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This article appears in the December 7, 2001 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Seineldín: 'Freedom Now!
for the Resistance'

by Cynthia Rush

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On Nov. 23, Argentine political prisoner and hero of the 1982 Malvinas War, Mohamed Alí Seineldín, forcefully intervened into his nation's crisis, by demanding his immediate release from prison, where he has been for the last 11 years, thanks to the efforts of former U.S. President, now Sir George Bush, and his toady, Carlos Saúl Menem, former President of Argentina (1989-99). Bush saw to it personally that Seineldín was locked up, following the former colonel's involvement in the Dec. 3, 1990 uprising against the Army high command, to remove him as an obstacle to Anglo-American policy, particularly the destruction of the Armed Forces.

As former Colonel Seineldín reports in his statement below, his demand for freedom now, is motivated by the Nov. 20 ruling by Argentina's Supreme Court to absolve Menem of criminal charges related to illegal weapons sales to Ecuador and Croatia in the early 1990s. As Seineldín has stated, Menem was the obedient tool of London and Wall Street, and devastated his nation at their behest. At a moment of extraordinary national crisis, Menem's release from house arrest, and his announcement that he will run for President in 2003, is an ominous sign. Seineldín is therefore demanding his own freedom, in order to lead a national resistance movement to Argentina's further destruction. As a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche's New Bretton Woods proposal for a new global financial system, he is uniquely qualified for that job.

Campo de Mayo Military Prison
Nov. 23, 2001

While I have always fought for the prosperity of my Fatherland (our Second and Great Home), it wasn't until 1988, when, from the events in Panama, I learned of the change in the political model to be imposed on all Ibero-American nations, that I dedicated myself fully to analyzing this issue, studying it in depth, with a view toward the probable future consequences for the citizenry. That model was based first on tearing apart, and then replacing the Republic and the nation-state with a bloc of nations dependent on the United States—the reality we know today as "globalization" or the "New World Order."

With all the proof and evidence in hand, aside from making this known to all levels of the military hierarchy, government officials, business and trade union leaders, former Presidents, Church leaders, etc., I dedicated myself to alerting all who would listen, to the danger looming over the nation, as a result of [this model's] imposition. Regrettably, I must admit that the response, in general, was poor.

But, at the beginning of 1989, I was invited by then-Presidential candidate Dr. Carlos Saúl Menem, and was able to present to him the situation that would develop in the immediate future, were urgent action not taken. Dr. Menem ordered me to begin working on a proposal for national defense and security. I thus began working enthusiastically, with no personal ambition, and with absolutely no suspicion of what would later occur.

While I worked on the assigned task, after only a short time had passed, I realized that I had been fooled, and that Menem, himself, was the agent designated by the United States to impose the "New World Order" on the Republic. Despite my difficult situation, I made my best effort to make him listen, but faced with his repeated refusals, I had no alternative but to resort to the Dec. 3, 1990 military uprising which, while offering few possibilities of victory, would at least serve as a warning to the citizenry of the sinister future awaiting them.

I won't go into what happened during those ten years of the Menem government—the "Perverse Decade"—because today the results are there for all to see.

Upon being jailed for life in a common prison, as a result of an arbitrary trial with pre-established sentences, I decided to accept my misfortune and present it as a testimony to my beloved Fatherland, to which I owe so much, and to my dear soldiers who gave their lives during the South Atlantic Campaign [1982 Malvinas War]. I maintained this position for 11 years, without accepting the pardons repeatedly offered by Menem during his administration. My conscience assured me that the old saying, "For justice, God, and for truth, time," would sooner or later become reality. And it did, when worthy judges imprisoned that well-organized "illicit association," whose kingpin was the same President Menem. That encouraged me, even further, to continue giving testimony.

But, regrettably, on Nov. 20, 2001, coinciding with the Day of Sovereignty,[1] in shameful collaboration with the government, the justice system, and at the initiative of the U.S. government, Menem and his "gang" were freed, to immediately take up the program to hand over what remains of that once-great Argentine Republic, to the "International Empire of Money."

This cruel circumstance, forces me to now change my mind. Now, I want my freedom! Freedom, for the Resistance!

For God and Country,

Mohamed Alí Seineldín

[1] Day of Sovereignty: for the Blessed Miguel Pró, who was executed for the "crime" of being a priest, and only asked his captors for a few minutes to pray, and die with his arms on the cross. His death is an example of courage and conviction.

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