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This article appears in the November 30, 2001 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

`War of Civilizations' Lobby Targets
Egypt, Saudi Arabia for Overthrow

by Michele Steinberg

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On Oct. 9, immediately after President George W. Bush announced support for a "state of Palestine," the lead editorial of the Washington Post blasted the "autocratic regime" of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, calling it "politically exhausted and morally bankrupt." The Post said it is time for U.S. aid of $2 billion a year to be cut off, because "Egypt is the leading example" of countries that are the "largest single cause of Islamic extremism and terrorism."

On Oct. 17, in a similar vein, the New York Post called Saudi Arabia a "pseudo-ally ... in bed with Osama bin Laden." The Saudis should be "dealt with" as soon as the Afghanistan war succeeds, the paper said.

On Oct. 27, another New York Post article lied that Saudi Crown Prince Abdallah finances the Taliban and Osama bin Laden.

On Oct. 30, the Wall Street Journal's lead editorial explained what it had in store for Saudi Arabia: to "seize the oil fields" after the expected collapse of the Saudi royal family. It is time to face the fact that a "more radical regime" could come to power in Saudi Arabia which would "force a decision [by the U.S.] on whether to take over the Saudi oil fields, which would put an end to OPEC."

On Nov. 2, Richard Perle, asset of the British Empire's Hollinger Corp. media empire and a right-wing war-monger who heads the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, was on Washington's WTOP news radio, accusing the Saudi royal family of spending "billions of dollars on mosques and schools around the world that preach hatred" of the United States.

On Nov. 8, the London Economist accused the "repressive, secretive, and undemocratic" regime of Saudi Arabia of supporting the Taliban, and the "extended royal family itself" of financing the "charities that finance terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda." The Economist declared King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah to be reliving "the last days of the Shah in Iran."

On Nov. 19, the Weekly Standard said that Saudi Arabia is no true friend of the United States, and "in the event of a [radical] upheaval in Saudi Arabia, we [the United States] will take control, protect, and run the Kingdom's oil fields."

These quotes are just a selection of dozens of the kind appearing in the last six weeks. Add to this list London's prestigious Financial Times, the British Broadcasting Corp., and the government-funded U.S. Public Broadcasting System (PBS).

What is behind this campaign of attacks—akin to a declaration of war against enemy countries—when, in fact, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are the two leading U.S. military allies in the Arab world?

Anglo-American Black Propaganda

The slander campaign against Egypt and Saudi Arabia began long before Sept. 11, and serves the purpose of spreading chaos in the Middle East, and destroying the potential for the region to join the Eurasian Land-Bridge development that is being promoted by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In March 2001, speaking before the conference of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), was already calling for the United States to cut off aid to Egypt. The Sept. 11 attacks merely provided a pretext for the conspirators against Middle East development to attack Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The attacks come from the highest levels of an alliance of rogue elements in the United States and Britain. But to really understand this campaign, it must first be understood that blaming Osama bin Laden as the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, is a hoax, and the explanation of the current war in Afghanistan as following from that blame is therefore a fraud.

The Sept. 11 events must be recognized as an internal attempted coup d'état, says Lyndon LaRouche, Democratic Presidential pre-candidate for 2004. He made this point and situated its importance in detail again on Nov. 17, in answering questions following his strategic presentation to a a meeting in Mainz, Germany (see Conference Report in this issue). LaRouche focussed attention on the struggle going on between two policies toward dealing with the irregular warfare threat which struck the United States Sept. 11, and had struck Russia and other nations repeatedly earlier. One policy is being pursued as a result of increasingly close collaboration between Presidents Bush and Putin; the other policy, opposing it, is coming from the circles also attacking Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The Enemy Within

As EIR has documented, two powerful and interconnected networks of treason are operating within the United States to hijack Bush Administration policy and turn it toward the global war that Brzezinski wants. The agenda of this "enemy within" is to spread the U.S. bombings to Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, in what they call a "Fourth World War." This group, functioning as a "Nazi International," includes the Paul Wolfowitz cabal inside the Defense Department, State Department, and White House advisory posts; and the Israeli Lobby super-funders known as the "Mega" group, headed by organized crime-linked billionaire Edgar Bronfman of Canada.

As part of this policy coup, the Brzezinski/Mega alliance has singled out Egypt and Saudi Arabia, not because these countries are harboring terrorism, rather because they are key to stopping terrorism.

And there is no question that Mubarak is being especially targetted because he exposed the fact that London harbors terrorism. On Sept. 22, Mubarak told the French daily Le Figaro: "I warned [former British Prime Minister] John Major, but he did not listen. I repeated the same thing to the BBC.... I sent a message to [Prime Minister] Tony Blair.... France took notice. But certain European capitals are becoming veritable terrorist production plants. Governments which have agreed to give them shelter should not cry when they become targets."

On Sept. 28, when British Foreign Minister Jack Straw made his visit to Cairo to build the "anti-terror coalition," Mubarak put the British on the line. A fumbling Straw told reporters, "I understand Mr. Mubarak's concern that convicted terrorists from Egypt went to reside in the United Kingdom." Straw claimed that Egypt had "never asked for the extradition" of terrorists, but Mubarak adviser Usama al-Baz made clear that Britain had not acted to "stop terrorist activities on its territories."

On Oct. 11, Tony Blair got even worse treatement in Cairo, when a television reporter asked him, "You have become an active member in a coalition fighting international terror. Isn't this inconsistent with the fact that the United Kingdom has been granting asylum and facilities to terrorist organizations and to elements who have been convicted of terrorist activities in their home countries? How would you explain that?" Subsequently, inside Britain, Blair and his Mideast trips became a laughingstock.

Mubarak has also raised fundamental questions that parallel LaRouche's analysis. Speaking to Al-Ahram Weekly on Oct. 25, Mubarak questioned the identity of the Sept. 11 "19 hijackers," stressing that "the pilots were professionals," not amateurs who attended a few sessions at a private flight school. He also told Washington Post heiress Lally Weymouth, a close ally of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, that Osama bin Laden, Sheikh Abdel Rahman, and Egyptian terrorist Ayman Zawahiri, were "mujahideen recruited by the U.S. in Afghanistan."

Trans-Atlantic Network

EIR has been able to identify some of the key institutions in this multi-layered operation against Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The tactic is the "Big Lie" of Hitler's Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels: widespread slanders claim that military support is being denied to the United States, that the Saudis are refusing to turn over intelligence about the al-Qaeda network, and that Saudi "charities" finance the Taliban and Osama bin Laden; but, it is common knowledge that it was the American intelligence services who told the Saudis to fund the Taliban, because the Taliban were, until very recently, used by the United States as an asset.

At the front end of the operation, the media slurs all emanate from a small circle of funders and media owners. These include the Washington Post, where owner Lally Weymouth provides positive propaganda for Sharon. Another is the Hollinger Corp., owned by Canadian Conrad Black, who runs the London Daily Telegraph and the Jerusalem Post as his flagship publications. Hollinger's International Advisory Board, which includes Brzezinski, Sir Henry Kissinger, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, and Richard Perle, coordinates policy shifts across several governments. Not to be eclipsed by Black, is Sir Rupert Murdoch, owner of the Times of London, the right-wing Zionist New York Post, and the Weekly Standard. The financier oligarchy is heavily represented through the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and the Economist.

The second level involves think-tanks in Washington, London, and Israel that are suddenly churning out intelligence reports linking Egypt and Saudi Arabia to terrorism. Leading this effort in the United States is the American Enterprise Institute (AEI); the Washington Institute on Near East Policy (WINEP), which was largely funded by Bronfman's Mega group; and Murdoch's Weekly Standard. The AEI overlaps with institutions that are directly run by Israeli military intelligence, such as the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), which specializes in penetrating U.S. intelligence agencies. The key funders at this level include Sir Rupert Murdoch, and Richard Mellon Scaife, the right-wing scion of a top, Eastern Establishment family in the United States.

Thirdly, elected representatives in the United States and Great Britain try to weaken Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The British specialty is building up radical dissident networks that can be used for coups, street riots, and assasssinations. A key operative is Lord Eric Avebury, head of the Parliament's Human Rights Committee, who secretly builds up anti-Saudi dissident networks, linked to bin Laden. In the United States, both neo-conservative fascists inside the Republican Party, and Democrats like Lantos, are involved.

However, as LaRouche said in Germany, the Brzezinski gameplan can be defeated, and coordinated initiatives for a peace based on a principled dialogue of civilizations, can be the key to defeating the advocates of a new dark age.

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