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This address appears in the March 17, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Organizing in the U.S.A.
To Get Cheney Out

by Michele Steinberg

Michele Steinberg is a Counterintelligence Editor of EIR. She addressed an EIR-sponsored seminar in Berlin, Germany on March 2, 2006.

What I want to do, is give people a little bit of an impression of the state of the fight, that Mr. LaRouche has started. The fight that Mr. LaRouche has started, is in a very, very, very intense phase. And I'm happy that we have a few journalists here, throughout the day, because there are many things that have happened in the United States Congress and Senate. Right now, for example, there is a book of evidence of the impeachment of Bush and Cheney, starting with Vice President Cheney, that has been produced—a 150-page outline—produced by Congressman John Conyers, and has now been signed onto by about 30 to 50 Congressmen. And they'll be holding hearings with Harper's Magazine in New York—I think tomorrow they begin—and they will go on for an extended period of time.

There is, of course, the investigation of Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald, that nailed Cheney's chief of staff Lewis Libby. And many, many people in Washington told Mr. LaRouche this was never going to happen, that this man was too powerful, the neo-cons were too powerful, and so forth. But what is actually happening, is that Cheney himself—you may have heard about some of this in the media—250 pages of e-mails indicating that the Vice President was deeply involved in targetting a former ambassador and a covert agent of the CIA, whose job it is to stop weapons of mass destruction, and set her and her colleagues up for assassination, by putting a big target on her. And, at the same time, he's the Vice President of Secrecy.

A Change Is Coming in the U.S.A.

Now, in the last 60 to 70 days, we've been doing a lot of organizing. And the Democratic Party is not—if it weren't for Mr. LaRouche and the LaRouche movement, especially the LaRouche Youth Movement in the United States, I don't think we would have a chance to get beyond this crisis, and stop this war, and see these culprits and bandits go to prison. And the way we're doing that, is an intense organizing process, of reaching into the cities and states of the United States, the towns where literally millions of American workers are losing their jobs.

I saw the Bildzeitung, the first thing when I arrived, yesterday or the day before, asking Mrs. Bundeskanzler [Chancellor Angela Merkel], shall we have you join the ranks of the unemployed? What are you going to do in Germany with 5 million unemployed?

Well, this is very similar to the phenomenon going on in the United States. Because it's a global financial collapse! There are 100,000 people, men and women, who are highly skilled—machinists, and auto workers, and automotive workers—who can build nuclear power plants and maglev trains, and so forth—who are being fired! In four states—Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana—100,000 families being put out of work in those four states! So, underneath the surface, if we could connect that organizing situation to the leadership that is needed, there's no question that we're going to have a change in the United States.

It's Time for Cheney To Go!

Now, what Mr. LaRouche said the other day, is, "Don't kid yourself," as soon as we heard the good news about the Russian-Iranian progress. He said: Don't kid yourself, the British and Cheney are going to do everything possible on the Iran side, on the U.S. side, on the European side, to make sure this agreement, which could prevent the war and prevent the bombing, does not take place. Because Dick Cheney, with 18% popular support, approval—what does that mean? That means—I'm a little jet-lagged—I think it means 82% against; 82% of the population hates Dick Cheney! So we should be able to do something with that. And earlier today when [a seminar participant] mentioned the good news that he had heard that Cheney is being pushed and urged to resign, including, as our colleague from the press mentioned, he shot somebody! Now, there's a brown copy of the EIR [Feb. 24, 2006], which has a special feature on that, which I hope everyone gets, because you will see article after article by commentators saying, "Mr. Vice President, step down! The country has had enough of you."

And just to finish up, to give you an idea of what Cliff [Kiracofe] mentioned, the American people are beginning to see this. I think they see it more, in fact—they are ahead of the political leadership. So, we have to get the leaders to do the right thing. There was a town meeting—and that's when a member of the Congress opens up a hall to hold a meeting with his constituents—and it was in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, and the Congressman was a Democrat. And he invited [Rep.] John Murtha, a 39-year veteran of the United States Marines, who had the first person to call for the full, immediate withdrawal from Iraq. And the way Murtha and some of our other retired military colleagues put it, "The United States either gets out of Iraq now, or it fights its way out, in a very short time." And I think we've crossed that moment, right now. Colonel Hübschen was in the United States earlier; he warned about this also. We're living it right now.

But at that town meeting, over 1,000 people showed up. And they had a little hall for a few hundred people; they had to turn away 600 people! But, they didn't want to talk about the war: One after another, after another, kept saying, "What about impeachment? What about impeachment? What about impeachment?" A similar thing happened up in Boston, Mass., in December, on the same issue. Congressman [Edward] Markey, who is also a Democrat, who voted for the war in 2002, because of 9/11, because of the lies that Cliff mentioned, this pattern of lies; it's the same crowd for three generations. We documented that, in Children of Satan and in the book called The Neo-Con Conspiracy that Helga Zepp-LaRouche mentioned. The same people, going back to Paul Nitze.

So, Markey said, "I was lied to. And we have to develop a policy to get out of Iraq." And one after another [from the audience] said, "Forget Iraq, now! Of course we're going to get out of Iraq. What're you doing about impeachment?"

We Can Create a Groundswell

So, this is what Lyndon LaRouche started in 2002, the moment he saw Dick Cheney's pre-emptive war doctrine. Lyn immediately put out a statement, and a policy paper, and we began to work on the book of evidence, which is now, really—what LaRouche did and EIR has done is the basis for every single serious Congressional investigation that has taken place since then.

So, I can tell you that before I came, I did some meetings with people on Capitol Hill in the Congress; they are eagerly awaiting the news of this conference, and there were a couple of people who sent greetings, in addition to what Dr. Tennenbaum said this morning, respecting Dr. [Hans] von Sponeck. Within the military-intelligence establishment, there are people who are coming forward with the goods, with the evidence, of what has gone on behind the scenes, on the torture policy, on the lying about WMD, and we can create a groundswell.

But, it does require the men and women who have the quality of command, as commanders in a battlefield, who will not miss the opportunity to go in for the political kill, and that's where we are.

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