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This article appears in the October 1, 2004 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche Youth Expose
Naderites as Fascists

by Our Boston Bureau

A Sept. 21 meeting of the Nader-Camejo Presidential campaign at Northeastern University in Boston, was the scene of a confrontation which exposed the Naderites as the fascist "beast-men" they are. Under questioning from representatives of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM), Vice Presidential candidate Peter Camejo, a Wall Street speculator and veteran of the Socialist Workers Party, started raving, and ordered his goons to physically attack and drag out LYM member Nick Walsh, scratching, kicking, and nearly strangling him in the process.

As violent as the suppression of dissent by the Naderites, was the attack by Camejo and his sidekick Dedric Muhammad (a self-described former aide to Al Sharpton) on the Kerry campaign, and, de facto, in defense of President Bush!

Anyone who doubts that the Nader operation is a left-synarchist fascist operation, in support of the very same genocidal program as the Cheney-Bush regime, should read this report carefully.

'Feel Good'—Vote for Nader

The meeting of approximately 100 people at the African-American Institute was opened by Dedric Muhammad, who began by saying that the Democrats and Republicans are "two parties and one ideology," and that everyone must vote for Nader. A student speaking for the Nader campaign added: Even though voting for Nader means you will lose, he said, you will feel better for doing it. That's what is important: You will feel better "throwing your vote away for Nader," than throwing it away on Kerry.

This is part of the vote-suppression campaign of the Republican-financed and -supported Nader campaign: Lie that there is no difference between Kerry and Bush. Even if you don't convince people, you will appeal to their cynicism, and keep people from voting to defeat the fascist Bush-Cheney ticket of perpetual war.

When Muhammad opened up for questions, the first came from Nick Walsh, who started to brief him and the audience on the role of Lyndon LaRouche and his platform in the election, in support of the Kerry-Edwards ticket.

Wham! Muhammad cut Walsh off, and began screaming. "I can't stand the LaRouche people!" He ranted about the fact that the LYM "sent in people to sing freedom songs at black people's meetings," a reference to the LYM's interventions at debates where LaRouche had been excluded. And he kept on screaming, raving about how LaRouche has no influence with black people, and so forth and so on.

When Muhammad called on the next questioner, he made sure he was a "brother," an African-American whom he thought was "safe." It happened to be LYM member Ed Hamler, who lit into the victim mentality that Muhammad and the Nader line represents. He told Muhammad he was acting as an underling, rather than following the example of the great Frederick Douglass, and identified himself as having participated in many meetings with LaRouche and members of the black community. In fact, a majority of LaRouche's support comes from the Black community, Hamler said,

As the Naderites in the audience got more enraged, Muhammad moved on to the next African-American questioner, LYM member Delante Bess! (You get the idea that outside of the LYM, there were few, if any, Americans of African descent present.) Bess continued Hamler's attack on the corruption of the black leadership, which takes money from financial speculator George Soros, AIPAC (the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee), and the Republicans, and went on to attack Sharpton for his collaboration with Roy Cohn-J. Edgar Hoover flunkies like Roger Stone. You need leadership like that of Frederick Douglass, or Lyndon LaRouche, Bess concluded.

Muhammad was destabilized and began to admit that he was in a rant, and how the "left" was in bad shape, because all the "black brothers" who are here, "are with Lyndon LaRouche."

Enter Avocado Fascist Camejo

At that point, the sleazy-looking Peter Camejo walked in. Camejo is a wealthy Venezuelan-born stockbroker, who backs leftist projects, and receives the backing of pro-dope globalists such as George Soros. (Soros's chief pro-drug legalization operative, Kevin Zeese, is the official spokesman for the Nader-Camejo campaign.) Camejo's "Avocado Declaration" of January 2004 explicitly attacked Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the United States—both of whose republican traditions he and his running mate clearly are committed to destroy, by, among other ways, promoting the election of Cheney-Bush.

Camejo's speech at this event took precisely the same tack: a no-holds-barred assault on Kerry and the Democrats. He attacked former California Democratic Governor Gray Davis, blaming the looting of California on him, instead of on Enron, Cheney, and the real criminals. He totally let Enron, et al. off the hook. Camejo called Kerry a liar, and then lied himself, by repeating the Republican campaign canard that Kerry had received his military decoration for killing a 15-year-old Vietnamese child.

At this point, LYM member Nick Walsh couldn't take the lies any longer. He stood up and confronted the synarchist's lies:

"You put Gorgias to shame," he said. "Your sophism is what Plato documented to have destroyed Athens. It's these clever lies and manipulative psychological tricks that the Sophists used to destroy Athens—and you know what I'm talking about."

As Walsh was speaking, Camejo's two spokesmen from the podium came down, along with another goon, to surround him. After a slight nervous hesitation, Camejo theatrically jumped up and started yelling, "Take him out! Drag him out!"

The goons, led by Dedric Muhammad, then assaulted Walsh, who tried to sit down on the floor in passive resistance. The assaulters strangled him in a choke-hold that cut off his breathing for several seconds. Walsh's arms were gashed and scratched. They then dragged him outside the meeting room, and began to kick and pummel him. The beating would have proceeded if another LYM member had not interfered to stop them.

Meanwhile, Camejo kept hollering from the podium about how the Naderites were allegedly under assault. This is the Democrats' attempt to implement the Patriot Act! They hate dissent! They are using lawyers to kick us off the ballot around the country, he said. The Green Party, the Nader ticket—we are the real rebellion! This is the Democrats pushing the Patriot Act!

All the while, Camejo's three goons were outside attacking a very slender member of the LaRouche Youth Movement who had dared ask a question.

At this point, LYM member Aaron Yule stood up, and repeated Walsh's charges. "You are a sophist," he said. "You are playing on people's fantasies, and you should not do this in a time of crisis. This is how Athens was destroyed." Yule was also dragged out.

Camejo then became unhinged, ranting against the Democratic Party, blasting it as the party of Jim Crow, the party of racism, the party that dropped the nuclear bombs on Japan. We can never vote for a party that has this kind of history, he said.

And what about the racism and murderous military actions of the Cheney-Bush Administration? "It is insane to call Bush a fascist," Camejo said.

So far, a complaint to the campus police has not yet led to charges being brought against the goons, but the case is being pursued.

The Truth Works

And where was the audience while all this was going on, you might ask? At least one quarter of them were sufficiently shocked, to approach the LaRouche Youth for discussion, and eight of them attended a meeting of the LYM.

What the Nader-Camejo team is discovering is that their slimy operation does not work so well, when the LYM is around. Camejo himself is touring campuses throughout the United States, hoping to dupe youth with his cynical lies. The previous week he was at the University of California at Berkeley, where he was also confronted by an LYM team, which dramatized the Naderites' commitment to depopulation by bringing along a hooded creature called Death. Camejo went from there to Maine, then Boston, and is expected at a Washington, D.C. campus on Sept. 24.

There, again, he may find he must confront the truth.

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