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This article appears in the November 21, 2003 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Soros Has Dumb Dems
Diving for Dope Dollars

by Scott Thompson

If financier George Soros, who is trying to buy out the Democratic Party, and his Republican twin, George P. Schultz, the godfather of the neo-conservative fascists who run the Bush Administration, have their way, mind-destroying drugs will be legal in the United States within 4-5 years. In turn, this legalization will be forced upon other nations under the rubric of "free trade," and globalization. It is part of the Synarchist International's war against civilization.

This was the message delivered at the bi-annual conference of George Soros's Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), at the Sheraton Meadowsland Hotel in New Jersey from Nov. 6-8. Throughout the three days, when away from the cameras and the tape recorders, speaker after speaker called for the legalization of drugs, and gleefully discussed how they would implement it, all the time whispering that legalization has to be "kept separate" from Soros's latest front-end operation: the takeover of the Democratic Party of the United States.

On Oct. 27, Democratic Party Presidential candidate for 2004 Lyndon LaRouche warned against the Soros operation to buy up the Democratic Party. "We caught them dead to rights," said LaRouche. "They're pushing drugs, which is what George Soros is doing. And Soros is trying to buy the Democratic Party with the proceeds of his policy.... My line is that any Democrat who takes Soros's money, perhaps should think about retiring. Or the very least, admit that they are taking that money.... I, as a Democratic candidate, say that anybody who is taking money from Soros ought to know what Soros's policies are. And then: What do they have to say about drugs? Are they, in one sense or another, actually drug pushers? And if so, why, they should say so; put that on their campaign website: 'I am a drug-pusher. I'm pushing cocaine.' "

Just two weeks later, on Nov. 10 and 11, Soros's buy-up of the Democratic Party suddenly became the hottest political news: in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the London Guardian, CBS News, and the National Review. After LaRouche associates had exposed the Soros/Democratic Party alliance as a "Cheney protection racket" (see EIR, Nov. 14), Soros went into high gear and high drama. In an interview, he declared that defeating George W. Bush in 2004 "is a matter of life and death," and "the central feature of [his] life." Soros, the megaspeculator, who has destroyed Third World nations' currencies and economies, poured out crocodile tears, and said he loses sleep every night, because "America, under Bush, is a danger to the world. If necessary, I would give more money." Then, giving Soros the cover he needs to become "the opposition," the Republican National Committee criticized him through spokeswoman Christine Iverson, who complained, "George Soros has purchased the Democratic Party."

What all these stories about Soros's "war" against Bush leave out, is that George Soros is the biggest drug legalizer in the the United States, and probably in the world. The role he is playing in the 2004 elections is even more sinister—to attack Bush, while leaving the Cheney imperial apparatus intact.

The 'Two Georges'

George Soros is not a Democrat. He is, like Shultz, a high-level operative of the "Synarchists," the international fascist movement created in the 1780s in reaction against the American Revolution, to impose "beast-man" dictators from Napoleon Bonaparte, to Adolf Hitler, to Vice President Dick Cheney. The Synarchist International (see "Synarchy vs. America," EIR, Sept. 5) is the heart of the drug and terrorism operations that are used to destabilize most of the nations targetted by Dick Cheney's cabal today.

Soros is actually part of the Cheney operation, by virtue of Soros's alliance with fellow drug legalizer Shultz, the man who created the Bush Administration. Shultz assembled, in 2000, the team of Halliburton's Cheney and of the neo-con Likudniks Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, to control then-candidate George W. Bush. The pre-emptive nuclear war policy of the Bush Administration that Soros says is a "danger to the world," was created by Soros's own cohort, Shultz. According to eyewitness accounts at Soros's Drug Policy Alliance conference, it was Shultz who created North America's biggest "legalized" dope operation in Vancouver, British Columbia—which is now being used by Soros's DPA as the model of models for North and South America. From that conference, EIR can also report that Shultz and Soros have been working together for the last decade, including during the time Shultz created Soros' "enemy," Bush.

According to EIR's Special Report, Bush's Surrender to Dope, Inc., Shultz had already called for drug legalization in an Oct. 7, 1989 address to the Stanford Business School. Shultz told alumni that the time had come "to make it possible for addicts to buy drugs at some regulated place at a price that approximates their cost." He asserted that the "criminal justice approach" to fighting drugs had failed, because what drives the drug trade is simply the economic marketplace. "These [criminal justice] efforts wind up creating a market where the price vastly exceeds the cost. With these incentives, demand creates its own supply and a criminal network along with it.... We're not going to get anywhere until we can take criminality out of the drug business.... We need at least to consider and examine forms of controlled legalization of drugs."

The attention given to the the Soros/Shultz alliance was one of the most startling developments at the DPA conference, which was, admittedly, full of bizarre events. DPA's annual award was given to the current and former Mayors of Vancouver, for establishing on Sept. 21, 2003 the first legal heroin injection center in North America, with a legal cocaine center to follow. And it turned out that the Vancouver model was Shultz's brainchild. The story was told at the session called "Those Wild and Crazy Canadians," where former Vancouver Mayor Philip Owen, who took office in 1993, said that in 1995 he had travelled to the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, for a seminar. There, George Shultz and Soros's protégé, then-Baltimore-Mayor Kurt Schmoke, convinced him that the War on Drugs was a "disaster."

Back in Canada, Mayor Owen opened a similar seminar modelled on the Hoover Institute event, and held dozens of meetings with Vancouver citizens, while coordinating with the Canadian government in Ottawa. What came out of this was the "Four Pillars Declaration" for effective legalization, and Owen, who had been in phone contact with Shultz throughout this period, returned to see Shultz in California, with a Vancouver drug addict at his side, once the declaration had been accepted.

Having served the longest consecutive term of any mayor in Canada, Owen did not run again in 2002. He was succeeded by Larry Campbell, a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who set out to implement the Shultz/Owen program. While Campbell claimed support from 80-90% of Vancouver citizens, opposition was such that he could not open the first legal heroin injection center in North America until September 2003—eight years after Owen had begun the Shultz drug legalization campaign.

But even with all the hype about "harm reduction," in the short six weeks since the opening, there have already been 20 overdoses (though no deaths). No problem for Campbell, who forecast that "financial breakeven" will be reached if the number of HIV cases among the addicts is less than ten, since it costs $150,000 to treat an HIV/AIDS patient. Next, he promised a legal cocaine center.

At the DPA's conference, Campbell let the cat out of the bag. After a night in which the DPAers kept at him to try marijuana, he agreed he would not bust pot growers in Canada, "because if we did not have those $3 billion [from the pot trade], we'd be in a recession."

A last-minute add-on to the Canadian panel was Philippe Lucas, Director of Vancouver Island Compassion Society/Canadians for Safe Access. He gave a computerized slide presentation that demonstrated the superiority of Vancouver and British Columbia grown marijuana (20% THC content) over that grown in a zinc mine by the government (3% THC)—ostensibly for medical marijuana purposes.

Canadian national Senator Pierre Nolin told the conference that his Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, has issued a comprehensive report calling for the legalization and regulation of marijuana in all of Canada.

It cannot be assumed accidental, that one week before the Soros conference, Forbes magazine—owned and run by Steve Forbes, another Hoover Institute sympathizer and former GOP Presidential candidate—hailed British Colombia's economic pot "boom" on its cover.

'Grass Roots'

The Democratic Party has reinvented the meaning of "grass roots," and is going down for the Soros-connected dope dollars, in the biggest political buyout in decades. Not since the "Southern Strategy" of post-1972, when Democrats picked up on Dick Nixon's embracing the Ku Klux Klan in his 1968 Presidential campaign, have the Democrats embarked on such suicide. It is completely out in the open, that LaRouche's rivals for the Democratic Presidential nomination—especially those most active in keeping LaRouche out of the debates—are all on Soros's dole. Led by Howard Dean, for whom Soros threw a major fundraiser, others of the "nine dwarves" whom Soros supports also include John Kerry, Wesley Clark, and Richard Gephardt, according to the Washington Post. Soros told the Post that the Democrats who set up America Coming Together (ACT), Steve Rosenthal and Ellen Malcolm, "were ready to kiss me," when he told them he would be giving them $10 million, bragging that "Money buys talent."

Soros and his buddy, dope legalizer Peter Lewis, announced on Nov. 10 that they had committed $5 million for a matching-funds program for the "progressive" organization, MoveOn.Org, which earlier this year refused to include LaRouche in its Internet "primary."

As EIR already reported, Soros's front groups are a re-tread of the discredited Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). The Jewish Times on Nov. 11 reported that Soros is working with Michael Steinhardt, the organizer of the Mega group of billionaires, who made his fortune using the organized crime lucre of his father, the fence for Murder, Inc. boss Meyer Lansky. Steinhardt used his money to found the DLC as the "second Republican party." For the DLC, Steinhardt, Soros, and the dope legalizers, LaRouche is "Public Enemy No. 1" because LaRouche's organizing is the Franklin D. Roosevelt tradition. LaRouche is organizing to stop the Democratic Party from "going to pot."

Soros is not the only pot-pusher who is providing the Democrats with big bucks. Co-financing the takeover is fellow drug-legalization financier Peter Lewis, chairman of the Progressive Corp., an Ohio-based insurance company. For more than a decade, Soros and Lewis have poured tens, if not hundreds of millions into a single "grass roots" cause—drug legalization. Together with Arizona Republican moneybags John Sperling, Soros and Lewis poured $30 million into California alone in 1996, to push through the paradigm-shift legislation—"medical marijuana." These three financed decriminalization measures nationwide, and are adoringly referred as "The Funders," by the dopers backing legalization. In 2000, Lewis, the head of the fifth-largest insurance company in the U.S.A., was arrested with hashish and pot in New Zealand, while attending a yacht race for the jet set. He was let off with a "contribution" of $5,000 to a drug rehabilitation center.

Now the Democratic Party, led by hedonistic Baby Boomers devoted to "feeling good," are going for the money from Soros & Lewis, while abandoning those FDR referred to as the "forgotten man"—the lower 80% of the U.S. population suffering under economic depression.

The vehicle for the Soros takeover is a series of organizations called "527's," created after the McCain-Feingold legislation passed to bar "soft money" and special interests. Ironically, the legislation gave even greater power to the super-rich, such as billionaire Soros, by "privatizing" the soft money. Now billionaire pot-lovers like Lewis can buy up organizations like John Podesta's Committee for American Progress (CAP), Americans Coming Together (ACT), the Partnership for American Families (PAF), and the (formerly) radical MoveOn.org.

Baby Boomer Democrats, such as Soros fan Harold Meyerson, editor of the American Prospect, believe that using big, easy money from Soros and Co. is better than organizing real people. Writing in the Washington Post on Nov. 12, Meyerson falsely claimed that Soros was responsible for the landslide victory of Mayor John Street, Democrat of Philadelphia, who had been targetted by Attorney General John Ashcroft, and whose re-election was secured when his campaign called in a deployment of the LaRouche Youth Movement—the envy of Democratic Party hacks across the United States. Meyerson actually attacked the idea of a youth movement. He wrote that Mayor Street, whom he calls not one of the "great American mayors," was saved by Soros's dope money. Now, organizations funded by Soros have "the resources to hire ... as state directors experienced operatives ... not the 25-year-olds who have often run such operations in the underfunded past."

Case Studies in Insanity

Soros has other plans for youth: They're the market for his legalized dope. And, this was clear at the Drug Policy Alliance conference.

Years ago, Soros had hand-picked Ethan Nadelmann, now the head of the DPA, his chief henchman for drug legalization. The DPA is the product of a series of mergers of Soros-funded groups including the Open Society Institute's Lindesmith Center, which Nadelmann originally headed, and the Drug Policy Foundation (DPF). Going back to 1994, at pro-legalization Drug Policy Foundation meetings, this author recalls the cackles of the DPF leadership as they plotted how "medical marijuana" would be the foot-in-the-door for broader legalization schemes. But these drug legalizers are usually slick enough to pose as reformers when TV cameras and tape recorders are on.

But the following case studies from breakout sessions, and other events, of the DPA conference begin to show the dangerous nature of the real Soros agenda.

Case Study I: "MamaCoca": the International Plan. Matthew Briggs, who is Research and Publications Director of the DPA, moderated the panel on "Drug Wars in the Americas: The View from the South." He began with a rousing cheer for the coup that overthrew the elected leader of Bolivia, stating that this was the beginning of a "mass resistance movement to the War on Drugs" in the region. Brazil, Bolivia, and Colombia were each targetted in turn. Dr. Fabio Mesquita of São Paolo, Brazil, after a lunatic and lying history of the drug wars, suggested that a combination of Brazil's Lula, Mexico's Vincente Fox, and the new head of Argentina would ally to break the diktat from Washington for a "War on Drugs".

Jeremy Bigwood, who is purportedly an independent journalist despite having received money from Soros's Open Society Institute, started with a rousing defense of coca as a benign, short-lasting stimulant. He praised the 1901 period when there were coca lozenges, extracts, teas, etc. He complained that a plan by himself and three friends to start growing coca in the United States was stopped by then President Ronald Reagan's War on Drugs.

Bigwood is "on the case" in unstable Bolivia, claiming to be in close contact with Bolivian Evo Morales, Soros's man among the cocoleros, who want to place coca on the same legal basis as coffee and tea, and make it a major trade commodity. The trick that Bigwood and others use to push legalization, is saying that coca should be legal, but its refined product, cocaine, should still be illegal. Care to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

Then there is the case of Colombia. Representing the legalization fight was "MamaCoca" earth mother Maria Mercedes, who had been trained at the Sorbonne in Paris. Her website is in English, Spanish, and French, where she is known for her saying, "MamaCoca es la palabra." ("Mother coca is the word"). Mercedes says that the United States grows marijuana; Colombia grows coca and coffee; and, Holland produces "Ecstasy"; and that is a fine division of labor. She said that there is a time-bomb in Colombia; that when former President Pastrana's peace plan turned into Plan Colombia, which brought about "La Violencia." While totally excusing the actions of the narco-terrorist FARC, "MamaCoca" accused President Hector Uribe, Pastrana's successor, of using indiscriminate terror against peasants.

In addition, Soros's legalizers came up with a new tactic: a law enforcement front group, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), led by one Edward "Eddie" George, a former Detective Chief Superintendent and head of the Scotland Yard Drug Squad. Long committed to legalization, George said in an interview that he only busted the big distributors, except for crimes committed to support a habit. Apparently, this means that a wealthy man with a heroin addiction is acceptable in his book. George peddles the usual pablum that that drugs should be treated like tobacco and alcohol, and nodded agreement with the "victimless crime" line of fellow Scotland Yard'er Lindesmith, after whom Soros's legalization project was named. He wants to see heroin injection centers like Vancouver's internationally.

Case Study II: Menticide Against Children. A major session entitled, "Congress, Club Drugs and the Business of Dancing" sought to protect the producers and club owners who put on Raves from prosecution, now pending in Federal legislation introduced by Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.). Raves are the all-night "dances" where there is high violence, and high consumption of Ecstasy, and increasingly of Methamphetamines, which are often sold by the Rave producers and club owners.

Biden Is Legalizers' Target

Hip-Hop historian and disk-jockey Davey D., who moderated the panel, claimed that if law enforcement could crack-down on club owners for 13- and 14-year-olds passing out from Ecstasy, then police should arrest college presidents for "frat house" alcohol excesses in colleges. When Rave disk-jockey "D:FUSE" called for more self-policing and no drugs at Raves, the other panelists attacked him.

DPA's Bill Piper zeroed in on Senator Biden. When Biden found that laws against crackhouses could not be applied to nightclubs, he introduced the Rave Act which passed committee in ten days, and seemed assured of success. The DPA launched a mobilization with the American Civil Liberties Union to kill the bill. He claimed that "tens of thousands" of protest letters caused two of the co-sponsors to drop out, and the bill was dead. The DPA is now mobilizing to fight Biden's Illicit Drug Non-Proliferation Act which has been attached as an amendment to a bill on child kidnapping.

The worst were "medical" experts. Chris Mann is the creator of MedEvent—a nationwide organization made up of volunteer physicians, paramedics, nurses, and EMTs who provide support for special events such as Raves. He argued that by making Ecstasy illegal, you are denying Rave participants proper medical attention, including chilling-out rooms. Dr. Julie Holland, the "wicked witch" of Bellevue Hospital, took the cake, claiming that human beings have "a biological need to alter their states of mind." She co-authored Ecstasy: The Complete Guide to MDMA.

Case Study III: Psychedelics. This panel was a Baby Boomer travelogue of bad LSD trips. But it had a "happy ending": the three panelists are now successful establishment figures, with studies approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and regular columns in favorite Baby Boomer journals.

Richard Doblin, Founder and President of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), still takes psychedelics, but he is about to get FDA approval for a study of the effect of MDMA on rape victims. He also applied to the FDA for use of LSD on terminal cancer patients. Doblin's qualifications: he dropped so many psychedelics and had so many "bad trips" in the 1960-70s out of fear of being drafted, that it took him a decade before he could enter graduate school.

Then, self-described "Old Acid Head" John Horgan, author of Rational Mysticism: Dispatches from the Border Between Science and Spirituality, and a fanatical hater of LaRouche, blathered about his bad trips, regretting that he confessed to continued tripping, in Slate magazine. During a trip in 1982 on a powerful psychedelic, he became convinced that God was a Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), and that this was demonstrated by behavior of human beings.

There was little wonder why the conference participants insisted to all who asked, that their efforts should be "kept separate" from George Soros' financial takeover of the dumb Democrats.