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This testimony appears in the July 26, 2002 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. See also testimony by Uwe Friesecke, and article "UN's Rwanda Tribunal Tainted by Expediency."

Madsen: Aircraft Attack
Triggered the Genocide

This introductory summary of the testimony of former U.S. Naval Intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, was prepared for submission to the Tribunal, and titled, "The 1994 RPF Attack on the Presidential Aircraft Directly Prompted the Conflagration of Rwanda."

After six years of research on the April 6, 1994 shoot-down of the aircraft carrying Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana and [Burundian President] Cyprien Ntaryamira, I have concluded there are eight hypotheses on who and what interests were behind the aerial assassination. After countless hours of researching documents provided to me under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, official documents provided to me, personal interviews with government and non-government officials, ranging from former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali to UN investigators who investigated the aircraft attack in Rwanda and reached the same conclusions as myself, it is my belief that the Rwandan Patriotic Front led by Paul Kagame was responsible for the shooting down of the Presidential aircraft, and this blatant act of international terrorism directly resulted in the conflagration that followed.

I have detailed below eight hypotheses on the perpetrators of the attack. It is my belief that the first—that the RPF was responsible—is the most veracious. Although I do not believe that the United States was directly responsible for the attack (Point 6), the overwhelming military and political support rendered to the RPF and Kagame (beginning as early as 1990 under the administration of George H.W. Bush) and the supply by the United States, via Uganda, of advanced weapons, and training in their use ... to the RPF prior to April 6, 1994, suggests that certain members of the U.S. intelligence and military communities played a direct role in aiding and abetting the RPF in planning the terrorist attack on the Rwandan Mystere Falcon on April 6, 1994.

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