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This article appears in the March 23, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Gore Climate Change Swindle
Exposed on European Tour

by Mary Burdman

"I'm proud to be an adviser to the U.K. Government," Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States, boasted in an interview with U.TV in London March 12. During his recent tour of Europe, which took Gore to Denmark, Belgium, England, and Scotland, he has been trading on his status as a hireling of British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown—the man who has presided over the explosion of the huge London-centered derivatives, real estate, and personal debt bubble—the biggest in British history—during his ten years in the Labour government.

Brown named Gore as "Special Adviser to the Government on Climate Change" in October 2006. A more accurate title would be: Adviser on how to generate the next speculative "locust" funds out of the "global warming" Big Lie. On March 14, Gore showed up in Edinburgh in his capacity as government Special Adviser and Chairman of the "Blood and Gore" hedge fund Generation Management, to tell Britain's National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) to risk the nation's pensions in the "carbon trading" bubble which he, Gordon Brown, and the City of London are desperately trying to get off the ground before the whole financial system crashes. With the U.S. housing bubble about to tip over into the abyss, they have little chance of making it.

Gore's real mission, as his speeches in Copenhagen and Edinburgh showed, is to let the London locusts loose on what remains of the U.S. economy. The next Presidential administration, he claims, will be "committed" to the global warming hoax. The real agenda of what can only be called climate "terrorism," will be using this hoax to impose the kind of "state of emergency" used when the Nazis took power in Germany, as the German newspaper Die Welt has just warned. This crew is not only after everyone's pension; they are using green propaganda to target a generation of children, as Godzilla was used to frighten young Baby Boomers about the atomic age. The Scotsman reported Feb. 23 about a recent study which revealed that half of over 1,000 British children between the ages of 7 and 11 lose sleep because of exaggerated fears about global warming. It is no coincidence that the British government is sending Al Gore's film hoax "An Inconvenient Truth," to all schools in the country.

Gore played a particularly slimy role, by turning up March 8 in Brussels, on the eve of the 27-nation European Union summit on energy, which German Chancellor Angela Merkel led into the depths of "climate change" insanity. Gore was there to "keynote" the World Biofuels Markets Congress and Exhibition bash. He told reporters: "I'm trying to get my country to change its policies, but in the meantime, the European Union is absolutely key to helping the world make the change it must." Merkel told the London Financial Times, "It won't be easy, but that's why the EU should make commitments now and take this pioneering position." With British, Spanish, and Irish backing, she rammed through the program to commit EU countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% in 2020 from 1990 levels, and by 30% if other industrialized and emerging nations join in.

This insanity includes commitment to 20% "renewable" energy production—use of windmills, solar (in rainy Europe), tidal, and other such costly frauds, and, despite some resistance from France, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, there is no inclusion of clean nuclear energy in these drastic quotas. The results—if implemented—will devastate what remains of European industry. The next step will be to bring this agenda to the June 9 G-8 meeting, in northern Germany.

The Hoax Exposed

However, the Labour Party Fabians are not the only force in Britain. On March 8, British television's Channel 4 presented the highly qualified film, "The Global Warming Swindle" (see article, this issue). This film, EIR founding editor Lyndon LaRouche responded, is the work of a key faction of the British intelligentsia, who know not only their science, but also their history. In the 1920s, Britain supported another "green" movement—the early "Wandervogel" bands which became the Nazi Party. Supporting fascism in Germany led to disaster, for Britain and the entire world. This group knows that Britain cannot be allowed to support fascism—this time led by the likes of Al Gore, Gordon Brown, and their ilk—again.

Gore felt so pressured by the Channel 4 film, that he attacked it directly in his speech to the NAPF, calling the documentary "pseudo-science as entertainment," in alleged contrast to his own Hollywood fantasy-film. British Environment Secretary David Miliband, the "tweener generation" front man for the Fabians, also attacked the British film, claiming that, "the science [of global warming] is set, and there is a consensus." Miliband, according to his website, will be sending Department of the Environment and Rural Affairs scientists out to try to counter the effects of "The Global Warming Swindle."

There are some stirrings also in other parts of Europe. Peter Struck, chairman of Germany's Social Democratic parliamentary faction, said in an interview in the March 11 tabloid Bild am Sonntag: "I completely support warnings against climate hysteria." All of a sudden, "climate" is on everybody's agenda, and such issues as German unemployment have become unimportant, Struck said. It is notable that three days earlier, Struck had arranged for the SPD parliamentarians to see Gore's hoax "documentary." The next day, the usually neo-conservative newspapear Die Welt, put out a very sober warning on where the propaganda can lead. Editorial board member Thomas Schmidt wrote: "In other words, the climate issue finally creates the very state of emergency that right-wingers and left-wingers as well as ecological friends of Carl Schmitt would like to have a license for." Carl Schmitt was the legal ideologue and Crown Jurist of the Hitler regime, whose writings justified the Emergency Measures of Hitler's police-state rule.

Another opponent is the government of the Czech Republic, which urgently needs nuclear energy to survive. In Washington March 9, President Vaclav Klaus unleashed a blistering attack on radical environmentalists: "Behind their 'friendly' ideology, they are attempting to change the nature of the world," Klaus said. "They are presenting their catastrophic scenarios in order to change our values and this is very dangerous.... It is not science but the embodiment of an ideology, a religion.... They have a confused notion of the concept of 'resources,' and exude a strong dose of Malthusian pessimism.... Their policies would take us back decades and threaten our prosperity."

And on Al Gore: "Perhaps only Al Gore may be saying something along these lines—a sane person can't."

The New Empire

The "carbon-emissions-trading" scam has been in the making for some years, with the City of London leading the way, and the nations of the European Union sheepishly following the leader. A revealing article in London's Conservative Daily Telegraph published March 14 reported that Al Gore's real message is the "booming market in emissions trading." Economics reporter Tom Stevenson wrote that Gore "can spot a trend," and "carbon trading is the hottest ticket in town."

On March 12, Gordon Brown told the Green Alliance that he wants to make London the center of a new "global carbon market." Citing the sensationalist "global warming will drown us all" report by Sir Nicholas Stern, which Brown had published in October 2006, the Chancellor said that Britain can lead climate change "initiatives" "by creating new markets. As Nick Stern argued, emissions trading can enabl[e] significant flows of investment into developing countries. My ambition is to build a global carbon market, founded on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and centred in London. Today worth just $9 billion, emissions trading could grow to between $50 and $100 billion. So we will now advance this through an international conference hosted in London to discuss how we can link schemes in different countries and enhance trading with developing nations—to turn this growing system into a global force for change." The nations of "China, Brazil, South Africa, India, Mexico, and other[s]" will be targets of this attempt at a new "environmental" Empire.

Brown cited imperialist Foreign Secretary George Canning, who claimed at the beginning of the 19th Century that, "he had called the new world into existence to redress the balance of the old," to make his own claim for another, environmentalist "new order" based on globalized interdependence. The entire "post-1945 system of international institutions is urgently in need of reform for a world of 200 states and a global economy which must also now provide global environmental stewardship," Brown said. "Next month the UK is seeking to place climate change on the agenda of the Security Council," he said. And, "at the heart of these new global institutions must be a global Europe working more closely together. And let me say that the decisions made last week are testament to the UK's leadership in Europe."

One day later, Environment Secretary David Miliband presented the Labour government's draft Climate Change Bill, which would make Britain the first government to make drastic emissions-reductions—the target is 60% by 2050—legally binding.

The City of London took the lead in "carbon trading" already in 2002, with a 215-million-pound plan to get companies to reduce emissions, The Telegraph reported. Based on this, Barclays Capital environmental markets head Louis Redshaw said, "When the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) came along in 2005 they picked up business automatically." The ETS accounts for more than 60% of the volume of carbon traded around the world and 80% of its value, The Telegraph wrote. The amount of "carbon" traded this year could be 2.4 billion tons, up from 1.6 billion tons last year and just 799 million tons in 2005. Emissions trade was worth some 20 billion euro last year, and carbon markets are estimated at about 20 billion euro.

There have been a lot of machinations to get the carbon bubble going, The Telegraph account indicated: In the first phase of the ETS, 2005-07, most EU states overestimated their emissions, so the market surplus has sent carbon prices down to less than 33% of the peak a year ago. But the next, much stricter phase is due to be launched in 2008. Allowances will be cut sharply, obviously calculated to send prices shooting up, giving speculators a killing. Some of the world's biggest investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, are getting involved, The Telegraph reported, and a new bank, Climate Change Capital, just launched a $1 billion fund.

Invading the U.S.

London is "the home of carbon trading," but Gore wants to get this bubble going big-time in the United States—which would give the London locusts a whole new field to devour. At Edinburgh, Gore said that managers of the world's hard-pressed pension funds should include the "greatest challenge to mankind"—global warming—in their thinking. This means looking at how to "systematically integrate" what amounts to speculation on "the climate crisis" when they make investment decisions. But beyond all the blather about "sustainable" investment, the core of Gore's speech, like the one he delivered in Copenhagen March 13, was that he was going to do all he could to ensure that the next U.S. Presidential administration would go with the climate hoax. Gore went after those who he claimed are "core members of the inner circle" of the Bush Administration for being "fiercely resistant to any effort to act on carbon emissions. The next administration, either Democrat or Republican, is far more likely to adopt a different position on the Kyoto process.

"We are now seeing a real tipping point not far off in the future that includes the new Presidential election in the U.S. It will result in a new administration that is really committed to this," Gore asserted. Institutional investors such as pension funds are the "key players in helping to shape the overall posture of our economy and industrial or post-industrial civilization," he said, and they have a lot more money at their disposal than goverments do.

In true Alvin Toffler style, Gore babbled about "an era of history, very suddenly rushed upon us, that has a number of changes that in the past we would have associated with long-term cycles, but are actually occurring more swiftly than we would have expected a few years ago." He added: "The climate crisis is, in my view, by far the most important of those."

Investors have to look "at the impact of this onrushing climate crisis. There are lots and lots of businesses whose plans are blind to the carbon consequences of what they are doing. If you do truly invest on a long-term basis, then it's easy and more profitable to fully integrate sustainable factors into your analysis. We have everything we need to make this transition with the possible exception of the will to act, but the will to act is a renewable resource."

Rotten in Denmark

Gore had likely expected a smooth visit to Denmark, where his personal fan Danish Environmental Minister Connie Hedegaard, had invited him. But not all went so well. Even as the Danish ecological establishment greeted him for his Jan. 18 speech in Copenhagen, a singing demonstration by supporters of Lyndon LaRouche, the Danish Schiller Institute, sang canons exposing Gore's political clownishness and hot-air hoax. Gore was too nervous to talk to the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, while Danish television showed not only the Schiller Institute demo, but also an interview with Eigil Friis-Christensen from the Danish National Space Center about the fraud of Global Warming.

Gore returned March 6, this time to Frederikshavn. There, there were more problems. His co-speaker Michael Gorbachov cancelled, and the organizers had not only to refund 50% of the ticket price, but were also finally reduced to distributing free tickets to local college youth, in a fruitless effort to get even a half-full auditorium. Finally, on March 13, Gore was "brought in" to keynote the "Carbon Market Insights 2007" in Copenhagen. Here, again, he demanded a contract banning all journalists from his speech. This was to no avail. The conference opening was greeted by Schiller Institute members holding a five-meter banner reading: "LaRouche: Al Gore's lies lead to genocide," and distributing copies of EIR's expose, "London is spreading Blood and Gore"—an intervention welcomed by many in the audience.

Tom Gillesberg in Copenhagen and William Jones in Washington contributed to this article.

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