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This article appears in the July 26, 2002 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Fascist William Buckley Put
Joe Lieberman in the Senate

by Scott Thompson

It is a bizarre truth, but one that American voters need to know, that National Review founder and "Catholic" fascist William F. Buckley made the Senate career of Democratic Presidential threat Joseph Lieberman. The leading intellectual spokesman for McCarthyism as long ago as the 1950s, Buckley was responsible for putting then-Connecticut Attorney General Joe Lieberman in the U.S. Senate, in the 1988 election against liberal Republican incumbent Sen. Lowell Weicker. Thanks to Buckley's organizing conservative Republicans to vote for Lieberman, today's war-party Senator from Connecticut squeezed in by 10,000 votes. Lieberman is pushing the White House hard for an immediate attack on Iraq and a spreading Mideast war—the most dangerous possible way of trying to "escape" the worsening financial crisis. His longtime alliance with William F. Buckley's fascist networks, shows the real character of this "New Democrat" contender.

Carlist fascist Buckley, a deep-cover CIA officer who over decades has deployed both real Nazis and neo-Nazis, had a close relationship with Lieberman long before handing him his Senate seat. It dates back at least to the time that Joe stepped into Buckley's shoes as Chairman of the Yale News, which was then equivalent to being the Yale class president. Thus it was no bolt from the blue, when the arch-conservative libertine Buckley chose to sponsor the Democrat Lieberman in 1988.

'BuckPac' and 'Weicker Watch'

The Aug. 15, 1988 issue of National Review in announced the formation of "Buckleys for Lieberman" or "BuckPac," with an interview with Bill Buckley, who pronounced himself president of the new political campaign committee. Through BuckPac, the Buckley family and networks, whose old stomping ground was Connecticut, carried out campaign counterintelligence, ran a scurrilous "Weicker Watch" column in National Review, bought attack ads against Weicker, and distributed articles nationwide through its affiliated United Press Syndicate.

Said Buckley in the interview, "This is very serious business. The future of self-government depends on retiring such as Weicker from the Senate.... That is the responsibility of the Horse's Ass Committee ... to document that Lowell Weicker is the number one Horse's Ass in the Senate." Asked what kind of research BuckPac was engaged in, the marijuana-promoting fascist replied, "Researching the speeches and public utterances of Lowell Weicker over the past 18 years. We have a few ready for release at this time, but many more will be made public by the Degasification Committee ... [which] is engaged in attempting to clean up the quality of public thought, and intends to demonstrate that the bombast, murk, and pomposity of Lowell Weicker's public declarations are a threat to democratic ecology."

After the Buckleys declared conservative all-out war on Weicker, Lieberman closed a 24-point gap within the last six weeks of the campaign and squeaked through as the victor. Buckley's trademark, snake-like darting tongue could almost be seen in his wrap-up article in the Dec. 9, 1988 issue of National Review entitled, "BuckPac Kills!" Wrote Buckley, "Upon the announcement of BuckPac's organizers that Mr. Weicker was the number-one Horse's Ass in the United States Senate, the door opened, and the sunlight shone in.... Ah, but by the mere act of pointing to the nudity of the emperor, the searing point was made. Namely that Mr. Weicker was an arrogant, bigoted bore and the Republicans who, as galley slaves, had voted for him should feel free to vote for the Democratic alternative, Mr. Joseph Lieberman."

Buckley's Left and Right Fascism

As EIR first documented in its 1977 report, "The Buckley Family: Wall Street Fabians in the Conservative Movement," at the founding of National Review in 1954, former deep-cover CIA officer Bill Buckley brought together both the extreme right-wing and converted left-wing backers of McCarthyism, to launch a fascist conservative movement in the United States.

American intelligence sources reported then, for example, that Buckley had launched former Naval Intelligence officer George Lincoln Rockwell in the founding of the American Nazi Party, for gang-countergang warfare with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The gangster-linked ADL profited from Rockwell (until his assassination) by using the ANP to terrorize and blackmail Jews into large contributions.

Buckley also worked with "Old Nazis" in the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) and the Dr. Otto von Hapsburg-linked CIDOC in Spain, that carried out numerous murderous "dirty tricks." And, other Buckley epigones worked with the Chilean intelligence (DINA), that had been brought to power in the coup d'état of Gen. Augusto Pinochet, arranged by Buckley's bosom buddy, Henry Kissinger.

Buckley's National Review operation also always included former leading Trotskyites, turned McCarthyites; National Review founder Sidney Hook, for example, played a crucial role later in launching the current of U.S. "neo-conservatives," who now push for all-out Mideast War, along with Lieberman and his war-partner Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz).

Buckley and his brother-in-law L. Brent Bozell co-authored a defense of McCarthyism in their 1958 book, McCarthy and His Enemies. Bozell went on in 1966 to found Triumph magazine whose board included Dr. (Archduke) Otto von Hapsburg, a onetime claimant to the throne of the defunct Austro-Hungarian Empire. Triumph spawned the Christian Commonwealth Institute (CCI) at the 16th-Century Escorial Palace of the feudal, Hapsburg-allied Carlist Kings who depopulated Spain and Portugal. During this period, Bozell also founded the "Sons of Thunder," red-beret-wearing Carlist shocktroops, who attacked police over such questions as abortion, chanting "Cristo Rey!" ("Christ the King!")

Buckley and Bozell's CCI in 1977 founded Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia, from which the anti-U.S. Consitution dogmas of such ideologues as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia are bred and spread.

The 'Mega' Side of Lieberman

Lieberman's other prominent backers, the "Mega" group of Zionist billionaires who sponsor the Likud party faction in Israel's policies, are also linked to Buckley's "Catholic" fascist operations. According to well-informed sources, one of the early funders of the National Review was hedge-fund operator Michael Steinhardt. In 1985, Steinhardt used some of his fortune to found the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and its Progressive Policy Institute. One of Senator Lieberman's first acts was to be sworn into the DLC, and he eventually succeeded Steinhardt as its chairman.

Steinhardt himself broke with the DLC, because he opposed President Bill Clinton's re-election in 1996, and "conscience of the Senate" Lieberman became the first Democrat to call for Clinton's resignation, a bit later.

The "Mega" group to which Steinhardt belongs, was founded in 1991 by Leslie Wexler and Charles Bronfman. Its "Megabucks" are now supporting the fascist policies of Ariel Sharon's government in Israel. Steinhardt got the "Megabucks" to start his hedge-fund firm from his father, Sol Frank "Red" Steinhardt, who had been New York City's leading jewel fence, a convicted felon, and a pal of National Crime Syndicate leader Meyer Lansky and "Three Finger" Jimmy Aiello. "Red" saw that his son "went legit."

This is the snakepit that surrounds Sen. Joseph Lieberman; keep in mind Bill Buckley's darting, snake-like tongue when you see Lieberman poised to run for President.

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