Executive Intelligence Review

EIR Seminar, January 12-13, 2005
in Berlin, Germany

Lyndon LaRouche, Dr. Su Jingxiang
Lyndon LaRouche (right) and Dr. Su Jingxiang
of China at the Berlin conference.

`The World Needs a
New Treaty of Westphalia'

Berlin Seminar Promotes a
New Westphalia Treaty


Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., United States
`We Need a New Treaty of Westphalia'

Dr. Yuri Gromyko, Russia
`A Scientific Strategy for Eurasian Development'

Dr. Su Jingxiang, China
`The Dollar Fall Originates in U.S. Extravagance'

Maj. Gen. Vinod Saighal
`The Globe Is Facing a Discontinuity

Lyndon LaRouche and Others


Dr. Jan Carnogursky, Slovakia
`Eastern Europe and a Global Financial Crash'

Dr. Clifford A. Kiracofe, United States
`The United States Confronts a Multipolar World'

Dr. Mahandar Kumar Saini, India
`What Kind of New, Just, Economic Order?'

Jeffrey Steinberg, United States
`LaRouche Embodies the American System'

Lyndon LaRouche and Others


Helga Zepp-LaRouche
`Society Needs a New Paradigm, More Worthy of the Dignity of Man'

Dr. Hans Köchler, Austria
`The International Rule of Law and the United Nations'

Jacques Cheminade, France
`French Government Policy: Words Belied by Deeds'


Dr. Stanislav Menshikov, Russia
`Future Prospects for U.S.-Eurasia Relations'

Lyndon LaRouche and Others