcement specialists are bracing for a more serious escalation of urban bombings and other terrorism, particularly in the run-up to the International Monetary Fund/World Bank annual Autumn meeting in Washington, D.C. at the end of September.

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