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This article appears in the December 28, 2001 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

EIR Blows Israeli Spies' Cover
in Sept. 11 Case

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Edward Spannaus

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Years of tracking down an important set of drug-trafficking cases, led EIR investigators to what has now become a contender for the story of the new century: the investigation of connections between detained Israeli spies and the events of Sept. 11. The opening gun of this earth-shaking story, was EIR's own, Nov. 29, 2001 release, which was circulated to subscribers in the Dec. 4, 2001 Executive Alert Service.

To appreciate the significance of the EIR expose properly, it is crucial to first restate some essential features of Lyndon LaRouche's now-undisputable assessment of the events of Sept. 11, first aired on the Jack Stockwell radio show, as the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were still occurring. LaRouche stated that the New York and Washington attacks could not have occurred without the witting complicity of high-level "rogue elements" within the U.S. military-intelligence command structures. The actions of Sept. 11 constituted a coup d'état attempt against the Bush Administration, aimed at drawing the United States into precisely the kind of "Clash of Civilizations" Eurasian war, openly advocated by such individuals as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel Huntington, and Bush Administration "moles" like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle.

The Israeli government of Ariel Sharon and the present Israeli Defense Force command is the most significant asset of the Anglo-American faction pressing the "Clash of Civilizations" war-plan, as evidenced by Sharon's persistent efforts to provoke a new religious war in the Middle East against the Palestinian Authority and a range of other Arab targets.

Thus the events of Sept. 11 and the ongoing coup threat must be first understood from the standpoint of the interaction of these three elements: 1.) the as-yet unidentified rogue operators within the military-security command; 2.) the strategic policy figures promoting the new Eurasian Thirty Years War; and 3.) the Israeli apparatus of Sharon and the IDF.

It is the latter, the IDF, which, as part of its war aims, has carried out an aggressive espionage and covert operations penetration of the U.S.A., including the recruitment of American-born assets. It is so far unknown, but strongly suspected, that some of these Israeli assets may have contributed an included feature of the rogue networks whose complicity abetted the successful attacks of Sept. 11.

With that said, the story can be told.

The Jones-Powell Exchange

That Executive Alert Service item of Dec. 4 reported, under the headline, "A Sharon spy network in the Americas?", that "A well-placed Washington source has alerted EIR that there is growing suspicion among U.S. government law enforcement and intelligence agencies that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has dispatched special operations teams into North America. The warning came in the context of a discussion about the recent deportation of five Israelis who were detained on Sept. 11 for suspicious behavior."

Since Secretary of State Colin Powell's answer to a question from EIR's Washington Bureau Chief Bill Jones, at a Dec. 13 special State Department briefing, the lid is off the Israeli spy scandal and suggestions of its links to the Sept. 11 irregular warfare attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon—despite desperate efforts at suppressing the Israeli spy story by most leading news media.

At the Dec. 13 State Department briefing, Jones asked Powell: "There were 60 Israeli citizens who have been picked up in the post-Sept. 11 sweep, many of whom, if not all of whom, are connected to Israeli intelligence. . . Are you concerned about such intelligence operations on U.S. soil, and have you taken up this issue with your counterpart in Israel?"

Secretary Powell responded: "I'm aware that some Israeli citizens have been detained, and I've been in touch with the Israeli government as to the fact that they have been detained, in making sure that they have rights of access to Israeli diplomatic personnel here in the United States. With respect to why they are being detained, and the other aspects of your question, whether it's because they are in intelligence services or what things they were doing, I will defer to the Department of Justice and the FBI to answer that; because, frankly, I deal with the consular parts of that problem, not the intelligence or law-enforcement parts of that problem."

Spies, Criminals, and Terrorists

What was behind that exchange between Jones and Powell?

Since the Alert report of the Israeli spy story, and the suspected links to Sept. 11, EIR has compiled evidence of a vast network of Israeli drug and diamond smugglers, spies, and communications intelligence operatives—all working under Israeli, American and Canadian corporate covers, on behalf of the mafia-riddled Sharon government, and Sharon's international sponsors in the Mega Group and allied Anglo-American circles (See EIR, Aug. 31, 2001, "Mega Was Not An Agent—Mega Was the Boss;" and Nov. 16, 2001, "The `Mega-maniacs' Steering Sharon's Mideast War Drive").

A number of sources have confirmed earlier EIR investigative findings that this network is engaged in:

  • A massive ecstasy trafficking operation, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal drugs, manufactured in the Netherlands, to cities across the United States. The drug trafficking operation is also engaged in black market diamond smuggling, using Hassidic Jews as couriers.

    Portions of the funds garnered from the illegal operations, according to sources, are funneled to offshore bank accounts of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Some of these dirty funds were reportedly diverted to Sharon's election campaigns. This Israeli mafia apparatus receives technical support via a number of Israeli communications firms, that subcontract with major American telephone companies and government law enforcement agencies.

  • Spy operations, targeted at mosques and other centers of the Islamic-American communities. According to sources, the goal is to foment nominally "Arab" or "Islamic" labeled violence and terrorism inside the United States, to win Bush Administration support for an Israeli war against the Palestinians and Arabs. These sources believe further, Israeli-abetted terror attacks are to be expected.

  • Surveillance of U.S. government law enforcement, military and intelligence facilities, to gather profile information for such terrorist attacks, as well as espionage penetration. Organized teams of young, "recently retired" Israeli Defense Force soldiers, often associated with specialty units engaged in electronic signal intercepts and explosive ordinance, have targeted at least 36 domestic U.S. military bases, and many federal law enforcement and intelligence installations. A second feature of this targeting of USG facilities is the recruitment of "a new generation of Jonathan Pollards" (Israeli spies).

Pattern of Arrests

Between 1998 and early 2001, more than 200 Israeli nationals were arrested or detained inside the United States, on a variety of visa violations and other nominally petty violations, including low-level drug trafficking. The majority of these detainees claimed they were Israeli art students, peddling art work to cover their college tuitions; or were toy vendors, employed by an Israeli-owned Miami Beach company, Quality Sales Corporation, which investigations link to Israel's equivalent of the U.S. National Security Agency. The attorney for Quality Sales Corp., Thomas W. Dean, is also the director of litigation for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Legislation (NORML), one of the oldest of the drug legalization lobbies, which enjoys the financing of mega-speculator George Soros.

The emerging pattern of surveillance of American government facilities, and established links to suspected Arab and Islamic terrorist cells prior to Sept. 11, by these Israeli nationals, set off alarm bells, following the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Prior to Sept. 11, a series of highly-classified government memos had been circulated by the CIA and the NSA, pronouncing this Israeli espionage operation a major national security problem.

A drug probe in Los Angeles provided one crucial clue to the broader drug/espionage/terror nexus. From 1997, up until he was arrested by a joint anti-drug task force in April 2000, Jacob "Cookie" Orgad ran one of the biggest ecstasy smuggling operations in America—for the Israeli dope-and-diamond crime syndicate. Orgad has been named as the "enforcer" of the infamous Heidi Fleiss Hollywood prostitution ring.

Every time the DEA, FBI and Los Angeles Police Department task force infiltrated an agent inside the Orgad ring, his or her identity was blown within a matter of days. Everytime a court ordered wiretap was put in place, the target immediately "began behaving like Mother Teresa," according to a source familiar with the case.

A highly confidential federal counter-surveillance effort eventually revealed that the Orgad gang was receiving inside information about phone taps, and even details of conversations between the federal and local police officials on the task force, as well as their home addresses and phone numbers.

Investigations into the sources of the leaks converged on two prominent Israeli corporations, which are both core service providers to the American telecommunications industry and to U.S. law enforcement agencies. The two companies are Amdocs and Comverse.

Amdocs was first identified in the Aug. 31, 2001 EIR expose of the Mega Group as part of the Israeli "inside" apparatus in the Clinton White House, that tapped the President's phone conversations with Monica Lewinsky, and used the tapes as blackmail leverage against the U.S. peace efforts in the Middle East.

Amdocs was incorporated in 1982 on the notorious offshore British financial safe-haven of Guernsey. It provides a wide range of top-end telecommunications services, including phone billings and fraud detection, to the 25 largest telephone companies in the United States and to companies in 50 other countries around the world. The overwhelming majority of its 9,000 employees are Israelis, and the top management are largely former high-ranking officers of Israeli military and intelligence bureaus.

Comverse, along with the Canadian company, JSI International, handles the majority of contracts, worldwide, for wiretaps, including in the United States. Comverse is a major sub-contractor for both the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Comverse, too, primarily employs Israeli military and intelligence veterans. The company is a leading manufacturer of facial-recognition and voice-recognition technology, employed by American law enforcement and intelligence.

Both firms have also been linked to the Israeli "art students" and toy vendors.

Where It Stands

To summarize the EIR investigation as of this moment: The same billionaires' club, called "Mega," which was pointed to as the orchestrator of the 1997-99 operations against U.S. President Bill Clinton, is multiply linked to the authors of the current Israeli killing operations. It is situated in a network of U.S.A., Canada, Israeli, and other business organizations at the center of the Israeli military intelligence service's international operating capabilities. These businesses, like those involved in the Clinton White House message system scandal, represent wiretapping and other espionage capabilities beyond the means enjoyed by most leading governments.

These connections should have been shut down totally, even for no other reason than U.S. interest in protection of its citizens against foreign and other spying, and in the protection of the secrets of our sovereign government, and integrity of our intelligence and law-enforcement functions. While this Israeli-linked spying against the United States and its most sensitive military, intelligence, and law-enforcement agencies continues, the United States has no real national security. As long as this is not cleaned up, the drug-traffickers, including those tied to international terrorist operations, often have more authority in criminal matters than properly constituted law-enforcement and related official agencies.

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